Friday, 2014-05-30

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jd__ildikov: what's wrong with that you -2'ed it?07:58
ildikovjd__: it's just marked as WIP08:00
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liushengI have reported a bug, about "--resource-metadata" is unavailable in sample-create08:10
liushengbut, when check the code and trying to upload a patch, I found I have made a mistake,08:10
liushengthe right way to use sample-create is:08:10
liushengceilometer --debug sample-create -r resource1 -m meter1 --meter-type delta --meter-unit unit1 --sample-volume 1 --resource-metadata '{"abc":"abc"}'08:10
liushengunlike other metadata related commands of openstack, is the usage of --resource-metadata a little weird ?08:12
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ildikovjd__: sorry, I had a meeting08:30
jd__ildikov: np08:30
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ildikovjd__: so I would like to ask a few things from dhellmann before mark it as "ready to fly"08:30
jd__fair enough08:30
jd__I was just curious08:30
ildikovjd__: if you have a few sec to check it and see something too odd, then just scream, not all my questions are sphinx related :)08:31
ildikovjd__: BTW do you know any details about venv in tox.ini?08:31
jd__ildikov: probably, shoot08:31
ildikovjd__: so it is used for the docs job and for packaging08:32
ildikovjd__: but now it starts a Mongo instance, which is not required for these two I mentioned08:32
ildikovjd__: so I started to check that where else it is used08:32
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jd__ildikov: mongo is started only in the unit test run, the docs target in tox.ini does not use it08:34
ildikovjd__: I did not find too many other jobs, but if you know anything, which needs it, then please share :)08:34
ildikovjd__: the docs gate job use the venv for running build_sphinx08:34
jd__yeah it's jused used for the py* targets08:34
jd__ildikov: ah I didn't know that08:34
ildikovjd__: and that gate job is generic for all projects08:34
jd__we could try to remove that setup-env call I guess08:35
jd__not sure why it's there08:35
ildikovis it really used for the py* targets?08:35
jd__not the one in venv, since they have their own defiition08:36
ildikovso I just checked that venv for Nova for instance and there was only a {posargs} string and nothing else08:36
jd__so it's safe to remove I'd say08:36
jd__just try and send a patch,you'll see :)08:36
ildikovjd__: ok, cool, I will upload another WIP patch for this :)08:36
ildikovjd__: that was the plan, but if I saw right in git you created that venv, so I thought that it worth a question :)08:37
jd__sure :)08:37
ildikovjd__: another thing that I volunteered yesterday for the pipeline part of the Gnocchi integration08:38
ildikovjd__: I do not know when it will be actual, I will try to catch up as soon as I can08:38
ildikovjd__: so if you need more hands, just let me know08:38
jd__thanks ildikov!08:40
ildikovjd__: it's true in general of course, so if it reached the state of having multiple tasks that can be done in parallel, then I will try to participate08:40
ildikovjd__: :)08:40
ildikovjd__: thanks for the tox help, I need to run now, it is a meeting day :S08:41
jd__you're welcome, have fun ildikov :)08:41
ildikovjd__: tnx, the internal project meetings are always fun ;)08:41
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eglynnjd__: hola!08:57
jd__eglynn: hola amigo como esta in tu casa?08:57
eglynnjd__: ... you have surpassed the limits of my language skills ;)08:58
eglynnjd__: we've a couple of backports needing a +1 to get them over the line ... &
jd__vamos a la playa senor zorro!08:58
eglynnjd__: (apevec wants to close off the first stable/icehouse release today if poss)08:58
jd__you actually approved if I read correcly no?09:00
eglynnjd__ sorry wrong link, I meant
eglynnjd__: thank you sir!09:03
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zqfan<eglynn><jd__> thanks09:27
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eglynnzqfan_leave: unfortunately the gate failing that patch
eglynnzqfan_leave: all patches on stable/icehouse failing with "I/O operation on closed file" when flushing the log file09:31
eglynnzqfan_leave: (.... so not specific to your patch)09:31
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DinaBelovafolks, btw, who's going to implement central-agents HA in the Juno?09:40
DinaBelovayeah, o/ hello!09:41
eglynnDinaBelova: cyril, possibly (TBC)09:42
DinaBelovaeglynn, oh, ok :)09:42
DinaBelovaand btw - some time ago I registered irc channel #tooz for the tooz folks)))09:43
DinaBelovanobody still there :D09:43
DinaBelovaI said about that __ld some time ago))))09:43
DinaBelova__jd ^ :)09:43
jd__we're hanging on #openstack-state-management actually, DinaBelova09:43
DinaBelovawhy don't you like #tooz? :)09:44
jd__it's not that I don't like, it's just that if we start doing a channel for every library… that's a lot of fragmentation :)09:44
jd__so we're hanging out with the cool kids of taskflow and oslo09:45
DinaBelovaokay, got it)09:45
jd__I just got your dbsync patch merged btw DinaBelova09:45
DinaBelovahehe, I see it)09:45
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cdent_eglynn: what if anything do I need to do when this happens: "check-grenade-dsvm FAILURE in 20m 55s"09:49
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eglynncdent: ... grab your flak jacket and helmet ;)09:49
cdentthat's how it feels09:50
eglynncdent: ... is that reported by Jenkins?09:50
eglynncdent: ... or running locally?09:50
cdentyeah, it's on
cdenttwo failures, one is a recognized error, the other not09:50
cdentboth grenade09:50
eglynncdent: ... so there are often transient failure in the tempest/grenade runs09:51
DinaBelovaeglynn, when you'll have some time, please take a look on the HBase events spec -
DinaBelovaidegtiarov has fixed the comments09:51
eglynncdent: ... find the related bug and then leave a comment on gerrit of form:09:51
DinaBelovaeglynn, as j1 is close)09:51
eglynncdent: recheck bug NNN09:51
eglynnDinaBelova: sure09:51
DinaBelovaeglynn: thank you sir!09:52
cdentwhat about for the failure that is not recognized?09:52
eglynncdent: *all* test jobs will be retried in the recheck (including check-grenade-dsvm-neutron)09:53
cdentah, so by tweaking at the recognized one we can force the other one to retry and with any luck it will clear?09:53
eglynncdent: ... i.e. not just the jobs for which the elastic recheck found a match (check-grenade-dsvm in your case)09:53
cdentthat seems....flakey?09:53
* cdent takes some anti-test-ocd meds09:54
eglynncdent: ... well the good citizen thing to do would be to dig into the logs and "classify the failure"09:54
eglynncdent: ... but for now, just see how the recheck goes09:55
eglynncdent: ... see "Adding Bug Signatures" in for details of adding a classification09:57
cdenteglynn: one more related question:10:02
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cdentthis comment in the related patch:,cm10:03
cdentmy changes now clobber than entire section10:03
cdentand somehow the rebase reinjected some badness10:03
cdentwhat's the right thing to do now?10:03
eglynncdent: "reinjected some badness"?10:04
eglynncdent: ... as in added a conflict?10:04
cdentno, an already merged pep8 fix is now gone10:05
eglynncdent: one sec, looking again10:06
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eglynncdent: how exactly did you do the rebase?10:08
* cdent locates the stuff10:08
eglynncdent: in the first patchset on that line ("#single char split (<,=) ") is unchanged10:09
eglynncdent: so a simple rebase of that original patch on master, would not have effected that individual like10:09
eglynn*line, arggh!10:10
eglynncdent: did you follow the instructions with the step "# Edit files, add files to git" ?10:11
cdentI had been doing something much more complicated with rebase, but then found that, and since I had my changes in the stash, I just made a new branch off the parent change and then applied my changes10:12
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eglynncdent: and did that "edit files" step involve manually copying over the file content from your original change, or more like "git stash pop" ?10:13
cdentI did a git stash apply, but what was in my stash didn't have that line.10:14
cdentWhen 'git review' ran it neeed a rebase, and there were conflicts and resolving those may have been where the problem was injected.10:14
cdentWhat I'm mostly curous about is what's the proper way to fix it, especially if there's some chance that my changes (which remove that line) will follow on.10:15
eglynnyeah, possibly ... which is partly why /me prefers to use git in more old-skool "obvious" way10:16
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eglynncdent: ... so how would you approach fixing it up?10:17
cdentIt depends on what the preferences are for how history is handled.10:18
cdentIf the idea is that everything on master happens in order and clean and squashed then the 'special characters" patchset commit could be amended10:20
cdentand then rebase my changes on that new patch10:20
eglynncdent: ... preference is to make least change to the original patch, not sure what you mean by clean and squashed10:20
eglynncdent: ... why not just take a simple, if round-about, approach10:21
* cdent listens10:21
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eglynn$ git format-patch -1 -o cdent_patch.patch ; git reset --hard HEAD^10:23
eglynn$ sed -i 's/#single char split/# single char split/' ceilometerclient/v2/ ; git commit -a -m "add back space"10:23
eglynn$ sed -i 's/# single char split/#single char split/' ceilometerclient/v2/ ; git commit -a -m "remove space again"10:23
eglynn$ git am cdent_patch.patch10:24
eglynn$ git rebase -i origin/master10:24
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eglynn... then squash "add back space" into original patch10:25
eglynn... and squash "Refactor split_by_op and split_by_datatype" into "remove space again"10:25
eglynnremove the noise from the commit messages and you're done10:25
* cdent interprets10:26
* eglynn 's git usage is a tad round-about ;)10:26
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cdentI think I'm confused because I don't understand why you are making the two commis?10:27
*** matsuhashi has joined #openstack-ceilometer10:28
eglynn"add back space" and "remove space again" are inverse changes, so inserting that pair into the sequence is fine becase they cancel each other out10:28
eglynnthe "remove space again" then just neatly avoids a conflict on the re-apply of cdent_patch.patch10:29
eglynncdent: does that idea make sense?10:30
cdentso how is this simpler and or better than my suggestion? (what you say makes technical sense but I don't understand the goal sense, but I have to admit I'm not very awake today (yet))10:31
cdentI suspect I'm missing a piece of data that hasn't clicked.10:32
eglynncdent: exact same idea: fix up the old, re-apply the new10:34
eglynncdent: ... the point was simply to avoid any rejects when re-applying the new10:34
eglynncdent: ... but just do whatever works, it's just a single space after all10:35
cdentLet's put "clean and squashed" on the agenda for the pub.10:35
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vrovacheveglynn:  hello!10:56
eglynnvrovachev: hey10:56
vrovachevyesterday ~2am Sean caught me :(10:56
vrovachevand really I did not get his idea10:57
vrovachevit looks like he's against feature flag one more time :-\10:57
* eglynn looks10:57
vrovachevand well - he suggests that ceilometer should manage this brunch stuff itself somehow10:58
vrovachevwe were thinking about feature flag telemetry-quick-sql in tempest10:58
vrovachevthat should be get from branch version in the devstack10:58
vrovachevfrom the env variable10:58
vrovachevand we need to get how to set this variable - I wanted to do that from devstack gate env vagiable and that's it10:59
vrovachevand Sean asks to set it somehow in the ceilo :-\11:00
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* eglynn needs to google "bogomips"11:00
*** matsuhashi has joined #openstack-ceilometer11:00
eglynn... a-ha "bogus MIPs"11:00
vrovachevprobably I just don't get some things...11:01
eglynnvrovachev: "... let's take this offline" <=== was that in the middle of the qa weekly meeting?11:02
eglynnvrovachev: well, here's a naughty thought ...11:03
eglynnvrovachev: what if we were to "abuse" the capabilities API to make this discoverable?11:03
eglynnvrovachev: ... e.g. add a top-level capability called production_ready or some-such11:04
eglynnvrovachev: ... e.g. set it true in Juno11:04
eglynnvrovachev: ... but leave it absent == False in Icehouse11:05
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* eglynn no likee the tone in this comment ...11:05
eglynn"just to be a bit harsh we could always rip ceilo out of the icehouse gate to get around this too..."11:05
DinaBelovaeglynn, so do you mean we can make some ceilo request to get this info?11:06
vrovacheveglynn: It would solve a problem :)11:06
eglynnDinaBelova: yep, GET /v2/capabilities11:07
eglynn... currently we just have pure API capabilities11:07
DinaBelovaeglynn, ok, I'll provide this change11:07
DinaBelovaand vrovachev will have the opportunity to use it11:07
eglynn... this would need to be something orthogonal to API capability, more relating to an "implementation capability"11:08
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eglynn... so maybe we have a another top-level field in that capabilities dict11:09
DinaBelovaeglynn, I just wonder how we can make this capability branch-dependent11:10
cdent'am i slow': true11:10
eglynn... e.g. {"api": {"alarms:history:query:complex": true, ...}, "storage": {"production_ready": true, "highy_available": false, ...}}11:10
eglynnDinaBelova: well, absent capabilities are intended to be interpreted as False11:11
eglynnDinaBelova: ... so we just add the new capability on Juno11:11
eglynnDinaBelova: ... leave Icehouse untouched11:11
DinaBelovaeglynn, a-ha!11:11
ildikoveglynn: s/highy/highly/ ;)11:12
DinaBelovaso just new code in juno)11:12
* eglynn is highy as a kitey ;)11:12
ildikoveglynn: :)11:12
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eglynn... for now, probably an idea to keep the "surface area" of that new storage capability small11:14
eglynn... lest there be objections about airing the backend-deployment's "dirty laundry" in public11:16
eglynn(e.g. whethter the metering DB is deployed in HA mode or SPoF)11:16
DinaBelovaeglynn, ildikov - please take a look on
DinaBelovait should fix our gate11:17
eglynnDinaBelova: is that needed on stable also?11:17
DinaBelovaeglynn - I guess if it's using icehouse keystoneclient - then no..11:18
DinaBelovalemme check it11:18
eglynnIIRC the dependency isn't version-capped11:18
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DinaBelovaeglynn, yep, it should be backported11:20
eglynnvrovachev, DinaBelova: ... just thinking about this some more11:20
eglynn... so maybe there's still a problem here as ceilometer will still be *running* in the icehouse case11:20
eglynn... the tempest tests will be disabled == goodness11:20
DinaBelovaeglynn, mmm, sorry, can't get your point11:21
eglynn... the ceilo collector will still be chewing thru CPU == badness11:21
DinaBelovayou want no running icehouse job at all, I guess)) :D11:21
eglynnwell, maybe just not running the tests would suffice11:22
eglynn... but wasn't the CPU load imposed by the collector an aspect of the original issue?11:22
DinaBelovaeglynn - I guess it was11:22
DinaBelovaand lond running message processing too11:23
DinaBelovaand lots of other things gone after the v1 was removed, for instance11:23
DinaBelovathe question is: do we want tests no running at all on the icehouse?11:23
eglynnDinaBelova: ... actually what I am saying, we do have a test already running in icehouse, right?11:24
DinaBelovaas some of them are ok now - some alarm api I guess11:24
eglynnDinaBelova: ... yeah the alarm test11:24
DinaBelovayes, exactly11:24
eglynn... so in that sense the CPU load of ceilo/icehouse must be tolerable11:24
eglynn(tolerable for the gate that is ...)11:25
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ceilometer11:25
* eglynn was worrying unnecessarily ...11:25
DinaBelovawell - probably we may still have this capability "quick enough sql" and all tests that cannot pass gate without it will be marked as "we need this capability"11:25
DinaBelovavrovachev will call ceilo from the tests11:26
DinaBelovaand check it11:26
DinaBelovais that a good plan?11:26
vrovachevIf in icehouse runned only alam tests, it's ok11:26
vrovachevand i can implemented it11:27
vrovachevin tempest11:27
eglynnDinaBelova, vrovachev: ... so would it be elegant to have a new tempest test decorator along the lines of:11:27
eglynn@telemetry.required_capablity({"storage": {"production_ready": True}})11:27
eglynn... decorator calls out to GET /v2/capability and bails on the test if the required capability is absent or False11:28
eglynnor maybe more direct and readable as: @telemetry.required_capablity("storage:production_ready")11:29
eglynnDinaBelova: yep, absolutely, sounds like a plan :)11:30
eglynnDinaBelova: so you're gonna add the capability on the ceilo side, and vrovachev will add the check in the test?11:30
vrovachevi can do it using decorator skipif(variable=true) and define variable in setupclass11:30
DinaBelovaeglynn, yes, exactly11:31
DinaBelovavrovachev's idea is ok for me too)11:31
eglynnDinaBelova, vrovachev: excellent! ... thank you both :)11:31
vrovacheveglynn: thank you :)11:32
DinaBelovaeglynn, ildikov -
DinaBelovacherry-pick for the stable/icehouse11:33
eglynnDinaBelova: that was quick :)11:33
DinaBelovado we have gerrit-bot here?11:33
DinaBelovaI do not see its messages11:33
eglynnDinaBelova: well we did have ... maybe the bot just works West Coast hours ;)11:34
DinaBelovaok, so you don't see it too)11:35
eglynnDinaBelova: ... if I'm reading that right, the bot will only log for master?11:36
ildikovDinaBelova: I reported a bug about this, just to track this issue:
DinaBelovaheh - even if so, my previous change was to master11:37
eglynn... whereas some of the other projects seem to be logging for various combinations of stable also11:37
*** isviridov|away is now known as isviridov11:37
DinaBelovaeglynn, well, anyway bot is away 0 last change was to master, I see no message too11:37
DinaBelovaildikov, ok, thanks!11:37
ildikovDinaBelova: and for Icehouse, I'm not your person as for the approval :( :)11:38
DinaBelovawell, it was - just take a look please (sometimes I do naughty git magic that ends up not really nice :D)11:38
eglynnildikov: ... the stable-maint team warmly welcomes new volunteers :)11:38
DinaBelovaildikov I trust you to see if I was ok there :D:D:D11:38
DinaBelovaildikov - look, I just triggered your new access rights there ;)11:39
ildikovDinaBelova: sure, I checked it anyway11:39
ildikoveglynn: wow, good to know :)11:39
DinaBelovajd__, you here? we're trying to fix the gate ;)11:41
jd__which gate DinaBelova ?11:41
DinaBelovajd__ - ours :D11:41
ildikoveglynn: I thought that it is the group of special people, who are close to God or something like, to be able to decide what can land on a stable branch and what not, so not available for a girl like me ;)11:41
DinaBelovawe have failing py26 and py27 due to new keystoneclient11:41
DinaBelovafor icehouse/stable too11:42
DinaBelovaas you have second +2..11:42
jd__DinaBelova: approved11:42
DinaBelovajd__, ok, thanks11:42
eglynnildikov: IIRC apevec did some spring-cleaning on the membership recently, but it's still a fairly big group11:43
eglynnildikov: ...,members11:43
*** eglynn is now known as eglynn-lunch11:51
ildikoveglynn-lunch:  I see, I never checked, I just saw those few, who approve the patches on the ceilo stable branches11:51
underyxhey, um, so, I hope this is not exclusively a development channel, cause I have this silly question...11:55
underyx says "the Event format is meant for efficient processing and querying, there are other means available for archiving notifications (i.e. for audit purposes, etc)"11:55
underyxhow bad would it be to still use events for auditing, or what exactly do this 'other means' refer to?11:56
underyx*does this11:57
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DinaBelovaeglynn, ildikov - hehe, it works :)
DinaBelovajust gate and that's it)12:22
*** thomasem has joined #openstack-ceilometer12:23
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openstackgerritLonggeek proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Testing
ildikovDinaBelova: :)12:42
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*** fnaval has joined #openstack-ceilometer12:50
openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
DinaBelovaeglynn-lunch ^^ - did you mean smth like this change?12:53
DinaBelovaeglynn-lunch, ildikov, btw - what's the THSTACK CI job running on the ceilometer? I just realized I see it first time reallly :-\12:56
openstackgerritLonggeek proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
cdentoh dear12:59
DinaBelovacdent == Longgeek ?13:00
DinaBelovait's cool13:00
openstackgerritCristian A Sanchez proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Make HTTP client aware of no_proxy variable
DinaBelovaI'm just asking to get the idea what's the THSTACK CI and who's Longgeek13:00
cdentI'm just oh dearing at what appears to be some broken automation that looks like it could stumble over lots of things....13:00
DinaBelovahehe :(13:01
ildikovDinaBelova: where did you see THSTACK?13:02
DinaBelovain the
ildikovDinaBelova: sorry, I'm distracted a bit with some internal stuff :S13:02
DinaBelovamoreover - there is some strange stuff with Longgeek - this bot/man came to my change and reverted my gate fix13:03
ildikovDinaBelova: a-ha, ok, so it added some review comments13:03
DinaBelovaLonggeek stuff is not so bad - he/it just made this commit not related to the gate fix (my changes were chained)13:04
DinaBelovabut as for the THSTACK comments...13:04
ildikovDinaBelova: I checked it on zuul, that where is this job and I couldn't see it13:04
DinaBelova ?13:05
DinaBelovasome new 3rd party zuul?13:05
ildikovDinaBelova: BTW as for the Capabilities API, I think you need to add this storage option to here too:
DinaBelovaildikov, ah, yes, missed it13:05
DinaBelovawill do13:05
ildikovDinaBelova: as for the new zuul, maybe it is better to ask it on infra, just to be sure :)13:07
DinaBelovaokay, I just wanted to be sure you see this also first time)13:07
ildikovDinaBelova: yes, I do :)13:08
*** psharma has quit IRC13:08
DinaBelovadue to THSTACK: [17:10:27]  <anteaya> it is a new third party ci account13:11
ildikovDinaBelova: ok, cool, tnx for the info13:12
*** julim has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:13
*** safchain has quit IRC13:27
openstackgerritArtur Svechnikov proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Add methods to resource classes
*** admin0 has quit IRC13:35
*** safchain has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:39
DinaBelovaeglynn-lunch, ildikov - I'd like to add new classmethod get_storage_capabilities in the storage impls and new dict storing this info - to separate these two groups13:42
DinaBelovain other case I'll need to write some separation code in the get_capabilities method, that looks ugly13:42
DinaBelovaare you ok with my variant?13:42
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC13:42
eglynn-lunchDinaBelova: yep, that sounds reasonable13:42
*** fnaval has quit IRC13:42
ildikovDinaBelova: the separation is approved ;)13:43
ildikovDinaBelova: BTW is capabilities a good name for this13:44
ildikovDinaBelova: ?13:44
DinaBelovawell, why not :-\ It's the storage driver's capability to work)13:44
ildikoveglynn-lunch: ^^, I know you like the naming meetings ;)13:44
eglynn-lunchDinaBelova: so CapabilitiesController.get() becomes something like ...13:44
eglynn-lunchreturn Capabilities(api=_flatten_capabilities(conn.get_api_capabilities()),13:45
eglynn-lunch                                      storage=_flatten_capabilities(conn.get_storage_capabilities()))13:45
eglynn-lunchDinaBelova: cool, sounds great! :)13:45
ildikovDinaBelova: well, it should be a deafault behavior and not capability, :) but well, I just wanted to ask it before you implement it13:45
*** eglynn-lunch is now known as eglynn13:45
eglynnildikov: yeah we're slightly "abusing" the capabilities terminology here13:46
ildikovDinaBelova: it just sounds like a list of supported features and not that it performs well or not13:47
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC13:47
DinaBelovaildikov, eglynn - so what do you suggest here?13:47
DinaBelovaShould I continue what were we speaking before?13:47
DinaBelovacapabilities stuff?13:48
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:48
eglynnDinaBelova: yes, I think so (as opposed to inventing a totally new mechanism to allow this info to become discoverable)13:48
DinaBelovaeglynn, ok13:48
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC13:49
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:50
DinaBelovabtw, when I'm writing strings like "OK! Thanks))" - these two last '))' symbols are Russian variant of smilie :-\ And well - any combination of ")"*n, n>=1 My folks just said me that it's used only in Russia)))13:50
DinaBelovaso my '))' == ':-)' :D13:51
ildikovDinaBelova: well, I may would call it performance or something, but I let you decide what you prefer :)13:51
DinaBelovaokay, cool))13:52
DinaBelovaargh - '))' ^^13:52
ildikovDinaBelova: hmm, I was wondering once for a minute, when I had that time that what are these ')', '))' and so on parts at the end of your lines, but I hoped that these are for smilies ;)13:53
DinaBelova:D they are!13:53
ildikovDinaBelova: we can call them lazy smilies ;)13:54
DinaBelovayes, definitely! :)13:54
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC13:54
ildikovDinaBelova: cool :)13:54
*** jergerber has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:56
*** gordc has joined #openstack-ceilometer13:57
*** jdob has quit IRC14:00
*** eglynn is now known as eglynn-on-call14:00
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:00
*** amalagon_ has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:03
*** inc0_ has quit IRC14:06
*** amalagon has quit IRC14:07
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:08
openstackgerritIgor Degtiarov proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer-specs: Hbase-events-feature specs
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:12
openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
DinaBelovaildikov, eglynn-on-call - new variant :D14:14
jd__ if you didn't notice on openstack-dev yet14:14
jd__I'd be happy to have you there :)14:14
eglynn-on-calljd__: cool :)14:14
eglynn-on-calljd__: ... sounds like this has grown into a mini-summit ;)14:15
DinaBelovajd__ - hehe! nice ;)14:15
eglynn-on-callDinaBelova: will look after call14:15
eglynn-on-callDinaBelova: thanks!14:15
DinaBelovaok, thanks!14:15
jd__eglynn-on-call: yeah but I hope we'll write more code than we talk ;)14:15
eglynn-on-calljd__: impose a strict no-talking rule!14:16
eglynn-on-calljd__: ... or require that all talking is through the medium of perfectly-accented French ;)14:16
idegtiaroveglynn: Hello! After discussion of a draft version of my patch for event feature in Hbase, I have changed the structure for row_key from rts_mess_id --> ts_mess_id. And because of it I have to make some changes in spec for hbase-event-feature. Could you please look at it when you will have some time.14:16
jd__eglynn-on-call: haha14:17
ildikovjd__: cool, looks great :)14:17
*** ddieterly has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:18
DinaBelovawell, small offtopic here too:
DinaBelovamy ATL photos14:18
DinaBelovanot really about the summit, but still :)14:19
*** ddieterl_ has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:20
ildikovDinaBelova: I would freeze to death again by even watching Summit photos... ;)14:21
DinaBelovahehe - well, there are no Conference Centre photos there)14:21
DinaBelovaonly other things)14:21
DinaBelovaAltanta was really nice place speaking about sightseeing and smth new)14:22
*** ddieterly has quit IRC14:22
ildikovDinaBelova: nice photos!14:22
*** shakamunyi has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:22
DinaBelovaAnd orchids-maniac, so their botanical garden made strong impression on me14:22
DinaBelovaI was shocked really)14:23
ildikovwe didn't go there finally, but those pics looks really good, I love orchids14:23
cdentthe pics from the zoo are fantastic14:25
DinaBelovawe found cool dependency - in HK were pandas, in ATL were pandas...14:26
DinaBelovahm :-\14:26
DinaBelovathat might mean smth)14:26
*** raymondr_ has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:28
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: Fix testing gate due to new keystoneclient release
*** jmckind has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:32
ildikovDinaBelova: \o/ :)14:34
*** aviau has quit IRC14:35
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC14:36
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:36
*** jmckind has quit IRC14:36
gordcvery nice pictures DinaBelova! you guys visited so many places.14:37
DinaBelovagordc - well, yes)) we were really busy, but that's funny)14:37
gordci visited the aquarium as well (since it was next to hotel)... pretty neat... a lot better than the one we have in Toronto.14:40
DinaBelovagordc - it's the biggest in the World!14:40
DinaBelovaand I was really impressed)14:40
*** dhellmann_ is now known as dhellmann14:40
gordcDinaBelova: oh really? cool. i didn't do any research on it. i was bored on Saturday and saw it next door so i visited. :)14:41
*** promulo has quit IRC14:43
DinaBelovagordc, :D well, I looked for this because I realized that whale sharks (~3 of them) are swimming around me, that was, well, quit impressive :D14:44
gordcyeah, that was cool. we have no whale sharks where i am.14:44
gordccan i use kickstarter to fund my trip to OpenStack Paris party? that's what kickstarter is for right? :)14:45
jd__so many fishes but so no sushis, unbelievable14:45
jd__gordc: I think kickstarter had worse thing :-)14:46
jd__gordc: no way your current employer would?14:46
openstackgerritIldiko Vancsa proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Clean tox.ini
gordcjd__: you should ask them for sushi. i think it's cheaper there :)14:48
gordcjd__: i'll need to ask. i just need to come up with a good excuse on what i'll be 'working' on.14:49
jd__gordc: sounds achievable :)14:49
*** aviau has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:49
gordcjd__: 'i need money to go to Paris so i can build the greatest OpenStack product ever' i don't think they'll ask any questions if i say that.14:50
jd__I wouldn't.14:51
cmartgordc: LOL!!14:51
gordccool. problem solved. see you all in Paris.14:51
ildikovgordc: LOL :) cool :)14:52
gordcildikov: :)14:53
*** aviau has quit IRC14:54
jd__ildikov: you're not that far away I would guess?14:54
ildikovjd__: do you mean from project budget PoV? ;)14:55
jd__ildikov: I meant distance, though it's proportional :)14:55
ildikovjd__: but phisically you're right, IIRC it's a two hours long flight14:55
*** aviau has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:56
ildikovjd__: project budget is never proportional, if I think of my manager's face, when I mention that I may would like to travel to no matter where :S :)14:57
openstackgerritCristian A Sanchez proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Make HTTP client aware of no_proxy variable
ildikovjd__: but as it is soo close compared to e.g: the US, I plan to go anyway, they should let me go for a few days fun coding vacation, so as usual, I have a plan B14:58
openstackgerritChristian Martinez proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Adding alarm list filtering by state and meter
pradlooks like someone really wants to implement a wardrobe for ceilometer project .. seeing bugs on dresses. Did we upset someone at the summit with the way we dressed ;)15:00
jd__yeah it's getting boring15:00
*** zqfan has joined #openstack-ceilometer15:01
DinaBelovaildikov, about your first comment here:,cm15:08
DinaBelovasorry, can't get your point15:08
DinaBelovacan you explain this?15:08
ildikovDinaBelova: I just meant that if we call it storage capabilities everywhere, then we can call it maybe available_storage_capability or something like15:12
ildikovDinaBelova: just to make the code more readable15:12
DinaBelovaoh, ok - but due to your second comment - probably we don't need this at all?15:13
ildikovDinaBelova: yes, but it depends on what is decided about the default value in base15:13
DinaBelovawell, I gues true is ok here15:13
DinaBelovaunless we'll have some other issue :-\15:14
ildikovDinaBelova: I just thought that maybe we could change this value based on the regular perf tests in the future15:14
DinaBelovaare you ok with it?15:14
ildikovDinaBelova: also if we add a new driver maybe, than we can say that first we would test the performance with it15:14
DinaBelovawell, ok - in this case I'll make it False by default15:15
amalagon_hi jd__ do you know if the draft of the api spec ( will go on soon?15:15
jd__amalagon_: unlikely15:15
DinaBelovaand will keep this update_capabilities code15:15
DinaBelovawith some more readable name :)15:15
amalagon_jd__: ok, thanks15:16
ildikovDinaBelova: I would suggest go for False with the first version15:16
DinaBelovaildikov, ok15:16
ildikovDinaBelova: later if we have good experience with performance overall, then we can modify it15:16
ildikovDinaBelova: sorry, I'm on the pessimistic side :)15:17
ildikovDinaBelova: however, I call it realism ;)15:17
DinaBelovaWell, I quite agree here too))15:17
*** safchain has quit IRC15:20
openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
ildikovDinaBelova: cool :)15:21
DinaBelovaildikov ^^ new patch set)15:22
ildikovjd__: is it a good enough sign for the tox clean up, if the gate jobs (pep8, py26, py27, docs) look green?15:22
ildikovjd__: or is there anything else to check?15:22
ildikovDinaBelova: yeap, I saw it15:22
DinaBelovaildikov cool, thabks!15:23
jd__ildikov: it's enough AFAIK15:27
ildikovjd__: cool, thanks15:31
*** nealph has quit IRC15:35
*** zqfan has quit IRC15:41
*** lsmola has quit IRC15:41
*** idegtiarov has quit IRC15:41
*** promulo has joined #openstack-ceilometer15:41
jd__hey Gnocchi got his first gate broken by external dep15:44
* jd__ makes a wish15:44
openstackgerritMartin Geisler proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Remove (c) and remove unnecessary encoding lines
*** Guest37432 has quit IRC15:47
openstackgerritMartin Geisler proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Remove ¬© and remove unnecessary encoding lines
openstackgerritMartin Geisler proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Correct Emacs file variable specification
*** changbl has quit IRC15:56
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*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack-ceilometer16:14
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*** cdent has joined #openstack-ceilometer16:16
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Updated from global requirements
*** yjiang5_away is now known as yjiang516:27
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Updated from global requirements
eglynn-on-callcdent: further thoughts on
eglynn-on-callcdent: ... methinks we're overthinking the regex16:41
cdentyeah, just reading that16:41
eglynn-on-callcdent: ... but we should be able to at least match the simplest, cases such as a single character value16:41
cdentI agree, but on the other hand even your simplified solution doesn't nail the criteria16:41
eglynn-on-callsure, as I said in the comment16:42
cdentwhich leaves us where?16:42
cdentit seems like someone or something needs to introduce some constraint(s)16:42
cdentit's relatively easy to get 1 and 2 and operators in values16:43
cdentbut not 1 and 2 and operators in both keys and values16:43
cdentor rather: we can have operators in keys, but not (easily) adjacent to the proper operator16:45
eglynn-on-call... maybe just split the string on the first instance of a greedily matched operator?16:45
cdentthat's effectively saying the same thing as my "or rather..." statement16:46
eglynn-on-call"or rather..." statement?16:46
cdent"we can have operators in keys, but not (easily) adjacent to the proper operator"16:46
cdenti'll experiment with a more explicit split and see what I can get to percolate out16:47
eglynn-on-callmy though expressed in the review was that an operator character adjacent to another operator character is always assumed to be part of a potential operator match16:49
eglynn-on-call(before a potential key match)16:49
eglynn-on-callas is "we can have operators in keys, but not (easily) adjacent to the proper operator" is an acceptable restriction16:50
*** ildikov has quit IRC16:50
eglynn-on-callcdent: ... right-o, I gotta run16:51
cdentwhich do we want: split on the first thing that looks like a operator16:51
cdentI'll have something in a moment16:51
cdentwe can look at it more next week16:51
eglynn-on-callyep I'm thinking greedily match operator first16:52
*** Ju has quit IRC16:52
eglynn-on-call... I'll be back online later, if you just wanna leave a comment on gerrit16:52
eglynn-on-call... gotta run now16:52
cdentcool, have a good eve16:52
eglynn-on-callcdent: yep you too! ... (back in the office Tuesday, Monday is a public holiday here)16:53
cdentright on16:53
*** jdob has joined #openstack-ceilometer17:03
*** nacim has quit IRC17:06
openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
*** julim has joined #openstack-ceilometer17:26
*** shakayumi has joined #openstack-ceilometer17:29
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eglynn-on-callcdent: a thought while driving ...17:30
eglynn-on-callcdent: ... would the simple non-greedy version '(.+?)(=|!=|>|<|<=|>=)(.+?)' do the needful?17:30
cdentI'm just committing something that may do the needful, using re.split()17:30
cdentassuming we have similar agreement on needful-nes17:30
cdentAlso: you're an addict, get off the internetz!17:31
cmartcdent: LOL!!17:32
DinaBelovaeglynn-on-call - heh, still on the call?17:32
DinaBelovaquite long one)17:32
eglynn-on-callcdent: cool enough, I think the non-greedy modifier would fulfill those 3 criteria ... but maybe split clearer, I dunno17:32
eglynn-on-callcdent: LOL :) ... I'm outta here17:33
* cdent waves17:33
eglynn-on-callDinaBelova: ... a world record marathon meeting ;)17:33
* eglynn-on-call was just lazily about reverting his nick17:33
*** eglynn-on-call is now known as eglynn17:33
DinaBelovaokay, I just was worried you're going to die on this meeting - such long calls usually make people crazy)17:33
eglynnDinaBelova: BTW ... thanks for the storage capabilities patch! I'll take another pass later on17:34
DinaBelovaeglynn, ok, thank you for looking on it)17:34
eglynnright-o have a great weekend folks!17:34
cdentis heading to real rock tommorrow, thankfully17:35
eglynncdent: free climbing?17:35
cdentthat's a bit of a weird term meaning different things to different people17:35
cdentI'll be doing trad climbing tomorrow (placing the gear myself)17:36
eglynncdent: ... or whatever it is one calls the high-adrenalin version, without the safety net of being roped in17:36
cdentI'll have a rope.17:36
eglynnphew! :)17:36
cdentfree climbing means with a rope, but not weighting the rope unless you have to17:36
cdentaid climbing is weighting all kinds of things17:36
cdentfree solo is no rope where you ought to have one17:36
eglynncdent: a-ha, got it17:36
cdentbouldering is no rope, but close to the ground17:36
eglynncdent: ... well, except the weighting bit17:37
eglynncdent: a-ha, bouldering is what I was prolly thinking of17:37
cdentthat's the one that always has the videos of bros with their shirts off with dub step backgrounds and the like, and they're holding on to super tiny holds17:38
* eglynn did a single indoor climb in Brno, and thinks he can bluff his way thru a conversation with a real climber ;)17:38
eglynncdent: "bros with their shirts off" ... LOL, love it :)17:38
cdentand they say things like "sick bro" and "psyche!" and if they are feeling european "allez" or "venga"17:39
eglynncdent: ... well "venga" all the way so!17:40
openstackgerritChris Dent proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Refactor split_by_op and split_by_datatype
* cdent is firmly a member of the regex now you've got two problems camp17:46
*** gordc-mobile has joined #openstack-ceilometer17:49
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/ceilometer: reconnect to mongodb on connection failure
*** changbl has quit IRC18:04
openstackgerritChris Dent proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Refactor split_by_op and split_by_datatype
*** erecio has joined #openstack-ceilometer18:11
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openstackgerritCristian A Sanchez proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Make HTTP client aware of no_proxy variable
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ildikovdhellmann: hi20:49
*** admin0 has quit IRC20:51
ildikovdhellmann: will you have a few minutes for me today or maybe on Monday for one or two sphinx/doc related questions?20:51
*** fnaval has quit IRC20:55
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dhellmannildikov: let's talk on monday23:22
*** ildikov has quit IRC23:31
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