Tuesday, 2015-03-03

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/cinder: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/15764200:14
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-cinderclient: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/15557900:21
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openstackgerritMike Perez proposed openstack/cinder: Update Datera's Authentication method  https://review.openstack.org/16009900:40
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openstackgerritMike Perez proposed openstack/cinder: Update Datera's Authentication method  https://review.openstack.org/16009900:46
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openstackgerritPeter Wang proposed openstack/cinder: CG Modification Support in EMC VNX Cinder Driver  https://review.openstack.org/15478401:32
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openstackgerritQiangGuan proposed openstack/cinder: Remove useless storage_availability_zone import  https://review.openstack.org/15393201:42
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openstackgerritJeegn Chen proposed openstack/cinder: More error handling on VNX migration failure.  https://review.openstack.org/15970402:01
openstackgerritAnthony Lee proposed openstack/cinder: HP lefthand driver filter and evalautor function  https://review.openstack.org/15723702:02
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openstackgerritChangBo Guo(gcb) proposed openstack/cinder: Leverage  dict comprehension in PEP-0274  https://review.openstack.org/14385102:04
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Switch to oslo_versionedobjects  https://review.openstack.org/16020902:44
openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Raise exception for invalid mock assert calls  https://review.openstack.org/16020802:44
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Switch to oslo_versionedobjects  https://review.openstack.org/16020902:45
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Switch to oslo_versionedobjects  https://review.openstack.org/16020902:54
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Service object  https://review.openstack.org/16041703:14
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Backup object  https://review.openstack.org/15708503:15
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openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder: Move oslo.messaging to the oslo_messaging namespace  https://review.openstack.org/16062403:35
openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Modify Consistency Group API  https://review.openstack.org/14456103:35
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openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Create Consistency Group from CG Snapshot API  https://review.openstack.org/14595203:52
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openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Create Consistency Group from CG Snapshot API  https://review.openstack.org/14595203:54
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openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Create Consistency Group from CG Snapshot API  https://review.openstack.org/14595204:34
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openstackgerritYAMADA Hideki proposed openstack/cinder: Fix missing clone_image API support for sheepdog driver.  https://review.openstack.org/15985604:40
openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Add support to incremental backups in cinder  https://review.openstack.org/11006804:46
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openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder: Move oslo.messaging to the oslo_messaging namespace  https://review.openstack.org/16062405:44
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/cinder: Imported Translations from Transifex  https://review.openstack.org/15240106:06
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openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Create Consistency Group from CG Snapshot API  https://review.openstack.org/14595206:10
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openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Add support to incremental backups in cinder  https://review.openstack.org/11006806:10
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deepakcsHi all, Can someone give +A to https://review.openstack.org/156940 - we have the rest. Need to get this merged for CI to work properly07:03
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openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Port block_device driver to use new driver model  https://review.openstack.org/16067407:13
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openstackgerritTaoBai proposed openstack/cinder: Storwize: Replication status still active when primary copy is offline  https://review.openstack.org/15482707:49
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openstackgerritLena Novokshonova proposed openstack/cinder: Add notifications about snapshot.update.*  https://review.openstack.org/13304108:06
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openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: A patch for test. Disregard it.  https://review.openstack.org/16068208:15
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openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Port remote_fs driver to use new driver model  https://review.openstack.org/16068808:28
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openstackgerritRonen Mesonzhnik proposed openstack/cinder: Provide backup service that uses ProtecTIER as the backend  https://review.openstack.org/15396908:32
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openstackgerritGrzegorz Grasza (xek) proposed openstack/cinder: Service object  https://review.openstack.org/16041708:43
openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: A patch for test. Disregard it.  https://review.openstack.org/16068208:44
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openstackgerritGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/cinder: Make lio iSCSI changes persistent to avoid lost  https://review.openstack.org/16042809:02
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anteayadeepakcs: do you know any of the cinder developers?09:09
openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: A patch for test. Disregard it.  https://review.openstack.org/16068209:10
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anteayadeepakcs: have you attended a cinder meeting?09:10
anteayadeepakcs: perhaps attending a cinder meeting might be in order, so people know who you are and what you are doing09:11
anteayadeepakcs: then they can ask questions about your patch09:11
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deepakcsanteaya, thanks for followup, DuncanT gave +A few hours back09:18
deepakcsanteaya, yes I have attended, but not regularly09:18
deepakcsanteaya, If there is a need to discuss stuff i do take up over IRC, but here in this case it was justa a matter of +A as others had given +209:18
anteayathat is what it is to you09:20
anteayawe are a community of over 1000 developers09:20
anteayamany of whom think like you09:20
anteayawhich is that there should be exceptions just for them09:20
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deepakcsanteaya, sure i get ur point09:27
* anteaya goes back to bed since the nova-net to neutron migration meeting is concluded09:27
openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: A patch for test. Disregard it.  https://review.openstack.org/16068209:29
pradipmHello all09:31
pradipmI have a query related to scheduler and the capacity filter09:32
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pradipmparticularly related to the interaction of 'get_filtered_hosts' method in host-manager and the capacity filter09:33
pradipmplease let me know in case I can PM any expert here.09:34
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openstackgerritLena Novokshonova proposed openstack/cinder: Add notifications about snapshot.update.*  https://review.openstack.org/13304109:42
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openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: A patch for test. Disregard it.  https://review.openstack.org/16068209:51
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/cinder: tests: remove useless variable  https://review.openstack.org/16040810:17
openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/cinder: tests: replace mox by mox3, clean out mox usage  https://review.openstack.org/14747610:17
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/cinder: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/15764210:54
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openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/cinder: Get volume from db again after driver upload image  https://review.openstack.org/16078113:08
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openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Port remote_fs driver to use new driver model  https://review.openstack.org/16068814:03
openstackgerritChangBo Guo(gcb) proposed openstack/cinder: Leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274  https://review.openstack.org/14385114:04
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openstackgerritPeter Wang proposed openstack/cinder: CG Modification Support in EMC VNX Cinder Driver  https://review.openstack.org/15478414:07
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openstackgerritDave Chen proposed openstack/cinder: Role based properties protection  https://review.openstack.org/16009014:22
openstackgerritDave Chen proposed openstack/cinder: Policies based properties protection  https://review.openstack.org/16014514:22
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openstackgerritDave Chen proposed openstack/cinder: Policies based properties protection  https://review.openstack.org/16014514:43
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openstackgerritDave Chen proposed openstack/cinder: Policies based properties protection  https://review.openstack.org/16014514:47
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smcginnise0ne: Thanks for the heads up on the proposed logging changes.14:56
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*** sgotliv has quit IRC15:00
*** TobiasE1 has joined #openstack-cinder15:01
*** TobiasE has quit IRC15:02
e0nesmcginnis: you're welcome!15:03
*** eharney has joined #openstack-cinder15:04
*** nkrinner has quit IRC15:06
*** xyang has joined #openstack-cinder15:08
*** eharney has quit IRC15:09
*** ebalduf has joined #openstack-cinder15:13
*** dustins has joined #openstack-cinder15:15
*** zhithuang has joined #openstack-cinder15:16
*** zhithuang is now known as winston-d_15:16
winston-d_jgriffith: ping15:16
openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder: Move oslo.messaging to the oslo_messaging namespace  https://review.openstack.org/16062415:21
openstackgerritYuriy Nesenenko proposed openstack/cinder: Change datetime.now() to timeutils.utcnow() from oslo_utils  https://review.openstack.org/15985415:22
*** Tross has quit IRC15:23
*** eharney has joined #openstack-cinder15:24
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-cinder15:25
*** ebalduf has quit IRC15:26
*** jungleboyj has joined #openstack-cinder15:29
*** TobiasE has joined #openstack-cinder15:30
*** TobiasE1 has quit IRC15:30
*** patrickeast has joined #openstack-cinder15:32
openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Add script to list support matrix  https://review.openstack.org/16034615:36
*** Maike has quit IRC15:36
*** TobiasE1 has joined #openstack-cinder15:39
*** TobiasE has quit IRC15:39
*** topshare has quit IRC15:41
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-cinder15:42
*** pradipm has joined #openstack-cinder15:42
*** hemnafk is now known as hemna15:45
*** alecv has quit IRC15:45
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack-cinder15:46
openstackgerritPatrick East proposed openstack/cinder: PureISCSIDriver consistency group updates.  https://review.openstack.org/15763715:47
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder15:47
*** pradipm has quit IRC15:48
openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Add script to list support matrix  https://review.openstack.org/16034615:48
*** patrickeast has quit IRC15:48
*** lpetrut has quit IRC15:49
*** pradipm has joined #openstack-cinder15:49
*** pradipm has quit IRC15:49
*** alonmarx_ has quit IRC15:57
*** thangp has quit IRC15:58
*** thangp has joined #openstack-cinder15:59
openstackgerritIvan Kolodyazhny proposed openstack/cinder-specs: Add 'Developer Impact' section for DB Archiving  https://review.openstack.org/16053416:00
jungleboyjxyang: I talked to Jim about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/147312/ this morning.  If you disagree with anything in there, please comment.16:00
*** Mandell has quit IRC16:01
*** dustins_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:01
*** lpabon has quit IRC16:01
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder16:01
*** Tross has joined #openstack-cinder16:02
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack-cinder16:02
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-cinder16:03
*** ekarlso has quit IRC16:03
*** dustins has quit IRC16:04
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-cinder16:04
smcginnisjungleboyj: Morning! If you have some time today, could you see if your concerns are addressed here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/159932/16:05
smcginnisjungleboyj: Would love to get that in. It will cause problems for our driver.16:05
smcginnisjungleboyj: Thank you sir!16:05
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Welcome.  Snowy up there?16:05
smcginnisjungleboyj: It's a winter wonderland. :)16:05
smcginnisjungleboyj: You getting any of this fun?16:06
*** annegentle has quit IRC16:06
*** kmartin has joined #openstack-cinder16:06
jungleboyjFreezing Rain and sleet.  Just started getting a little snow.16:06
hemnaWhat's winter ?16:06
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-cinder16:06
smcginnishemna: I think the next winter midcycle needs to take place in MN just for hemna. ;)16:07
*** ekarlso has joined #openstack-cinder16:07
jungleboyjsmcginnis: +216:08
*** rmesta has joined #openstack-cinder16:09
*** gmurphy has joined #openstack-cinder16:10
*** anuragpalsule1 has joined #openstack-cinder16:10
jungleboyjWe can test out Rochester's wireless.16:12
smcginnisjungleboyj: Can't be any worse than Austin's. (ouch)16:13
*** ronis has quit IRC16:14
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Indeed.16:14
jungleboyjsmcginnis: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/159932/ +216:15
smcginnisjungleboyj: Awesome, thanks!16:15
SwansonMost excellent.16:16
jungleboyjSwanson: Excellent Smithers, Excellent16:17
*** changbl has joined #openstack-cinder16:19
*** rushil has joined #openstack-cinder16:21
*** alonmarx has joined #openstack-cinder16:22
e0nejungleboyj: hi! i spent some time to investigate https://review.openstack.org/#/c/134759/. looks like an infra issue :(16:24
*** ebalduf has joined #openstack-cinder16:25
jungleboyje0ne: :-(16:25
jungleboyjThoughts on how to proceed there?16:25
e0nei tried one more recheck. if it doesn't help - let ask infra team16:26
e0nemaybe i missed something16:26
jungleboyjOk.  Taking a quick look as well.16:27
jungleboyjThanks for your support on the Oslo stuff.16:27
smcginnisHmm, Google is launching a new project called Nova. I guess we're all running out of names to use.16:28
*** anshul has quit IRC16:29
eharneye0ne: you likely have to add a change to grenade to update the api-paste.ini, i think it won't automatically  (i looked at this recently w/ some rootwrap config that failed similarly)16:29
*** Svedrin has quit IRC16:29
e0neeharney: sounds reasonable. i'll try16:31
e0neeharney: thanks for help16:31
eharneye0ne: since the api service fails to load that module which isn't there anymore16:31
*** diemt has joined #openstack-cinder16:31
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:31
*** diegows has quit IRC16:31
eharneye0ne: something kinda like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/139051/516:31
tbarronsmcginnis: I'll do a mid-cycle in the Twin Cities!16:32
*** bill_az has quit IRC16:32
jungleboyje0ne: Here is the problem:  http://logs.openstack.org/59/134759/13/check/check-grenade-dsvm/9510795/logs/new/screen-c-api.txt.gz16:33
e0nejungleboyj: yes. looks like eharney is right16:34
*** winston-d_ has quit IRC16:35
smcginnistbarron: That's right. Might be nice to come back. Maybe not in February though. :)16:35
* anteaya likes minneapolis16:35
jungleboyjtbarron: +216:35
smcginnisjungleboyj: We might have to come up with a plan here.16:36
tbarronsmcginnis, jungleboyj: We could do an offsite in Ely in January.16:36
*** Bsony has quit IRC16:36
jungleboyjeharney: Thanks for the help.  e0ne You going to look into that?16:36
jungleboyjtbarron: Oh my, that is hardcore!  Find a nice resort on Lake Vermillion?  Do snowmobiling for team building.16:37
*** david-lyle_afk has quit IRC16:37
tbarronanteaya likes going South sometimes ...16:37
e0nejungleboyj: i could ask my colleagues to help us16:37
tbarronjungleboyj: :-)16:37
mkodererDuncanT: I started porting all volume drivers to ABC.. hope that's fine16:38
jungleboyje0ne: Cool.  I was hoping to keep moving forward on other Oslo stuff today while I am free of meetings.16:38
DuncanTmkoderer: Absolutely!16:38
mkodererso RBD, block_device, nfs and gluster should be fine...16:39
e0nejungleboyj: ok. just a reminer: i'm rebasing my patch on a daily basis16:39
e0nei don't force you to review it)16:39
tbarronjungleboyj: nothing like a sauna and plunge into Lake Superior to freshen up for team building.16:40
mkodererDuncanT: I hope I can make it to the cinder meeting tomorrow and give my status16:40
tbarronI've done it twice and survived both times.16:40
* tbarron does not make a case for being respected for good judgment.16:40
jungleboyje0ne: :-)  I figured we wold get that in when the other changes are done.16:40
jungleboyje0ne: Don't need to rebase each day.16:40
*** alecv has joined #openstack-cinder16:41
*** tsekiyama has joined #openstack-cinder16:41
DuncanTmkoderer: If you can't, I can pass on a status update on your behalf (and field the inevitable questions)16:41
mkodererDuncanT: ok thats cool. I add it to the agenda16:41
e0nejungleboyj: ok. i try to keep all active patches with +1 from ci.16:41
e0nejungleboyj: no i'm not blocked by oslo-incubator. thanks!16:42
jungleboyje0ne: Oh, you aren't anymore?16:42
*** dustins_ has quit IRC16:42
e0nejungleboyj: it's ready to review and could be merged after16:43
anteayatbarron: sometimes, I do like the cold too16:43
jungleboyje0ne: I am looking now then.  Lets get that Bad Boy merged!16:43
*** dustins has joined #openstack-cinder16:44
jungleboyjhemna: DuncanT if I can get this a +2 can I get one of you guys to look as well?16:44
* hemna click16:44
hemnaholy carp!16:45
DuncanTjungleboyj: Sure. In future, these might get punted to code cleanup time though - they fit that bill I'm afraid16:45
hemnalots and lots of small changes16:46
*** dustins has quit IRC16:46
*** sgotliv has joined #openstack-cinder16:46
*** stefan_amann has quit IRC16:47
DuncanTThis is going to cause most of our open patches to go into merge conflict :-(16:47
*** ebalduf has quit IRC16:47
e0neDuncanT: yes:(16:47
jungleboyjYeah, we gotta pull the trigger on this at some point though.16:48
guitarzanwow, great patch16:48
*** ebalduf has joined #openstack-cinder16:48
*** mtanino has joined #openstack-cinder16:49
hemnawhy do we always tend to do these churn patches late in the game?16:49
*** Mandell has quit IRC16:49
e0nehemna: good question. i don't know the answer for it16:50
jungleboyjhemna: Well, we have started the Oslo changes earlier than before.  There is just a crap load of stuf changed this time around.16:50
*** jistr has quit IRC16:50
mgagneanyone got this "survey form of cinder repository" by email?16:50
jungleboyjmgagne: Yes.16:51
hemnamgagne, heh yah  -> trash16:51
*** diegows has joined #openstack-cinder16:51
mtaninoanish:Are you around?16:52
mgagnehopefully people won't start using openstack contributors user base for all their future studies and researches...16:52
jungleboyjDuncanT: hemna So, what are your thoughts on this patch.  We really need to do this in Kilo.16:53
jungleboyjDo we do it now?  Wait until after 3/10 ?16:53
DuncanTjungleboyj: Totally agree we need to do in in kilo16:53
*** annegent_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:54
* jungleboyj wipes my brow *phew*16:54
DuncanTjungleboyj: I'd rather wait until after the 10th though, so that it doesn't slow down the other patches16:54
jungleboyjDuncanT: Fair enough. e0ne you ok with that?16:54
DuncanTe0ne: Sorry :-(16:56
e0nejungleboyj, DuncanT: sure. i know that it was proposed too late so i'm be happy if it will be accepted for K16:56
*** kmartin has quit IRC16:56
DuncanTe0ne: At least you can stop rebasing it quite so often. I promise to review it on the 11th16:57
e0neDuncanT: for what?16:57
e0neDuncanT: it's a great news!16:57
jungleboyj:-)  e0ne rocks.16:57
*** annegentle has quit IRC16:58
jungleboyjI am going to put it on the Agenda for tomorrow to have a warning about this coming.16:58
DuncanTe0ne: Glad you feel that way :-) You've obviously put a lot of work into keeping it fresh, so I feel bad for asking you to do it again... but at least it is only one more time16:58
jungleboyjI have a dentist appointment, so if I am not on for the meeting can e0ne or DuncanT explain?16:58
DuncanTjungleboyj: Sure16:58
DuncanTjungleboyj: My dentist appointment is 5 1/2 hours before the meeting16:59
jungleboyjDuncanT: You should be good.  I hope!16:59
jungleboyjDuncanT: Oh, there are a bunch of topics already.  I should be on by the time we get to this one.17:00
DuncanTjungleboyj: Well, if you're about then great, if not I'll handle it (unless Ivan wants to. It'll be looked after either way)17:01
e0neDuncanT, jungleboyj: what topic do you want to propose for meeting?17:02
*** nellysmitt has quit IRC17:03
DuncanTe0ne: Just a quick heads up about why we've delayed it, and a warning that any pending bug fixes will need a rebase17:03
e0neDuncanT: i've got it, thanks!17:04
e0nei need to ask hemna to remove -1 but i can't do it:(17:04
*** Yogi11 has quit IRC17:04
*** _cjones_ has joined #openstack-cinder17:05
e0nehemna: see our discussion above and my comment for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/157441/17:06
*** TobiasE1 has quit IRC17:06
hemnaI don't have a -1 on that17:07
DuncanTe0ne: jungleboyj: If Mike doesn't like the idea of merging on the 11th, we can do it very late on the 10th. Same thing in the end17:08
DuncanTe0ne: He has a +2 on that one, not a -117:09
jungleboyjDuncanT: :-)  Sounds good.17:09
e0neit was typo. i mean +217:09
*** kmartin has joined #openstack-cinder17:09
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-cinder17:11
*** sigmavirus24 has joined #openstack-cinder17:12
sigmavirus24jgriffith: I accidentally left cinder off of http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-March/058196.html but I'd appreciate it if you could ping the appropriate people17:12
*** Longgeek has quit IRC17:12
*** lpetrut has quit IRC17:14
*** Bsony has joined #openstack-cinder17:14
*** changbl has quit IRC17:14
*** chlong has quit IRC17:17
xyangjungleboyj: thanks.  I'll take a look.17:17
xyangjungleboyj: I've addressed your comments on those patches.  Can you take a look again?  Thanks!17:18
jungleboyjxyang: Jim just made some comments too.17:18
e0nesigmavirus24,jgriffith: we've got review request for it17:18
jungleboyjxyang: *Sigh*  I suppose.  :-)17:18
*** Longgeek has joined #openstack-cinder17:18
jungleboyjNeed to go brave the icy roads for a bit first.  Will do it when I get back.17:18
openstackgerritMarc Koderer proposed openstack/cinder: Adapt volume manager to new driver structure  https://review.openstack.org/13899917:18
SwansonWe have any cores (jungleboyj, thank you) who can take a look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/159932/  We kind of need this in to, um, work.17:18
sigmavirus24e0ne: yeah, and it will only work for small deployments17:19
xyangjungleboy: sure17:20
*** Longgeek has quit IRC17:21
xyangeharney: have you got a chance to take a look of this again? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/110068/  thanks!17:21
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-cinder17:26
*** alecv has quit IRC17:30
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:32
*** andrew has joined #openstack-cinder17:33
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder17:35
*** Svedrin has joined #openstack-cinder17:36
smcginnisThanks xyang!17:39
*** jordanP has quit IRC17:39
xyangsmcginnis: np17:39
Swansonxyang: Thanks!17:40
*** dannywilson has joined #openstack-cinder17:40
*** vilobhmm has joined #openstack-cinder17:41
*** tellesnobrega has quit IRC17:43
*** leeantho has joined #openstack-cinder17:43
*** IanGovett has quit IRC17:43
*** IanGovett has joined #openstack-cinder17:47
*** Anticimex has quit IRC17:54
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder17:55
*** Anticimex has joined #openstack-cinder17:56
*** vnagpal_ has quit IRC17:56
*** thingee has joined #openstack-cinder17:56
*** jcru has joined #openstack-cinder17:58
*** yuriy_n17 has quit IRC18:01
*** ronis has joined #openstack-cinder18:01
*** jcru has quit IRC18:02
*** marcusvrn has quit IRC18:04
*** lpetrut has quit IRC18:04
*** tellesnobrega has joined #openstack-cinder18:04
*** changbl has joined #openstack-cinder18:04
*** _cjones_ has quit IRC18:05
*** diegows has quit IRC18:06
*** jaypipes has quit IRC18:07
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack-cinder18:10
*** Bsony has quit IRC18:10
*** Bsony has joined #openstack-cinder18:10
*** harlowja_away is now known as harlowja_18:12
*** _cjones_ has joined #openstack-cinder18:15
*** alexpilotti_ has joined #openstack-cinder18:16
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC18:16
*** alexpilotti_ is now known as alexpilotti18:16
*** erlon has joined #openstack-cinder18:17
*** karimb has quit IRC18:24
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder: Add volume multi attach support  https://review.openstack.org/8584718:27
hemnathangp, ping18:28
thangphemna: hi18:29
hemnaso the objects patch18:29
hemnathe volume object doesn't create entries for volume_metadata, volume_type, consistencygroup18:29
hemnaentries that come back from db.volume_get()18:29
*** annashen has quit IRC18:29
thangpso I didnt plug in the volume object into cinder yet18:30
thangphow are you using it?18:30
hemnathose are all foreign key objects18:30
hemnawell, I just noticed it because I had to rebase my multiattach patch18:30
hemnawhich removes columns from the volume object, and then noticed there won't be any attachments in the new volume object as well18:31
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder18:31
hemnathangp, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85847/39/cinder/db/sqlalchemy/api.py  line 123118:31
hemnathe new volume_attachment table (as part of multiattach)18:31
hemnabut noticed it doesn't look like any of those foreign key fetches get converted to something usable in the volume object ?18:32
thangpI didnt convert volume db stuff over to objects yet18:33
hemnaeven though we have a new volume object ?18:34
thangpcorrect...the volume object there was only a skeleton object18:34
thangpit was needed because snapshot object references it18:34
hemnajust wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something18:34
hemnaI see18:34
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-cinder18:35
hemnawell as long as nothing tries to dereferece volume.attachments18:35
thangpalthough we dont really use the vol reference in snapshot , e.g. save stuff to the db18:35
thangpi plan to add more to the volume obj, you can too18:36
thangpthere's a lot of work for the volume obj, so it might not be implemented in full until liberty18:36
hemnado we have an example of how to do the joined query values  in _from_db_object() anywhere?18:37
hemnaI presume I'd need to create an attachment object18:37
hemnaand then pass the values into that object and create a list of those in the volume object?18:37
hemnawouldn't want the attachment object to then go fetch the values from the db again, after the join in the volume query already fetched them18:38
thangpnot quite...18:38
* thangp looking up a sample18:38
jgriffithwinston-d: hey ya18:39
thangphemna: ah...so there is a new VolumeAttachment SQL alchemy obj for your patch18:40
thangpso you want to tie it to the volume obj (versionedobj)?18:41
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder18:41
thangpusually, it is done as a reference18:41
*** thingee has quit IRC18:41
thangpyou have a field in the volume obj that refers to the volume attachment obj, e.g. 'volume': fields.ObjectField('VolumeAttachment', nullable=True),18:42
*** Mandell has quit IRC18:42
*** sigmavirus24 has left #openstack-cinder18:42
thangp'volume_attachment': fields.ObjectField('VolumeAttachment', nullable=True),18:42
hemnait can be a list18:43
hemnamore than 118:43
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder18:43
thangpthere's a ObjectFieldList (i think)...let me look18:43
thangpif not, we can create one18:43
thangpthe volume_attachment can lazy loaded, such that when volume.vol_attachment is called, the actual data/db call is called to get the data18:44
hemnawell, we can cross that bridge in L I suppose.  was just curious how it gets handled.  we have volume_metadata, volume_admin_metadata, volume_type, consistencygroup also getting pulled every time a volume is fetched from the db.18:44
thangpok...it gets done in the same way, as a reference18:45
openstackgerritAnthony Lee proposed openstack/cinder: Adding manage/unmanage support for LeftHand driver  https://review.openstack.org/15512718:45
hemnaDuncanT, I think we have discovered the source of our HTTP 400 errors our CI System.18:45
hemnait looks like nova is nuking eth0 at some point and replacing it with br10018:45
*** rlucio has joined #openstack-cinder18:45
hemnawhen it does that all of our outbound socket connect requests fail18:46
hemnaso it really has nothing to do w/ our drivers or our arrays.18:46
hemnaI'm surprised that others are seeing the same thing in their CI with REST based backends18:46
hemnait's quite odd18:46
jgriffithhemna: that's how nova-net works18:48
jgriffithhemna: run devstack and that's what it does when setting up nova-network18:49
hemnathe timing of it is killing our CI18:49
jgriffithhemna: then look at brctl and you'll see the mapping18:49
jgriffithhemna: odd... it does it in stack.sh18:49
jgriffithwhen setting up nova-net etc18:49
asselinI'm trying now to run the tests sequential instead of parallel as a workaround18:49
asselinjgriffith, what I don't get is why that isn't done when devstack is complete before the tests are run.18:50
jgriffithasselin: weird... or do you mean a tempest test is doing something to the interfaces?18:50
hemnajgriffith, http://goo.gl/WOh97R18:50
jgriffithhemna: nothing there :(18:51
hemnan-net nukes eth0 in the middle of the run18:51
asselinjgriffith, correct, it happens during the tests while tempest is creating a nova instance18:51
jgriffithasselin: hmm... ruh roh18:51
hemnawhich causes all cinder outbound socket connections to fail18:51
hemnait seems to be a timing issue18:51
hemnaas it doesn't hit us every run18:51
jgriffithhemna: something is suspect18:51
jgriffithhemna: that would kill gate, my CI and everybody elses if what you describe is the case18:52
asselinjgriffith, it doesn't affect gate b/c lvm doesn't do extrernal connections18:52
hemnahttp://goo.gl/7gGwHB  that line nukes the route for the ip18:53
asselinjgriffith, but it's curious why it doesn't impact the other drivers...perhaps they don't create a socket during the small time window when they'll fail18:53
jgriffithhemna: none of your links seem to open for me :(18:54
jgriffithwhat's up with that18:54
jgriffithasselin: what?  Sure it does18:54
jgriffithasselin: we do iscsi attaches all over the place18:54
*** anuragpalsule1 has quit IRC18:54
jgriffithasselin: oh... you mean "external API calls"18:55
hemnadoesn't that traffic go over localhost though for a devstack tempest run ?18:55
jgriffithasselin: yeah... that's true, but all of the other CI systems18:55
jgriffithhemna: true18:55
hemnajgriffith, sorry, my bad, those links are for our internal log server.  bleh18:55
jgriffithhemna: darn you!18:55
thangphemna: a sample of how nova handles multiple joins for their instance object - https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/objects/instance.py#L962. It gets loaded from the DB when necessary in obj_load_attr(). Their join fields are optional attributed that get loaded on-demand - https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/objects/instance.py#L41.18:55
asselinjgriffith, there's no shortage of examples in the public logs. I can try to find one18:56
hemnathangp, ah cool18:56
asselinjgriffith, ok, cinder failed here:
jgriffiththangp: you missed "size" in the snapshot object :)18:58
thangp:(  let me check18:59
asselinjgriffith, nova's updating stuff here at the same time:
*** Tross has quit IRC18:59
thangphmmm...it's not in the Snapshot model...19:00
vilobhmmthangp : ping19:00
*** xyang has quit IRC19:01
jgriffiththangp: hmm... yeah, interesting19:01
thangpjgriffith: where does it get saved?19:01
vilobhmmthangp : would like to help on the object model…would like to work on one of the flow…please let me know if i can help19:02
*** mriedem has quit IRC19:02
jgriffiththangp: just a sec... I may be looking at the wrong thing19:03
*** marcusvrn has joined #openstack-cinder19:03
*** changbl has quit IRC19:03
thangpvilobhmm: sure...pick an object that's not yet done...let me look which ones are not yet taken19:04
thangpdulek and his colleague took a few19:04
jgriffith2015-03-04 17:17:1219:04
jgriffiththangp: looking to see what's up, must be my driver :(19:05
thangpjgriffith: looking...19:05
jgriffiththangp: so that vref was teh "volume" being snapped, not the snapshot19:05
*** BharatK has quit IRC19:06
thangpodd...why is it trying to save into the snapshot...19:06
*** xyang has joined #openstack-cinder19:07
jgriffiththangp: don't know... something weird, lemme load up a system and poke at it and see what I might be doing wrong19:07
*** markstur has quit IRC19:07
thangpjgriffith: usually, what is the 'size' of a snapshot?19:07
*** tbarron has quit IRC19:07
thangpis it the volume size19:08
jgriffiththangp: it's the size of the volume19:08
thangpah...so you have the 'volume_size' attribute in snapshot19:08
jgriffiththangp: what I'm trying to figure out is why this "broke"19:08
*** tbarron has joined #openstack-cinder19:08
jgriffiththangp: right, but my code is borked19:08
*** tbarron has quit IRC19:08
jgriffiththangp: I use the same method for clone and snap and just reference the 'right thing'19:09
*** tbarron has joined #openstack-cinder19:09
jgriffiththangp: I need to see why it worked before objects19:09
jgriffiththangp: but regardless it looks like it's an error on my part somewhere19:09
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-cinder19:09
jgriffiththangp: I'll let ya know what I find out19:09
jgriffiththangp: OH... hehe19:09
jgriffiththangp: hmm, well this may be ugly19:10
thangpjgriffith: ok...i'm looking at solidfire.py too19:10
jgriffiththangp: so here's the thing19:10
jgriffiththangp: it used to be that ref was a dict19:10
jgriffiththangp: so we could do tricks like: if v_ref.get('size', None):19:10
jgriffiththangp: but now that it's a proper object, that pukes19:10
thangpyeah...so switch the order of the if/else?19:11
jgriffiththangp: hehe... yeah, that's a good way to hack around that19:11
*** aix has quit IRC19:11
jgriffiththangp: I'm wondering how many of these sorts of gems are hidden throughout the code though19:11
thangpwe could add a property in snapshot called size19:12
jgriffiththangp: I'm thinking, why don't we put a default getter in the objects?19:12
jgriffiththangp: nahh... that wouldn't be right IMO19:12
jgriffiththangp: what I'm saying is for "other" fields.19:12
jgriffiththangp: so for example make a try/catch block for get's to things that don't exist19:12
jgriffiththangp: and have it return None19:12
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/python-cinderclient: Convert qos tests to requests-mock  https://review.openstack.org/10666819:13
jgriffiththangp: so we preserve the dict behavior that some of us are cheating with right now19:13
jgriffiththangp: see what I mean?19:13
jgriffiththangp: I can submit a patch if ya want?19:13
thangpjgriffith: yeah, we would eventually remove it right?19:13
jgriffiththangp: show what I mean19:13
thangpjgriffith: sure19:13
jgriffiththangp: hehe... remove... we don't remove things here ;)19:13
jgriffiththangp: we just build up cruft for eternity :)19:13
thangpthangp: oh boy :P19:14
jgriffiththangp: so that's a valid point19:14
jgriffiththangp: in all seriousness hacking in little fixes like this is probably not a good idea19:14
thangpjgriffith: we could put in something to gracefully handle it19:14
jgriffiththangp: yeah, that's what I was thinking19:14
thangpspit out a warning19:14
thangpreturn None19:14
jgriffiththangp: That's exactly where I was heading with my idea about a try/catch in the object itself.19:15
thangpjgriffith: ok cool19:15
jgriffiththangp: but you got me thinking... then we have this "weird" thing in there from now til the end of time :)19:15
jgriffiththangp: but I suppose tat's not "so" weird, just "kinda" weird.  :)19:15
*** markstur has joined #openstack-cinder19:15
openstackgerritAnthony Lee proposed openstack/cinder: HP lefthand driver filter and evalautor function  https://review.openstack.org/15723719:16
thangpjgriffith: so i'm not against failing gracefully...but i'm wondering if the object should enforce some kind of structure19:16
thangpotherwise, anything can be stuffed in there19:16
jgriffiththangp: rigt so wat I was tinking was manipulate the object with a specific getter19:16
jgriffiththangp: that would catch the no field exception19:17
jgriffithand return None19:17
jgriffithrather than blow up19:17
jgriffithsee what I mean?19:17
thangpjgriffith: yup, sounds fine19:17
jgriffiththangp: but that's a more invasive change to the objects than I was hoping for19:17
jgriffiththangp: because the only way I know to do it is an explict get wrapper19:18
jgriffiththangp: unless you have other ideas?19:18
thangpjgriffith: so nova plans to get rid of the 'dict' in general19:19
jgriffithasselin: hemna that doesn't tell me much unfortunatly19:19
jgriffiththangp: you mean the "fields" dict?19:19
thangpoh no19:19
jgriffiththangp: or the references we pass around?19:19
thangpjgriffith: having a compatibility dict, e.g. volume['size']19:19
thangpinstead they would force it to be volume.size19:20
*** markstur_ has joined #openstack-cinder19:20
jgriffiththangp: yeah, I think maybe we should go straight to that19:20
jgriffiththangp: but that's a lot of driver updating :)19:20
*** annashen has quit IRC19:20
thangpit's basically getting rid of CinderObjectDictCompat19:20
*** Maike has joined #openstack-cinder19:20
thangpsuch that __getitem__ and such will no longer work19:20
jgriffiththangp: yeah...19:21
thangpjgriffith: but we dont have to19:21
*** dustins has joined #openstack-cinder19:21
jgriffiththangp: ok, so here's what I think... curious how you feel abou tit.19:21
*** Bsony has quit IRC19:21
jgriffith1.  Ultimately the compat thing should be a crutch to get by until we can update all the drivers19:21
jgriffithIn a perfect world we wouldn't introduce it at all19:22
vilobhmmthangp : do you maintain a document for that…if not can you please let me know so that i can start helping19:22
jgriffithBecuase it is in fact a crutch, and it just gets harder to remove over time19:22
thangpvilobhmm: consistency groups and quotas are left19:22
jgriffithSo... do we suffer now, or sufer later is the question?19:22
*** dustins has quit IRC19:22
vilobhmmthangp : thanks will pick them up19:23
thangpvilobhmm: we should start somekind of etherpad to track who's doing what19:23
jgriffith2.  We leave the compat shim in there like it is, and add my little default return thing19:23
vilobhmmthangp : let me do that19:23
asselinjgriffith, in our behind-the-scenes test, I ran another script to track the arp & sockets status: http://paste.openstack.org/show/186735/19:23
thangpvilobhmm: ok thx19:23
jgriffithbut we still have to come back adn pay the price later19:23
asselinjgriffith, we did that b/c  wireshark had lots of arp packets at the time of failure.19:23
jgriffithasselin: ahh, that explains how you came to the conclusion :)19:24
jgriffithasselin: hemna looking at the logs I was like "What"19:24
thangpjgriffith: so I am cool with #2, since objects is a new thing and not everything is updated to use it...maybe we keep the dictcompat around for a release (after all the cinder internals are updated), then start deprecating?19:24
*** Bsony has joined #openstack-cinder19:24
asselinjgriffith, so traced to to nova changing eht0-->br100. You can't create new sockets during that time.19:24
jgriffiththangp: that sounds good to me19:25
*** markstur has left #openstack-cinder19:25
thangpjgriffith: cool19:25
*** Bsony has quit IRC19:25
vilobhmmthangp, dulek : can you please update the objects you are working on here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Cinder_Objects19:25
*** Bsony has joined #openstack-cinder19:25
thangpvilobhmm: I would check with xyang about the cg groups19:26
thangpvilobhmm: xyang might have already started or have plans19:26
*** markstur_ has quit IRC19:26
*** gmurphy has left #openstack-cinder19:26
*** markstur has joined #openstack-cinder19:27
vilobhmmxyang : ping19:27
vilobhmmif you haven't started on cg groups I can start on that19:27
DuncanTthangp: I suggest periodically posting up a 'do not merge' review that removes it, then file a bug with whatever that breaks in the gate, fix, rinse, repeat19:29
*** dustins has joined #openstack-cinder19:32
*** thingee has joined #openstack-cinder19:33
*** Mandell has quit IRC19:33
*** bkopilov has quit IRC19:42
anishmtanino: around now19:44
mtaninoanish: hi,19:44
mtaninoanish: I talked some cores about our IET work, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/158829/19:45
mtaninoanish: and they commented we should merge our target and test patches for one patch.19:46
anishgo ahead and squash it19:46
mtaninoanish: so I will add your name for co-auther in the commit message. Do you agree?19:46
anishworks for me !19:46
mtaninoanish: thanks!19:47
thangpDuncanT: just got back from a meeting...you mean for removing the CinderObjectDictCompat?19:48
DuncanTthangp: Yup19:48
thangpDuncanT: sure, we could do that...probably wont until we get all of the stuff converted to objects19:49
*** cebruns has quit IRC19:49
DuncanTthangp: Sure, there's no ordering dependency between the two though. If somebody wants to help with the object stuff, but isn't really able for the conversions, then that might be a productive place for them to start19:50
thangpDuncanT: I hope to get most of it in by Liberty19:50
thangpDuncanT: agreed19:50
DuncanTthangp: I hope it *all* gets done in Liberty IBH19:50
thangpDuncanT: I have a lot of help (from dulek, vilobhmm, etc)...should be possible19:51
*** Tross has joined #openstack-cinder19:51
DuncanTthangp: I also look forward to people trying to use it in anger to do cross-migration compatibility. I posted a few thoughts about how tricky some migrations are to hide on the multi-attach review19:52
thangpDuncanT: :P we'll iron out all the bugs19:53
*** eharney has quit IRC19:57
openstackgerritTom Barron proposed openstack/cinder: NFS backup driver  https://review.openstack.org/14972620:00
openstackgerritTom Barron proposed openstack/cinder: Refactor Swift backup driver and introduce chunking driver  https://review.openstack.org/14972520:00
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder20:06
*** annashen has quit IRC20:06
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder20:06
vilobhmmxyang : ping20:07
*** _cjones_ has quit IRC20:09
*** liusheng has quit IRC20:10
*** liusheng has joined #openstack-cinder20:11
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder20:11
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*** _cjones_ has joined #openstack-cinder20:13
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*** _cjones_ has joined #openstack-cinder20:21
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder20:24
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*** e0ne is now known as e0ne_20:29
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*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder20:31
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*** e0ne has quit IRC20:33
jgriffiththangp: few other tricky spots it seems:  http://goo.gl/531aXO20:34
*** patrickeast has joined #openstack-cinder20:36
thangpjgriffith: looking20:37
thangpsnapshot_id = id20:37
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder20:39
thangpjgriffith: I cant find 'snapshot_id' in solidfire.py20:39
jgriffiththangp: oh... no, that's not where it's coming from20:40
jgriffiththangp: it's in rpc and profiler, before we even get to the driver20:40
jgriffiththangp: lemme try some things20:41
jgriffiththangp: multi-backend in screens isn't good for trying to debug :(20:41
jgriffiththangp: ie breakpoints are flakey20:41
thangpi bet it's in c-vol service/screen20:43
thangpi changed the rpc args around20:43
thangpso that it sends over an object instead of an id20:43
thangpis your setup distributed or all-in-one?20:44
*** rcallawa has joined #openstack-cinder20:54
*** e0ne has quit IRC20:55
*** lpetrut has quit IRC20:57
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-cinder20:58
*** rcallawa has quit IRC20:58
*** xyang has joined #openstack-cinder20:59
*** crose has quit IRC21:00
*** lpetrut has quit IRC21:01
jgriffiththangp: ok, have a fix21:01
jgriffiththangp: lemme log a bug and get it posted21:01
thangpjgriffith: ok, do tell21:01
jgriffiththangp: if you're around for a few more would love your review on it21:02
thangpjgriffith: sure21:02
jgriffiththangp: well, need to go back and see if the profiler one still shows up in multi-backend21:02
jgriffiththangp: but changing the raise in base to return None fixes a few other things I found21:02
xyangvilobhmm: hi, were you looking for me?21:07
jgriffiththangp: running unit tests... and taking a nap while I wait ;)21:07
thangpsure :)21:08
*** Mandell has quit IRC21:08
thangpxyang: I think vilobhmm was looking to see if you planed to work on the consistencygroup objects21:09
thangpxyang: we dont know if you started or planned to do it21:09
xyangvilobhmm: I do have the plan, but haven't started it at all.  if he wants to start right away, that is fine.  I can help later21:10
thangpxyang: ok :)21:10
xyangjgriffith: thanks!21:12
jgriffithxyang: you're welcome.  Sorry it took me so long21:12
*** Bsony has quit IRC21:12
xyangjgriffith: no problem.  glad I made it before the deadline:)21:13
xyangjgriffith: may be you can help with this one too?:)  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/110068/21:14
vilobhmmxyang : sorry for away21:22
*** gugl2 has joined #openstack-cinder21:22
vilobhmmxyang : ok then will work on the cg objects21:22
patrickeastthingee: ping21:23
thingeepatrickeast: hi21:24
xyangvilobhmm: It's too late to merge in K though.  you are trying to get it in L, right?21:24
patrickeastthingee: hey, if you have a min i wanted to sync up on your comment on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/151837/11/cinder/volume/manager.py to make sure i am understanding correctly21:25
vilobhmmxyang : yes cg object and quota objects for L21:25
*** gugl has quit IRC21:25
xyangvilobhmm: great.  thanks21:26
*** patrickeast has quit IRC21:26
*** patrickeast_ has joined #openstack-cinder21:26
patrickeast_derp, osx just crashed21:27
vilobhmmxyang : np!21:27
vilobhmmhappy to help21:27
patrickeast_thingee: anyway, i commented on it and then realized maybe i misunderstood, do you mean checking for an error with looking up data or that the namespace/key stuff matches up for a driver?21:28
thingeepatrickeast_: I'll have to get back to you. cross project meeting happening right now21:28
patrickeast_thingee: kk, no rush, whenever you’ve got some time21:29
jgriffithdoh... almost had a typo in my comment, that would've pissed me off when it was -1'd21:30
openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/cinder: Make objects behave more like our old dictionaries  https://review.openstack.org/16098721:30
jgriffiththangp: ^^  That's what I was thinking at any rate21:30
thangpok, will look21:30
*** gugl3 has joined #openstack-cinder21:31
openstackgerritMitsuhiro Tanino proposed openstack/cinder: Implement IET target driver  https://review.openstack.org/15882921:32
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder21:32
patrickeast_oh hey, so for anyone working/maintaining a ci, i showed this at the thirdparty meeting monday morning but figured others in cinder might be interested… i made a thing last weekend to show ci’s gerrit events21:33
patrickeast_a little server is running here http://ec2-54-67-102-119.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:5000/?project=openstack%2Fcinder&user=&timeframe=21:33
patrickeast_its pretty slow21:33
patrickeast_but is keeping watch21:33
patrickeast_i’ll bring it up at the next thirdparty meeting but i know lots of people don’t attend them21:34
thangpjgriffith: looks good, just need to change the LOG.error to LOG.warn21:34
*** kmartin has joined #openstack-cinder21:34
thangpjgriffith: and a minor spelling nit21:35
jgriffithbahh ;)21:35
*** gugl2 has quit IRC21:35
*** remote_morgan_ has quit IRC21:36
*** annashen has quit IRC21:37
anishmtanino: abandoned my separate changeset, all changes in your patchset now21:37
mtaninoanish: Thanks for your cooperation!21:37
openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/cinder: Make objects behave more like our old dictionaries  https://review.openstack.org/16098721:38
anishthingee: jgriffith can I get you guys to look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154713/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/158926/ ? Been lying dormant for a while now21:38
*** ndipanov has quit IRC21:39
*** eharney has joined #openstack-cinder21:40
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*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder22:26
openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/cinder: Add support to incremental backups in cinder  https://review.openstack.org/11006822:30
openstackgerritIvan Kolodyazhny proposed openstack/cinder: Allow archiving deleted rows to shadow tables, for performance  https://review.openstack.org/13118222:30
*** thingee has joined #openstack-cinder22:31
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*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-cinder22:52
hemnae0ne, any chance we can get multiattach to land prior to the shadow tables patch?22:52
e0nehemna: are you going to land it for Kilo?22:53
hemnaI was hoping to yah22:53
e0nesounds great!22:54
hemnaneeds some review/testing love though22:54
*** annashen has quit IRC22:54
*** annashen has joined #openstack-cinder22:56
jgriffithe0ne: shouldn't you be sleeping?22:58
e0nehemna: i'm ok to hold my patch until yours will be landed or be happy to help with migration for shadow tables to make good example fot it22:59
hemnaok cool thanks.22:59
e0nejgriffith: it's a good idea, very good...22:59
jgriffithe0ne: :)22:59
jgriffithEverybody ok with merging this one: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/160987/223:01
jgriffithhemna: if that merges I can test your multi-attach patch again :)23:01
*** Adriano_ has quit IRC23:02
*** ebalduf has quit IRC23:03
hemnamultiattach patch is conflicting again due to db changes in a patch that landed23:05
hemnaI'm cleaning it up.23:05
thingeejgriffith: I asked e0ne about that, but he told me it was normal for him to come into work around afternoon ;)23:05
e0nethingee, jgriffith: and yes, sometimes i sleep :)23:06
jgriffiththingee: hehe... yeah, I remember him saying he "pretends" to be in our TZ :)23:06
jgriffithe0ne: see... still here!  Sleep, my friend Sleep!!!23:06
jgriffithhemna: well... I guess now I'm on the hook for sure :)23:07
*** ganso_ has quit IRC23:07
hemnahehe :P23:07
hemnayou put the carrot out there....23:07
jgriffithhemna: thanks... I'll load multi-attach, may not see a review until morning but you are on the top of my list now23:07
hemnaok thanks23:07
hemnaI'll resolve the merge conflicts here in a few and post up a new patch23:08
jgriffithhemna: so "looking" at it I think I'm good with it at this point23:08
jgriffithhemna: I just want to run it and poke at it a bit23:08
hemnayah please do23:08
hemnaI really don't want to break anything23:08
thingeepatrickeast: responded back23:18
thingeepatrickeast: thanks for asking me about it23:18
*** jordandh has quit IRC23:18
thingeepatrickeast: I'll try to review it again later, but removed the -123:18
thingeelater tonight*23:19
thingeelooks like it needs to be rebased now though23:19
*** thingee has quit IRC23:19
patrickeastthingee: ok, cool23:19
patrickeastyep im working on it right now23:19
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC23:19
*** Mandell has joined #openstack-cinder23:20
*** rmesta has quit IRC23:24
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder: Add volume multi attach support  https://review.openstack.org/8584723:24
*** jungleboyj has joined #openstack-cinder23:25
*** patrickeast_ has joined #openstack-cinder23:25
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*** chlong has joined #openstack-cinder23:31
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*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder23:34
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder: Add multiattach capabilities injection  https://review.openstack.org/15965023:38
*** e0ne has quit IRC23:47
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-cinder23:49
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