Friday, 2014-08-08

eglynnjogo: "just about to push" ==> to nova-specs?00:01
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openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Support for per disk volume measurements
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pradeglynn: ^^ incorporated the changes discussed. Please review00:08
eglynnprad: thanks for the quick turnaround, will probably be tmrw by the time I get to it (~1am here now)00:08
pradah np00:10
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pradeglynn: have a good night :).. talk to you tomorrow00:10
eglynnprad: cool, you too!00:11
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/pycadf: Debug env for tox
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openstackgerritMike Spreitzer proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Documented Stevedore usage and source details
sammeglynn: thanks for the ceilo.config file  , but in this what is use of rabbit?. Is it necessary to use that? do we need to install rabbit?03:43
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sammHey all, can you please tell me is there any need to use rabbit in order to use ceilometer?04:19
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sammHi All, I hav eproblem in ceilometer when running command:  ceilometer-agent-notification    It gives error: AMQP server on localhost:5672 is unreachable05:32
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openstackgerritHisashi Osanai proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: enable to get swift's service type from configuration file
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sammeglynn: Hi ceilometer problem is resolved to some extent, I think.12:46
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openstackgerritIlya Tyaptin proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Improve performance of libvirt inspector requests
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gordcityaptin: do you know what the the profile_collector_performance command would look like if i ran it against a default devstack?13:37
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ityaptingordc: Hi!13:40
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ityaptingordc: command will look the same as command it example. But you have to prepare config file and db urls for normal test running.13:44
ityaptingordc: sorry, "command it example" -> "command in example" :)13:45
eglynn-officesamm: good news! :(13:46
eglynn-officesamm: good news! :)13:46
* eglynn-office doesn't know his smiles from his frowns ;)13:47
gordcityaptin: hmm. i'll give that a try.13:47
gordccan you also expand on step3. regarding venv?13:48
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ityaptin gordc: it's venv with installed my fork of ceilometer.  I'll add it to doc.13:51
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ityaptingordc: Oh, I only reply phrase in doc. What kind of info about venv you want to see?13:53
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gordcityaptin: i'm not sure what it means... could you like example commands i should run? (it's friday, so my brain is off)13:55
ityaptingordc: give me a minute :)13:56
gordcawesome. no rush.13:57
sammegylnn:Can you please tell me is it necessary to use rabbitMQ with celiometer13:57
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eglynnsamm: it isn't, you could use qpid instead14:00
eglynnsamm: (but of course you do need *some* AMQP provider ... almost nothing in OpenStack will work without AMQP)14:01
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: normalise resource data
ityaptingordc: Please, create file /tmp/ceilometer.conf with this: Also be accurate with credentials of your keystone and rabbit. Please, change it in file if they are different.14:06
ityaptingordc: 2 step: Create file /tmp/db_urls with your backend urls. for example14:08
ityaptingordc: Install ceilometer for with "python install"  and run command from
pradHello _nadya_ , could you please give your opinion on this discussion
prad_nadya_,  eglynn and gordc agree on the latest approach, just want to make sure you're cool with it as well14:10
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cdenteglynn: new version of (javelin) is up. I think this gets the closest I'm going to be able to get14:40
eglynncdent: thanks! ... looking14:42
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_nadya_prad: sorry, I was afk. I will take a look in 2-3 hours, is it ok?14:46
prad_nadya_, sure, that would be great14:46
openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Support for per disk volume measurements
pradeglynn: addressed rest of your concerns ^^14:48
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gordcityaptin: have you seen this?
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eglynncdent: just reviewed that, a few suggestions inline15:05
eglynnprad: thanks, will look shortly15:06
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openstackgerritEugeniya Kudryashova proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Add endpoint opt into auth_plugin
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boris-42eglynn hi15:33
eglynnboris-42: yo15:34
boris-42eglynn ^ recently there were bug merged in ceilometer python client15:34
boris-42eglynn that killed rally gaes=)15:34
boris-42eglynn here is the fix
pradeglynn: sorry little confused with your new comments ... dint i already do that?15:34
eglynnboris-42: is that related to ?15:35
boris-42eglynn lemme see15:35
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eglynnprad: you left in the unnecessary "if expected_device:" (line 62)15:36
boris-42eglynn it's differnt15:37
pradeglynn: aha15:38
eglynnboris-42: can a bug be filed for this issue and then linked in the commit message?15:38
boris-42eglynn sure thing15:38
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openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Support for per disk volume measurements
boris-42eglynn oh need this one
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openstackgerritEugeniya Kudryashova proposed a change to openstack/python-ceilometerclient: Add endpoint opt into auth_plugin
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eglynn-officelsmola: are you around?16:24
eglynn-officelsmola: (related to that dupe'd sample issue you reported on IRC earlier in the week)16:25
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cdentgordc: you around?16:55
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openstackgerritEoghan Glynn proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer: Avoid duplication of discovery for multi-sink sources
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gordccdent: stepped out for lunch.17:34
cdentno worries gordc, just been poking at get_meters on your branch17:35
gordccool! find anything interesting?17:35
cdentI'm trying to speed up my tests for my experiments: What's the best way to say "only run db related tests against mysql"?17:35
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gordccdent: well you can pass in the list of tests... something like 'tox -epy27'... not sure if it's possible to select only sql tests though17:37
gordcyou might need to do some modifications.17:37
cdentnext question:17:38
cdentwhen you run `ceilometer meter-list` what is that we are actually expecting back: a list of unique meter names, or a list of unique meter/resource-id/user-id/project-id  tuples?17:39
gordccdent: that's what i was trying to figure out yesterday... it's somewhat convoluted...17:41
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cdentIf it is the latter, I think the query can be simplified by quite a lot17:42
gordcas i understand it. it should return back a list of unique meter/resource17:42
gordcbut not user/project17:42
gordcthe best way to figure it out would be to see how mongodb backend gets meter data17:42
cdentyeah, that's what I'm planning to do17:43
cdentI'll likely post up my changes as not-be-merged patchset dependent on yours, for sake of comparison. Is that good, or would you prefer something different?17:43
gordci probably stared at the query for too long but all the simpler solutions i could think of didn't satisfy the tests we have written.17:43
cdentHa, yeah, that's part of why I ask, I'm not sure the tests are necessarily right...17:44
gordcthat's fine. there's better way but i'm not sure how to do it... :)17:45
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gordccdent: does your patch involve rewriting tests?17:45
cdentnot yet, no17:45
cdentI'm just struggling to understand a failure I'm seeing17:45
gordcok... yeah, i wouldn't mind hashing out a more logic backend design... but i think we may need to push changes involving test changes to v317:46
gordc"I'm just struggling to understand a failure I'm seeing"  that was me the past two days.17:46
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nealphdhellmann: are there any reference materials to go to for dealing with how to deploy pecan in a multi-threaded way?17:58
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ryanpetrellotl;dr use uwsgi, gunicorn, or apache+mod_wsgi18:00
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nealphryanpetrello: concern is that we're seeing a performance hit when adding Apache, so now we're looking for thread-handling options that would allow us to avoid the apache+mod_wsgi approach...18:02
ryanpetrelloyea, I generally *do not* recommend Apache to folks deploying WSGI apps (if they can help it)18:03
nealphperformance hit = increase in api response time.18:03
ryanpetrelloI think you’ll be much happier w/ uwsgi or dunicorn18:03
nealphcool..but if I'm trying to avoid adding package dependancies is there any tuning that can be done?18:05
* nealph is being a bit difficult :)18:05
cdentyou can add more workers and more threads to the wsgidaemon (if you're running in that mode) nealph18:08
cdentare you getting latency under load, or just plain latency18:09
nealphcdent: latency under load...good question.18:10
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cdentbecause if it is just plain slow per request, I've got no useful advice :)18:10
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nealphcdent: curious about adding more threads...via wsgi config or some other methodology (feel free to punt me to docs at this point)18:12
cdentI suspect some of this stuff is out of date but: and18:13
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nealphand with that, we're back with apache. :D Does Nova api use mod_wsgi?18:15
* nealph starts to dig through code...18:16
cdentnealph: I thought you want to stick with apache?18:16
cdentwhat thing that is running pecan are you making go?18:18
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nealphcdent: well, no, Apache introduces latency on a per-request basis. Now, you might be thinking "you'll have to trade horizontal scalability for a bit of per-request latency"...maybe so. This is in support of a scaled-out ceilometer-api.18:21
*** flwang_ has joined #openstack-ceilometer18:22
cdentmount ceilometer/api/app.wsgi under whatever wsgi server you like? uwsgi is my choice these days.18:23
cdentbiab, must dine18:24
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eglynngordc: hola! ... quick question about bigger-data-sql
eglynngordc: does it feel like there's enough consensus now to get the spec landed?18:46
eglynn(assuming a fresh spec patchset, updated to line up the etherpad and the WIP patch)18:46
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*** drjones has joined #openstack-ceilometer18:55
gordceglynn: sorry about that. was in a meeting... i think i'm ok with the current design. i'll refresh the spec to reflect the latest patchset.18:58
eglynngordc: great, thank you sir!19:02
cdenteglynn, did you see the conversation including this question earlier: when you run `ceilometer meter-list` what is that we are actually expecting back: a list of unique meter names, or a list of unique meter/resource-id/user-id/project-id  tuples?19:02
eglynncdent: sorry missed that, on the bike home19:03
cdentthe more I look at the code the more I think that earlier optimizations done to reduce size of the samples being joined against resource info has lead to weird tests or expectations19:03
eglynncdent: IIUC it would be, unique (meter, resource-id) pairs19:03
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cdentThat's my guess too, but that's not what this test verifies:19:03
* eglynn looks19:05
cdentit wants a result of 119:05
cdentbut the availble results that match 'user-id' are:19:05
cdent[(u'instance', u'resource-id', u'user-id'), (u'instance', u'resource-id-alternate', u'user-id')]19:05
cdentthis subquery:
cdentlimits the results19:06
eglynnhmmm, I'm missing something here obviously19:07
gordccdent: iiuc, it's because mongo doesn't store all unique resources (unlike sql)... it only stores the latest instance of resource.19:07
eglynnso the pairs in this case being (instance, resource-id) and (instance, resource-id-alternate), or?19:07
cdent(at least I think so, I get the results above when I turn the SQL into something much more simple)19:07
eglynncdent: what values did you expect to see?19:08
cdentthe answer I expect, given your expression of "unique (meter, resource-id) paris" is the list I've pasted above19:09
cdentTo get the results that mongo presents you have to do some perilously complex SQL19:09
cdentand the only reason mongo presents the results it does it because it doesn't keep as much data around19:09
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gordccdent: i actually ran down this path yesterday... it's because of above reason... it only keeps latest record of resource. so in mongodb, the resource-id-alternate resource exists... but it doesn't have that user-id (because a later sample changes it)19:11
* cdent nods19:11
gordci guess you're asking if that is right or wrong?19:11
eglynnyeah just looking at how the test sets up the data19:11
eglynnthat's the artificial thing I think19:11
cdentIt seems.... unfair... to expect the sql side to bend over backwards to produce what is in fact incorrect results19:11
eglynnas in, artificial == "not reflecting reality"19:12
cdentespecially when the sql side could be much simpler19:12
eglynn^^^ same resource-id, different user-id ==> I don't think that can happen in reality in openstack19:12
eglynni.e. there's no mechanism I know of to reassign ownership of an existing resource19:13
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gordceglynn: i'm not sure it can either.. but we do have a lot of tests that are written to test this.19:13
cdentis that a bug in the tests we ought to fix before trying to fix the database?19:13
cdentbecause if we are trying to fix the database to bad tests, we're going to go through unnecessary hoops19:13
eglynncdent: I think mongo is doing the realistic thing, just storing the latest resource representation19:14
cdentthe sql I've got going reverses the join, so we are only pulling stuff out of the Sample table as needed, rather than needing to use the Sample as a starting point19:14
cdenteglynn: that's the long term goal for the sql side too, but for the sake of incremental changes...19:15
gordccdent: i'm not sure it's a code bug becasue mongo/hbase backends explicitly support it (through column updates)... it might be a design bug for 'realworld' case.19:15
cdentwith my sql there explain shows three simple steps instead of 5 primary or derived tables19:15
eglynncdent: so your sql change is to stop producing the "incorrect results" that match what mongo produces?19:16
cdentmy sql change returns "unique (meter, resource-id) pairs"19:17
gordccdent: i know what you're talking about... i could've built a much simpler query... but it just wouldn't work with tests so i figured i'd leave it for v319:17
gordci think the current query matches current performance... but i can't verify with hard numbers because i can't run ilya's tests.19:18
cdentgordc: I figured that was the case and I was probably beating on already beaten walls...19:18
eglynncdent: so without your change the test produces: [(u'instance', u'resource-id', u'user-id'), (u'instance', u'resource-id-alternate', u'user-id')] amiright?19:18
cdentgordc: But just looking at the generated queries it seems rather too obvious the ways in which things are broken it is hard to not want to fix!19:18
gordccdent: hopefully you find a different path... i kept trying to simplify query... then i got tired19:18
eglynncdent: whereas with your change the test produces what exactly?19:19
cdenteglynn: the opposite, without my change, the test produces just one result, with my change it produces the list19:19
gordceglynn: it would just produce first item19:19
gordcthe second item exists with different user id in mongo/(probably hbase)19:20
cdentgiven what is stored in the database, and definition of "meter-list", my results are "correct"19:20
gordc this sample overwrites19:20
cdent(by some strange definition of "correct")19:20
eglynncdent: I don't follow, are (instance, resource-id) & (instance, resource-id-alternate) not unique pairs?19:21
gordccdent: i think the issue is that mongo/hbase only store latest... but to do that in sql would be bad for performance because of all the updates19:21
cdentthey are unique paris, they are a list of two items, the _original_ code demands 119:21
cdentthe original code, for sql, achieves the result of "1" by trimming the available data in  a subquery19:22
cdentin order to get results that mirror mongo19:22
eglynnok, got it ... finally ;)19:23
cdentmy contention is that that subquery is actually resulting in incorrect results, if you take the whole database into account19:23
gordceglynn: it took me 2 days to get to where you are.19:23
cdent_and_ is also really expensive19:23
eglynnTBH this is a highly artificial situation, if it can't happen in the wild19:23
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cdentI've done manual tests (making some instances, listing some meters) and the results are sensible19:24
* eglynn wonders if we shouldn't just strip out all those multi-{user|project|source}-per-resource tests?19:24
eglynn... seeing as they're costing us in terms of confusion and complexity in the tests19:24
gordceglynn: i wondered same thing... thought it be safer as part of v3.19:25
eglynn... yet seem to add no value, since those scenarios can't occur19:25
eglynngordc: yeah, fair point19:25
cdentmeh! :)19:26
eglynn... a typical Friday evening suggestion :)19:26
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cdentfor my own sense of friday evening edification I'm going to keep traveling down my current path, just to see what I can learn19:32
gordccdent: can you make note how many tests need to be changed?19:35
cdentyes, will do19:35
cdentjust made one change just now, and am running again19:35
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed a change to openstack/ceilometer-specs: 'big-data' sql part 2
boris-42gordc hi19:46
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cdentThat's as far as I'm going to get today. Hard to say, yet, if it will be promising.20:34
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