Saturday, 2018-05-19

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kien-haHello. I am new to the Cinder project and I am looking to contribute. Is there a place to help me get started with contributing?00:22
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smcginniskien-ha: Welcome!17:51
smcginniskien-ha: You can look through the bugs and see if there are any you think you could resolve:
smcginniskien-ha: Code reviews are always welcome too:
smcginniskien-ha: If you haven't done code review with gerrit before, you can look through the changes and leave comments if there are any issues you see with the change and vote -1 on the patch.17:53
smcginniskien-ha: Or if it all looks good to you, then you can vote +1.17:53
smcginniskien-ha: Updates and improvements on docs are always welcome.17:53
smcginniskien-ha: If it works for your timezone, we have a weekly meeting on Wednesday's you can attend.17:54
smcginniskien-ha: And anything else that interests you, just let us know if you have any questions.17:54
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove duplicate sample files
kien-hasmcginnis: thanks Sean! I appreciate the help. I started reviewing the code and trying to learn what I can from them. about the meetings, are they done in this channel? I would like to drop by for these meetings. I think the time is a non issue18:14
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smcginnis[m]kien-ha: The meetings take place in #openstack-meeting18:26
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Support availability-zone type
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jungleboyjAny Upstream Institute people in here?22:50
jungleboyjvkmc:  :-(22:50
jungleboyjvkmc:  Was wondering if anyone is interested in us this time.22:51
jungleboyjWe used to be cool.  ;-)22:52
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