Thursday, 2017-09-07

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openstackgerritTommyLike proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Show resource's total count info in list APIs
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itlinuxhello guys.. what's the best way to se the default type since cinder.conf default_type does not work..01:59
itlinuxI should say default_volume_type01:59
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openstackgerritTommyLike proposed openstack/cinder master: Support az filter for snapshot
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openstackgerrityanghuichan proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix wrong links in Cinder
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openstackgerritHanxi Liu proposed openstack/cinder master: iso8601.is8601.Utc No Longer Exists
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openstackgerritHanxi Liu proposed openstack/cinder master: iso8601.is8601.Utc No Longer Exists
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openstackgerritHanxi Liu proposed openstack/cinder master: Replace iso8601.is8601.Utc with iso8601.UTC
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openstackgerrityanghuichan proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix wrong links in Cinder
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openstackgerritDai Dang Van proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Manual update sphinx version
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/os-brick master: FC PPC64 device discovery issue
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openstackgerritTzur Eliyahu proposed openstack/cinder master: ibm_storage - fix enable replication after disable
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openstackgerrityixuan zhang proposed openstack/cinder master: Storwize: add NPIV support
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kwathore@Team,tommylikehu: This is regarding  "Apply encryption and qos per volume? " topic in .  When this feature will be available or any time line decided in queens cycle?09:11
kwathorecould you please provide some info about it.09:13
tommylikehuhey kwathore  I am not sure abou the schedule or deadline ,I guess  it's all depends on whether we can reach an agreemt during pike cycle. So if you care about this feature, it would be great if you can add more use case for this feature at the etherpad.09:14
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kwathore@tommylikehu: got it. thanks..sure will see some use cases for this09:17
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openstackgerritJesse Wu proposed openstack/cinder master: Synology: Driver unable to be initialized
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kwathore@Team: Please review below cherry-pick:11:37
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openstackgerritHanxi Liu proposed openstack/cinder master: RBD: Create incremental backup for volume in-use failed
openstackgerritHanxi Liu proposed openstack/cinder master: RBD: Create incremental backup for volume in-use failed
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Implement keymgr list() method
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Fix wrong links in Cinder
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/os-brick master: FC PPC64 device discovery issue
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lbragstadsmcginnis: jungleboyj are either of you interested in driving the multi-attach volumes session for the baremetal/vm group?14:23
lbragstadfrom a cinder perspective?14:23
lbragstadcc mriedem for the nova side?14:23
jungleboyjlbragstad:  jgriffith and/or ildikov are probably the best drivers there.  I should probably attend.14:24
lbragstadok - i'll add their names to
lbragstadjungleboyj: what about cinder ephemeral storage for instances?14:25
lbragstadwho would be a good driver for that?14:26
ildikovlbragstad: I will make sure I'm there and will try to bring jgriffith with me too, it's not his favorite topic... :)14:26
lbragstadi'm just trying to get some level of representation in the room for those discussions14:26
lbragstadat those times14:26
ildikovWhen do you plan to have that chat?14:26
ildikovlbragstad: +114:27
lbragstadbut the schedule is still in draft so fee free to propose alternatives (i'll send a ML note, too)14:27
jungleboyjildikov:  Thank you!14:27
jungleboyjlbragstad:  For the ephemeral, that was jgriffith again.  I also would like to be involved in that.14:27
ildikovlbragstad: I need to look into the Cinder and Nova schedules14:27
ildikovlbragstad: will try to do that later today14:28
jungleboyjildikov: I have the schedule out there.14:28
* jungleboyj needs to start putting things on the calendar too. :-)14:28
lbragstadjungleboyj: thanks14:28
lbragstadi have you both down for that one14:28
lbragstadthat discussion is tentatively set for monday afternoon14:28
jungleboyjlbragstad: Ok, there is discussion around that in the Cinder/Nova cross project session as well.14:29
jungleboyjlbragstad:  Let me know when that is so I can try to save time.14:29
lbragstadjungleboyj: sounds good - i'll have the schedule somewhat set and fleshed out in a couple hours14:30
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lbragstadi'll send a note to the ML about it asking for feedback and alternatives if people see conflicts14:30
jungleboyjOk, Preferably before 4pm as I do have another meeting at that time.14:31
lbragstadjungleboyj: done - i have you slated for a time slot right after lunch14:33
jungleboyjlbragstad:  Nice.  Thanks buddy.14:34
lbragstadjungleboyj: yessir!14:34
johnthetubaguyildikov: are you around to talk about this patch?
* jungleboyj is happy to see johnthetubaguy again!14:35
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: are you around in an hour from now?14:35
* johnthetubaguy waves14:35
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I need to get to a conference location and switch to my laptop from the phone :)14:36
johnthetubaguyildikov: I probably can be, ping me when you are free14:36
johnthetubaguyildikov: no worries14:36
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johnthetubaguyildikov: hope the conference isn't making you too edge-ey14:37
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: will do, and we're supposed to have the Cinder-Nova meeting today too14:37
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johnthetubaguyildikov: yeah, could wait till then I guess14:37
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: lol, I hope to see you next week and then you can tell :)14:38
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: will try to ping you before14:38
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ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I bumped all the versions in this patch where we start to use attachment_create:
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I usually try to keep the patches clean and change what's necessary, so I bumped the versions later15:15
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I can change that in the first patch if you think15:15
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mriedemwhat is there to say in the vm/bm room at the ptg about multi-attach?15:22
mriedem"we want it."15:22
mriedem"ok, we're working on it."15:22
mriedemgod i can already tell i'm going to hate monday and tuesday15:24
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ildikovlbragstad: I'm pretty booked Tuesday afternoon with the ETSI NFV - OpenStack workshop15:26
ildikovlbragstad: is there any chance to move the multi-attach discussion to any time earlier?15:27
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ildikovmriedem: and as we are planning to talk about multi-attach for Nova too you will then hate Thursday too?15:27
lbragstadildikov: what if we swap the multi-attach session with the mixed quota session on monday?15:27
smcginnisI wish that ETSI thing was at a better time. I'm curious about that. Would be nice to sit in, but no chance for me.15:28
ildikovlbragstad: that should work for me15:28
ildikovsmcginnis: they have their workshop in Denver that week, so we were very constrained on possible time slots with this :(15:29
lbragstadildikov: done - multi-attach is slated for monday at 15:2015:29
smcginnisildikov: Yeah. I am glad it's taking place. Great that there can be some overlap.15:29
smcginnisildikov: But I want it on MY schedule. :D15:29
ildikovsmcginnis: but if you know anyone who would be interested, please spread the word as it would be great to get OpenStack developers in the room too15:29
ildikovsmcginnis: are you fully booked for Tuesday?15:30
ildikovlbragstad: awesome, thank you!15:30
lbragstadildikov: yep - thanks for the heads up15:30
sdaguelbragstad: what are the goals?15:30
smcginnisildikov: I think I'm fully double booked.15:30
sdagueI get very suspicious of agenda items without goals defined upfront15:30
ildikovsmcginnis: :(15:30
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jungleboyjSounds like mriedem  needs a hug already.  ;-)15:33
ildikovjungleboyj: mriedem: we can do a group hug Monday afternoon ;)15:36
mriedemildikov: the thursday session is a design session more or less15:38
jungleboyjildikov:  Works for me.  :-)15:38
ildikovmriedem: I meant the topic rather than the nature of the session15:38
ildikovmriedem: just don't hate me, I'm just a messenger you know :)15:39
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johnthetubaguyildikov: OK, got you, I would be tempted to bump them all (and create a constant), but that might just be me15:46
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: that sounds like a good option too15:49
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I'm not strongly opinionated on this one, what the majority prefers works15:49
ildikovjohnthetubaguy: I tried to keep the change minimal as an intention so we can figure out these details easier and get this done15:49
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johnthetubaguyildikov: yeah, appreciate that, just made me double take for some reason16:00
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openstackgerritChhavi Agarwal proposed openstack/os-brick master: FC PPC64 device discovery issue
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ildikovjohnthetubaguy: we will also try to get around the Cinder side for multi-attach next week before the joint session17:01
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Implement keymgr list() method
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mriedemjgriffith: jungleboyj: smcginnis: you guys skip microversions in cinderclient ?17:06
mriedemlike, what if someone requests 3.41-3.43?17:06
jungleboyjOy, what happened there?17:08
jgriffithOh.. wait17:09
jungleboyjjgriffith:  Please tell me we didn't screw up.17:09
smcginnismriedem: I'm not following. That's the max version.17:09
jgriffithIIRC I didn't "skip" somebody else never updated... lemme look17:09
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh yeah.17:09
jungleboyjThis was updating the client to catch up with the server.17:10
mriedemyeah, i get that17:10
jgriffithjungleboyj smcginnis his point is my commit17:10
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder17:10
jgriffithJumped from 3.40 to 3.4417:10
jgriffithwhich when you see it is like WTF?17:10
mriedemjust figured, for example, 3.41 to show the user_id in show snapshot would be implemented first17:10
jgriffithmriedem +117:10
smcginnisSo we had server side changes that never made it to the client?17:11
jgriffithsmcginnis correct17:11
jgriffithand still do I believe17:11
smcginnisWell that's bs.17:11
* jungleboyj sighs17:11
mriedemand whatever "Support backup CRUD with metadata." means for 3.4217:11
mriedemi suppose that's a new request entry17:11
mriedemwhen doing backup, providing metadata17:12
jgriffithso honestly I didn't know how else to deal with this17:12
ildikovjgriffith: blame me :)17:12
jgriffithand I wasn't going to go back and implement the missing steps there17:12
mriedemwell, part of it is review17:12
mriedemin novaclient we require each microversion is implemented in order,17:12
mriedemand have a unit test for it, sec17:12
smcginnisYeah, we should have caught that those client side changes never landed.17:12
jgriffithmriedem yeah, another thing about MV's that is going to be problematic17:12
jgriffithlock step17:12
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++17:12
mriedemwell, that's the idea17:13
mriedemthis isn't alembic17:13
smcginnisWe should really require that there is a client side patch with a depends-on for server side API changes.17:13
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Fix attachments on volume show when volume is attaching
jgriffith@smcginnis s/should/need to/17:13
jgriffithwe really don't have a choice going forward IMO17:13
smcginnisStill doesn't prevent 3.46 landing before 3.45 though.17:14
mriedem^ is a test for the novaclient cli17:14
jgriffithsmcginnis which is the problem I had when I looked at it17:14
mriedemwhich looks for version decorated CLI methods,17:14
mriedemand allows to skip some if they don't apply17:14
jgriffithand it kinda screws things up because say for example 3.44 NEVER lands17:14
mriedembut at least then you know things are going in order17:14
jgriffiththe whole thing is not so great IMO17:14
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mriedemon the server side, people are just competing for the next available microversion during dev17:15
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder17:15
mriedemunless you conciously order them17:15
jgriffithsmcginnis so then we have server changes dep on client changes that dep on other client changes that dep from other server changes :)17:15
smcginnisTheoretically, both changes should probably be 3.45 until whoever wins the race, so I guess it kind of sorts itself out as long as we enforce the client change is present.17:15
mriedemsmcginnis: that's how we do it17:15
smcginnisjgriffith: Sounds like a house of cards. Oh wait... :)17:15
mriedemthe client change depends on the server change17:15
jgriffithsmcginnis :)17:15
mriedemand the server change is the next highest available microversion that isn't merged yet17:16
jgriffithsmcginnis if you want some entertainment go look at our gophercloud discussions on how to deal with this stuff17:16
smcginnisI'm afraid to.17:16
smcginnisWe have a 3.23 client change sitting out there yet too. And some of these not even pushed yet.17:18
jgriffithso I bumped to get my change in :)17:18
jgriffithwhich was a dirty trick17:18
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smcginnisjungleboyj: Looks like we have another PTG topic to discuss.17:19
jgriffithand I should be punished17:19
smcginnisAnd some quick catch up work to do.17:19
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Agreed.17:19
* smcginnis wraps jgriffith's knuckles with a ruler17:19
mriedemwell, look who approved it17:19
jgriffiththank you sir may I please have another :)17:19
* mriedem leaves17:20
* jungleboyj is staying quiet lest mriedem wraps me.17:20
jgriffithmriedem cya, thanks for stopping by... always a pleasure :)17:20
jungleboyjhe he17:21
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jungleboyjsmcginnis:  I guess I will tack that on Wednesday as it seems to be an important issue.17:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: VStorage: make logging path configurable
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smcginnisjungleboyj: Yeah, good call.17:23
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hemnaoh man.  Just saw the thread on screen being removed from devstack.   Completely blows.  :(17:55
*** jmlowe_ has quit IRC17:57
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder17:59
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-cinder18:01
*** juzuluag has joined #openstack-cinder18:02
jungleboyjhemna: Totally agree!18:05
jungleboyjReally wish somone would have pushed back.18:06
*** jmlowe has quit IRC18:06
*** jmlowe has joined #openstack-cinder18:06
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*** dims has joined #openstack-cinder18:45
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder18:46
e0ne_jungleboyj, hemna: FYI, if you don't find it already
e0ne_but I agree that screen was good and useful, such as sometimes18:46
jungleboyje0ne_:  I know.  What I may end up doing is just making sure I have rsyslog running on my devstack systems.  I had using journalctl18:47
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder18:48
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smcginnisjungleboyj, hemna: This is useful:
*** chlong__ has joined #openstack-cinder19:12
*** chlong_ has quit IRC19:14
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SwansonDeath to screen.19:19
*** chlong__ has quit IRC19:26
* jungleboyj glares at smcginnis 19:27
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Thanks, that is helpful.19:27
*** juzuluag has quit IRC19:27
*** chlong_ has joined #openstack-cinder19:27
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*** chlong_ has joined #openstack-cinder19:33
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  How did you remove the authorship colors from the etherpad?19:33
smcginnisjungleboyj: You click on the eye in the menu.19:35
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Thank you.19:35
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder19:37
smcginnisI fixed a requirements upgrade issue in several projects, and they have all merged except the one for Cinder. Where's the love?! :D19:38
mriedemi'm back19:39
openstackLaunchpad bug 1715732 in python-cinderclient "VolumeAttachmentManager methods aren't using cinderclient.api_versions.wraps decorator for microversion boundaries" [Undecided,New]19:39
smcginnismriedem: Go away.19:40
smcginnismriedem: Yeah, looks legit. Seems we have a lot of work to do and need to get a new client out very soon.19:40
*** chlong__ has joined #openstack-cinder19:41
*** chlong_ has quit IRC19:43
mtreinishjgriffith, smcginnis: have you seen this before:
mtreinishthat's around where things fall apart, it's not the actual error19:46
mtreinishI'm having a hard time figuring out where it's going wrong19:46
jgriffithmtreinish I haven't actually19:46
smcginnisOn DB creation?19:46
mtreinishdoes anything call exit() in the unit tests?19:48
*** Apoorva has quit IRC19:48
mtreinishsmcginnis: I'm not sure it's the db creation, it looks like it logs that every time it creates a db19:48
mtreinishpart of the problem is the output filter is failing because there is some kind of non-text attachment in the subunit stream19:49
mtreinishbut that's likely caused by an earlier failure19:49
smcginnisThis looks really odd: Short read - got 4090 bytes, wanted 4227 bytes19:49
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder19:50
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder19:50
smcginnismtreinish: Do you know if there were a lot of changes to os-testr?19:50
mtreinishsmcginnis: this is something I'm debugging as part of the new ostestr release19:51
mtreinishit changed the internals from using testr in a subprocess to stestr called directly19:51
smcginnismtreinish: Yeah, just curious what all went into that release.19:51
smcginnisAh, so pretty big then.19:51
mtreinishbut from the actual execution of the tests stestr and testr are more or less identical19:51
mtreinishbut there might be a difference in how the output is being handled which could be causing this19:52
smcginnisWell, I'm close to hitting ESTACKOVERFLOW on my queue right now, but once I catch up I can try to take a look a little more.19:52
*** itlinux has quit IRC19:53
mtreinishok, now worries I'll keep digging19:53
*** edmondsw has quit IRC19:53
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder19:53
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder19:54
*** edmondsw has quit IRC19:58
mtreinishsmcginnis: oh, the other thing worth noting is this only fails on py3520:06
mtreinishpy27 worked fine with the new ostestr release20:06
mtreinishsmcginnis: hmm it worked on the most recent run:
smcginnismtreinish: Hmm. Hopefully it was just a quirk and not an intermittent issue.20:12
smcginnismtreinish: I wonder if we should recheck that a few times to see if we get consistent results.20:12
smcginnisOr just run it locally a few times I suppose would make more sense. :)20:12
mtreinishsmcginnis: I wouldn't want to do that here, the requirements patches run too many jobs20:12
mtreinishthat'd eat too many resources20:12
mtreinishbut running it locally is an option I'll have to build a vm somewhere that has py3520:13
smcginnisYeah, as I wrote that I actually thought about what that would mean. Probably a bad idea.20:13
mtreinishall my systems only have 36 (don't think I have a xenial image handy)20:13
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder20:14
*** itlinux has quit IRC20:15
*** diablo_rojo has joined #openstack-cinder20:16
*** crushil has quit IRC20:26
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-cinder20:31
*** crushil has joined #openstack-cinder20:38
*** armax has quit IRC20:40
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder20:40
*** armax has quit IRC20:40
*** chlong__ has quit IRC20:42
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo:  Is lunch time at the PTG 12 to 1:30 ?20:45
diablo_rojoTechnically its just 12-1 but you can tell people to take an extra half hour.20:46
diablo_rojojungleboyj, ^^20:46
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo:  Ok, one document had it going to 1:30, wanted to make sure that 12 was the starting time.20:46
jungleboyjildikov:  Was worried that it might start at 11.20:46
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo:  Thanks for conforming the 12:00 time.20:47
jgriffithsmcginnis jungleboyj one thing to keep in mind with the version jump/skip thing....20:47
jgriffithsmcginnis jungleboyj 41 just adds a field to the view... 42 removes the in-use check (which is in volume.api I think)20:47
jgriffith43 is in flight20:48
jgriffithso... other than merging weird; kinda nothing to see here?20:48
smcginnisjgriffith: How did you end up with 44 if we haven't landed 43?20:48
smcginnisjgriffith: Or are you saying the client side of it is in flight?20:48
jgriffithsmcginnis Yeah, saying the client side for 43 was in flight IIRC20:48
jgriffithlemme look for it20:48
jungleboyjjgriffith:  I was wondering what we would do for things that didn't have a client side changes.20:48
jungleboyjFigured that was something we needed to talk about.20:49
smcginnisSo Nova didn't have any response-only changes yet?20:49
*** catintheroof has quit IRC20:49
*** catintheroof has joined #openstack-cinder20:49
jungleboyjThat would seem unlikely.  :-)20:50
*** catintheroof has quit IRC20:50
smcginnismriedem: Have you had any mv bumps that just changed the returned properties? ^^20:51
mriedemchanged the returned properties20:52
mriedemlike, not a new key in the response body?20:52
mriedemjust a different value?20:52
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder20:52
mriedemwe've had response only changes,20:53
mriedemlike the aggregates API was changed to return a uuid for the id field rather than an integer20:53
mriedembut, don't think we needed to change the client for that20:53
* mriedem looks20:53
jungleboyjmriedem:  So we are wondering how you handled that.20:53
*** wanghao_ has joined #openstack-cinder20:54
mriedemoh i guess this one had a new key in the response20:55
smcginnismriedem: Ah, so it just gets added to the "exclusions" list.20:55
*** dave-mccowan has quit IRC20:55
mriedemit added a column to the table output20:55
mriedem is limited20:56
mriedem^ is only check for shell methods which use the api_versions.wraps decorator20:56
*** abishop has quit IRC20:56
mriedemso it depends on how you implement the shell side of things20:56
*** wanghao has quit IRC20:56
mriedemi could have done a new method with the decorator,20:56
mriedembut i chose to just inline it in the existing method20:56
*** dustins has quit IRC20:56
mriedemyeah so in 2.41 we returned the int id and uuid as a new key,20:57
mriedemwe had another one where the id key value changed from an int to a uuid20:57
mriedem2.53 i think20:57
mriedemthat one is a lot bigger than just that change, because we changed the formats of several other PUT methods in 2 different APIs20:58
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder20:58
mriedemit was basically a pretty large rewrite of two apis20:58
smcginnisOK, think I got it. Thanks.20:59
mriedem2 methods there20:59
mriedemcould have been one since they both just take an id20:59
mriedembut i split them for the help message20:59
*** scottda_ has joined #openstack-cinder20:59
mriedemso it just kind of depends on the change and what you want to show in the client21:00
jgriffithmriedem so part of the confusion I *think*... is for example 3.4121:00
mriedemnot all microversions require big changes to the client besides bumping the max version21:00
jgriffith3.41 added a field user_id to snapshot list/detail21:00
jungleboyjmriedem:  That was what I was wondering.21:00
mriedemin the response?21:00
jgriffithThat's all handled by the view builder on the server side21:00
jgriffithmriedem yes21:00
jungleboyjmriedem:  At a minimum though, there should be a client change that notes a bump on the server side.21:00
mriedemso i assume you have a cinder snapshot-show CLI21:00
jgriffiththere's an additional field in the response from that21:01
mriedemif you wanted to show the user_id in the CLI table output for snapshot-show, then that's your CLI side microversion change, but if you don't plan on showing that in the table output...21:01
jgriffithSo my assumption is that when that change was made since the only modification needed was server side (view builder) that the CLI was never done21:01
mriedemthe python API binding side for that is probably no change21:01
*** itlinux has quit IRC21:01
jgriffithmriedem well... no21:01
jgriffithmriedem if I wanted to see the user_id in the response from the cli, then I say "OS_VOLUME_API_VERSION=3.41"21:02
jgriffithand the CLI just parses out the view/dict that's returned21:02
mriedemno it doesn't21:02
mriedembecause the table columns are whitelisted21:02
jgriffithmriedem yeah, it just so happens that that particular example doesn't work from the CLI :)21:03
jgriffithbut does work from a python call21:03
jgriffithgo figure21:03
mriedemthe python api binding code is less of a problem21:03
jgriffithmriedem right21:04
mriedemthe api code is mostly only affected when a request changes21:04
mriedemfor new or removed keys21:04
jgriffithmriedem yes21:04
jgriffiththings can get ugly21:04
jgriffithwhat's worse is trying to write other binding for this :(21:05
jgriffithbut that's another channel21:05
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder21:05
*** itlinux has quit IRC21:05
jgriffithmriedem anyway, I'm in the process of patching the client to add the missing items21:05
*** esker has quit IRC21:05
jgriffithbut enforcing this going forward is going to be *fun*, unless we start being a little more selective about MV bumps which would be nice21:05
jgriffithwe're kind of abusing the whole thing IMO21:06
jgriffithLike this change for example... why we need user_id in the list results for a snapshot is beyond me21:07
mriedemwell, can a snapshot be created on behalf of another user?21:09
mriedemwe have a microversion where you can create a keypair as an admin on behalf of another user21:10
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder21:10
mriedemso in that case, knowing the owner of the keypair is useful in the response21:10
jgriffithI'm aware21:10
jgriffithand no, it can not21:11
mriedemi agree it's an awkward line, and we've started doubling up things into a single microversion recently21:11
jgriffithin Cinder, there isn't a mechanism to do that21:11
mriedemto avoid having 10 microversions for 10 little things,21:11
mriedemwe've been merging some similar changes into a single microversion, like with deprecations21:11
jgriffithmriedem yeah, I'd still like to see a single mv per release, but people will throw things at me again for saying it out loud21:11
jgriffithand yes, I know... "but what about the poor rolling release folks"21:12
mriedemthe hardest part about doing more things in a single microversion is being able to clearly document what they all are21:12
jgriffithblah blah blah21:12
mriedemthe giant api patch that contains them all21:12
jgriffithSure, nothing is perfect21:12
jgriffithnah, not a single patch21:12
jgriffithas you go... open a new MV at beginning of release21:12
jgriffithanything new uses it21:12
jgriffithend or release, bump21:12
jgriffithstart over21:13
jgriffithrinse, repeat21:13
mriedemsure, which isn't CD21:13
mriedembut i know you don't care21:13
mriedemso let's just stop talking about this21:13
jgriffithmriedem well it's not that I don't care21:13
jgriffithmriedem I do.. and I think that's a problem that can be solved21:13
jgriffithit creates problems with querying where things are at during a release cycle21:14
* smcginnis would love 1 bump per cycle21:14
jgriffithbut anyway21:14
mriedemdo you care about this?
jgriffithI think MV's is a great step forward, I just think we're learning as we go a little bit and it's worth at least thinking about and discussing things a bit21:15
jgriffithI care so much that I gave it a +121:15
smcginnisOne API version to rule them all!21:16
jgriffithsmcginnis +121:16
jgriffithwait... no... +221:16
jgriffithme +021:16
smcginnis[and a bunch of tiny micro versions to follow it]21:16
jgriffith44 of them to be exact21:17
smcginnisjgriffith: Did you see
smcginnis+51, -195421:17
jgriffithI did, thought I approved that last night21:17
smcginnisSweet Christmas21:17
jgriffithsmcginnis oh.. I remember my hesitation21:18
jgriffithadded a comment, is it worth posting to ML and informing everyone that we're doing this?21:19
jgriffithOr since we have followed the process and allowed ample time just remove it and move on21:19
jgriffithI'm leaning towards just removing it and being done21:19
smcginnisOh, missed your comment there. Yeah, probably should. To openstack-operators too.21:19
smcginnisWe could do that post I suppose.21:19
smcginnisI'll do that now though.21:19
jgriffithmeh, I'm going to merge it21:20
smcginnisJust close your eyes and click.21:20
jgriffithand hold my breath21:20
jgriffithfrankly I'm nervous doing anything with API's or Objects etc any more21:21
jgriffithThere's a 90% chance it's going to be *wrong*21:21
smcginnisYeah... this ones a little overdue IMO though.21:21
smcginnisSomeone wil complain.21:21
jgriffithI agree 10000%21:21
jgriffithabout it being overdue21:21
smcginnisBut it's not like we're ripping out the fundamental way that our services are running or anything.21:21
jgriffithand about someone complaining :)21:21
*** armax has quit IRC21:22
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder21:25
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:32
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-cinder21:34
*** xyang has quit IRC21:37
*** xyang has joined #openstack-cinder21:37
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:38
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Use conditional update for group update and delete
jungleboyjSorry, had to step away for a bit.21:42
jungleboyjmriedem: jgriffith  Isn't rolling multiple changes into an MV against everything the MVs awere created for?21:43
jungleboyjWe either need to agree to bump once a release or to go with a per change MV?  Otherwise we get bogged down arguing about what goes into what MV.21:43
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove Coho volume driver
mriedemjungleboyj: it's 4:45 so i'm not going to talk about it today21:45
jungleboyjmriedem:  Fair enough.21:46
*** felipemonteiro_ has quit IRC21:46
smcginnisjungleboyj: ""against everything the MVs21:49
smcginnis                    awere created for?21:49
smcginnisI don't think so. It's against those that say it's been a "fundamental principle from the beginning" that you can deploy from master at any point.21:50
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah, I thought the whole point of the Microversions was to have small independent changes.21:50
*** itlinux has quit IRC21:51
smcginnisI think it's to be able to have incremental changes. Now whether that increment is granular to an individual commit or an individual official "release" is the part that's somewhat controversial.21:51
*** armax has quit IRC21:53
jgriffithjungleboyj think of it this way... the ability to query your endpoint and get a version that will depict *exactly* what API calls are available and how they will behave21:53
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder21:54
jgriffithjungleboyj so for example xing's change that added groups api had multiple things added for a single MV and that's ok21:54
jgriffithit all landed at once and turned on the new API's/Features21:54
jgriffiththe opposite of that is adding user_id to the response from snapshot-list21:54
jgriffithThat's a single/minor change21:54
jgriffithbut it's a behavioral change that you have to advertise to CD type folks inparticular somehow21:55
jgriffith(not just CD but anyone for that matter)21:55
jungleboyjjgriffith:  I see what you mean.  So saying a "single change" is incorrect.21:55
jungleboyjI think we can agree though that a bump shouldn't include multiple unrelated changes.  Correct?21:55
smcginnisNo. :)21:55
jgriffithjungleboyj so that's the debate :)21:55
jgriffithfor me at least :)21:56
*** diablo_rojo has quit IRC21:56
smcginnisI'd rather it have multple unrelated changes.21:56
jgriffithbut you don't want to listen to me, or you'll just get yourself in trouble21:56
smcginnisBut if I ask for that version, I want all of those unrelated changes there.21:56
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Why?21:56
jgriffithjungleboyj because it's WAY easier to manage and implement21:56
smcginnisBecause for me, I only care, am I talking to an Ocata cloud, am I talking to a Pike cloud.21:56
jungleboyjjgriffith:  Sure, if we do one bump per release.21:56
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Ok, I agree with that.21:57
jgriffithand when people are trying to write SDK's and such they have a prayer of not wanting to jump off a bridge21:57
smcginnisI don't care, am I talking to a 7e6abe65fea5e27ab2f9ea701e3f13e244d4ce2e cloud.21:57
jungleboyjjgriffith:  :-)21:57
jgriffithsmcginnis +121:57
jgriffithMy proposal for consumer sdk's is exactly what smcginnis describes21:57
jgriffithotherwise it's madness for me to continually try and do all 44 iterations of a request21:58
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Ok, so I agree that is easier.  But if we aren't going to do all the unrelated changes together for a release then we need to have a reasonable line we draw for what goes together.21:58
jgriffithit's fine for things like python21:58
jgriffithbut in things like golang you don't have that inheritance nonsense to use :)21:58
smcginnisWhich brings us to the current state of version per commit.21:58
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Right.  Not saying it is right.  It is just how it is.21:58
jgriffithOk... only thing left to catch up is "backup_update"21:58
smcginnisIf we could agree version per "release" - because hey, it's an actual release - then everyone's life is simplier.21:59
jgriffithOh I love this!21:59
*** armax has quit IRC21:59
jgriffithso backup_update is an extension in contribs21:59
smcginnisPArticularly API consumers.21:59
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Agreed.22:00
jgriffithand it has a micro-version22:00
jgriffithAll of those backup calls should've been moved out of contrib when they were updated22:01
smcginnisjgriffith: I haven't looked at that one, but I think the way we've been handling that for other extension ones is to leave the base extension bit in contrib and then the mv changes under the v3 api stuff.22:03
*** diablo_rojo has joined #openstack-cinder22:07
*** mchlumsky has quit IRC22:10
*** thegreenhundred has quit IRC22:11
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Who is driving our policy-in-code work?  Was that tommylikehu ?22:15
jgriffiththere's a number of those little things slid in there, which is far easier than moving it etc22:16
*** diablo_rojo_ has joined #openstack-cinder22:21
jgriffithsmcginnis jungleboyj so the question is... should I move those under V3 now, or as a separate patch?  Or not at all?22:23
jgriffithsmcginnis jungleboyj this is the change to catch up the versions:
*** diablo_rojo has quit IRC22:24
jgriffithnever mind22:24
jgriffithI'm not changing it on the server side22:24
jgriffiththat's SEP22:24
jgriffithcarry on22:25
jungleboyjI don't see anything immediately wrong with that.22:26
jungleboyjNo change is needed for 3.42 ?22:26
jungleboyjjgriffith: ^^ Just to clarify.22:27
jgriffithjungleboyj 3.42 allows extend on an in-use volume; there's not changes in args, or responses to the call; just the status check on the server side22:28
*** armax has joined #openstack-cinder22:28
jgriffithan "in-use volume" even :)22:28
jungleboyjjgriffith:  Ok, so that would have just been a MAX_VERSION change if we had done it right.22:28
jungleboyjOMG, as I am going to through the specs review list and looking at that and it is sitting there with that very question in the spec review.  Guess that answers the question.22:29
jgriffithjungleboyj correct22:30
smcginnisWe should probably talk about this at some point too.
* smcginnis just pours himself another glass of wine22:31
jgriffithsmcginnis LOL22:31
smcginnisOr is that whine. :)22:32
jgriffithsmcginnis so I'm in favor of this, we should replace force-delete with a force flag22:32
jgriffithsmcginnis a little of both perhaps?22:32
smcginnisjgriffith: Yeah, I'm leaning that way. Deprecate force-delete, add delete --force with appropriate handling.22:32
* jungleboyj is about to go have scotch and sirloin22:34
smcginnisjungleboyj: Company expense - go with the filet mignon.22:35
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  jgriffith  Yeah, adding --force would be in line with other changes we have made.22:35
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Actually, Prime Rib.22:35
*** xyang has quit IRC22:36
smcginnisI think all Cinder release notes should all start off with "We are exceptionally equipped" now.22:37
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Indeed!22:38
jungleboyjI am just going to wear a tag that says that.22:38
jgriffithsmcginnis LOL22:38
smcginnisOK, I better feed the offspring and dogs before they all start harrassing me.22:39
*** diablo_rojo__ has joined #openstack-cinder22:39
*** sticker has joined #openstack-cinder22:41
*** diablo_rojo_ has quit IRC22:42
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Remove API v1
*** diablo_rojo_ has joined #openstack-cinder22:43
*** chlong has joined #openstack-cinder22:44
*** diablo_rojo__ has quit IRC22:46
*** chlong has quit IRC22:51
jgriffithsmcginnis ya gotta watch it.. they get hungry enough we'll find your half eaten remains in a week22:52
*** chlong has joined #openstack-cinder22:52
*** Apoorva_ has joined #openstack-cinder22:59
tommylikehujungleboyj:  yes, what's up?23:00
*** Apoorva has quit IRC23:02
*** itlinux has joined #openstack-cinder23:04
*** itlinux has quit IRC23:04
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Use newer location for iso8601 UTC
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove Blockbridge volume driver
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openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/python-cinderclient master: Implement UserID in snapshot list response
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openstackgerritJohn Griffith proposed openstack/python-cinderclient master: Implement metadata for backup create/update
jgriffithwell I'm outa time, but will finish the one up tomorrow and address the bug mriedem filed as well23:54
jgriffithand jump start my migrated CI :(23:55
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