Thursday, 2018-08-09

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/queens: VSA: Concurrent request handling in attachment
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jgriffithsmcginnis: maybe I'm confused, but doesn't that evaluate to the same thing?
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jgriffithahhh... I see the issue02:37
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openstackgerritRyan Liang proposed openstack/cinder master: Unity: Add consistent group support
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Fix _attachment_reserve to not allow attaching an invalid status volume
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/cinder master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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openstackgerritJay Rubenstein proposed openstack/cinder master: SF ensure the correct volume is deleted
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openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: Fix _attachment_reserve to not allow attaching an invalid status volume
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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KeithMnemonicsmcginnis: The queens patch merged, so can we +A this one now
jungleboyjKeithMnemonic:  Done.14:25
jungleboyjKeithMnemonic:  Welcome.14:26
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openstackgerritJay Rubenstein proposed openstack/cinder master: SF clean spaces and over 80 character lines for newly added tests
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Allow extra parameters in volume_type_encryption
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woojayHello, my name is Woojay Poynter from LINBIT and just wanted to make a quick introduction that I am working a Cinder driver for our Linstor SDS, which will ultimately take place of current DRBDManage driver as well as the backend.17:12
luizbagjungleboyj, just to confirm, do we have that os-brick release ready?17:17
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jungleboyjluizbag:  I have it proposed but it hasn't gone through yet.17:59
luizbagok, thanks18:00
luizbagis there anything I can do to help speeding it up?18:00
smcginniswoojay: Welcome!18:05
smcginnisluizbag: Stable branch releases need to wait until Monday for the stable release team to review them. They might before then, but probably best not to expect an official release until Monday.18:06
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++18:07
jungleboyjwoojay:  Welcome.  Did Haley bring you up to speed on what needs to be done to get a driver in?18:07
luizbagsmcginnis, thanks for the explanation!18:07
woojaysmcginnis: Thank you!  I have some basic functionalities starting to work, and will get on the CI train sooner than later.18:07
tswansonThey really should release them late on a friday.18:07
woojayjungleboyj: She did, and I'm just getting started on that train.18:08
smcginniswoojay: That's a good plan to get on CI soon. That's often more of a challenge than the driver itself it seems.18:08
jungleboyjwoojay:  Ok.  She mentioned that they were going to be doing a new driver.18:08
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ++18:08
jungleboyjWhat is your timeline?18:08
woojaysmcginnis: I've been told that by Hayley as well.18:08
smcginniswoojay: Perfect. ;)18:09
smcginniswoojay: Any chance you are able to attend the PTG in September?18:09
woojayjungleboyj: Actually hoping to get it functionally ready w/in the next few months.18:09
woojaysmcginnis: I will have to ask my boss.  8-)18:10
jungleboyjwoojay: If you can be at the PTG that would help.18:10
woojayjungleboyj: For both Cinder AND DRBD product, we are looking to replace DRBDManage Driver and the underlying product w/ Linstor Driver and Linstor.18:11
jungleboyjwoojay:  As far as the timeline if you want it in Stein you will need to have everything working in October I think.  Don't have an exact date yet.  Sooner is better though.18:11
jungleboyjOk, so will also need to get DRBD deprecated for a release before removing.18:12
woojayjungleboyj: Sounds great.  Hopefully by the end of the month, I'm hoping for a solid product for testing and reviewing.18:12
jungleboyjwoojay:  Where are you based?18:12
woojayjungleboyj: So once linstor is approved then drbdmanage can deprecate the next release?18:12
woojayjungleboyj: Our parent company is in Vienna, AT, but Hayley and I are in Beaverton, OR18:13
openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Update .gitreview for stable/rocky
jungleboyjwoojay:  That sounds like a good plan.18:13
openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Update UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/rocky
openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/cinder master: Update reno for stable/rocky
jungleboyjwoojay:  Excellent.  If you are able to join our weekly meeting and keep open communication that really helps.18:13
smcginniswoojay: Is the new driver significantly different? Wondering if you can just update and rename the existing driver.18:13
woojayYeah, I've been meaning to attend the meeting.  Finally set my  calendar.  I will be there next week.18:14
smcginnisall: with those release bot patches above, that means master is now stein.18:14
jungleboyjWe made it!18:15
jungleboyjwoojay:  Great news!18:15
woojaysmcginnis: If we can rename and take over, and change the product name to Linstor, that would be perfect.  I'm basically following the old one and updating.  It will be a single file w/ a name changed to linstordrv.py18:15 -> would be pretty sweet for us.18:15
smcginniswoojay: Yeah, we've done that before and actually have a mechanism in place to make upgrades easier for existing deployments.18:20
smcginniswoojay: Let me see if I can find a good example for you.18:20
woojaysmcginnis: Thank you for mentioning that.18:20
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  So would the existing driver not go through deprecation then?18:20
jungleboyjJust an upgrade basically?18:21
smcginnisjungleboyj: No, then it wouldn't need to be and we wouldn't have to do a full new driver review. It would just be reviewing that the updates are OK and renaming the driver.18:21
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That would be good.18:21
jungleboyjwoojay:  Just to be clear, existing driver users could just start using the new driver with their existing set-up?18:22
woojayUnfortunately no.  DRBDManage users will have to install Linstor packages instead.18:23
jungleboyjBut their is a process to upgrade?  It isn't a replacement of the storage?18:23
jungleboyjI.E. I would access the same data?18:24
smcginnisJust installing different local packages, right?18:24
jungleboyjwoojay:  Ok.  Good deal.  Then doing the upgrade will work.18:24
smcginniswoojay: This might be a good example:
woojayDRBDManage is a front-end for DRBD we are looking to replace w/ Linstor for management.  Underlying DRBD remains same.18:24
woojayjungleboyj: Awesome.18:25
woojaysmcginnis: Thank you.18:25
smcginniswoojay: Of particular interest, see cinder/volume/ for how we make it a little easier for those upgrading.18:25
jungleboyjwoojay:  Cool.  That sounds good.18:25
woojayThank you both.  I will ask about meeting you guys in September and will be busy reading about the review process the rest of the week.  8-)18:26
smcginnisGood plan!18:26
jungleboyjwoojay: Sounds great.  Feel free to ping us if you have questions.18:27
woojayjungleboyj: Thank you.  I'm sure.18:28
jungleboyjwoojay:  If you are hoping to become active in Cinder in general a good way to learn is to review code and we need more reviewers right now.18:28
woojayjungleboyj: I'm pretty new to this space, but I'll be glad to help sooner than later.  I'm sure I will be owning the linstor driver for a while anyway.18:29
jungleboyjwoojay:  Good deal.18:30
jungleboyjIf you are planning to be around for a while checkout joining us for the OpenStack Upstream Institute in Berlin.18:31
jungleboyjI mentor and help people there and it is a good way to come up to speed with OpenStack.18:31
woojayjungleboyj: That sounds pretty cool.  Our CEO is going to the main event.  I will have to ask about that one as well.18:32
jungleboyjwoojay:  Good.  Obviously the PTG will also provide excellent experience and I can help bring you up to speed there as well.18:33
woojayjungleboyj: I will definitely push for that.  Timing works out great w/ hopefully Linstor driver ready by that time.18:34
jungleboyjJust FYI, the PTG ticket price goes up in a couple of weeks.18:35
woojayjungleboyj: Thank you for that tip.18:35
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randomhackhaving some issues creating encrypted volumes from an image, the encrypted volume (and secret) are created, but then the glance image is downloaded and attempted to be written directly to the iSCSI block device and not the mounted crypt device19:06
randomhackroot      7423  0.1  0.0 226884  9516 ?        Sl   14:35   0:02 /bin/qemu-img convert -t none -O raw /opt/pf9/pf9-cindervolume-base/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cinder/conversion/tmpJQC931 /dev/disk/by-path/
randomhackwhen the crypt device is called: 253:4    0    20G  0 crypt19:08
randomhackqemu-img just hangs indefinitely and volume stuck on downloading state19:08
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ^^^ Would that be related to the bug we were looking at yesterday?19:08
randomhackI should say this is an old release of cinder volume (newton)19:11
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jungleboyjOh ... nevermind then.19:11
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jungleboyjHmmm, are do you have enough space for qemu-img to create the image?19:11
randomhackjungleboyj: lots of space free on the cindervolume node19:12
eharneynewton doesn't have all of the fixes i landed related to images and encrypted volumes in , so this use case probably doesn't work right19:12
randomhackeharney: thanks I'll read over these fixes19:13
jungleboyjeharney:  Ok.  Good to know.  Thanks for the feedback.19:16
randomhackeharney: the only fix related to my bug (creating encrypted volume from standard image) was -- I checked and this code fix is in my current distribution, also this functionality used to work in our environment -- trying to determine what changed19:31
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Note max API version for Rocky
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itlinuxhello guys what's the option to set a default cinder zone.. looks like the new version has cinder_default_availability_zone but in PIKE I cannot see that's an option. THanks20:48
jungleboyjitlinux:  I feel like that was added in queens or Rocky.20:49
itlinuxok so now it shows nova.. but I need to have one of the other..20:49
itlinuxwhat's the best way to change that..20:49
itlinuxsince I have 2 zone now.. and they look ok.. since I used the backend_ option in the config20:50
itlinuxbut when I do not specify it it fails..20:50
itlinuxso I need to make sure the default works20:50
itlinuxI do have this default_availability_zone = zone-a but it does not look it's taking it..20:51
jungleboyjitlinux: What are you trying to do?20:51
itlinuxit still show nova as default20:51
itlinuxI have two racks, each rack has it's own cinder backend20:51
itlinuxso I want to map them into that rack = rack1 =backend-cinder-1  rack2=backend-cinder220:52
itlinuxI have the az in nova already20:52
itlinuxand created them in the cinder as to map them within nova.. I left one out which is the infrastucture but I want infra to be able to use either one of the zone.20:53
jungleboyjitlinux: Did we talk with you about this earlier in the week?20:53
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itlinuxyes we did.20:53
itlinuxso trying to implement it now20:53
jungleboyjitlinux:  Trying to remember what we recommended.20:54
smcginnisitlinux: storage_availability_zone is what you want IIRC.20:54
itlinuxI set that too20:54
itlinuxor should that be storage_availability_zone=zone-a,zone-b20:55
openstackgerritErlon R. Cruz proposed openstack/cinder master: [DNM] Testing SF CI
smcginnisNot sure if that will get updated in the services table if you change it afterwards. Do you happen to know jungleboyj?20:56
itlinuxbut even if it does not show up there, it fails so I am trying to get that part working20:56
smcginnisYeah, I don't think it updates the services table.20:57
jungleboyjOk, so you have one backend set up to be zone-a and one set to be zone-b .20:58
jungleboyjThat looks right.20:58
itlinuxyes that's correct20:58
itlinuxbut I just did cinder create 120:58
itlinuxand see the results..20:58
itlinuxdoes not use either zone-a or b20:58
itlinuxstill using nova..20:59
jungleboyjInteresting, but the volume and scheduler are running as Nova.20:59
jungleboyjHmmmm ...20:59
itlinuxso what's the way to make that change?20:59
jungleboyjI have never played with the zones.20:59
jungleboyjHave you restarted all the services since you updated the configuration?21:00
itlinuxtrying that again..21:00
itlinuxI am sure I did but just in case..21:00
smcginnisAnd are you creating via Nova? If so, is Nova set up with the same AZ?21:00
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That was going to be my next question.  :-)21:01
itlinuxyes nova has the two zones21:01
itlinuxshow you one sec21:01
jungleboyjIs the volume you showed created as part of the instance creation?21:01
itlinuxI just did cinder create..21:02
itlinuxif I go in the UI or from the cli I use volume-type then it goes to the right location21:03
jungleboyjSo many happy faces.21:04
itlinuxI just updated with the new two zone if I use availibility zone21:05
jungleboyjI bet it is defaulting to nova for the AZ if you don't specify it.21:05
smcginnisSo it's working now after the restart?21:05
itlinuxno ..21:05
smcginnisOh, not defaulting.21:05
itlinuxit defaults to nova..21:05
itlinuxI need to set the default21:05
jungleboyjI wonder if this is part of the reason that tommylikehu wanted to add the AZ support in the type.21:06
itlinuxnot sure.. I did add the type on mine as well21:07
smcginnisIt should use default_availability_zone if not explicitly provided.21:07
smcginnisitlinux: You have a backend named zone-b as well?21:08
jungleboyjitlinux: That is different, but that is ok for what you are doing.21:08
itlinuxI know. I would need one or the other..21:08
itlinuxwell I need az..21:08
itlinuxI do not need type21:08
smcginnisThis volume type will make sure the volume is created on the zone-b backend, but I don't think it does anything looking at the AZ then.21:09
jungleboyjSo, I think you need to set that.21:10
jungleboyjSo, if the volume is create by Nova will it make sure to use the right AZ?21:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ^^21:10
smcginnisI don't think nova provides one, but I could be wrong.21:11
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itlinuxI think I found it.. let me see. I had default_volume_type to an old thing ..21:12
itlinuxthat di did not do anything..21:13
itlinuxwhere do you want me to set that.. which file?21:14
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itlinuxok I found it in cinder.conf21:15
itlinuxlet me try that21:15
openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove the CoprHD driver
jungleboyjitlinux:  Having a default volume type of something that doesn't exist causes bad things to happen.21:16
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jungleboyjsmcginnis: What was your trick for changing the branch of a patch after you have pushed it up?21:19
itlinuxwell I have the type now.. and it should be good on that aspect..21:19
itlinuxany other thoughts guys?21:19
smcginnisjungleboyj: You can either edit it in gerrit, or when you push it you can provide a different topic name than the local branch name by doing "git review -t other-name"21:20
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*** gouthamr is now known as gouthamr|brb21:21
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openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove the CoprHD driver
openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder master: Add blank line to fix doc build failure
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openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove the CoprHD driver
*** gouthamr|brb is now known as gouthamr21:40
itlinuxis there a way to force a deletion of a type?21:45
itlinuxI tied and I get something strange..21:45
jungleboyjitlinux:  You can't delete a type if there are still volumes associated with it.21:45
jungleboyjYou can't force it.  I don't think.21:45
itlinuxI do not have any volumes21:45
itlinuxnothing on zone-b21:46
itlinuxwhich is the one I am trying to delete21:47
smcginnisA type or a volume. That shows a volume.21:49
smcginnisPart of this confusion might be that it seems you are intermixing several different things here but using the same names.21:50
jungleboyjYeah, that if a volume.21:50
itlinuxDelete for volume type 1619f222-7add-4f36-ba8c-c43ff255a691 failed: Target volume type is still in use.21:50
itlinuxhow do I find the volume21:50
itlinuxsince I do not see it..21:50
itlinuxtrying to reset to where default was working21:52
smcginnisitlinux: Your paste shows the volume.21:52
itlinuxnot following you smcginnis:21:52
itlinuxwhat am I missing?21:52
smcginnisitlinux: This is a volume -
itlinuxyea but that's not zone-b21:53
itlinuxit's on tripleo_iscsci which is disabled.. why can I not delete volume-type zone-b21:54
itlinuxwhich has nothing to do with ostgroup@tripleo_iscsi#tripleo_iscsi21:54
smcginnisVolumes and different than volume types are different than availability zones are different than volume backends. At various point here you've interchanged all of those terms referring to something else, so I really am not sure what is actually going on.21:54
itlinuxyes I agree..21:56
itlinuxall have diff things. I am trying to delete a volume type21:56
smcginnisitlinux: So you need to delete the volume first.21:57
itlinuxwell I have been told earlier to use the same name with the az zone so that would work..21:57
itlinuxI am trying to delete the volume21:57
itlinuxdoes not go21:57
itlinuxb4b2ebff-03ee-42f8-954d-a38c839ac05e | deleting | image-e4bebdcd-e392-4822-bb25-51aa6336a9ce | 121:57
itlinuxtried force..21:57
itlinuxstill does not go..21:57
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itlinuxmysql reports something ..21:58
itlinuxdelete from volumes where id = 'b4b2ebff-03ee-42f8-954d-a38c839ac05e';21:58
itlinuxERROR 1451 (23000): Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`cinder`.`volume_admin_metadata`, CONSTRAINT `volume_admin_metadata_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`volume_id`) REFERENCES `volumes` (`id`))21:58
jungleboyjOy vey.21:58
jungleboyjOh, wait, is the state 'attached'?21:59
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/queens: Fix _attachment_reserve to not allow attaching an invalid status volume
itlinuxfound it21:59
jungleboyjIf so, you need to do a reset state.22:00
jungleboyjWhich reminds me that I really need to write that reset-state documentation.22:00
itlinuxfor some reason that volume is stuck..22:01
itlinuxyes I did reset the state but then when I try to delete it fails again22:01
jungleboyjWhat is the state?22:02
itlinuxnow says deleting but I had it set to available22:02
jungleboyjHmm, the reset-state didnt' work then.22:02
jungleboyjOh, it was in available and then you tried deleting again?22:03
itlinuxb4b2ebff-03ee-42f8-954d-a38c839ac05e | available22:03
itlinuxif I try to delete of force delete it will get stuck on deletion22:03
jungleboyjWhat is the failure in the volume logs?  Why can't you actually delete it?22:03
itlinuxnot sure I can check22:04
jungleboyjMight be easier to fix that so you can actually delete it.22:05
itlinuxRequest to delete volume b4b2ebff-03ee-42f8-954d-a38c839ac05e has been accepted.22:05
itlinuxbut now22:05
itlinuxb4b2ebff-03ee-42f8-954d-a38c839ac05e | deleting | image-e4bebdcd-e392-4822-bb25-51aa6336a9ce | 1    |22:05
itlinuxnever does22:06
itlinuxlog did not say anything since I do not have verbose on22:06
jungleboyjThere should be an indication as to why in the volume log.22:06
jungleboyjMay want to try with more verbose logging.  Also depending on your backend it may take a while for the delete to happen.22:06
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itlinuxcinder-volume    | hostgroup@tripleo_iscsi | nova   | enabled | down how do you make state up22:11
*** cmart has quit IRC22:11
itlinuxit's enable I restarted the pcs services.. but it still show down..22:11
itlinuxwhat is the way to set this up?22:11
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*** imacdonn has joined #openstack-cinder22:12
*** tobasco is now known as tobias-urdin22:14
itlinuxgoing to renable backends and see..22:17
itlinuxso that did the trick..22:20
itlinuxit was on the backend..22:20
itlinuxnow turning it off.. and also trying to set default az.. shall see..22:20
itlinuxsince that was set to get the default not sure why does not take the parameters..22:21
*** itlinux has quit IRC22:23
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Update reno for stable/rocky
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