Monday, 2015-11-30

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openstackgerritAlex O'Rourke proposed openstack/cinder: 3PAR: Implement v2 replication (unmanaged)
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* hemna votes for more days off16:20
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jungleboyjhemna: +216:23
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mtaninohemna: my first +216:28
smcginnisMaybe that's what whoever is ddos'ing freenode is after too. :)16:29
mtaninoah, that's the reason...16:30
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openstackgerritGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/cinder: Take into consideration races in XtremIOClient3
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder: Improve metadata update operations
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openstackgerritBéla Vancsics proposed openstack/cinder: Reduce code duplication
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder-specs: Add extend_volume API to connectors
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder: Force releasenotes warnings to be treated as errors
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Update migrate_volume API to use versionedobjects
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Update initialize_connection to use versionedobjects
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Update replication to use versionedobjects
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Implement refresh() for cinder objects
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/cinder: Specify key algorithm and size for create_key
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openstackgerritKaitlin Farr proposed openstack/cinder: Specify key algorithm and size for create_key
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diegoadolfo__hello everyone, I am a new in openstack and wanted help the guys of cinder, more specifically in the cinder's drivers, where to starting?18:54
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scottdadiegoadolfo__: Here's some info and links, if you haven't already found them:
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openstackgerritThang Pham proposed openstack/cinder: Implement refresh() for cinder objects
scottdadiegoadolfo__: And if you haven't already setup devstack -
diegoadolfo__scottda, Thank you19:03
scottdadiegoadolfo__: np, We Are Here to Help®19:05
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diegoadolfo__scottda, You know how testing a cinder's driver on devstack?19:15
scottdaDo you mean a new driver or existing? Devstack uses LVM as the driver, so you can look at that code and test making changes there as a start.19:15
scottdaFor a new driver, the above ^^ wiki has
diegoadolfo__scottda, is a existing driver19:17
diegoadolfo__the HPXP driver19:18
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder: Add Mitaka-1 release notes
hemnageguileo, ping19:55
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openstackgerritNate Potter proposed openstack/cinder: Check backup service before backup delete
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cinderclient: Adds v2 replication support
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thingeejgriffith: ah finally something on the stale lock files
thingeeharlowja: thanks :)21:34
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jgriffiththingee: yeah.. familiar arguments though :)21:43
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jgriffithharlowja: Iv'e heard some talk of this offset you mention (didn't know it was an idea of yours).  I thought it was interesting FWIW21:44
hemnarm -rf21:44
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harlowjathingee np :)21:49
harlowjajgriffith thx!21:49
harlowjai try to always be interesting, ha21:49
harlowjaits my life goal21:49
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harlowjaimho, make a big (actually 512KB would probably be fine for everyone) offset lock file, use  it.21:49
harlowjahash locks into the 4194304 locks that provides and meh, thats good enough21:50
harlowjaoops i mean 52428821:50
harlowjadamn math21:50
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harlowjajgriffith the offset lock stuff i think was added to unix in the 1980s so not my idea :-P21:56
*** timcl has joined #openstack-cinder21:56
harlowja*not my original idea as a concept, ha21:56
harlowja*maybe my idea as using it in openstack for a single lock file per project...21:57
smcginnisharlowja: Good enough. ;)21:57
hemnaisn't there read/write access issues to the same lock file to add/remove the offsets inside the file?21:59
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hemnaneeding a lock file to edit the lock file....21:59
harlowjanot afaik, u are never editing the lock file21:59
harlowjau are getting locks on byte ranges inside that file22:00
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hemnabut someone has to write a bit somewhere to note that that byte range is locked ?22:00
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guitarzanyou just use another lock to manage the locks :)22:01
hemnaguitarzan, yah that's what I was thinking...making me laugh.22:01
harlowjahemna i'm pretty sure that info is in the kernel22:01
harlowjain the file descriptor code inside of it22:01
*** alonma has joined #openstack-cinder22:02
harlowja has a struct flock that afaik retains this info22:03
hemnawas just reading that advisory record locking section22:03
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hemnaflock struct has the offset start/len and pid22:04
harlowja uses that to do things (using 1 byte size entries)22:04
harlowjai don't know how to get the pid easily though22:04
harlowja*from python at least22:04
hemnaI bet that would be quicker than creating/deleteing files on the filesystem22:05
harlowja'When placing locks with F_SETLKW, the kernel detects deadlocks,22:05
harlowja       whereby two or more processes have their lock requests mutually22:05
harlowja       blocked by locks held by the other processes.' is interesting22:05
harlowjai wonder how that would work in openstack ^22:05
harlowjathe kernel will fix our deadlock issues for us, ha22:05
harlowja*if we have any (obviously not)22:05
harlowjaright now with file based locks (per-file) u sorta get lucky and hope there are no deadlocks, ha22:06
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hemnawonder how you'd debug lock issues though22:07
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*** alonma has joined #openstack-cinder22:11
harlowjawhat are these things u call lock issues22:15
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harlowjaso thats the other benefit of single lock per file, operations can easily look at a dir22:17
harlowjabut ya, no silver bullet here imho22:17
hemnayah currently, they can see a dir full of lockfiles22:18
scottdaflocks are tricky, and byte range locks work differently for Linux vs. Windoze, if that matters22:18
harlowjawhats windows22:18
hemnawhat's windoze?  :P22:19
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harlowjamust be a new bulldozer model22:20
scottdaExcept for glass22:20
harlowjapretty sure for glass all u need is a very small hammer22:21
harlowjalike one of those micro-hammers should be fine22:21
*** thangp has quit IRC22:22
scottdahaha. That looks sufficient for Breaking Windows® alright22:22
scottdaThe discussion on byte range locks forced me to dust off my old file system and F_LOCK knowledge, remembering something about, it's bad, don't use it...22:23
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder: Add Mitaka-1 release notes
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tbarronscottda: i hadn't read that one, thanks!22:34
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rhedlindsmcginnis: FYI. broke the X-IO driver. Our CI won't pass any tests until I have a fix ready.23:00
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hemnarhedlind, bah.23:01
hemnaand the patch even reported that the XIO driver CI was failing.  *smh*23:01
rhedlindI know. :(23:02
thingeeit's too bad the nova midcycle sprint is still conflicting with cinder's, smcginnis23:02
hemnawant me to issue a revert ?23:02
*** dims has joined #openstack-cinder23:02
hemnathat patch should never have been _+A'd23:02
rhedlindsure, if that won't cause any other issues.23:02
*** dims_ has quit IRC23:03
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asselinrhedlind, you should also check you fc tests. I don't see any logs for those:
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder: Revert "Port xio driver to Python 3"
hemnarhedlind, there.23:03
*** changbl has quit IRC23:04
rhedlindasselin: I know. My logserver refuses to list any files for some reason. Have been scratching my head over that one today. They are present in the filesystem but does not show up in apache23:04
rhedlindhemna: thanks!23:05
asselinrhedlind, the iscsi one is fine23:05
hemnarhedlind, permissions issue ?23:05
*** changbl has joined #openstack-cinder23:05
hemnaheh yah no logs :(23:06
hemnawe'll have to fix that for the revert to land23:06
rhedlindasselin: I don't see any files for the iscsi one either.23:06
* asselin looks again23:07
*** eikke has joined #openstack-cinder23:07
rhedlindhemna: it was working fine and I am not sure when it stopped listing files. Permissions seems fine.23:07
asselinrhedlind, sorry, your right. I must've clicked a different link then23:07
*** edtubill has quit IRC23:09
asselinrhedlind, not sure which ci solution you're using, but docs to setup a logserver like -infra is here:
asselinyou can try that out or compare the apache conf23:10
*** bswartz has quit IRC23:10
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder: EMC VMAX - Replacing deprecated API EMCGetTargetEndpoints
*** bswartz has joined #openstack-cinder23:11
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rhedlindasselin: I am using that ci solution, but before the common ci solution was added to the tree23:17
*** alonma_ has quit IRC23:17
*** alonma has joined #openstack-cinder23:20
openstackgerritRyan Lucio proposed openstack/cinder: Updated violin driver check for volume objects
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*** alonma has joined #openstack-cinder23:28
harlowjascottda good find, ya, some of that is handled by oslo.conccurency (how locks are per-process, not per-thread)23:30
harlowjabut 'File locking on Linux is just broken. ' is imho why we need better locks that use services that don't ummm, sorta suck23:32
*** alonma has quit IRC23:33
harlowjabut we are in between a hard place a rock right now23:33
harlowjabecause of the path we choose here...23:33
openstackgerritxing-yang proposed openstack/os-brick: Fix iopsLimit parameter in ScaleIO connector
scottdaYeah, there definitely work to be done.23:35
harlowjatherefore tooz, ya, go tooz, ha23:36
harlowja*but nothing will be a silver magic bullet23:36
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder: EMC VMAX - Extend Volume for VMAX3

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