Wednesday, 2015-10-21

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: devstack: Fix some comments
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/gnocchi: TEST old keystone lib
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/gnocchi: TEST old keystone lib
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/gnocchi: TEST old keystone lib
openstackgerritDong Ma proposed openstack/ceilometer: Added CORS support to Ceilometer
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Using oslo-config-generator to instead of
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/gnocchi: TEST old keystone lib
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cdentsileht: you have a theory about what’s going on with gnocchi? apparently the thing jd and I tried has not worked, just moved things around?09:40
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silehtcdent, I guess I have found a commit in keystoneclient that introduces the issue09:45
silehtcdent, My guess is somewhere else another lock creates the race09:48
cdentI’m sure I’m just being naive but in the http driven context that we’re in, where we can easily have multiple processes I just don’t get why people are so keen on threads and eventlet.09:48
silehtcdent, neither keystoneclient, swiftclient or keystonemiddleware use lock09:48
cdent(oh, btw, I’m not really here: I’m sick but checking in out of curiosity)09:49
silehtthe debug process is really slow, I have uses gate to launch tests, so for each idea, I wait 30min to get a result09:50
cdentsileht: I was able to make the probem show up locally with this devstack local.conf:09:52
silehtcdent, I think swiftclient fill the requests connections pool, requests uses a threading.Condition() to wait for a connection to be released, in keystoneclient inside the lock, it make a requests too, and can't get a connection and wait for one.09:53
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silehthum, I'm wrong, pool_block is not set on requests side :(09:57
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akakiosgordc: just want to inform you that I'm getting the rados/ceph meters now10:29
akakiosnot sure what happened, it worked after reinstallation10:29
akakiosone thing though, need to pip install requests-aws==0.1.4 for rgw polling to work10:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: remove unused configuration options
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akakiosam sure that was in before reinstallation, hope this helps anyone with a similar prob :)10:31
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silehtcdent, jd__
* cdent reads11:43
cdentah, nice11:44
silehtcdent, the command around the lock usage is funny:11:45
sileht"Hey Kids! Thread safety is important"11:45
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cdentyeah, it seems fair that when someone is going to be that…snarky(?) that it would bite them :)11:47
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/python-ceilometerclient: drop v1 client
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gordcildikov: friendly reminder, please send email to cancel meeting if that is still the plan. :)11:58
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cdentgordc: you bastard, I was so horribly ill yesterday I never got out of bed. Internet germs are the worst kind.11:59
gordccdent: half-joke. you are definitely getting quarantined when you land in tokyo.12:00
gordcwhen i say half-joke. i mean no joke.12:00
gordci feel fresh. ran a good 200m yesterday12:00
cdentwow, that’s a record!12:00
dikonoorgordc: Hi gordc.. :)12:01
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dikonoorgordc: Did you get a chance to think about RR and the deadlock problem ?12:01
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dikonoorgordc: Has anyone else using any other db reported similar problems?12:01
gordccdent: i know. i'm quite fit... (for a dev)12:02
gordcdikonoor: sorry. no, i didn't get a chance to look at it.12:02
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gordcdikonoor: do you have a test environment?12:03
dikonoorgordc: yeah...if you have a patch, i can test it.12:03
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gordci think you technically can try just dropping the line where we set isolation level.12:04
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gordcyou'll just get a few warning messages12:04
gordcdikonoor: i'll make a quick patch12:05
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dikonoorgordc: I have tried with dropping the isolation level in impl_sqlalchemy and it works fine12:06
dikonoorgordc: but I am not sure of the other consequences of doing that12:06
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dikonoorgordc: you had mentioned about the possibility out of sync of the events and traits table contents used for events data retrieval12:07
gordcthe main reason was for repeatable reads was that we wanted the dataset we queried against to be the same for both queries in 'get_events' method12:07
gordcoccasionally the two queries will work against different datasets if it's not set:12:08
dikonoorgordc: so that would need to be fixed12:08
gordc1. if we query and we are recording data at the same time. (this happens quite frequently)12:08
gordc2. if we we query and we are clearnig data at the same time (less frequently)12:09
gordcscenario 1 is actually not an issue. we can handle that without repeatable reads12:09
gordcthe 2nd one might be weird. i think that could end up return potentially incorrect results. ie. events without traits12:10
gordcdikonoor: what would need to be fixed?12:11
dikonoorgordc: 1 and 2 :)12:11
gordc1 is a non-issue i think. the 2nd query in scenario 1 would just return extra traits (which we can toss)12:12
gordc2 is an issue. but it's dependent on how often you expire data.12:13
gordcbasically don't query when you are expiring data (which seems like a reasonable suggestion regardless)12:13
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ildikovgordc: yeap, thanks :)12:18
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gordcildikov: cool cool12:21
ildikovgordc: done12:22
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gordcildikov: thanks!12:33
jd__cdent: sileht: ok I'm reassured that cdent fixes was not enough somehow, and thank you so much for finding the culprit12:35
jd__pretty funny we are the one finding that12:35
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dikonoorgordc: So gordc, you will upload a patch that i can test?12:46
gordcdikonoor: uploading now. was running functional tests12:46
dikonoorgordc: if yes, then i will login sometime later and try it12:46
dikonoorgordc: ok sure12:46
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openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/ceilometer: avoid using isolation level
gordcdikonoor: ^12:50
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zqfangordc: for the query when expirer running issue, I think maybe we should always apply a timestamp constraint when ttl is enabled, so user will never have a chance to get broken entries from database, is it sounds reasonable?13:20
gordczqfan: is the contraint apply to get_event query or to the expiration query?13:24
zqfanfor the get_event query13:24
gordczqfan: how do we know when the ttl is run?13:26
gordczqfan: or do you mean if ttl is set, you can never query data older than that?13:27
zqfanyes, we can apply timestamp filter on API query13:27
zqfanexcept user specify a timestamp greater than that13:28
gordczqfan: hmm.. i guess that could work. i think i'm a little wary of that exception.13:30
zqfanapi pays no attention on if expirer is running, just add a default timestamp constraint if ttl option is set, it will calculate the timestamp>=$TIMESTAMP filter13:31
gordcit is sort of strange that you'd get more data if you specify timestamp... unless we make it obvious there is an implicit timestamp applied with ttl13:31
zqfanif end user wants data >$TIMESTAMP, then we override the default, if user wants data <TIMESTAMP, we raise error or silently use the default option13:32
zqfanno, not more, but always less or equal13:33
zqfanend user can not get data older than TIMESTAMP, that's the key13:33
gordccannot get data older than TTL?13:33
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* zqfan seems more explanation, more confuse13:35
gordczqfan: lol sorry.13:36
zqfanthat's my problem, haha13:37
zqfananyway, I think we just need guarantee that end user will have no chance to get the data to be expired or being expired13:38
gordczqfan: got it. that would work.13:41
zqfanbut there is still a tiny gap inside the data read out from database, so maybe when user query a data, it is valid, but will expire soon, then ceilometer-expirer is triggered, ceilometer-expirer thinks that data is no longer valid, then start to clean the row and related traits, the requests from ceilometer-expirer to database may get processed first, then13:45
zqfanuser still not get the right result.... sigh13:45
zqfanso the data which will expire soon is the mine, we cannot guarantee about it...13:47
gordczqfan: yeah... i guess ultimately it's always a risk to query and expire at the exact same time.13:48
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zqfanor we can depends on the lock?13:50
gordcnot sure what you mean13:51
zqfanI think ceilometer-expirer will lock the table, so maybe this issue not really exist?13:51
gordczqfan: possibly?13:53
gordci think it's a very small issue.13:53
gordcif it is an issue.13:53
zqfanOK, we can fix it when there really have a report13:54
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-ceilometerclient: drop v1 client
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dikonoorgordc: i tested the patch and i am not able to replicate the deadlock/timeout14:31
gordcdikonoor: cool cool. i guess it's just a matter of debating whether we think it's safe. i think so.14:32
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/ceilometer: Factorize field definition of declarative code
openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/ceilometer: Factorize yaml loading of declarative stuffs
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scheuranHi. Does anybody know how to configure devstack to enable ceilometer on a compute node (multinode setup)?14:48
scheuranit always installs the whole stack when I enable the ceilometer devstack plugin..14:48
openstackgerritXiaBing Yao proposed openstack/ceilometer: Use oslo_config PortOpt support
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gordcscheuran: 'whole stack' == all ceilometer services?14:52
scheurangordc, yeah seems so14:52
gordcscheuran: yes. when we switched to devstack plugin, the default behaviour enables all ceilometer services14:53
scheurangordc, is there a way to just install the compute agent?14:53
gordcyou need to disable_service the ones you don't want14:53
openstackLaunchpad bug 1504304 in Ceilometer "[devstack] disable_service doesn't disable services enabled by plugin" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Chris Dent (cdent)14:53
gordcseems like it's fixed in devstack so it should work properly (if you have latest devstack)14:54
cdentgordc, scheuran: yeah should work now, but yeah, you have to explicitly disable anything explicitly enabled in $ceilometer_repor:devstack/settings14:54
gordccdent:  should we mark bug invalid from ceilometer pov?14:55
cdentgordc: or fix committed if you’re okay with that kind of overlap14:55
scheuranok, so I do "enable_plugin ceilometer"14:56
scheuranand in the line below I say "disable_service ceilometer-acentral,...."14:56
gordccdent: i'll use invalid since we don't really have a ceilometer patch to reference.14:56
cdentscheuran: yup14:56
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scheurangordc, cdent, ok this works, except for the service "ceilometer" and "ceilometer-api"15:04
*** fawadkhaliq has quit IRC15:04
scheuranI'm not an ceilometer expert - are those service mandatory on a compute node?15:04
scheuranIn the past it was only the acompute...15:05
cdentscheuran: are you intending to consume the acompute notifications with some other listener?15:05
cdentscheuran: also, did you disable ceilometer-api but it is still running? that might be an additional bug15:07
* cdent looks at the code15:07
scheurancdent, yes I did disable ceilometer-api but it's still running15:07
scheurancdent, the same with ceilometer15:07
scheurancdent, I must admit I can't answer your question regarding the listener. I'm setting this up for a colleague. But in the past we only had acompute on the compute node, while all other service where on the controller node15:08
scheuranso I assume the controller node is listening on those events. does that make sense?15:09
cdentah, okay so you’re setting a multi node set up and you’re working on getting the right config for the compute node15:09
cdentso the thing with ceilometer-api running is a bug in the devstack code15:09
cdentuntil I fix it (which will be soon now that I know about it) you can work around it on your compute node by making a change in your local.conf:15:10
cdentthat will allow the disable_service ceilometer-api to actually do what you want15:12
cdentas for the ‘ceilometer’ service that’s enabled if any ceilomoeter-* is enabled15:13
scheurancdent, ah ok15:13
cdentit shouldn’t result in any actual services running. if it does, that’s another bug (of which there may be many)15:13
cdentyeah, in fact I’ve just found another one: you’ve probably got a ceilometer database on your compute node, even though you don’t need one?15:14
scheuranno, I don't need one on the compute node15:14
gordccdent: so reopen the bug? or i guess we can track with another.15:15
cdentdifferent bugs gordc15:15
cdentthis is stuff that would have been there forever in multinode setups15:15
gordccdent: they should give you core on qa for all the work you're doing for them.15:15
gordci'll nominate you (and blame others if it fails)15:15
scheurancdent, but it seems like that the "ceilometer" service is just printing out the log files with tail -f15:16
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scheurancdent, now that I applied your with CEILOMETER_USE_MOD_WSGI=False, also the ceilometer service is gone15:19
scheuran*your workaround with....15:20
cdentah, okay I guess thats good :)15:20
cdentI’m writing up a bug on launchpad now to sort of aggregate “stuff not right when multinode"15:20
gordcwhat's the ceilometer service?15:21
scheurancdent, nice15:21
cdentgordc: I think, in this case, it is a screen when the api logs are logged when running under mod wsgi15:21
scheurangordc, if I interpreted the command right, it was just printing out logfiles with tail -f15:21
gordccdent: ah word.15:22
gordci keep forgetting that i have mod_wsgi turned off.15:22
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scheurancdent, gordc thanks guys for your help15:23
cdentthanks for the easy to understand feedback!15:24
*** Ala has quit IRC15:25
cdentnot my best bug report, but there we go:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1508518 in Ceilometer "ceilometer devstack plugin not efficient in multinode scenario" [Undecided,New]15:26
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gordcildiko: hmm.. i guess we shouldn't expect monasca folks at aodh session,
gordcguess that's why they stopped replying16:21
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ildikovgordc: hmm, yeap, you're prolly right16:44
gordc*shrugs* can't say we didn't offer16:46
*** logan2 has joined #openstack-ceilometer16:47
ildikovhaha, yeah, we really tried everything16:53
ildikovgordc: thanks for the mail too, I forgot about the obvious and the expectable :)16:54
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*** zigo has joined #openstack-ceilometer17:00
gordcildikov: np. i just realised after myself.17:06
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: proposal to add Ryota Mibu to Aodh core
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zqfanis git review -X no longer work? I try to backport some patch, but the result seems different, many commits from master are mixed as well17:43
zqfangit cherry-pick -x works17:47
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* gordc doesn't use git review -x17:57
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zqfanI've switched to git cherry-pick -x now18:20
zqfanand backport llu's patch about tools/ to both liberty and kilo branch18:20
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* gordc heads off, see y'all in tokyo.18:57
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alejandritojd__, sileht hi guys! any news on when the meeting with the cloudkitty guys will happen ? so i can signup ? ( meybe its related to a sched entry in the summit)20:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Use gnocchiclient for integration script
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