Monday, 2014-06-02

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lecalcotHi, where's the most appropriate forum for a discussion on the roadmap for financial management within Ceilometer (or other component(s))?02:19
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lecalcotHave these use cases been successfully provided for to date in Ceilometer or have they yet to be achieved?
lecalcotWhile Ceilometer provides for *metering* as one category of financial management, does it provide for others (e.g. pricing - - a method to set prices on common objects)?02:32
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritIldiko Vancsa proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Clean tox.ini
openstackgerritIldiko Vancsa proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Clean tox.ini
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zqfanLonggeek: hi, the bug you reported,, can you provide more information, it seems you add localhost to ipv6 address which cause that problem, but I cannot reproduce it07:29
Longgeekzqfan: Sorry, just on the line07:31
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Longgeekzqfan: I did not use the ipv6 address07:34
zqfanLonggeek: in the bug report, you cat your /etc/hosts file, in ipv6 part, the localhost is translated to ::1, this is not the default setting on ubuntu 12.04 system at least, I think that is intended, and the exception: Address family for hostname not supported, most google result shows that related to ipv6 problem07:36
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zqfanLonggeek: eh, intended means you have modified that part manually or by some command07:38
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Longgeekzqfan: I try07:39
zqfanLonggeek: however, I copied your setting and run the devstack, but cannot reproduce the problem too, so I think we need to dig out the root cause07:39
Longgeekzqfan: That is the question, /etc/hosts enabled ipv607:41
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: setuptools upstream has broken the world. it's a known issue. we're hoping that a solution materializes soon08:30
*** ChanServ changes topic to "setuptools upstream has broken the world. it's a known issue. we're hoping that a solution materializes soon"08:30
underyxhey there08:36
underyxI disabled keystone auth in paste.ini by removing the authtoken filter from the pipeline08:36
underyxand most likely cause of that, now I'm getting 404s on /v2.0/tokens when I try to connect with the ceilometer command08:37
underyxdo I even still need to provide auth details when trying to connect? if so, how do I fix the /tokens endpoint?08:37
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aswadrhi, is it possible to delete a created sample using python-ceilometerclient? I could not see a delete v2-api in "SampleManager"09:27
aswadrQuestion: Why is delete not part of this API?09:27
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix aggregator flush method
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix aggregator flush method
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openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Add new 'storage': {'production_ready': True} capability
DinaBelovaildikov, please check the doc strings in the change ^^^ :)11:14
DinaBelovaas I could get the comments wrong...11:14
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DinaBelovaeglynn, ildikov - do you have any ideas what should we do with the new setuptools, that breaks gate for all openstack? :)11:53
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eglynnDinaBelova: I'm travelling right now (with fairly fairly limited connectivity)11:54
eglynnDinaBelova: ... I'll have a look into it in a few hours once I get home11:55
eglynnfairly fairly :) ... my typing hasn't improved11:55
DinaBelovaeglynn, ok, cool - I'll try to understand how we might fix it11:55
eglynnDinaBelova: thanks!11:56
DinaBelovanew setuptools version breaks python 2.x with pbr11:56
DinaBelovaas all openstack uses it....11:56
DinaBelovawe have issue here)))11:56
eglynnDinaBelova: ... is the breakage accross the board?11:56
eglynnDinaBelova: ... i.e. *all* projects impacted?11:56
DinaBelovaeglynn - I found bug for the tempest11:56
DinaBelovaand one keystoneclient folk and I commented it11:57
DinaBelovawill try to mark it - affects project11:57
eglynnDinaBelova: ... would a version cap for setuptools in the global requirements.txt make sense?11:57
DinaBelovano - as it's not set in the requirements))))11:57
eglynnDinaBelova: ... yeap, just noticed that11:57
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DinaBelovaeglynn - I've marked ceilometer in the bug
eglynnDinaBelova: thanks!12:00
eglynnDinaBelova: ... worth raising it on #openstack-dev or the ML also?12:01
eglynnDinaBelova: (to draw attention to the cross-project aspect)12:01
DinaBelovaI see discussion in the infra channel12:02
DinaBelovawill check the ML now12:02
eglynnDinaBelova: cool12:03
DinaBelovanow, see no ML thread12:03
DinaBelovawill start it now12:03
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DinaBelovaeglynn, done - "New setuptools release seems to break some of the OS projects" is the ML topic12:07
eglynnDinaBelova: thank you! ... reading12:07
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cdenteglynn: no reviewing on holiday!12:18
eglynncdent ... :)12:19
eglynncdent: ... good climb on Saturday?12:19
cdentyeah, was a really good day12:19
* eglynn is still chuckling at "bros with their shirts off" :)12:20
cdentNo shirt were taken off, no one was injured, everyone climbed well, so a good day.12:21
cdentwhat's up with $topic?12:22
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ildikov_DinaBelova: as I saw on infra, they are aware of that problem, also that it is a cross-project blocking issue, so if you can fix it, everyone will be greatful to you ;)12:27
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DinaBelovano, it looks I can't - there is no way to block some of the setuptools issue in the gate - I've checked this12:27
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DinaBelovaso the only thing we can do is to look on the and wait till it'll be fixed12:28
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ildikov_DinaBelova: I haven't checked this actual issue, I did not have the chance today, but this is how it works, no worries, it will not stay like this :)12:32
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DinaBelovaildikov_, ok)) Simply that makes me a little bit crazy - setuptools folks are sleeping now, so we'll be blocked until either they'll fix it or setuptools3.7 will be kicked off from the gate mirror at least - even if so, there are no guarantees12:34
cdentSeems like setuptools is one of those things that ought to be version pinned in the gate.12:34
ildikov_DinaBelova: a few weeks ago that gate was failing for 4 days for Ceilometer, it happens, do not miss a good night sleep because of it12:35
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ildikov_DinaBelova: we do not have release dates for this week, so no huge pressure, so it's unfortunate, but we cannot do anything but wait12:36
DinaBelovaildikov_, hehe, that's true....12:37
ildikov_eglynn: what have you told me about working during vacation? it results in kicking the person out from IRC right? ;)12:37
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sockie-the-puppeildikov_: I have no idea who that eglynn is, of whom you speak ;)12:38
DinaBelovasockie-the-puppe, nice)12:39
sockie-the-puppehey, someone stole my 't' ;)12:39
cdentthe t is on holiday12:39
ildikov_sockie-the-puppe: at least you could figure out a better sock puppet name ;)12:39
ildikov_sockie-the-puppe: your name is too long for the poor IRC ;)12:39
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DinaBelovaildikov_, sockie-the-puppe - the newest setuptools has been removed from the gate mirror12:47
DinaBelovaso it'll work on the gate12:47
DinaBelovalocally we'll need to fix it manually12:47
sockie-the-puppeDinaBelova: nice work, thank you!12:47
DinaBelovasockie-the-puppe, well, I have some influence on the infra folks)))12:47
sockie-the-puppeDinaBelova: LOL :)12:47
ildikov_DinaBelova: :)12:48
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix aggregator flush method
sockie-the-puppeDinaBelova: ... my granny used to say: "no string should be left unpulled" ;)12:50
DinaBelovasockie-the-puppe, :D12:51
AhsanHi All, I wanted to ask if there is any way of deleting the created SAMPLES/METERS in ceilometer? In the v2 api, delete is supported only for ALARMS.12:51
sockie-the-puppeAhsan: that would go against the spirit of metering12:52
sockie-the-puppeAhsan: there is a TTL feature though12:52
sockie-the-puppeAhsan: ... as in, *expire* old data12:52
DinaBelovaAhsan - well, we are storing meters as this is the info we should have to be presented12:52
DinaBelovasockie-the-puppe, ++\12:52
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eglynnlaptop battery about to die, laters folks ...12:53
DinaBelovaeglynn, see u!12:54
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aswadrDinaBelova: meters can be created through samples.create but cant be deleted12:57
AhsanSo, there is no way to delete a created SAMPLE ourselves? and how much time does it take for a sample to expire?12:57
ildikov_it can be set in the config file12:58
ildikov_there is a ttl value, so the expiration of samples can be configured12:58
DinaBelovahere it is in the icehouse conf file -
ildikov_there isn't any API support for deleting samples13:00
AhsanYeah, thanks for your help sockie-the-puppe, ildikov_ and DinaBelova :)13:02
DinaBelovaAhsan, you're welcome :)13:03
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ildikov_Ahsan: np :)13:07
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openstackgerritIlya Tyaptin proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Improve performance of api requests with hbase scan
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DinaBelovaildikov_, please take a look on the - I want Vadim so work on the tempest tests asap)))13:52
pnascimentoI have patched my Ceilometer to get a new agent, but I don't see any action on the database :S on /opt/stack/data/log isn't any log file for agents, where agents log supposed to be?13:58
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pnascimentoand on the screen-ceilometer-collector.log appeared some error on the AMPQ lib: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/amqp/ VDeprecationWarning: The auto_delete flag for exchanges has been deprecated and will be removed from py-amqp v1.5.0.   warn(VDeprecationWarning(EXCHANGE_AUTODELETE_DEPRECATED))13:59
pnascimentocould be because of this?13:59
DinaBelovawell, this depends on how are you running this agent.. usually when you're using devstack you see agents logs in the appropriate screen tab - so basically you probably might see the logs where you started this agent14:00
DinaBelovaprobably I might not see the actual problem here, so please forgive me)14:00
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pnascimentoDinaBelova: maybe expressed me on the wrong way, I have two problems, and I don't know if they are related... the first one, its the "inactivity" of the agent... and the second one its that "warning" on the ceilometer-collector.log... I was wondering if they are related and suggested that...14:04
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DinaBelovapnascimento, as I understand you have implemented some new agent - and try to test it14:07
DinaBelovapnascimento - is that true?14:07
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DinaBelovadeprecation warnings possibly are not the importtant thing here14:07
DinaBelovaas there are looots of them really14:07
DinaBelovain the ceilo logs I mean14:07
DinaBelovaif you have created new agent code - how are you starting it?14:08
DinaBelovabecause to have it started you need to do that manually (if you're not patching the devstack itself)14:08
pnascimentoDinaBelova: you are right! :) new agent => created patch => => => git am new.patch => stack.sh14:08
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... and now I don't see nothing on the database14:09
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... but I passed to the UTs14:09
DinaBelovaare you changing the devstack code too? or only the ceilometer one?14:09
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DinaBelovaas devstack does not know about this new service to be run14:09
DinaBelovaall services and screens should be set in the devstack code itself14:10
DinaBelovaif you haven't done it, your service is not simply starting14:10
DinaBelovayou need to do that manually on the devstack host14:10
pnascimentoDinaBelova: just ceilometer, and didn't "changed" the source I have just append some Python files for my agent14:11
DinaBelovaby typing in the new screen/tmux tab, for instance "<new-ceilo-agent> --config-file <config-file>""14:11
DinaBelovayou might see how it's done in the ceilo devstack tabs, for instance14:12
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DinaBelovabasically if ceilometer code is installed (it should be as you're using the devstack) you'll have simply to run needed endpoint with the needed config-file14:13
*** ChanServ changes topic to "OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) |"14:14
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: setuptools issue was fixed in upstream in 3.7.1 and 4.0.1, please, recheck on bug 132551414:14
pnascimentoI can interact through "ceilometer-send-sample" :) but I can't see any "movement" of my agent14:15
DinaBelovahow are you running it?14:15
pnascimentoin which log agents write statements?14:15
pnascimentodevstack, ceilometer? or the CLI command?14:16
DinaBelovayour agent)14:16
DinaBelovait's the separated service, you need to run it separately14:16
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ildikov_DinaBelova: done14:18
DinaBelovaildikov_, thanks!14:18
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ildikov_DinaBelova: np, sorry for the delay, but I'm just a slave of my company ;)14:19
DinaBelovaildikov_, :D14:19
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pnascimentoDinaBelova: my agent? :S how so? I have created a, created my pollster, added the pollster to setup.cfg, created a source on pipeline.yaml, created a sink on pipeline.yaml then patched it and applied on ceilometer14:25
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*** Longgeek has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:25
ildikov_dhellmann: hi14:26
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... this is how Eoghan teach me to do it... I'm doing it wrong?14:26
ildikov_dhellmann: could you ping me, when you have a few minutes?14:26
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DinaBelovapnascimento, you did the right steps))) but the thing is that you need to *run* this code14:30
DinaBelovaas it's done by devstack14:30
pnascimentohm, but for testing purposes or "production scenario" (not really production because it's a devstack instance, but let's call it this way) ?14:32
pnascimento... and I run the pollster, the manager? a "process" or a "service" ?14:33
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dhellmannildikov_: hi14:40
DinaBelovapnascimento, the service - like it's run for other services in the devstack screen14:41
DinaBelovaeach screen tab contains the service running14:41
DinaBelovaand all logs are there :)14:41
openstackgerritChris Dent proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Refactor split_by_op and split_by_datatype
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pnascimentoDinaBelova: I understand that, but I don't know, If I asking something to noob, but how to I configure or start a "service" with a dedicated screen for my agent?14:42
DinaBelovawel,, you have two variants - patch the devstack code itself14:43
DinaBelovaor to start this (new) service manually14:43
DinaBelovalike "ceilometer-api --config-file /etc/ceiloemeter/ceilometer.conf"14:43
DinaBelovathat's the thing that's running in the devstack14:44
openstackgerritChristian Martinez proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Adding alarm list filtering by state and meter
pnascimentoDinaBelova: but I have already patched the devstack14:49
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ...not really the devstack it's more likely the ceilometer on the /opt/stack created by devstack14:49
cdentEmilienM: I'm trying to get caught up on your ceilometer+grenade changes. Are there more patchsets besides 94468 and 94547? For exploring making changes to javelin I should depend on those, yes?14:50
DinaBelovapnascimento, well you have installed the ceilometer code to your testing lab14:51
DinaBelovapnascimento but to run the agent you need to type the appropriate command14:51
*** robsparker has joined #openstack-ceilometer14:51
*** parkerr_ has left #openstack-ceilometer14:52
pnascimentoDinaBelova: that seems to make sense for me, but so, why we need to add the pollsters do setup.cfg? I thought that setup.cfg with pipeline.yaml leverages Ceilometer with a "dynamic behaviour"14:59
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... but I will look into the Ceilometer "processes" and see where this command are being defined and invoked! ;)14:59
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... you helped me to understand something that are not covered by documentation! thank you :)15:00
openstackgerritgordon chung proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer-specs: Logging Guidelines for Ceilometer
DinaBelovapnascimento, :015:00
DinaBelovapnascimento, please take a look on the
DinaBelova for nstance15:01
DinaBelovahere you see how different services are started15:01
DinaBelovaceilometer-acentral, ceilometer-anotification, ceilometer-collector and ceilometer-api15:01
DinaBelovawithout this your devstack won't start your agent for sure15:02
DinaBelovaor, as said - you may do that manually15:02
ildikov_dhellmann: sorry, I'm back, are you still available?15:06
DinaBelova ildikov_, you here?15:15
ildikov_DinaBelova: yes15:15
DinaBelovaMay you please take a look on the following spec - - as it's supposed to be solved in j115:15
DinaBelovaidegtiarov has fixed lots of comments :)15:15
DinaBelovaso if you're ok with it - probably we may merge it :) and update the BP itself15:16
DinaBelovaif needed15:16
*** Infitialis has quit IRC15:16
ildikov_I will add it to the today's list15:16
DinaBelovaildikov_, thanks!15:16
ildikov_DinaBelova: it's better after, I'm a bit too busy today and there are still some managers at the office, who are hungry to my blood ;)15:17
DinaBelovaildikov_, well, I feel really sorry you need to go through this managers hell :(15:18
DinaBelovathat's time-eating activity15:18
DinaBelovaso please take a look when you can to :)15:19
ildikov_DinaBelova: it's usually not that bad, and anyway, I chose to do this, next time I will be smarter :)15:19
ildikov_DinaBelova: sure, I will try my best15:19
dhellmannildikov_: I'm back15:19
DinaBelovaildikov_, what did you promise them? :D15:19
DinaBelovato make the world better? :)15:19
ildikov_DinaBelova: I'm just a team lead, but there are too many meetings even for this role here :)15:20
ildikov_dhellmann: hi15:20
*** idegtiarov has quit IRC15:20
DinaBelovaildikov_, well, that's something we need to be patient about :)15:20
DinaBelovagood luck!15:20
pnascimentoDinaBelova: thank you, I will try it that way :)15:20
DinaBelovapnascimento, ok!15:21
ildikov_dhellmann: if you have a few minutes, I would like to ask some sphinx, doc related questions regarding to this patch:
ildikov_dhellmann: I tried to do some cleaning to fix all the warnings in the sphinx build15:21
dhellmannildikov_: sure15:22
ildikov_dhellmann: most of my questions are in this file:
ildikov_dhellmann: there was a warning about the autoindex.rst, that it is not included in any toctree15:23
dhellmanndo we generate a useful autoindex?15:23
ildikov_dhellmann: currently it is empty15:23
ildikov_dhellmann: so I wanted to ask that do we need it?15:24
ildikov_dhellmann: if yes, than what should I do to fix the content of it?15:24
ildikov_dhellmann: s/than/then/15:24
*** admin0 has joined #openstack-ceilometer15:24
*** robbybb has quit IRC15:24
dhellmannthat file is generated as part of the documentation build15:25
dhellmannI wonder why it is empty15:25
*** lecalcot_ has quit IRC15:25
ildikov_dhellmann: it's almost empty15:26
ildikov_dhellmann: I meant that it does not contain any useful information15:26
ildikov_dhellmann: the former is that how it is included in the ToC, the latter is the content of the file that is generated currently15:27
dhellmannildikov_: right, I am trying to understand why the generated file comes out empty. It should contain references to parts of our source tree to document the classes.15:27
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix list of modules not included in auto-gen docs.
DinaBelovagordc, o/15:30
dhellmannildikov_: ^^15:30
*** fabiog has joined #openstack-ceilometer15:30
DinaBelovagordc, I've commented the - what do you think about my suggestion?15:30
DinaBelovagordc, as I have no idea how does this error sometimes appear...15:30
ildikov_dhellmann: hmm :)15:31
dhellmannildikov_: with my follow-up patch to your changes, it should be OK to keep autoindex in the toctree15:31
DinaBelovadhellmann, hehe, I love python tuples :D15:32
ildikov_dhellmann: so it was empty only because of that comma?15:32
ildikov_dhellmann: I do not know how much time I would have needed to figure this out :)15:32
ildikov_dhellmann: thanks :)15:32
dhellmannildikov_: yes, because of the way that variable is used the loop was checking for modules that started with "c" -- which is all of our modules15:32
ildikov_dhellmann: a-ha, I see15:33
DinaBelovaildikov_, that's the pythonic magic :) (a)==a, (a,) is the tuple :)15:33
dhellmannildikov_: I looked at the build output and saw that it was explicitly skipping everything, and then I looked at to see how that worked, and then I went to look at the variable and noticed that it was a string but was being used as a sequence15:33
ildikov_DinaBelova: yeap, I know, just hard to realize in an unknown module... :S15:33
DinaBelovaildikov_, yeah, sorry to point this, but I *love* this python magic :)15:34
ildikov_DinaBelova: :)15:34
DinaBelovathat's why I'm quite excited to see it one more time :)15:34
DinaBelovain action :)15:34
ildikov_dhellmann: the other question in that file is the todo15:34
ildikov_dhellmann: the list that I removed there, it was intended to be the To Do list?15:35
dhellmannildikov_: that's the idea, but I don't know if we use that feature very much now that we have launchpad bugs15:35
dhellmannildikov_: did you find any todo entries in the other .rst files?15:36
dhellmannildikov_: if not, you could remove sphinx.ext.todo from the list of extensions in conf.py15:36
ildikov_dhellmann: I removed that section there because in the generated doc the To Do list was empty15:36
ildikov_dhellmann: I do not remember any To Do items in other files, but I will double check before removing that extension, I just wanted to ask before doing that radical step15:37
dhellmannildikov_: ok, I think it's safe if you don't find todos15:38
dhellmannand if you do find any, we should treat those as bugs and remove them15:38
ildikov_dhellmann: maybe I register a bug if I find any useful todo anywhere in the doc15:38
ildikov_dhellmann: cool, then we agree here :)15:38
dhellmannan easy way to check is to remove the extension from the conf and run the build, since sphinx won't understand the todo directive without the extension installed15:38
ildikov_dhellmann: sure, thanks for the hint15:39
ildikov_dhellmann: one additional thing that I removed is the internal API reference15:39
dhellmannildikov_: "internal API reference"?15:40
dhellmannah, I think that's an old form of what is now going into sourcecode/autoindex.py15:41
ildikov_dhellmann: ah, ok, then it will be covered by your patch, when the autoindex is fixed15:41
DinaBelovagordc, ^^ about the bug somewhere :)15:42
ildikov_dhellmann: great, then my doc patch is covered15:43
ildikov_dhellmann: I also removed the unnecessary parts from tox.ini:
ildikov_dhellmann: it seems ok according to the gate15:44
ildikov_dhellmann: do I need anything else to check or if the gate works fine then it should be ok?15:45
dhellmannildikov_: that change looks OK15:46
ildikov_dhellmann: great15:46
dhellmannildikov_: I asked for a recheck on 9678115:46
ildikov_dhellmann: I do not have any questions left, so thanks for your time15:47
ildikov_dhellmann: thanks, it failed in the setuptools flood15:47
dhellmannildikov_: I'm glad I could help15:49
ildikov_dhellmann: you saved the lonely doc fighter :)15:52
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openstackgerritIldiko Vancsa proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Fix doc gate job false success
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gordcDinaBelova: sorry. was not paying attention to my computer.16:33
DinaBelovagordc, np :)16:33
gordcDinaBelova: i'll take a look at bug and comment there.16:33
DinaBelovagordc, thanks!16:34
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pnascimentoDinaBelova: I have identified that the services on are executed by this type of CLI clients:
pnascimentoDinaBelova: ... then, I analysed the file: cat /usr/local/bin/ceilometer-agent-compute16:50
DinaBelovapnascimento, yep - as I linked it before :) you may add you command there or run it manually on your env16:50
pnascimentoDinaBelova: but I need to create my CLI client, don't I ?16:51
*** aviau has joined #openstack-ceilometer16:51
DinaBelovano, you need to start the server service you've added16:52
DinaBelovayour agent16:52
DinaBelovapnascimento, here are all console scripts you might run ib the ceilo16:53
DinaBelovaand they are used in the devstack to run the services16:53
DinaBelovaso if you added this entry point and console script you simply need to type this command16:53
pnascimentoDinaBelova: I think I understood now, I must create my CLI class on my agent and then "register it" on the steep.cfg16:54
pnascimentook will try it16:54
DinaBelovapnascimento, well, not the class, but the funtion really16:55
DinaBelovalike this one
DinaBelovathat starts needed service16:55
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Refactor split_by_op and split_by_datatype
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Updated from global requirements
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dmsimardI can't seem to get ceilometer-collector to listen on the udp port for use with the udp publisher. I don't see any errors in the logs and I see lines printed about the udp configuration parameters. Any idea ?19:34
*** fnaval has joined #openstack-ceilometer19:35
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DinaBelovaeglynn, news about tempest testing20:07
DinaBelovait looks like tempest folks want to make me crazy :)20:08
DinaBelovaeglynn, vrovachev, please take a look -
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-ceilometer20:10
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*** ddieterly has joined #openstack-ceilometer20:20
r0j4z0ceilometer-expirer is supposed to clean the events data?20:31
gordcr0j4z0: it doesn't currently.20:31
r0j4z0then i can delete all the data on event/trait tables?20:32
gordcr0j4z0: are you asking how to delete it or can you delete it?20:32
r0j4z0im asking if i can delete the event data from that tables without breaking anything20:33
r0j4z0sorry, my english is not so good...20:33
gordcyou'd need to do it manually...or create a bug and have someone offer a patch. :)20:33
*** julim has quit IRC20:34
r0j4z0ok, then i will delete all records on event/event_type/trait/trait_type tables20:35
gordcyou can delete it manually sure...  as long as you keep key constraints you should be ok... don't know if breaks any auditing use cases for you though.20:35
gordcr0j4z0: cool cool20:35
r0j4z0ok thankyou gordc20:36
r0j4z0im trying to imagine how to use the events to get a external system notified20:36
r0j4z0when something happens on the stack20:36
*** Longgeek has quit IRC20:37
r0j4z0gordc you know if i can specify a field on event_definitions.yaml that points to a subchild of the payload?20:49
r0j4z0fields: payload.fixed_ips.address20:49
gordcr0j4z0: if i remember correctly, it flattens the payload so you should be able to work with any attribute regardless of where it is in payload20:52
gordcthe docs should have some examples.20:52
r0j4z0i searched but all the docs reference only to the first level20:53
r0j4z0but thanl you i keep searching20:53
gordcsee os_architecture trait in example:
*** jdob has quit IRC21:03
dmsimardI posted on the mailing list about my ceilometer-collector problem if any of you guys want to have a look:
r0j4z0gordc i saw it but i dont get that information on the events, regarding image_meta i onlye get this:21:05
r0j4z0then the trait are not created21:05
r0j4z0if i try to create a new trait for example:21:06
r0j4z0fields: payload.image_meta.min_disk21:06
r0j4z0i cant get the data, but if call to the "first level" of the payload all works fine21:06
*** thomasem has quit IRC21:06
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*** Longgeek has joined #openstack-ceilometer21:08
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r0j4z0oj, forget all i said, fields: payload.image_meta.min_disk works fine21:09
*** Longgeek has quit IRC21:12
*** admin0 has joined #openstack-ceilometer21:17
r0j4z0gordc the problem is the field i want to call are inside of an array and i dont know how to call it21:20
r0j4z0i will take a look to JSONPath21:20
r0j4z0dmsimard netstat -putan shows udp 0 0* 799/python21:26
*** lcostantino has quit IRC21:30
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dmsimardr0j4z0: Nope, nothing on 4952 on my end with netstat. I use "lsof -Pi" which more or less provides the same output and nothing there either.21:32
r0j4z0on my devstack port 4952 UDP is opened by the collector process21:32
dmsimardMay I ask what version or ceilometer ?21:32
r0j4z0how i can view it?21:33
r0j4z0im on icehouse21:33
r0j4z0ceilometer --version21:34
*** thomasem has joined #openstack-ceilometer21:37
dmsimardr0j4z0: You're right, I can't reproduce on Icehouse. We're not quite there yet, soon. I might not spend that much time on the issue if it's fixed in a later version.21:47
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r0j4z0can i ask you something?21:52
r0j4z0why are you want to use UDP?21:53
dmsimardWe want to use the ceilometer swift-proxy middleware. The Swift infrastructure is entirely public while the message bus is entirely private (with the remainder of the Opentack infra). Exposing a (restricted) ceilometer-collector is not as bad as opening up a path directly to either the bus or the database backend.21:56
dmsimardOne of the other options I've studied was to use the file publisher and have a daemon post the samples to the ceilometer API endpoint but that brings some scalability issues21:57
r0j4z0aha cool21:58
dmsimardceilometer-agent-central can talk to swift just fine and can pull most metrics but the api calls/bytes in/bytes out are notified by the middleware21:59
*** sileht has joined #openstack-ceilometer21:59
dmsimardIt would be ideal if ceilometer-agent-central could pull the metrics provided by the middleware, or pull the file from the file publisher21:59
*** promulo has joined #openstack-ceilometer22:00
r0j4z0you are confortable with ceilometer? i just start to use it22:01
r0j4z0im learning a bit of it22:01
dmsimardWell, the ceilometer project is still very young compared to projects like swift or nova :)22:02
dmsimardIt was made official in grizzly I think22:02
r0j4z0im trying to use it to make some kind of event triggering22:03
r0j4z0but is a bit maze how it treats the events22:04
r0j4z0ceilometer dont have event alarming by default22:04
*** sileht has quit IRC22:04
r0j4z0and im trying to figure how to implement it but i cant do things work...22:04
*** sileht has joined #openstack-ceilometer22:06
*** Longgeek has joined #openstack-ceilometer22:09
dmsimardr0j4z0: The documentation could be better22:09
r0j4z0is a bit frustrating search during hours for a parameter and then found it in the less probable place22:11
r0j4z0for example to tell ceilometer to store the events on the database, the only place where that option is "documented" is on the ceilometer.conf example file22:12
r0j4z0event processing and storing is one of the "star" features!22:12
r0j4z0i spend 2 days to found it22:13
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r0j4z0but i think is a really grate project and really openstack needed somthing like this22:16
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pnascimentoDinaBelova: I have already edited devsatack/lib/ceilometer, but still no signs of nothing on the collector node23:04
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