Thursday, 2022-10-06

priteau#startmeeting blazar15:00
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priteau#topic Roll call15:02
priteauHello yoctozepto15:07
priteauLooks like we don't have anyone from Chameleon today15:07
yoctozeptosadly, I only bring sad news that I might not be able to invest as much time in Blazar as I originally hoped to because of a change in priorities15:09
priteauOh no15:09
priteauI was hoping you would be core reviewer soon15:09
priteauWill you still attend the PTG?15:10
yoctozeptoyeah, I hope to; thankfully, Blazar's is much shorter than Kolla's15:11
priteau#topic October 2022 PTG15:12
priteauMy main topic for today was reminding us that PTG is two weeks away15:13
priteauPlease add topics you would like to discuss to
yoctozeptomy main agenda is to get to know the team :-)15:14
priteauyoctozepto: Did you send an invite to VDI folks? (I am not sure who they are)15:14
yoctozeptopriteau: yeah, but I will repeat since it is closer to the term now15:15
priteauI will send an email to the list to announce the meeting15:15
priteau#topic Active patches15:17
priteauThanks yoctozepto for addressing the little issues in your docs patch15:17
priteauI will merge now15:18
yoctozeptothanks priteau 15:18
priteauSorry it took so long to review15:18
priteauCould you summarise what is going on with NATS? I have not followed closely15:18
yoctozeptowith NATS the issue was that we would need to ditch eventlet for the official driver15:20
yoctozeptoas it only supports asyncio15:20
yoctozeptothe problem is that, even for a project of Blazar's size, ditching eventlet is far from easy15:21
priteauYes indeed :/15:21
yoctozeptoso the effort might actually go into porting enough features into an OpenStack driver for NATS15:21
priteauIf you would like me to look at some internal changes to Blazar please ping me15:22
yoctozeptoall in all, the story with eventlet/gevent/greenlet and asyncio and its friends (trio, anyone?) plus pypy makes my head spin15:22
yoctozeptoah, sorry, forgot about twisted15:22
yoctozeptothe situation is twisted indeed15:22
yoctozeptook, priteau 15:22
yoctozeptofor now, don't you worry about it15:23
yoctozeptoalso, I am guessing Blazar will stay our testing ground15:23
priteauThat's fine for me15:25
priteau#topic AOB15:25
priteauThe other news is that *OpenStack Zed is released*15:26
priteauThanks for your contributions15:26
priteauI don't have anything else to share today15:26
yoctozeptome neither15:28
yoctozeptothanks priteau 15:28
yoctozeptohave a nice evening15:28
priteauYou too. Talk to you in 2 weeks for PTG!15:28
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