Monday, 2015-03-02

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/ceilometer: Imported Translations from Transifex
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ildikoveglynn: good morning08:58
ildikoveglynn: :)08:58
eglynnildikov: good morning08:59
* eglynn looks08:59
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eglynnildikov: nice one! ... ceph as well :)
ildikoveglynn: tnx :)09:00
ildikoveglynn: here is the removal one on Ceilo side:
ildikoveglynn: I started working on the API Reference in OS Manuals, I'm waiting for some review comments to the first two patches09:02
ildikoveglynn: I will see how it goes09:03
ildikoveglynn: it's a question in case of the Measurements that the config related stuff should go to the config guide or not, it is a next step to decide and change09:04
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ildikoveglynn: the only disadvantage of this change that the DocImpact flag will be more important from now on09:05
ildikoveglynn: if I can figure out how to get the meters from the code, then I will write some script, but until that, it is better to add new meters by tracking the changes as bugs rather than periodically checking he code and compare to the docco...09:07
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eglynnildikov: sorry, on a call there10:13
eglynnildikov: yep, agreed, religiously following the DocImpact convention in the commit msg will be crucial from now on10:14
eglynnildikov: ... interesting idea about scipting generation of the docco updates from the code changes10:14
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swamireddy_ildikov:  Nice. Thanks for
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cdentsileht: I went ahead and implemented the $ENVIRON stuff you suggested for gabbi. It’s not released yet: giving it a few hours in my head to make sure I haven’t forgotten something: (the branch name is not very accurate)11:04
silehtcdent, cool thanks11:04
cdentled to a bunch of useful refactorings and cleanups11:05
cdentturned out there was quite a bit of redundant code11:05
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openstackgerritIlya Tyaptin proposed stackforge/gnocchi: Add OpenTSDB storage driver
ildikoveglynn: the config reference in OS Manuals is already generated by a few scripts11:10
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ildikoveglynn: but that is slightly more straightforward than meters...11:11
ildikoveglynn: so I think it will remain like this for a while... :(11:12
eglynnildikov: a-ha, I interpreted "I will write some script" as being more future-looking11:12
ildikovswamireddy_: np, I'm glad that you're satisfied with the result :)11:12
ildikoveglynn: I will write if I can figure out some good methods...11:12
ildikoveglynn: the issue is that for instance we don't have description in the code nor additional config info11:13
eglynnildikov: cool, got it, thanks!11:13
ildikoveglynn: too many gaps as I can see now and if the half of the docco is still missing after running a script, then it will not worth it11:13
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* cdent lunches11:56
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/ceilometer: api: fix alarm creation if time_constraint is null
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ildikovgordc: hi14:30
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gordcildikov: hey, whatsup?14:30
ildikovgordc: well, it's Monday, so I'm having only stupid questions, please don't hate me :)14:31
ildikovgordc: I've just started to review the pipeline patch, the storage layer one14:31
gordcildikov:  i have monday brain -- you might get stupid answers.lol14:31
gordccool cool14:31
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ildikovgordc: don't worry, I would like to know your opinion here Iguess14:32
ildikovgordc: so I was wondering if our pipeline config process is so complex or that patch makes it that complex14:32
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ildikovgordc: what is your opinion about this?14:33
ildikovgordc: as you have some experience with SQL and you worked on the model part for meters/samples earlier, I thought to ask this stupid question from you14:33
gordcildikov: probably a mix? i think it's sort of compounded because it was coded in sql.14:33
gordcildikov: the difficulty is supporting the transformers.14:34
ildikovgordc: you mean that transformers are embedded into the sinks?14:35
gordcildikov: because the transformers are a random mix of key-values.. supporting that in sql is complex -- making it configurable by single attribute is even harder.14:37
ildikovgordc: ah, yeap, sure that's the other part, got it now14:38
gordcand then you have to add ordering of transformers as well... which seems difficult to manage based on how it's implemented14:38
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gordcildikov: i need to take a look again... i wasn't really confident in the patch last time i checked... it definitely doesn't match up with the proposed spec.14:40
ildikovgordc: sorry, I just checked how transformers look like, as I was wonder if that would make sense to kinda modelling each14:40
ildikovgordc: ... and not having one general for all versions14:41
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gordcildikov: it'd be pretty hard in sql because the transformers have depth>1... you'd need to flatten the keys i would think.14:43
gordcildikov: it's doable. and it's probably more useful... but currently the api doesn't support it.14:44
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gordcfrom what i can tell it just supports reloading the entire thing... and having a single pipeline across all agents (which is less flexible than what we have currently)14:45
ildikovgordc: hmm, then let's keep this thought as an improvement idea for later14:45
_nadya_gordc, ildikov hi! I see that you're discussing pipeline patch :)14:45
ildikovdo you think that anyone uses different configs for the agents?14:46
gordcthe pipeline across all agents?14:46
ildikovgordc: no, the transformers modeling14:46
ildikov_nadya_: hi :)14:46
ildikov_nadya_: TBH, I'm just annoying gordc with some stupid questions as he's the SQL expert around :)14:47
gordcildikov: i don't think so. but then fabio proposed idea of controlling notifications separate from polling and that is easily solved by having two pipeline definitions.14:47
* gordc is worried that i'm the sql expert.lol14:47
gordcyeah transforming modeling can be added later14:47
ildikovgordc: compared to me surely you are ;)14:48
cdentgordc: you are guilty by default14:48
ildikovgordc: a-ha, so you meant the notification vs polling pipeline, ok14:49
_nadya_if we want to support different configs for agents should we start several api in future? It seems wrong...14:49
ildikovcdent: of course he's not, don't scare him! :)14:49
cdenthe doesn't mind, he's a nihilist14:49
gordc_nadya_: yeah, that seems odd...14:50
ildikovcdent: LOL :)14:50
gordccdent: all i own is a rug14:50
ildikovsupporting multiple pipeline configs in db does not seem impossible to me in general14:52
_nadya_ildikov: it is possible i guess... but how it will be used14:53
ildikov_nadya_: at this moment I don't know how it would look like ideally in SQL to be able to use it efficiently14:54
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_nadya_as for me the profit of this patch is an ability to write 'config add sink blablabla to source bla' . If we start to determine what config should be changed it would be too much14:56
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_nadya_I think that we have 2 variants: merge (someday) the patch and refuse from multiple configs or refuse from the patch. Variant 'support multiple configs in the patch' seems too complicated14:58
ildikovwell, if we merge smth, that should fulfill our needs somehow15:02
gordc_nadya_: well there's fabios use case for separating notificaiton/polling pipelines... or rather he wanted a single pipeline with more attributes to support both.15:02
_nadya_gordc:if there are only two variant it may be ok...  'config-polling-agents add sink blablabla to source bla' :)15:04
gordc_nadya_: is the current design to have agents poll the ceilometer api to see if pipeline has changed?15:05
_nadya_gordc: you mean in the patch?15:07
gordc_nadya_: in the bigger plan i guess... the patch itself doesn't actually do anything except attempt to store pipeline in db... and then there's an api in the next patch.15:09
gordcnevermind. it's in fabio's doc. there's going to be another poll cycle added to agents15:10
cdentIt's been some time since we've had a changeset that's quite so...controversial is the wrong word...I guess conversation generating15:10
ildikovgordc: yeap, I've just checked slides15:10
ildikovcdent: it's not a trivial change15:11
_nadya_gordc: looks like that api's design is still under construction (but I may be wrong). As I understood once in 'interval' time data will be grep from db. In db it will be written via api15:12
cdentildikov: yeah, definitely. I'm not convinced that it is functionality that should be implemented in the core of ceilometer. If it is that necessary I think it would be interesting a configuration file management tool that run separately, and the tools that use the pipeline should be able to hear a signal which says "reload your pipeline"15:13
_nadya_"The agents will poll the pipeline database for changes in the pipeline configuration. The frequency of this polling is configurable ( and defined in ceilometer.conf) It can be set to hourly or weekly as desired."15:13
cdentthat external tool would do the polling of a data source that is _not_ part of the ceilo api15:13
cdentwe should be trying to make ceilo smaller, not bigger15:14
gordccdent: +infinity15:14
_nadya_cdent: +15:14
cdentso if many of us agree on that front, why aren't we more acitvely saying and doing so?15:14
ildikovcdent: it would be nice to have a more fine grained config support, which does not really seem doable with the current config file structure15:15
_nadya_cdent: we need a brave core who can -2 the patch which implements approved spec :)15:15
cdentthe distance between spec and implementation might be enough to motivate that?15:16
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gordccdent: fair enough. tbh, i'm trying to see if we can move this to a manageable state.15:17
* cdent regrets that he wasn't paying more attention when the spec was mooted15:17
cdentI was deep in puppet-land at the time15:17
cdentgordc: Can you conceive of a way that it can be compartmentalized?15:17
ildikovcdent: I was never a fan of this pipeline structure, I don't have a better solution in mind at this moment, but it shouldn't make this db based config path un-implementable15:18
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cdentYeah, ildikov, that's why I'm not saying "kill it" but instead "contain it". It's probalby got good idea, but I don't think it should increase complexity outside of itself.15:20
gordccdent: tbh, not really. but then again, i've been reviewing at really high level to avoid doing work myself.15:21
cdentI guess to be fair and just and all that I should jump in myself instead of letting gordc do it (because I've been watching him "to avoid doing work myself").15:21
ildikovcdent: sure, then we're on the same page15:22
cdentI shall cut a nice fresh of coffee and have a look at it with proper attention.15:23
gordccdent: good idea... /me goes to get coffee15:23
ildikovI need to run too, be back online later15:23
* _nadya_ goes to save router from the baby instead of getting coffee...15:25
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cdentthere ya go gordc, ildikov I drank my coffee and wrote up a response16:14
cdentgordc: did you propose an events related thing for summit?16:16
gordccdent: i did.16:17
gordci don't know if it got accepted or not though16:17
cdenta) I hope it is accepted b) I hope I get to go c) I hope I can fit in the schedule if I do16:17
cdentbecause I still live in this mental block of "it's all just data"16:17
cdentand struggle with the mental model of samples, events, metrics, meters, etc etc16:18
gordccdent: you may or may not be extremely/moderately disappointed if it is accepted.lol16:18
cdentI do actually get it, but I have to stop to think about it.16:18
* gordc practices the art of the undersell.16:18
cdentReally I just want some good sushi.16:18
gordcildikov: do you think we should add Events page here?
gordccdent: you are in for a treat then... and also a hefty bill.16:19
cdentOh, yeah, I've had sushi in Vancouver before. I used to live in Seattle.16:19
cdentSo from my perspective the sushi in vancouver is relatively cheap.16:20
gordccdent: ah cool... then you know more than me.16:20
gordcamazon or microsoft?16:20
gordcthere's another company!?16:20
cdentI was working from home (of course) for Socialtext.16:20
gordcah i see. i really only know of a handlful of tech companies... socialtext is not one of them.16:22
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cdentThey not big or particularly notably, located in Palo Alto at the time (and I think still) but it's been nearly 8 years since I left.16:27
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ildikovgordc: yeap, definitely, I was about to ask you to, but then we ended up refactoring what we have now, so I didn't want to ask you one more favour in the middle of that16:32
gordcildikov: cool cool. i'll work on porting some Event details over.16:33
ildikovgordc: great, thanks much, you're my docco hero :)16:34
gordcthank me after. i might give up half way.lol16:34
ildikovgordc: ups, sorry, I will thank it later then, please forget this one :)16:36
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed stackforge/gnocchi: Add the nova shiny test output
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed stackforge/gnocchi: [TEST] launch gabbi live tests
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk proposed stackforge/gnocchi: carbonara: percentile must be a float
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/ceilometer: Add gabbi tests to cover the SamplesController
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: fix log message format in
cdentsileht: gabbi with your patch just released17:18
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silehtcdent, thx!17:21
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cdentthank you!17:22
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: api: fix alarm creation if time_constraint is null
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Remove duplications from docco
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: api: move alarm rules into they directory
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scott9Hi, about telemetry, may i ask that how can i make openstack dashboard show memory.usage metric for nova or other meters of demand, in dashboard somewhere like "Resource Usage" where we generate report and a result table shows up. i want this table include nova memory.usage for example20:03
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cdentgordc: looks like your test at  ceilometer.tests.publisher.test_direct.TestEventDirectPublisher.test_direct_publisher is subject to ordering ambiguity:
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gordccdent: f20:10
* gordc looking now.20:11
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: remove event_types ordering assumption
cdentthanks gordc20:36
* cdent goes back to watching whales being narrated by david attenborough20:37
gordccdent: RIP.20:37
gordcyou helped me find a bug. bonus for creating shoddy tests.20:38
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: use mongodb distinct
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: remove event_types ordering assumption
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: remove event_types ordering assumption
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