Friday, 2015-09-25

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openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder: Prevent uploading encrypted volume to images
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openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder: Prevent uploading encrypted volume to images
anteayajgriffith: looking at the commit message in your patch, not going to comment but you have the word sighted and I think you want the word cited (meaning giving attribution)
jgriffithanteaya: :)00:16
jgriffithanteaya: errr... :(00:16
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jgriffithanteaya: thank you for pointing it out00:17
anteayaand patchset 1 has the same comment from chirs00:18
anteayajgriffith: thanks to taking point on this issue00:18
openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/cinder: Remove NetApp drivers from Cinder
jgriffithanteaya: sure, I wish I hadn't/didn't, it isn't a pleasant situation by any00:19
jgriffithanteaya: updated commit mesg, thanks for pointing those things out00:19
anteayano kidding00:19
anteayasure, thanks for the update00:20
anteayafull support from me for getting this issue resolved00:20
anteayaI'd offer my help but to be honest if there are issues I think this needs to go straight to the tc/foundation legal00:20
jgriffithanteaya: yeah, I think doing this and giving them a chance to rectify it is the00:21
jgriffithbest I can do.Arguments/decisions beyond that are a bit out of my scope00:21
thingeejgriffith: +100:24
anteayaI think you are doing a good job of staying in scope00:24
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openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Fix capacity report error in Huawei driver
openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Encode username and password in Huawei driver
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openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Report *real* free capacity in Huawei driver
openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Huawei driver add check before use a QoS
openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Fix update Huawei driver issue
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xyangwinston-d: ping03:09
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openstackgerritEinst Crazy proposed openstack/cinder: Gluster: extend volume to the right path
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openstackgerritVincent Hou proposed openstack/cinder: Remove the destination volume check in delete_volume
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openstackgerritYusuke Hayashi proposed openstack/cinder: Case sensitivity problem in cinder scheduler
openstackgerritAnkit Agrawal proposed openstack/python-cinderclient: Use dictionary literal for dictionary creation
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openstackgerritAbhishek Shrivastava proposed openstack/cinder: Fix volume related operation in CloudByte driver
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chenke__hello, anybody boby know what is  cinder-rtstool?07:16
chenke__anyone could answer question??07:26
openstackgerritAbhishek Shrivastava proposed openstack/cinder: Fix volume related operation in CloudByte driver
chenke__i have a question about cinder backend, Anyone could help me07:28
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winston-dchenke__: what about cinder backend?08:33
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chenke__winston-d: tku winston, i use the tgtadm.08:36
chenke__winston: when i use default iscsi_help, it use lioadm, the volume can be attached to Kvm instance.08:37
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chenke__winston-d: but after i change it to tgtadm, the volume can't be attached to instance.08:38
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chenke__winston-d: i use the Juno version.08:39
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winston-dchenke__: so you want to use tgtadm instead of lioadm?  is your backend LVM?09:01
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chenke__winston-d: yes. it's LVM.09:01
winston-dtgtadm should work09:02
chenke__winston-d: i change to use tgtadm because of attaching volume failed to hyper-v while set lioadm09:03
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chenke__winston-d: the error is : Sep 25 16:59:52 nc1 iscsid: conn 0 login rejected: target error (03/01)09:03
winston-dnot sure about that, hyerp-v or kvm should work with any iSCSI targets.09:04
chenke__yes.i also think so.09:05
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openstackgerritWilson Liu proposed openstack/cinder: Fix update Huawei driver issue
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kevincarr1991Good Morning. I am attempting to use nfs as a backend for cinder. The install guide talks about a shares.txt file existing under the cinder directory. I dont see one. Am I missing something?11:36
kevincarr1991I am working on kilo11:36
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kevincarr1991Has anyone used NFS as a backend for cinder? If so do you have any advice?12:43
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breitzkevincarr1991: you have to creates that file and populate it with the information for your particular NFS server.  Good docs can be found here:
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openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/cinder: Hacking check for opt name registration
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openstackgerritEinst Crazy proposed openstack/cinder: Gluster: extend volume to the right path
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openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder: Prevent uploading encrypted volume to images
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kevincarr1991breitz: I did do those steps, but no results15:04
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breitzdid you restart cinder after changing your cinder.conf ?15:08
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dave-mccowandoes ollie leahy hang out here?15:10
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kevincarr1991breitz: yes sir15:16
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breitzI'd check what you set nfs_shares_config to in your cinder.conf, and look at that file to be sure it has what you want.  You mentioned that you did not have a shares file in /etc/cinder.   Past that you probably need to peek at a few log files to see what is going wrong.15:19
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kevincarr1991I actually dont see a nfs_shares_config file.15:21
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breitzthat (nfs_shares_config) is an option in cinder.conf.  should set it to something like:  nfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/nfs.shares15:22
breitzthen you have to edit /etc/cinder/nfs.shares and fill in your NFS server info15:22
kevincarr1991Oh, OK thank you very much15:25
breitzsure np.  good luck.15:26
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hemnapatrickeast, ping15:33
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scottdadave-mccowan: I think Ollie's gone for the day. Is this related to Barbican?15:33
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patrickeasthemna: hola15:34
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dave-mccowanscottda yes.  he submitted a patch to Barbican that got a -1 code review.  i'd like to see it land in our RC1 version, so i was checking to see his status and if he wanted help.15:35
hemnapatrickeast, not sure if you've seen this one yet.
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-cinder15:35
hemnapatrickeast, the pure FC CI failed on it.  looks like the logs aren't even there ?15:35
*** ollie_ has joined #openstack-cinder15:35
patrickeastoh woa15:35
patrickeastlike really failed15:35
hemnait's a big change to the FCZM15:36
hemnaand I want to make sure we cover our bases with it.15:36
*** yangyapeng has quit IRC15:36
patrickeastoooh you know what yesterday there were some network issues for us... probably screwed up some of these15:36
ollie_dave-mccowan hi15:37
hemnapatrickeast, I wasn't sure how to issue a pure recheck15:37
hemnaso I thought I'd ping you instead of a global recheck on the patch15:37
patrickeasti just posted a comment15:37
hemnaok thanks man15:37
patrickeastours follows the 'recheck <CI name>' format15:37
dave-mccowanhi ollie_  thanks for your patch to barbican.  i'd like to see it land in our RC1.  are you still working on it?15:38
patrickeasthemna: oh also while we're chatting, do you mess with Helion stuff at all?15:38
hemnawell, sometimes15:39
hemnaI don't install it, or run it myself15:39
hemnaI just put patches in our repo for it15:39
patrickeastah ok15:39
ollie_ah, feel free to resubmit I'm struggling to get a devstack barbican/cinder setup running and stumbled across that, but haven't had time to look at the unit tests15:39
ollie_feel free to submit if you like15:39
dave-mccowanollie_ i'm happy to help.15:40
dave-mccowanollie_ how's the barbican/cinder interop going?15:40
*** asselin_ has quit IRC15:40
*** mriedem has quit IRC15:41
dave-mccowanollie_ that's on my to do list to try.15:41
ollie_so, I've got it working, but I'm trying to prepare a cinder patch to pick up endpoints from the service catalog, and thats got some problems15:41
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-cinder15:44
ollie_dave-mccowan I've got to leave now, but thanks for the offer, I'll ping you if I need to15:44
*** p0rtal has joined #openstack-cinder15:44
dave-mccowanollie_ ok. i'm usually in the #openstack-barbican channel15:45
*** delatte has quit IRC15:47
*** delatte has joined #openstack-cinder15:47
*** david-lyle has quit IRC15:48
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-cinder15:48
*** ollie_ has quit IRC15:51
*** dustins is now known as dustins|afk15:54
*** p0rtal has quit IRC15:56
*** lprice has joined #openstack-cinder15:57
*** lprice1 has joined #openstack-cinder15:59
*** raildo-afk is now known as raildo16:01
*** lprice has quit IRC16:01
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*** annegentle has quit IRC16:03
*** jungleboyj_ has quit IRC16:05
*** bill_az has quit IRC16:07
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-cinder16:11
*** pv_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:11
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*** lprice1 has quit IRC16:15
*** yangyapeng has joined #openstack-cinder16:16
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-cinder16:20
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*** timcl has joined #openstack-cinder16:22
*** Zhongjun has joined #openstack-cinder16:24
*** Yogi1 has joined #openstack-cinder16:25
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*** _cjones_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:28
*** baumann has joined #openstack-cinder16:28
*** ronis has joined #openstack-cinder16:29
*** baumann has left #openstack-cinder16:30
*** zhangjn has joined #openstack-cinder16:32
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC16:32
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:33
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder16:33
*** Apoorva has quit IRC16:34
pv_so i brought up a couple days ago how I had this error ":ImageCopyFailure: Failed to copy image to volume: qemu-img: error writing zeroes at sector 0: Input/output error" when trying to create a volume using an image16:37
angela-shemna: ping16:37
pv_i actually went into the base driver code and commented out the _detach call in copy_image_to_volume because it seemed to me like the lun was being detached before the qemu-img command was being called16:37
pv_and then the copy_image_to_volume ends up working fine16:38
pv_and i manually detach the lun after the copy is complet16:38
pv_does that mean there's a bug in the base driver code?16:38
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder16:38
*** bill_az has joined #openstack-cinder16:39
*** cdelatte has joined #openstack-cinder16:39
*** delatte has quit IRC16:41
openstackgerritChris Friesen proposed openstack/cinder: Robustify writing iscsi target persistence file
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-cinder16:42
cfriesen__^ If you've got a more pythonic (or more robust) way of doing this, I'd love some feedback.16:43
*** delattec has joined #openstack-cinder16:44
*** cdelatte has quit IRC16:45
*** ronis_ has joined #openstack-cinder16:45
*** mudassirlatif has joined #openstack-cinder16:45
*** ronis has quit IRC16:48
*** esker has joined #openstack-cinder16:49
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-cinder16:49
jgriffithcfriesen__: I added a comment inline16:49
*** thangp has quit IRC16:49
*** esker has quit IRC16:49
tbarronw.r.t., NetApp has heard the community concerns and is pushing up a patch to revert the netapp_lib change.16:49
jgriffithLet me know if that doesn't work for some reason that I'm unaware of16:50
*** BharatK has quit IRC16:50
*** esker has joined #openstack-cinder16:50
tbarronI put a note in the review to that effect as well, but want to make sure everyone is aware of our plans.16:50
smcginnisThanks tbarron.16:51
e0netbarron: thanks for the update16:51
jgriffithtbarron: that's good news, thanks!16:51
tbarronsmcginnis: e0ne: geguileo: jgriffith: and others that I don't want to offend by not mentioning but my brain is mush ...16:51
tbarronThanks for your understanding on this.16:52
e0netbarron: i will remove my -2 later tonoght16:52
*** e0ne has quit IRC16:52
smcginnistbarron: I'm sure it's been no fun for you. Glad to see NetApp responding quickly.16:52
tbarronIt would probably be best that workflow not get put on just to avoid thrash and yet more drama :-)16:52
geguileotbarron: Thank you for your hard work on fixing that!!16:53
tbarrongouthamr did the hard work on this one to handle the merge conflicts after the revert.16:54
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC16:54
jgriffithtbarron: he'll have earned a beer, I know after a git of time on it myself yesterday it's not trivial16:55
tbarronthere was a bit of git in it16:55
smcginnisThat was punny.16:56
pv_so has anyone encountered anything like my issue before? in the base copy_image_to_volume code it seems detach is being called before the qemu-img commands finish so it throws an error because the lun path doesn't exist anymore16:57
pv_when I comment the detach call out16:57
pv_it works fine16:57
*** garthb has quit IRC16:57
pv_im able to load images onto volumes, then boot from those volumes and load back the images16:57
pv_i just manually detach the volume after the copy is finished16:58
jgriffithsmcginnis: ewwwww.... now that was awful16:58
jgriffithpv_: yes, IBM had that problem16:58
jgriffithpv_: I added a fix, because it was a problem of cached writes... and the device reporting success before the write was actually complete16:59
pv_how did they resolve it without changing the base driver code?16:59
pv_ohh ok16:59
jgriffithpv_: *the* didn't, *I* did16:59
jgriffithand I solved in the base driver IIRC16:59
*** mriedem has quit IRC16:59
jgriffithbut it sounds like either my fix doesn't work, or it's since been broken again :(16:59
*** markymark has quit IRC16:59
*** sghanekar has joined #openstack-cinder16:59
pv_hahahaha cool! how do I get that fix? i think the repo im using for my cinder development might be outdated then16:59
jgriffithpv_: are you pulling from master?16:59
openstackgerritChris Friesen proposed openstack/cinder: Robustify writing iscsi target persistence file
pv_hmm, i did at one point but then ive  been using cinder source code thats been loaded into our own private repo for development of my driver17:00
pv_let me do a pull and see what happesn17:00
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC17:01
pv_yeah it says its up to date, i guess i need to reclone into the cinder master branch and manually add all my driver code again and use that to test my driver?17:01
jgriffithpv_: nahhh17:01
openstackgerritGoutham Pacha Ravi proposed openstack/cinder: Revert use of netapp_lib from NetApp Drivers
*** esker has quit IRC17:01
jgriffithhold on a sec17:01
*** haomaiwa_ has joined #openstack-cinder17:01
*** jgregor has quit IRC17:02
jgriffithThat sync command is the magic IIRC17:02
jgriffithpv_: test it out in your setup by making the default True17:03
jgriffithpv_: if that works we'll go from there and figure out how to get it selectable again17:03
pv_alright let me try that17:04
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-cinder17:04
jgriffithpv_: also, this is the patch I was thinking of
jgriffithpv_: so that fixes the convert process, but looks like you've found an issue in the copy_volume side of things17:06
jgriffithpv_: as a side note... if you fixed qemu_img on your system this would probably just work17:07
jgriffithpv_: in other words,it appears you haven't installed qemu_img perhaps?17:08
hemnaangela-s, hey17:08
hemnapv_, hrmm.  that sounds fishy17:11
hemnapv_, jgriffith was it an io flush issue ?17:11
pv_hye sorry was talking to someone let me first check the sync=true, and then check the patch link you sent me17:12
pv_i think qemu-img should be installed properly17:12
pv_but i can check that too haha17:12
pv_ill get back to you in a bit, thanks a lot17:12
cfriesen__jgriffith: I replied to your comment.  The real danger I think is the possibility of the other cases it should be less of an issue.  Also, I think we still have an issue in that if truncate a persistence file and then kill cinder-volume the file gets regenerated but the CHAP information gets lost.17:14
cfriesen__jgriffith: my proposed change should make that very unlikely though17:15
openstackgerritZhang Jinnan proposed openstack/cinder: extend is not exception error
*** haomaiwa_ has quit IRC17:16
angela-shemna: i just posted response to your comment on FZN review17:19
hemnaangela-s, ok17:19
pv_jgriffith my homie17:19
pv_thank you so much17:19
*** timcl has quit IRC17:19
pv_sync = True17:20
pv_made it work without commenting out the detach17:20
pv_should i still check if qemu-img is installed properly?17:20
jgriffithpv_: cool... and yes17:20
hemnaangela-s, I don't see the Brocade CI reporting on the table in the review again.17:20
jgriffithpv_: the qemu-img thing is the root of your problem17:20
pv_alright ill check it right away17:20
jgriffithof course I'm assuming you're using a linux distro and KVM17:21
pv_on both17:21
angela-shemna: 5th one from bottom of the list17:21
jgriffithpv_: ok, so you shouldn't be hitting copy_volume like that if the qemu-img check passes17:21
angela-shemna: reported around midnight17:21
jgriffithpv_: devstack or rdo maybe?17:21
hemnaok sorry, I see it now *sigh*17:21
angela-shemna: np17:22
pv_im testing on devstack17:22
hemnaI wish those were alphabetical ordered17:22
jgriffithpv_:  hmm... all in one devstack should have it17:22
jgriffiththat's weird17:22
jgriffithpv_: I'll have a look after lunch and see if I'm missing a detail in my hypothesis :)17:22
pv_alright cool :)17:22
*** jungleboyj_ has joined #openstack-cinder17:24
angela-sno kidding17:25
*** diablo_rojo has left #openstack-cinder17:26
*** zhangjn has quit IRC17:27
*** mriedem1 has joined #openstack-cinder17:28
*** p0rtal has joined #openstack-cinder17:29
*** mriedem has quit IRC17:29
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-cinder17:32
*** mriedem1 has quit IRC17:33
*** vgridnev has quit IRC17:36
*** vgridnev has joined #openstack-cinder17:36
*** timcl has joined #openstack-cinder17:36
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-cinder17:38
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC17:39
*** dustins|afk is now known as dustins17:41
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-cinder17:41
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder-specs: Remove Volume Manager Locks
*** raildo is now known as raildo-afk17:44
*** mriedem1 has joined #openstack-cinder17:56
*** mriedem has quit IRC17:59
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-cinder18:02
*** mriedem1 has quit IRC18:03
*** annegentle has quit IRC18:08
*** IanGovett has quit IRC18:12
jgriffitheharney: ping18:15
eharneyjgriffith: hey18:15
jgriffitheharney: hey ya... need your help/advice :)18:15
jgriffitheharney: I unfortunately forgot about this:
eharneyjgriffith: sure, what are you looking at?18:15
jgriffitheharney: you being a package maintainer I thought I would bounce it off of you18:16
jgriffitheharney: kind of important, but I think most have started packaging at this point :(18:16
jgriffitheharney: don't know if we should push it and do a backport, or if we're just too late?18:16
eharneyjgriffith: it looks like we can get it into rc since we haven't landed any migrations in master18:17
jgriffitheharney: awesome, just didn't know if you were already "done" :)18:17
eharneyjgriffith: nah, we just need to make sure we get that squared up before landing any new migrations18:17
jgriffitheharney: awesome18:18
jgriffitheharney: I'll propose the backport once that merges18:18
jgriffitheharney: thanks!18:18
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-cinder18:19
jgriffitheharney: smcginnis hemna jungleboyj_  If ya'll wanna help me get that merged via reviews I'll get the backport while we're still "safe"18:20
jgriffitheharney: ok, fixing that18:21
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder: Add placholder for migration backports in Liberty
hemnarebased fwiw18:22
eharneyjgriffith: can't be that bad if nobody noticed it was wrong in the last release too :)18:22
openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/cinder: Add placholder for migration backports in Liberty
*** timcl has quit IRC18:27
hemnaI don't want to -1 that, but as an FYI, the other placeholders have 'Kilo' in the text as well.18:27
hemnakinda a meh really18:27
patrickeasthemna: angela-s: hey, i just commented on the FCZM name review, the Pure CI did pass on the latest run its just having some issues with the log server right now (i'm looking into it)18:28
hemnapatrickeast, ok rockin thanks18:28
hemnaour CI has been unstable quite frequently lately18:28
*** jgregor has joined #openstack-cinder18:28
hemnalots of issues unrelated to testing the actual patches18:29
hemnaHP -> HPE, HPInc. split has caused lots of network related issues18:29
hemnawe had a transformer blow out last week that caused power to be instantly cut on our CI servers, which caused problems, etc.18:29
patrickeastyea we've had some network issues the last couple of days, nothing so bad as that though XD18:30
hemnaliterally half the building went dark18:30
patrickeastmy FC jobs have been failing on that stupid permission denied error... its causing a lot of noise too which doesn't help any18:30
hemnapatrickeast, I don't think our FC CI has been up enough to see if we are seeing the same issue.18:31
hemnahave you been able to track that one down?18:31
hemnais it an encrypted volume?18:31
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-cinder18:31
patrickeastno, everything i've checked so far has been unhelpful18:31
patrickeastnah, it seems like any volume18:31
patrickeastmore likely to happen with multipathing18:31
patrickeastbut can happen without on just normal iscsi18:31
kevincarr1991I am trying to use nfs as a backend. When I follow the guide to mount the nfs I get the following error in my volume.log file. "Unable to update stats, NfsDriver -1.2.0 (config name nfs) driver is uninitialized."18:32
kevincarr1991Does anyone know what that means18:32
patrickeastkevincarr1991: there should be an exception or error message further up in the volume log giving more info18:33
tbarronkevincarr1991: the driver wasn't able to start properly, ^^^^18:33
tbarronkevincarr1991: can you do a pastebin of your cinder.conf  (mask out passwords, etc.) ?18:33
kevincarr1991tbarron: it has the same error reported multiple times.18:33
kevincarr1991tbarron: yes i can18:34
hemnakevincarr1991, that update stats log message happens periodically when cinder is running.18:34
*** krotscheck has quit IRC18:34
hemnakevincarr1991, you'll have to scroll all the way back up in the log to where Cinder started to see the real error.18:34
openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder: Prevent uploading encrypted volume to images
*** marcusvrn_ has quit IRC18:35
mtreinishjgriffith: I saw your comment on that cinder patch to drop run_tests, ostestr works with pdb without the --pdb flag?18:36
*** krotscheck has joined #openstack-cinder18:36
mtreinishI'm trying to figure out how that can happen, because without that flag ostestr just subprocesses out to testr18:36
jgriffithmtreinish: I dunno, but I do it all the time :)18:36
jgriffithmtreinish: lemme double check18:37
hemnakevincarr1991, looking at the nfs driver code itself, the most likely candidate is a missing NFS config file or a missing nfs_shares_config cinder.conf entry18:37
mtreinishwhich should be calling under the covers and thats what was breaking pdb usage18:37
kevincarr1991logdir = /var/log/cinder18:37
kevincarr1991state_path = /var/lib/cinder18:37
kevincarr1991lock_path = /var/lib/cinder/tmp18:37
kevincarr1991volumes_dir = /etc/cinder/volumes18:37
kevincarr1991iscsi_helper = lioadm18:37
kevincarr1991rootwrap_config = /etc/cinder/rootwrap.conf18:37
kevincarr1991rpc_backend = rabbit18:37
kevincarr1991auth_strategy = keystone18:37
hemnakevincarr1991, pastebin please :)18:37
kevincarr1991my_ip =
kevincarr1991enabled_backends = nfs18:37
kevincarr1991nfs_mount_attempts = 318:37
kevincarr1991nfs_mount_options = None18:37
kevincarr1991nfs_mount_point_base = /var/lib/cinder/nfs18:37
kevincarr1991nfs_oversub_ratio = 1.018:37
kevincarr1991nfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/shares.txt18:37
kevincarr1991nfs_sparsed_volumes = True18:37
kevincarr1991nfs_used_ratio = 0.9518:37
kevincarr1991#took out lvm from enabled_backends18:37
kevincarr1991glance_host = controller18:38
mtreinishkevincarr1991: paste.openstack.org18:38
kevincarr1991verbose = True18:38
kevincarr1991connection = mysql://cinder:password1@controller/cinder18:38
mtreinishkevincarr1991: please18:38
kevincarr1991#admin_tenant_name = %SERVICE_TENANT_NAME%18:38
kevincarr1991#admin_user = %SERVICE_USER%18:38
kevincarr1991#admin_password = %SERVICE_PASSWORD%18:38
hemnaplease don't let this be the entire cinder.conf18:38
kevincarr1991#auth_host =
kevincarr1991#auth_port = 3535718:38
kevincarr1991#auth_protocol = http18:38
kevincarr1991auth_uri = http://controller:500018:38
kevincarr1991auth_url = http://controller:3535718:38
jgriffithoh gessh18:38
kevincarr1991auth_plugin = password18:38
kevincarr1991project_domain_id = default18:38
kevincarr1991user_domain_id = default18:38
kevincarr1991project_name = service18:38
kevincarr1991username = cinder18:38
kevincarr1991password =18:38
mtreinishhemna: heh, it's looking that way :)18:38
kevincarr1991rabbit_host = controller18:38
kevincarr1991rabbit_userid = openstack18:38
kevincarr1991rabbit_password =18:38
kevincarr1991lock_path = /var/lock/cinder18:38
kevincarr1991[DEFAULT] logdir = /var/log/cinder state_path = /var/lib/cinder lock_path = /var/lib/cinder/tmp volumes_dir = /etc/cinder/volumes iscsi_helper = lioadm rootwrap_config = /etc/cinder/rootwrap.conf rpc_backend = rabbit auth_strategy = keystone my_ip = enabled_backends = nfs   volume_driver=cinder.volume.drivers.nfs.NfsDriver nfs_mount_attempts = 3 nfs_mount_options = None nfs_mount_point_base = /var/lib/cinder/nfs nfs_oversub18:38
guitarzanoh noes18:38
kevincarr1991_ratio = 1.0 nfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/shares.txt nfs_sparsed_volumes = True nfs_used_ratio = 0.95 #took out lvm from enabled_backends glance_host = controller verbose = True  [database] connection = mysql://cinder:password1@controller/cinder  [keystone_authtoken] #admin_tenant_name = %SERVICE_TENANT_NAME% #admin_user = %SERVICE_USER% #admin_password = %SERVICE_PASSWORD% #auth_host = #auth_port = 35357 #auth_protocol18:38
kevincarr1991= http auth_uri = http://controller:5000 auth_url = http://controller:35357 auth_plugin = password project_domain_id = default user_domain_id = default project_name = service username = cinder password =   [oslo_messaging_rabbit] rabbit_host = controller rabbit_userid = openstack rabbit_password =   [oslo_concurrency] lock_path = /var/lock/cinder18:38
kevincarr1991sorry new to irc i am not sure what that is18:38
kevincarr1991oh ok18:39
*** krotscheck has quit IRC18:39
*** krotscheck has joined #openstack-cinder18:40
mtreinishjgriffith: oh, you use -n that calls right to instead of using testr18:40
hemnakevincarr1991, make sure /etc/cinder/shares.txt exists18:40
mtreinishoh, I wonder if it's testr subprocessing out that breaks pdb, not subunit.run18:40
mtreinishwhich would explain why it works18:40
mtreinishjgriffith: does it work if you use --regex?18:40
kevincarr1991it does. I have entered the correct line there.18:40
jgriffithmtreinish: I assumed it was testr18:40
hemnakevincarr1991, also mount.nfs needs to exist on the box as well.18:40
jgriffithmtreinish: not sure18:41
jgriffithmtreinish: what regex should I try?18:41
* jgriffith never tests that way :(18:41
mtreinishjgriffith: oh you can probaly just swap -n for --regex and it'll work18:41
*** alejandrito has quit IRC18:42
angela-spatrickeast: thanks for the update18:42
kevincarr1991hemna: ahh I dont think mount.nfs does exist18:42
* mtreinish is glad he converted at least one person to the advantages of ostestr18:42
hemnakevincarr1991, that's a problem :)18:42
jgriffithmtreinish: :)18:43
jgriffithhmm... it hates my regex :)18:43
mtreinishyeah, I suck at regex. I thought it would just work...18:44
hemnakevincarr1991, either way, it's a good idea to get familiar with finding the original exception being logged in the cinder log file.  You will see the real exception in the log around the time cinder started.18:44
*** esker has joined #openstack-cinder18:44
kevincarr1991hemna: I will look through the logs18:45
hemnamtreinish, regex and I don't play well either.  it's always pain18:45
mtreinishjgriffith: maybe try --regex 'test_volume'18:45
mtreinishI mean you don't need to use a regex, it'll just run everything if you don't specify one18:46
mtreinishwhich will include your pdb breakpoint18:46
*** Zhongjun has quit IRC18:47
*** esker has quit IRC18:47
jgriffithmtreinish: yeah, sorry, got distracted :)18:47
jgriffithmtreinish: no joy18:48
*** esker has joined #openstack-cinder18:48
jgriffithmtreinish: I mean.. it runs correctly, but you're correct the breakpoint does not work18:48
*** ByPasS has quit IRC18:48
*** ByPasS_ has joined #openstack-cinder18:49
*** ByPasS_ is now known as ByPasS18:49
mtreinishok cool, that means I probably can drop --pdb/make it the same as -n/--no-discover18:49
mtreinishjgriffith: heh, I was gonna say you've got an error there, but I guess your breakpoint is before that :)18:50
*** jordanP has quit IRC18:51
mtreinishjgriffith: want to handle the os-testr patch to do that? it should be pretty simple :)18:52
jgriffithmtreinish: I'd love to give it a shot yes18:52
hemnaI guess this would be the argument for keeping around ?18:52
jgriffithI have to wrap up something here first, then will have a look18:52
jgriffithhemna: why?18:52
hemnaunless I'm not following this correctly, which may be the case18:52
jgriffithhemna: hehe18:52
openstackgerritChris Friesen proposed openstack/cinder: Robustify writing iscsi target persistence file
hemnare: not being able to get a pdb breakpoint to work ?18:53
jgriffithhemna: so it works as long as you're doing tox -- -n xxxxx18:53
jgriffithhemna: if you're not, then it take another path (ie when using regex)18:53
mtreinishhemna: or --pdb18:53
jgriffithand in that case you just need to add --pdb18:53
hemnaah ok18:53
mtreinishhemna: which jgriffith will fix to be the same thing as -n :)18:53
jgriffiththe cool part is mtreinish suggested we can patch that so it just works18:53
jgriffithmtreinish: +118:53
hemname likey then :)18:54
jgriffithhemna: :)18:54
*** salv-orl_ has quit IRC18:55
*** annegentle has quit IRC18:55
*** martyturner has joined #openstack-cinder19:00
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*** rhagarty_ has quit IRC19:26
jgriffithmtreinish: so interestingly... that problem doesn't actually seem to have anything to do with the breakpoint :(19:27
jgriffithmtreinish: that regex option fails like that with/without the breakpoint19:27
jgriffithmtreinish: I'm trying something else now...19:27
mtreinishjgriffith: well I meant the breakpoint is before the error19:28
mtreinishso you hit the breakpoint before it failed19:28
*** Yogi1 has quit IRC19:28
jgriffithmtreinish: right... but I remove the breakpoint and it still fails the same way.  Also tried some other tests19:28
*** IanGovett has joined #openstack-cinder19:31
*** Yogi1 has joined #openstack-cinder19:31
*** mc_nair has quit IRC19:33
jgriffithmtreinish: ok, so I'm doing it the "slow" way :)19:34
jgriffithmtreinish: just tox -epy2719:34
jgriffithand watch it puke on the breakpoint19:34
mtreinishhaha, ok19:35
*** martyturner has quit IRC19:35
*** esker has quit IRC19:36
*** esker has joined #openstack-cinder19:37
*** Apoorva has quit IRC19:37
*** esker has quit IRC19:37
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*** thangp has joined #openstack-cinder19:42
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openstackgerritChris Friesen proposed openstack/cinder: Robustify writing iscsi target persistence file
*** albertom has joined #openstack-cinder20:14
hemnaameade, ping20:14
jgriffithmtreinish: ok, I may be confused about what you were thinking20:14
jgriffithmtreinish: the issue is in fact testr, mostly because of parallel runs20:15
jgriffithmtreinish: unless you're proposing we just modify and use subunit in both cases?20:15
mtreinishyeah, testr subprocesses up multiple processes so we'll still need a flag for calling directly20:15
mtreinishall I was asking is make --pdb do the same thing that -n does20:16
jgriffithmtreinish: OHHH20:16
jgriffithOk that's easy enough20:16
mtreinishwe can't remove it for backwards compat concerns, but there isn't a reason to run if we don't need to20:16
mtreinishand we can get pretty output when using (well up until the breakpoint anyway)20:16
jgriffithgotcha, ok; I can do that20:16
* jgriffith is all about pretty-output20:17
*** salv-orl_ has joined #openstack-cinder20:17
mtreinishit totally is20:18
mtreinishI just need someone to add a --look-at-all-the-pretty-colors flag to subunit-trace to make hemna happy20:19
mtreinishand then it'll be optionally really pretty20:19
mtreinishhemna: heh, sounds like you want to write that patch20:22
mtreinishhemna: :)20:22
* hemna whistles and looks up in the sky.....20:22
*** mc_nair has joined #openstack-cinder20:23
*** Lee1092 has quit IRC20:23
*** erlon has quit IRC20:28
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-cinder20:33
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tristanC3 hours left until the end of PTL elections, vote, vote, vote!20:47
jgriffithtristanC: +10000000020:47
jgriffithtristanC: thanks for the reminder, AND all of the hard work you've put into coordinating things!20:47
jungleboyj_tristanC: Thanks for the info!20:48
hemnatristanC, a near thankless job.   thank you :)20:48
tristanCheh you're welcome :-)20:48
mtreinishoh, yeah I still need to do that20:49
* mtreinish will except a bribe for his vote20:49
hemnaI'd offer beer, but I'm unsure about good beer in Japan20:49
mtreinishI like the asahi super dry extra cold, it's got a generic flavor20:50
mtreinishbut it's really cold20:50
mtreinishwhich for some reason makes it much better :)20:51
*** tpsilva has quit IRC20:52
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder20:53
tbarron                  bribe20:54
* tbarron decides it is time to go home20:54
jungleboyj_    Pretend it didn't happen.20:54
jungleboyj_    walk away20:54
*** bswartz has quit IRC20:54
tbarroncould almost be a haiku20:55
jungleboyj_tbarron: I was completing you could.20:55
jungleboyj_I ... complete ... you.20:55
*** diogogmt has quit IRC20:55
* jungleboyj_ has lost it. 20:55
jungleboyj_Is it beer'Oclock?20:55
tbarronjungleboyj_: hey, when do you go to Okinawa?20:55
jungleboyj_November 14th I think it is.20:55
jungleboyj_Couple weeks after Tokyo.  Why?20:56
tbarronjungleboyj_: no reason, just nosy20:56
tbarronwant to figure when I can catch you most jet lagged20:56
hemnajungleboyj_, oh, for some reason I thought you were going to Okinawa before Tokyo20:56
*** gouthamr has quit IRC20:56
jungleboyj_No, after.  And I may have to go to Brazil in there somewhere too.20:57
tbarronwell, that's on the way, depending which airlines you use20:57
*** bswartz has joined #openstack-cinder20:57
*** sgotliv has joined #openstack-cinder20:58
*** sghanekar has joined #openstack-cinder20:59
*** akerr has joined #openstack-cinder20:59
jungleboyj_No, I am going to be jetlagged all of November I fear.21:00
*** breitz has quit IRC21:01
*** dustins has quit IRC21:03
*** nickchase has joined #openstack-cinder21:04
*** diogogmt has joined #openstack-cinder21:06
mtaninoanish: ping,21:06
anishmtanino: PONG21:08
mtaninoanish: hi, how are you!21:08
anisham good !21:08
anishsup ?21:08
*** tpsilva has joined #openstack-cinder21:08
mtaninoanish: I want to get some comments for this:
anishmtanino: I'll review today21:10
anishjust gotta finish something else first21:10
mtaninoanish: The problem is zero-size configuration file might be created when some trouble happend on the server21:10
mtaninoanish: just wanna your opinion,21:11
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:11
mtaninoanish: Currently, tgt, iet, cxt get authentication from file during ensure_export when restarting c-vol, right?21:12
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC21:16
hemnajust curious if anyone has seen iscsiadm: invalid error code 65280  during iscsiadm --rescan21:16
hemnano idea what the heck causes that21:16
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-cinder21:17
*** IlyaG has joined #openstack-cinder21:20
mtaninoI haven't but seems other person also met same error,
openstackLaunchpad bug 1389269 in Cinder "stderr=iscsiadm: invalid error code 65280 when backend is equallogic" [Undecided,Invalid]21:20
*** vgridnev has quit IRC21:21
hemnamtanino, yah21:22
hemnano idea what that error code is21:22
* hemna is confused21:22
mtaninowhich layer returns this error code...21:23
*** thangp has quit IRC21:27
*** dims_ has joined #openstack-cinder21:27
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*** akerr is now known as akerr_away21:29
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anishhemna: not from open-iscsi, those errors are all 10XX21:33
anishmtanino: yes, I believe so21:34
hemnayah I scanned the iscsiadm source and couldn't find that code21:34
*** p0rtal_ has joined #openstack-cinder21:34
hemnaprocessutils or libc ?21:34
mtaninoanish: Do we need to get authentication from file? LIO gets authentication from DB.21:34
anishmtanino: for cxt, yes. back then authentication was picked up from properties21:35
anishthe LIO thing might be recent21:36
anishhemna: you know weirdly every hit for 65280 + iscsi is from openstack only21:37
hemnaI'm seeing other google hits showing perl system() calls returning 65280 as well21:37
*** p0rtal has quit IRC21:37
hemnacompletely unrelated to iscsiadm21:37
*** stevemar has quit IRC21:38
mtaninoanish: I think it is better to get authentication from DB for tgt, iet cases. I'm not sure there is a reson we can't use DB to get authentication. Do you know about it?21:39
mtaninocan't or shouldn't21:39
anishno, I think it should be fine21:39
mtaninoanish: I see. Also cxt can do it?21:39
anishbut I haven't played with getting authentication from db, so don't take me a source21:39
mtaninoanish: I'm trying it now and it works fine.21:40
mtaninofor tgt21:40
*** cbader has quit IRC21:40
anishmtanino: I think I would just need to make minor changes to get_target_chap_auth() and should be fine I think21:40
mtaninoanish: move LIO's get_target_chap_auth() into then tgt and iet just inherit it.21:41
mtaninothat's it.21:41
anishsounds good. I should be able to take the return of that and just format it a bit in cxt21:42
mtaninoanish: Thanks for your advice. I will try this patch.21:43
anishpass it to me when you have it working, I'll do the cxt changes21:43
mtaninoanish: sure.21:44
*** bauwser is now known as bauzas21:44
anishmtanino: regarding 227943. one thing I can think of was that when I did cxt, I used a different sub-directory for cxt config. the reason being if there is a config present all the iscsi helpers would otherwise look for a config in the same place21:45
anishand error out because they don't understand each other's config21:45
anishsince the config itself does not say which helper made it21:45
anishand given the same volume, the config file path would evalute out to the same file21:45
mtaninoanish: I see.21:47
anishI think that part was non-obvious because they used to mostly understand each other's configs till cxt came along21:48
anish(if you remember, iet used to change chap identifier char case)21:49
*** tpsilva has quit IRC21:53
mtaninoyou mean IET uses "IncomingUser abc xyz" including upper char?21:54
*** IanGovett has quit IRC21:54
anishmtanino: yeah21:54
*** annegentle has quit IRC22:01
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*** hemna is now known as hemnafk23:12
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openstackgerritMitsuhiro Tanino proposed openstack/cinder: Obtain target authentication from database same as LIO target
mtaninoanish: ^^23:18
mtaninoanish: You are already on the co-auther.  Please add cxt :)23:19
*** dimsum__ has joined #openstack-cinder23:22
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-cinder23:31
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-cinder23:33
wNim trying to figure out why im hitting this exception:
wNvolume['instance_uuid'] is the instance_uuid from the db right? it was previously set to a value, but i set it to NULL, but im still hitting the exception23:40
wNshould a null value skip that entirely?23:40
*** dimsum__ has quit IRC23:44
*** garthb has quit IRC23:46
*** dimsum__ has joined #openstack-cinder23:47
anishmtanino: will do23:48
mtaninoanish: :)23:48
*** tsekiyam_ has joined #openstack-cinder23:50
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