Thursday, 2015-11-12

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openstackgerritlvdongbing proposed openstack/ceilometer: Use name.getOid().prettyPrint() instead of name.prettyPrint()
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openstackgerrityuntongjin proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Bracket events to sample publisher
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openstackgerritZhiQiang Fan proposed openstack/ceilometer: install database when collector is enabled.
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/ceilometer-specs: Support composite threshold rule alarm
openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Revert "Revert "Use oslo_config PortOpt support""
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openstackgerritZhiQiang Fan proposed openstack/ceilometer: install database when collector is enabled.
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/aodh: Remove eventlet usage
openstackgerritMerged openstack/gnocchi: carbonara: fix exception when creating metric
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gordcanyone have issues having aodh sync'd up with requirements?13:12
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gordcwell i did it. i don't know if it's the right place. *shrugS*13:31
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jd__gordc: re gnocchi use cases, the problem is just that I don't have time to write them14:09
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jd__if I had time to write documentation… i'd do it14:09
jd__I have some on my todo list for the next weeks, but it's not there yet14:09
gordcjd__: i can write it. i probably don't know all the use cases though.14:14
jd__gordc: I'd suggest you just hack on Gnocchi doc and send a patch14:14
jd__I don't think anybody is going to write in your Etherpad14:14
jd__i'll review your patch and will help you14:14
gordcwhy you hating on my etherpad.lol14:14
gordci'll try to get a patch next wee.14:15
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zqfanmeeting tonight?14:51
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gordcyep... 5 mins14:55
zqfangordc: I have two backport patches, and want to draw your attention: the critical one: and the minor one:
gordczqfan: did you need a stable release?14:58
zqfangordc: just need to merge it, then I can sync from our repository, no special release required15:00
zqfangordc: actually, the sync job is urgent15:00
gordcwill look after meeting15:01
zqfangodc: or deny it, then I have a private patch, at least, there is result instead of pending15:01
zqfangordc: thanks15:01
gordcdarn... i just realised a bunch of people are gone for OPNFV and holidays15:02
gordcpradk: jd__: is everyone else on holiday and OPNFV?15:04
jd__i'm here!15:04
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jd__sileht's on PTO15:04
jd__cdent is here look15:04
pradki'm here, oh isnt the meeting at 11?15:05
gordcdaylight savings15:05
pradkah darn.. my cal dint update15:05
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gordcjd__: don't understand infra enough, this is the best i got:
cdentgordc: that might make sense, but I wonder is a similar thing needed for aodh?15:49
cdentor is something else already making sure it is the right branch, somehow?15:49
gordccdent: i believe aodh/ceilometer/gnocchi all use same job15:49
cdentwhat I mean is if you have to declare a branch when enabling the gnocchi plugin, don't you also for the aodh plugin?15:50
* cdent doesn't know15:50
gordcfrom what i know. when it's stable/liberty|kilo|<managed release name>, it's smart enough to test aganist same branches15:50
cdentI think it's nutbar that we test anything other than master, upstream, but hey, whatevs15:51
gordcin gnocchi, it'll always run master15:51
gordc^ that should make you happy15:51
gordcalthough now that i think about it, i'm not sure why this runs
jd__gordc: looks good to me15:52
jd__gordc: we need to move ceilometer away from global req to…15:52
gordcjd__: ... possibly? to be honest, it's very hard to manage when we're not on same release cycle15:53
jd__gordc:  we depends on tens of Python library with a different schedule and we're not dead15:54
cdentnot using gr causing issues with downstream, no?15:54
gordccdent: only when there's a hard uppercap.15:55
gordccdent: right now it's that bs upper constraint cap that's making it tough.15:55
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jd__cdent: not if you are not uber aggressive on your requirement15:56
cdenti may be reporting hearsay or fud15:56
jd__I understand, there's a lot of that15:57
* cdent rewrites everything in go15:58
gordccdent: you have infra friends who can redirect openstack-ceilometer to openstack-telemetry15:59
gordcor shall i attempt to bug fungi15:59
jd__cdent: it's coming15:59
cdentgordc: my so-called infra friends are mostly qa-friends so I'd say bug fungi15:59
cdentalso, I just got on the videophone so my power to bug is diminished16:00
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gordccdent: what's a videophone?16:04
gordcyou from the future?16:04
jd__I was thinking the same16:04
jd__sounds like a BTTF thingy16:04
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nijaba_drat... forgot to DST ending and missed the meeting :/16:09
gordcnijaba_: i think a few folks forgot.16:10
* nijaba_ updates the meeting time in his calendar to be set in utc16:11
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jd__pradk: do like nijaba :p16:15
* gordc regrets taking free stuff from booths at summit... stupid spam16:16
pradkyea jd__, did the same16:17
jd__gordc: :/16:17
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jd__gordc: rofl about your joke16:33
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gordcjd__: :) i wasn't sure who would take it seriously... there's always someone in openstack.16:37
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gordccdent: did you just come back from the future?16:57
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gordcjd__: you around?21:13
jd__gordc: sorta21:13
gordcjd__: aight. i sorta figured out how to redirect irc but it requires someone(you) to make sure you never leave openstack-ceilometer21:14
gordcwe'll give it a try tomorrow21:14
gordcjust a headsup21:14
jd__easy enough21:15
jd__gordc: can't you bring chanserv here?21:15
jd__gordc: otherwise I think it's mode +L #openstack-telemetry or something to redirect21:15
gordcjd__: this is what infra does
jd__I can't do that but they can21:17
gordcjd__: yeah, i'll give it a try tomorrow. i don't really feel like trying this at end of day in case it blows up21:18
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stevebakergordc: hey, our stable/kilo gate-heat-dsvm-functional-orig-mysql has been failing for a few days - it looks like its trying to install aodh
gordcstevebaker: looking now22:56
stevebakerawesome, thanks22:57
gordcstevebaker: we probably missed something when we switched over to aodh.22:57
stevebakergordc: I'm assuming aodh shouldn't even run in a kilo job?22:58
gordcstevebaker: nope, we only created it in liberty22:58
gordcstevebaker: in case you have expertise in project-config22:58
gordcif not, i'll debug22:59
gordcstevebaker: i think i have a fix. will post in a few.23:10
stevebakergordc: ok, thanks23:10
gordcstevebaker: this *should* fix stable:
gordcstevebaker: i assume stable/liberty is ok?23:28
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* gordc is heading home.23:34
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