Wednesday, 2015-11-04

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openstackgerritZhai, Edwin proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Add spec for event-alarm timeout
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openstackgerritlvdongbing proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Add Docker monitor plugin
openstackgerritlvdongbing proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Add Docker monitor plugin
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/ceilometer: Add simple CORS middleware gabbi tests
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openstackgerritMehdi Abaakouk (sileht) proposed openstack/ceilometer: gnocchi: set the default archive policy to None
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openstackgerritGábor Antal proposed openstack/ceilometer: Reducing source code lines by extracting duplicated code. The clone metrics before and after the refactoring can be checked here: The clone coverage is decreased by 20% (from 4.
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maestrocan some pls explain how ceilometer get authenticating from keystone.. bcz in ceilometer am getting authentication issue with devstack master11:28
maestroalso pls suggest me how to perform billing with ceilometer any projects - rating as a service ?11:29
maestrohere the error : ERROR cloudkitty BadRequest: Expecting to find username or userId in passwordCredentials - the server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect. The client is assumed to be in error. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-12e4df92-d81b-4235-b3c4-293103b84799)11:35
openstackLaunchpad bug 1511210 in cloudkitty "cloudkitty failed to start ck-proc installed by devstack" [Undecided,Triaged] - Assigned to Stéphane Albert (sheeprine)11:35
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jd__sileht: thanks for fixing my patch11:49
jd__maestro: yeah CloudKitty's nice11:50
silehtjd__, welcome11:50
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jd__[12:56:16]  <maestro>do u have idea to do billing ?12:33
jd__[12:56:30]  <maestro>i found cloudkitty and there are many bugs in it12:33
jd__[12:56:52]  <maestro>so can u pls suggest any project for billing and resource usage report generation12:33
cdenttragedy of entersource12:33
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: gnocchi: set the default archive policy to None
tomoiagajd__: maybe you can point me in the right direction. In, deserialize_and_validate for the 400 abort I get no messages logged just the status code. I ended up in the pecan.abort source and things seems to be ok until now. I can dig deeper but it will take some time. I need these messages :) ( otherwise it's harder to debug things in gnocchi ). Do the schema validation error messages appear in your test env ? (these should12:52
jd__tomoiaga: the error message is returned to the client, it's not logged12:53
tomoiagajd__: indeed, sorry. The ceilometer dispatcher logs just the 400 error code, no message. (for other errors the messages are also logged). This happens when an instance is created since image_ref is missing in the first notifications and schema validation failes.12:58
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gordcjd__: how does gnocchi plan to consume volume=1 samples? does it just update resource index and discard metric?13:03
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cdentgerrit slow or just me?13:08
cdentthat’s what teacher told me too13:11
cdentgordc: did you want me to write anything down for sake of memory? more testing comments? a spec for that uuid5 bad id translation shim stuff? directions to your house?13:12
gordci don't even have directions to my house13:12
gordci guess how to do grenade tempest plugins would be good.13:13
gordcand how to do this 'gabbi in tempest' idea.13:13
cdentthe tempest plugin spec points to what I know about tempest plugins13:14
cdentdunno on the gabbi in tempest, but will think on it and get something down if I can13:14
gordchow easy is the tempest plugin stuff? i'd hope to get taht out asap so we don't need to deal with 'neutron tests failed, ceilometer is unstable'13:16
cdentFrom what I can tell it is pretty easy. You make a class that becomes an entry_point for tempest itself13:17
cdentthat class lists where to find tests and some config things13:18
cdentand then you use tempest-lib to write the tests in pretty much the same way you would in tempest proper13:18
cdentthey just happen to be in the ceilo tree instead13:18
gordccdent: cool cool.13:18
gordcwant to do it? :)13:19
cdentif I’m going to do the gabbi+tempest exploration I kinda have to figure out the other stuff, but I’m not entirely certain on my availability13:20
gordcwant to smuggle some stuff from ohio to canada so i don't get screwed by exchange rate instead?13:21
cdentwhat you after?13:22
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gordccdent: i'll think about it. a gopro?13:24
gordca drone with a gopro?13:24
cdentdelivery by drone13:25
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gordcyeah, i should start that business. just fly stuff over from us to avoid duties.13:25
gordceveryone delete your histories.13:25
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cdentsmuggling is totes rad13:28
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gordcjd__: if you have any important items for gnocchi:
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gordcEmilienM: they changed/redirect openstack-relmgr-office to openstack-release... maybe you should ask dhellmann or ttx how they did it?13:44
jd__gordc: added one item13:44
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EmilienMgordc: thx13:46
EmilienMgordc: good morning man13:46
gordcjd__: cool. is that to make metric storage files smaller when reading/writing?13:47
gordcEmilienM: bien ou bien13:47
jd__gordc: yes13:48
EmilienMgordc: la famille?13:48
gordcjd__: nice. that sounds awesome. any idea on priorities? we can discuss later in cycle.13:49
gordcEmilienM: super13:49
silehtgordc, I have added some tasks :p13:50
gordcsileht: :) just saw.13:50
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jd__gordc: I'm starting with that actually, then I don't know :)13:58
gordcjd__: works for me.13:59
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* gordc needs to make up some priority list and then claim 'agile' when it changes.13:59
* cdent likes it when gordc is agile14:00
* gordc is super agile except for physical exercises.14:01
cdentthat must be why you chose baseball14:01
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gordcwe're actually on topic for our channel :)14:06
cdentfirst time for everything14:06
gordcjasonamyers: that's a list of items we discussed at summit. not sure if anything interests you.14:06
jasonamyerswill take a gander14:08
gordccool cool14:11
cdentjasonamyers: when you have a moment of brain can you think about this:
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jasonamyersthe adohclient, - global caching between pollsters, are both interesting14:17
jasonamyersany idea on the amount of time needed for each?14:17
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jasonamyersor if not time difficulty so I know what to ask the boss for14:18
gordcjasonamyers: global caching will be non-trivial. it was an idea cdent threw out.14:18
cdentoh yeah, blame me14:18
jasonamyersthat's why you're here14:18
gordccdent: you were the one poking at what shouldn't be poked14:18
cdentif you see a bear poke it14:19
cdentthat’s what my (dead) granny always told me14:19
gordcjasonamyers: aodhclient should be simpler, you can use gnocchiclient as a framework.14:19
jasonamyersI thought gordc was the canadian and knew about bears and mooses... moosi...14:19
gordccdent: are there bears in uk?14:19
cdentno, but we got badgers, they like bears14:20
gordcjasonamyers: we carry bells. and bear-grade mace.14:20
jasonamyersare there anymore details on the client?14:21
gordcjasonamyers: for the most part it's porting over existing functionailty in ceilometerclient but using gnocchiclient's framework.14:21
jasonamyersoh cool14:21
jasonamyersso gruntish type work14:21
gordcjasonamyers: we also need to look at simplifying the syntax as that was a complaint14:21
gordcbut i haven't looked at syntax to know what can/should be simplified14:22
jasonamyersI'll dig into that one a bit more14:22
jasonamyerssee if I can get the time approved14:22
jasonamyersor enough approved that I can handle it in my own time + the allocated time14:22
jasonamyersdoes it need a spec written as well?14:23
gordcjasonamyers: yeah, it'll need a spec. just to define the appropriate commands (and syntax) we want.14:25
gordci'd say it's a high priority item... maybe not the most creative/interesting work item.14:25
jasonamyersnod I'm good at boring14:25
gordcjasonamyers: alternatively you can take over tempest/grenade plugin testing work that cdent was looking at it.14:26
gordcor help sileht with oslo.messaging which is interesting and super important but might be difficult.14:27
jasonamyerswhat's up with oslo.messaging?14:27
cdentthe current drivers aren’t able to really do all the things that a proper message queue is supposed to do14:27
cdentand for the things it does do it is slow14:28
gordcjasonamyers: i don't have a list of work items there but that ^14:28
cdentbut now it is stuck with legacy requirements so a new driver is required to allow new ways of doing things while preserving the old ways14:28
jasonamyerssileht working on a spec for the work?14:29
jasonamyersI don't really have a feel for what that looks like at all14:29
silehtjasonamyers, not really I have just written the code14:29
gordcjasonamyers: i'd think you would easily get approval for it because i know i saw a kafka spec from cisco which i think would benefit from it14:30
silehtjasonamyers, sorry which oslo.messaging change ?14:30
silehtgordc, ^14:30
jasonamyersthat was from a totally different pare of cisco14:30
jasonamyersbut I'll use it as leverage14:30
cdentI’m getting the impression that we could all do well to just give some food and beverage to sileht and make him properly comfortable and then he’ll fix everything and we can spend our time gossiping14:31
* sileht is working read notification/samples in batch from the message queue14:31
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gordcsileht: splitting out notification queue vs rpc14:31
silehtgordc, oh the first step is easy, let me fine the link14:31
* cdent goes to doc14:32
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silehtjasonamyers, gordc
silehtjasonamyers, gordc the first step is to create public API to allow a different transport14:36
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gordcsileht: cool cool. if you have any work items you think are important from notification pov, let me know.14:37
gordci can try promoting it and/or find resources for it.14:37
silehtjasonamyers, gordc I have not plan to work on this part soon,14:38
silehtjasonamyers, gordc I'm focusing on batching samples/measures with oslo.messaging/gnocchi, first14:38
gordcsileht: ack14:41
gordchow specific is batching to gnocchi? i think we can reuse it for events as well.14:41
gordcat least for elasticsearch.14:41
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silehtgordc, my plan is to write a get_batch_notification_listener14:57
silehtgordc, the oslo.messaging callback will receive a list of msg instead of one msg14:57
silehtgordc, so that can be reused everywhere14:58
silehtgordc, my broken PoC
gordcsileht: awesome!14:58
gordcwhat's batch_time? the wait time to send if it doesn't hit batch_size?15:00
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/python-gnocchiclient: tests: update setup script to use Paste
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pradkgordc, hey so .. so regarding blocking the non metric meters at the collector15:59
pradkgordc, do we want to add the option at the db dispatcher level ?15:59
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gordcpradk: yeah i think that's the idea.16:01
gordcpradk: we re-enable the one at notification agent16:01
gordcand we add another one to disable it specifically for http/database/log dispatcher.16:01
gordcor maybe at a more general level.16:01
pradkgordc, right, i'm just flipping the default to true in the notify agent16:01
pradkgordc, so question is should we do it just for db dispatcher or http/log too? i see it being useful for log16:02
gordcpradk: yeah, probably best for all.16:02
pradkgordc, or i guess have one option for all.. and set override in log/http if we want?16:03
gordcerr... like an additional option?16:03
gordci think we just need one at collector level16:03
pradkno same option with CONF.set_override16:04
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gordcset_override is a testing structure. do we actually use it in real code?16:04
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pradkgordc, hmm so when you say at the collector level, you mean we check the data when we grab it at first? before even sending to dispatcher?16:05
pradkgordc, and see if its in black list and if so skip calling record_metering_data16:06
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gordcpradk: yeah. somewhere here
gordcat first glance... maybe somewhere else.16:07
pradkyea somewhere in there i was thinking16:08
*** ddieterly has joined #openstack-ceilometer16:08
pradkalso we could just reuse whats in meters.yaml for blacklist right? instead of having another file just for that?16:09
pradkoh and i should probably remove the deprecated note's from there16:09
pradknot deprecated anymore :)16:09
gordcpradk: i don't think we have the meters.yaml file loaded at the collector level16:12
gordcbut i guess we could parse it there.16:12
pradkhmm ok.. i'm a bit hesitant to include another json/yaml file to already plethora of files we have16:13
pradkgordc, of course this could get more complicated with pre project split we're thinking of16:14
gordcyep. a lot of things get more complicated.16:15
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EmilienMgordc: which service in gnocchi takes care of storage? gnocchi-api?20:12
gordcEmilienM: gnocchi-api will write temporary data to storage, metricd i believe does processing and will make it permanent20:13
EmilienMthe question I have is: who read the storage parameters in gnocchi.conf?20:14
EmilienMapi or metricd or both?20:14
EmilienMgordc: ^20:14
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EmilienMgordc: thanks!20:15
EmilienMpradk: why gnocchi packaging in RDO is so splitted?20:16
EmilienMpradk: there is only 2 services, it's very confusing to split the packaging like this if you only have 2 services...20:17
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pradkEmilienM, well we have two separate backends as well which in future could have replacements .. for example carbonara could be replaced with influxdb20:18
pradkEmilienM, we need to make sure these can be pluggable in packaging20:18
pradkEmilienM, similarly for indexer20:18
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EmilienMgordc, pradk: so if I understand correctly: carbonara is a storage backend that has 3 drivers: file/swift/ceph20:23
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pradkEmilienM, right and thats one package20:25
EmilienMpradk: ok20:25
EmilienMI got it20:25
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-gnocchiclient: tests: update setup script to use Paste
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer: Factorize field definition of declarative code
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