Thursday, 2018-09-06

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openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/cinder master: Support to query volume filter by changes since/before
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dominixhi there02:32
dominixI am wondering if Cinder has some feature able to move block from one kind of disk to another depending if its read often or not02:33
dominixlike multi tier dispatch02:33
dominixmoving block from SSD type to SAS and then SATA if less often accessed02:34
dominixor move these block from SATA to SAS to SSD if more often accessed.02:34
dominixhow will you name this feature ?02:35
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openstackgerritwang yong proposed openstack/cinder master: Cinder volume driver for Inspur AS13000 series
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openstackgerritBoxiang Zhu proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix wrong filter of backups in db api
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whoami-rajatsmcginnis:  ok, thought the same, Thanks04:24
openstackgerritRaunak Kumar proposed openstack/cinder master: nimble storage: retype support
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: fix misspelling of 'configuration'
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whoami-rajatHi cores, the cinder api-version command is failing, please review the patch addressing it
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erlongeguileo, hey, can you re+2 the CG patch?
erlonour internal submit system messed up the fix10:56
erlonshould be fine now10:56
geguileoerlon: lol10:58
erlongeguileo, thanks!11:00
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erlonneed to get this merge and backported asap, it blocking our RH Certification which will dealine in late this month o.O11:01
* erlon freaks!11:01
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Tintri: Inherit tests from BaseDriverTestCase
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whoami-rajatHi e0ne , jungleboyj , the patch has passed Nible CI tests and the logs are available now, , Please review for W+113:42
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e0newhoami-rajat: +2'ed13:47
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erloneharney, smcginnis, someone else in the channel was mentioning a failure on cinder_tempest consistency group tests13:59
erlonthis fixes it :
openstackgerritChuck Short proposed openstack/cinder master: Simplify running pylint
erlonbut the lvm-lio is failing14:00
eharneyerlon: great, can we tie this to ?14:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1789944 in Cinder "cinder-tempest-plugin CG tests are broken" [Undecided,New]14:00
erloneharney, yep good idea14:02
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erloneharney, any idea why zuul is failing? who is the maintainer?14:07
eharneyerlon: lio-barbican job is failing regularly due to a bug in Nova that's being fixed currently14:07
eharneyerlon: i'm the maintainer of that job14:07
erloneharney, hmm, would adding a Depends-on to the patch make it pass?14:09
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eharneyerlon: the bug is -- looks like it's landed in Nova master now14:24
openstackLaunchpad bug 1789484 in OpenStack Compute (nova) rocky "n-cpu fails init on timeout calling n-cond-cell1" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Matt Riedemann (mriedem)14:24
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erloneharney, it landed on Aug 30, so, may be theres' something else causing the failure14:27
mriedemwhich branch is failing?14:27
mriedemmaster is fixed but rocky is not yet14:27
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eharneyit's failing due to a different long standing issue with backup in that job14:29
eharneynot that bug above14:29
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jungleboyjsmcginnis: eharney geguileo erlon ganso  I have created a Doodle Poll for the Placement Discussion:16:18
jungleboyjSending e-mail to the ML now.16:18
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* smcginnis needs to figure out his schedule16:19
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah, I am starting to see that as well.16:21
smcginnisRight now it's just a big nebulous bunch of conflicting things.16:22
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jungleboyjsmcginnis: Stop being so popular.16:23
avishayHi all. I'm sometimes seeing that create_volume requests take several minutes to reach cinder-volume. I don't know where it's getting stuck. Running Ocata. Has anyone seen anything like this before?16:25
jungleboyjOh, much needed laugh.  Thank you.16:25
jungleboyjavishay: !?!  There is a name from the past!16:25
jungleboyjavishay:  I have not seen or heard of anything like that happening?16:25
avishayYes, it is I :)16:26
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avishaySorry, got disconnected16:32
avishayAny tips on how to find where/why the message is getting stuck would also be most appreciated.16:32
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jungleboyjAre you seeing anything weird from RabbitMQ?16:34
avishaynothing in the logs16:35
jungleboyjHmmm.  Can you tell if the delay is in the API or scheduler?16:37
* jungleboyj just dug a camera and the Yeti out of the moving boxes and put them by my computer bag so I don't forget them this time.16:37
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Do you have a webcam with a tripod mount?16:38
avishayunfortunately there are no logs in scheduler in the create volume flow, so I don't know when it gets there16:38
smcginnisjungleboyj: Nope16:38
avishayBTW is the lack of logging there on purpose?16:38
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Bummer.  Ok.  I will have to MacGyver something together.16:38
jungleboyjavishay:  No, there should be logging in the scheduler.  Could you have something weird happening with multiple schedulers running?16:39
avishayNo, check the code... No logs16:40
avishayBe back in about an hour, need to drive16:41
whoami-rajatHi jungleboyj , smcginnis , tommylikehu , can you please review these patches.16:52
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Ensure VNX unit tests don't sleep
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: Fujitsu DX: Add retries for busy error
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Ds8k: Mock evenlet.sleep calls
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imacdonncore team, please review - IMO, this should be backported to Rocky (at least), since disabling the v2 API is recommended18:31
smcginnisThat's twice now today that I've pulled up a patch and thought it looked really familiar. :)18:33
imacdonnyou're like "what fool coded this? Oh ..."18:35
smcginnisHaha, pretty much. :D18:35
jungleboyjOnce again, smcginnis  is the one man Cinder show.  ;-)18:44
imacdonn:) tnx jungleboyj18:44
smcginnis"scatterbrained" might be a better term.18:44
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Welcome to the club.18:47
raunak12core team, please review ?19:00
avishayHey everyone.  I have a system that's acting up.  Running Ocata.  Not sure why, but I have 500 volumes stuck in "deleting" state.  Force delete doesn't help.  How do I get rid of them?19:05
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openstackgerritMiriam Yumi proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: Fix consistency groups test credentials
avishayDid it in SQL...19:08
avishayIn SQL I see many many workers with status="deleting"?19:19
crazikavishay: what is your backend?19:20
avishaycrazik, RBD19:20
jungleboyjavishay:  You can use reset state to change the state to something other than deleting and then try to delete them again.19:20
crazikavishay: any errors in logs?19:21
jungleboyjWonder if there is something weird going on with your DB causing the performance issues.19:21
crazikavishay: check cinder logs as well as ceph19:21
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openstackgerritKeith Berger proposed openstack/cinder stable/pike: VMware: Optimize volume creation from image
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove monkey patch examples from UTs
avishayholy crap... 20,000 messages in cinder-volume's queue...19:24
craziknot good.19:25
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craziklooks like cinder-volume service has problems19:25
avishayyes... big time19:26
jungleboyjOooh ... I saw this before.19:26
jungleboyjHas one of your OSDs filled up?19:26
jungleboyjIf so, then RBD stops processing all requests and it looks like Cinder has lost its mind.19:27
jungleboyjReally, it is just that RBD has stopped and the only clue is a little message put into dmesg somewhere.19:27
jungleboyjavishay:  ^^^19:27
avishayRBD started rebalancing, don't know if it's related19:28
crazikceph -s ?19:29
crazikor ceph health status19:29
jungleboyjavishay:  I need to run for a while but my best guess is that it is due to Ceph no longer processing requests.  I had to go and delete a volume by hand or something to free up space and then it started going again.19:30
avishayjungleboyj, thanks!19:30
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crazikavishay: what ceph version?19:31
jungleboyjThere will be a message in one of the system logs, dmesg or /var/log/messages that indicates that a disk is full.19:31
jungleboyjHope that helps.  Let me know what you find out.19:31
avishaycrazik, luminous19:32
crazikdo you have ceph-mgr service?19:32
avishayjungleboyj, thanks, will do!19:32
crazikthen you have a simple web status for ceph cluster19:32
craziksorry, I mispelled last command, it should be: ceph health detail19:33
crazikbut ok19:33
crazik    usage:   1942 GB used, 14825 GB / 16767 GB avail19:34
avishaylooks like it's not in great shape19:34
crazikI don't have access to my clusters now19:35
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crazikcheck ceph pg stat19:35
avishay512 pgs: 4 active+undersized+degraded+remapped+backfilling, 477 active+clean, 31 active+undersized+degraded+remapped+backfill_wait; 960 GB data, 1946 GB used, 14820 GB / 16767 GB avail; 1878 kB/s rd, 857 kB/s wr, 901 op/s; 16088/770199 objects degraded (2.089%); 1549/770199 objects misplaced (0.201%); 500 kB/s, 0 objects/s recovering19:36
crazikI have never seend 'undersized'19:36
crazikbut it may be something like 'osd full'19:36
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crazikwell. no19:37
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KeithMnemonicsmcginnis: jungleboyj I am back! missed you guys too much!19:38
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: Welcome back!19:38
KeithMnemonici have 10 vmware patches to land, 1 by 1, like Noahs Ark! ( i guess that was 2 by 2)19:39
KeithMnemonicor is there a express entrance19:39
smcginnisI saw the one and confirmed it was in later branches. Just waiting on zuul results now.19:39
KeithMnemonicthese are all in rocky19:39
KeithMnemonicjust need them in pike19:39
smcginniss/rocky/queens/ ?19:39
KeithMnemonicthey are in the rocky branch already, so i dont have to do queens or rocky19:40
KeithMnemonicjust put them in pike19:40
smcginnisThey need to be in queens to go to pike.19:40
KeithMnemonicthry are in queens19:40
KeithMnemonicand rocky19:40
smcginnisp, q, r19:40
smcginnisOK, good.19:40
KeithMnemonicjust not pike19:40
KeithMnemonicso much easier this time19:40
smcginnisAre they dependent on each other? You could just submit them all if they are not.19:41
KeithMnemonicsorry that is what i meant, just need to take them to one branch19:41
KeithMnemonici can check . if they are no dependencies, i can cherry-pick, review, cherty-pick, review,....19:42
KeithMnemonicor do i need to do something diff on my local branch19:42
smcginnisYou might want to create fresh branches locally for each cherry-pick so you don't make them dependent on each other, if there is no need to have them go in in order. Otherwise, yep, that's about it.19:43
KeithMnemonicok let me go get some through.the local branches are all from stable/pike not my previous working branch?19:44
smcginnisYep, that's right.19:44
smcginnisOnce it's submitted you could probably just do cherry-pick, git review, git reset --hard HEAD~1, cherry-pick, git review, etc..19:45
smcginnisOtherwise the commits get stacked on each other and gerrit will try to keep that ordering.19:45
KeithMnemonicok so cherry picks first on my working branch? wont that stack the first submit and the second?19:46
KeithMnemonicwhat i mean is did in need the reset now, or after my second review?19:47
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: You need to either check out stable/pike first between each, or reset to get rid of the new cherry-pick before doing the next one.19:47
KeithMnemonicrgiht so reset first from my curent state, thanks19:48
smcginnisYeah, since you now have your first backport on your local branch, reset before doing the next one unless you want the next one to be dependent on the first one.19:48
openstackgerritKeith Berger proposed openstack/cinder stable/pike: VMware: Add support for cloning attached volumes
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: Hmm, hate to tell you this, but that one adds new functionality to the driver, so that doesn't meet stable policy to allow backporting.19:50
KeithMnemonicno problem, let me see if i can get any of the other "fixes" in19:51
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KeithMnemonicsmcginnis: if I look here  do "optimize" and improve" typically meet the guidelines?19:55
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: In general, yes.19:57
KeithMnemonicso if i try and cherry picks this  and it is not clean does that mean it is missing a depends on?19:58
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: Potentially. You would have to see what the conflicts are and if they are just something shifted around.19:59
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KeithMnemonicyes i did that at first and that i why i figured it would be easiest to just put them all in order20:00
KeithMnemonicisd this feature or fix ? maybe that is a new game show20:00
smcginnisLooks like that's just capturing some info to the backend, so that one is fine.20:01
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openstackgerritKeith Berger proposed openstack/cinder stable/pike: VMware: Add 'managedBy' info
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KeithMnemonicsmcginnis: this one is a "no go" ?
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smcginnisKeithMnemonic: Kind of a grey area, but I think that could be argued as a bug fix since you can't snap an attached volume otherwise.22:06
KeithMnemonicok thanks!22:09
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