Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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openstackgerritBoxiang Zhu proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix bug of retyping volume for rbd driver
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openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cinder master: Add column only when it doesn't exist
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: VMAX Rocky doc - version information
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openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Driver reinitialization after failure
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openstackgerritTommyLike proposed openstack/cinder master: [Optimize] Use OVO when retrieve volume object
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/python-cinderclient master: [Trivial] Add backup-id to 'size' param info Specifying size is not required while providing --backup-id. Also When we don't provide the size the output turns out to be error: Size is a required parameter if snapshot or source volume or backup is not spec
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openstackgerritzhufl proposed openstack/cinder master: hosts api ref: all fields should be of type string
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openstackgerrityenai proposed openstack/os-brick master: Modify judgement logic
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openstackgerritHamdy Khader proposed openstack/os-brick master: Retry executing command "nvme list" when fail
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: Adding variable for total gigabytes used by snapshot param
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openstackgerritzhufl proposed openstack/cinder master: services api ref: fix field enum value and add missing field
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/python-cinderclient master: [Trivial] Add backup-id to 'size' param info
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/os-brick master: Optimize FC device checking
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: Adding variable for total gigabytes used by snapshot param
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openstackgerritLuiz Benedito Aidar Gavioli proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: [DNM] Test Netapp CI Triggering
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: ZFSSA volume driver REST client python3 fixes
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smcginnisjungleboyj: Might be nice to get this through and backported to stable/ocata before cutting that final release -
smcginnisLooks like I have a few outstanding stable/ocata patches too -*cinder.*+OR+project:openstack/os-brick)16:48
smcginnisOh, no, those are queens.16:49
imacdonnhey smcginnis, I've been looking into manage/unmanage a bit more this morning, and have a few observations/questions16:55
smcginnisimacdonn: Cool. Maybe I will have some evasive answers. :)16:56
imacdonnSo the tempest test for volume ... creates a volume, unmanage's it, then attempts to re-manage it16:56
imacdonnthe ZFSSA driver renames the volume on the backend as part of the unmanage16:57
smcginnisI think that's common.16:57
imacdonnbut the tempest test, by default, doesn't expect that16:57
imacdonnI found a tempest config option that can make it work16:57
smcginnisAnd many don't use the same name on the backend as what Cinder knows it by.16:57
imacdonnyou can set, in tempest.conf, e.g.: volume.manage_volume_ref = source-name, unmanaged-volume-%s16:58
imacdonnthat allows the test to work for ZFSSA16:58
smcginnisHmm, surprised they added a config opt like that. But cool if that works.16:58
imacdonnmy main question here was "is it bad that the ZFSSA driver is renaming the LUN on the backend?"16:59
imacdonnsounds like it's not really bad16:59
imacdonnalthough unmanage is rather loosely defined at
smcginnisimacdonn: Nope, that's totally acceptable.17:01
imacdonnOK, so I guess "we" should figure out how that should be handled by Third Party CI in general17:02
jungleboyjgeguileo:  Are you able to look into or  do you want to proceed differently?17:02
openstackLaunchpad bug 1782714 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Properties of an attached volume are lost after live migration" [Undecided,New]17:02
imacdonnwhilst exploring this, I also observed that get_manageable_snapshots is not implemented in the ZFSSA driver17:02
smcginnisimacdonn: For your case, would list manageable work for finding a volume to test with?17:03
smcginnisOh, hah.17:03
smcginnisOK. That's another issue. Not all drivers have implemented that.17:03
imacdonnreading , it sortof sounds like it's a requirement for manage/unmanage support17:03
geguileojungleboyj: I'm doing a quick look now in case I can do the RCA and post it in the BZ for somebody else to fix, or me when I have a minute17:03
smcginnisMaybe we should start a tracking list of functionality that drivers have not all implemented yet.17:03
imacdonn"To support this functionality, volume drivers must implement these methods:"17:03
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  How is that different than the support matrix we have?17:04
jungleboyjgeguileo:  That would be awesome.17:04
smcginnisimacdonn: It was added later, but I think it makes sense to have it required as part of manage/unmanage. Nothing officially declared as far as I know though.17:04
smcginnisjungleboyj: Does that break things down to show what drivers implement manage/unmanage but not the list manageable calls?17:04
jungleboyjUhm ...17:05
jungleboyjOy.  Looks like we missed Manage/Unmanage from that list.17:05
jungleboyjWe should fix that.17:06
imacdonnyeah, so if a driver had manage/unmanage support before, does it become invalid until the requirement for implementation of list manageable?17:06
imacdonnurg, that sentence edit didn't go well ;)17:07
imacdonnif we're updating the matrix... my next question....17:07
imacdonnis if OK to have manage/unmanage implemented for volume, but not for snapshot ?17:08
smcginnisGood question. I don't think we have a policy on that right now, but I wonder if we should.17:08
jungleboyjimacdonn: I think it is ok to handle them as two separate things.17:08
jungleboyjIsn't it possible that some backends could do it for volumes but not snapshots?17:09
imacdonnI think so too .... so the matrix should reflect that too17:09
whoami-rajatjungleboyj: can you please take a look at the patch ? thanks.17:09
jungleboyjSo we would have an entry for manage/unmanage volume.17:10
jungleboyjlist manageable volume17:10
smcginnisI wonder if that's an issue. Seems more problematic if someone manages a volume without its snapshots, then can't delete the volume because of unseen dependencies.17:10
jungleboyjmanage/unmanage snapshot17:10
jungleboyjlist manageable snapshot.17:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  True.17:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Wonder if we should put this in next week's meeting to get more input on it.17:11
imacdonnit kinda seems like managing a volume should automatically manage all of its dependencies ?17:11
jungleboyjNeed to run.  Back in a bit.17:11
hemna_cinder still cindering?17:13
smcginnisimacdonn: Yeah, kinda does.17:13
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* hemna_ does reviews....17:13
smcginnishemna_: Ain't no party like a cinder party cuz a cinder party don't stop. ;)17:13
hemna_burn mfer burn!17:13
hemna_still bummed I missed the PTG yet again :(17:14
hemna_please tell me you guys had Torchy's ?17:14
smcginnisTorchy's was had.17:16
smcginnisAnd a beer or two.17:16
geguileojungleboyj: I looked into it, and that specific case is probably a problem with the data now being in the attachments and not our metadata17:21
geguileojungleboyj: but I think there may be a bug related to that...   We may be setting all volumes to RW after the migration  :-(17:22
imacdonnsmcginnis: shouldn't get_manageable_snapshots() be in a class named VolumeSnapshotListManageableDriver, rather than cohabiting with get_manageable_volumes() ?17:30
imacdonn(still digesting
smcginnisI guess it depends if we think they should be tied together.17:32
imacdonnwell, the actual manage/unmanage functions are in separate classes17:32
smcginnisYeah, might be good to break that out in those interface definition classes.17:32
smcginnisAt least for clarity.17:32
imacdonnI'm considering attempting to implement volume (but not snapshot) list, even thought I suspect that no one will ever use it17:33
smcginnisActually, looking at that list managable info, I think it looks fine together.17:33
imacdonnIt feels rather awkward in the context of implementing one but not the other17:34
smcginnisBut yeah, if we are allowing implementing one but not the other, they should probably be broken out into separate classes.17:34
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openstackgerritDhinesh Balasubramaniam proposed openstack/cinder master: Hedvig Cinder driver implementation
whoami-rajathemna_:  can you please review this too ? thanks18:20
smcginnisyumiriam: Best to talk about that in here. That's not an infra thing.18:27
smcginnisyumiriam: I'm in a meeting right now, but maybe someone here can help.18:28
smcginnisyumiriam: You may need to get help in #openstack-qa for tempest changes.18:28
jungleboyjhemna_:  I had some Torchy18:28
jungleboyj's for you and perhaps some beer.  :-)18:28
jungleboyjhemna_:  You were missed at the PTG.  Don't suppose you will be in Berlin?18:29
hemna_nah, didn't get approval to go18:29
hemna_only people that have presentations, or 'special' people are given approval at this point.18:30
yumiriamhi everybody, i submitted this patch:, and i investigated why lvm lio job was failing18:30
yumiriami think i figured out what was causing the problem, i'll have to change the tempest_roles in tempest configuration, is there anyone who knows where i can make this change?18:31
jungleboyjhemna_:  Boo!18:31
jungleboyjWell, it sounds like we are going to try to do an old style mid-cycle in January for February so start planning for that.18:32
jungleboyjyumiriam:  Ah, I think we had talked about this issue at the PTG.18:33
jungleboyjUhm, I am not sure where to make that change.  eharney is kind of the guy who knows tempest things but he is on vacation right now.18:34
hemna_yah the conferences seem useless for engineers now anyway18:42
hemna_midcycle and PTG are probably the way to go18:42
hemna_The conferences have turned into pretty much what I was afraid of, presenters and marketing.18:43
jungleboyjWell, the next Summit after Berlin will have more developer content.18:43
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cinderclient master: [Trivial] Add backup-id to 'size' param info
smcginnisjungleboyj: So we don't want to get in any of the outstanding patches?19:28
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh, there are still outstanding patches?19:28
smcginnisI put a few in channel this morning that I thought we might want.19:29
jungleboyjcrap.  I missed that.19:29
jungleboyjOk.  I WIPed my change.  Will look through the patches that are our there and resubmit when appropriate.19:32
jungleboyjhemna_:  Need another core to look at
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hemna_jungleboyj, so that patch introduces a new config option for their driver FYI19:54
hemna_kind of a grey area for 'new feature' in an older release19:54
smcginnisThere was some discussion of that in IRC and on the bug.19:55
smcginnisSince it addresses a security issue and defaults to what we would want, it's OK.19:55
hemna_ok just wanted to confirm it19:56
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* lbragstad lingers21:03
lbragstadso - i have a quick question that i feel like is super easy to answer21:04
lbragstadi have
lbragstadi wonder if i'm missing something blatantly obvious in my note here -
jungleboyjsmcginnis: Thanks for answering there. All over today.21:07
openstackgerritJon Bernard proposed openstack/cinder master: RBD: [WIP] add support for multiattach
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openstackgerritJay Rubenstein proposed openstack/cinder master: SF ensure the correct volume is deleted
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hedvig_01How long does it usually take to get Zuul results after git review?22:49
lbragstadit's been taking a while for me today22:51
lbragstadzuul is pretty backed up
hedvig_01Yeah. Same here.  Thank you @lbragstad22:51
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imacdonnzuul's been in a really bad mood since at least yesterday22:57
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openstackgerritiain MacDonnell proposed openstack/cinder master: ZFSSA handle manage nonexistent volume
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Zer0Byte_hey question i enable 2 nfs shares how i can create a volume type to choose a specific nfs share?23:07
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imacdonnZer0Byte_: I haven't tried this, but you'd probably have to define a separate backend for each share, then do like...23:27
imacdonncinder type-create --is-public=True nfs_123:27
imacdonncinder type-key nfs_1 set volume_backend_name=nfs_backend_123:27
imacdonnsee also
Zer0Byte_imacdonn: sound good but what is the point to allow multiple shares23:28
Zer0Byte_on the share file23:28
imacdonnfor capacity maybe? I'm not sure - I don't use the NFS driver23:29
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Zer0Byte_i guess should be something like extra specs23:32
Zer0Byte_for the extra nfs23:32
imacdonnyou could look through the NFS driver code and see if it implements anything like that23:32
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openstackgerritiain MacDonnell proposed openstack/cinder master: ZFSSA iSCSI driver doc fix - allow_rename auth/o
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