Friday, 2018-10-12

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hansmolemanis there any way to create a volume in read-only mode immediately? rather than have to hit the volume action API for that?13:57
hansmolemaniow, merge os-update_readonly_flag and the 'readonly' parameter into the volume create API13:58
hansmolemanthat seems like a no-brainer13:58
hansmolemannew microversion?!13:59
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zulsmcginnis: what py3.7 issues with dell emc?14:25
zul(im just curious)14:26
smcginniszul: I get errors when I run unit tests under py 3.7. I forget exactly where now. I started to look into it, but it wasn't immediately obvious so I haven't gotten back to it.14:26
smcginnis* running now14:27
zulsmcginnis: cool thanks14:27
smcginnisStopIteration failures in 3 tests/14:28
smcginnisOne in vmax, two in vnx.14:29
smcginnistox -e py37 -- dell_emc.vnx.test_adapter.TestCommonAdapter.test_do should hit the two.14:29
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keper7hi, I'm seeing some really weird behaviour where cinder is mounting the wrong iscsi volume. Provider is Pure Storage, cinder is Pike from Kolla-Ansible.  cinder get-pools shows 4 different pools, one per node, for the pure device. Cinder manageable-list shows different output for each pool. Fdisk on one of my hosts has a bunch of volumes it shouldn't. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?15:06
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smcginnispatrickeast, simondodsley: Around? ^15:07
simondodsleylet me look15:07
keper7Hey Simon!15:08
keper7Guess I could have emailed you, you helped me earlier over email15:08
keper7this is the same cloud that had the weird duplicate iqn initiators before they were corrected15:09
simondodsleykeper7: this could be an artifact of those duplicate iqns - lets take this to email15:09
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simondodsleyso simple question. If we have multiple backends configured all with the same volume_backend_name do they have to all use the same volume_driver or is that irrelevant? Wanting to achieve load balancing over multiple backends from one volume_type.17:22
smcginnissimondodsley: Different storage types can all be set to the same volume_backend_name.17:24
simondodsleysmcginnis: thought so but wanted to check with you gurus. Thanks.17:25
smcginnisI think that should do what you are looking for, but you can also look at the various scheduler and weigher settings to control how it does that load balancing within them.17:25
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simondodsleyleaving the scheduling to the customer who asked about multiple vendors using the same volume_backend_name....17:26
smcginnisGood call17:27
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mriedemcinder doesn't have a db archive command?21:02
mriedemoh purge i see21:02
smcginnisNothing like a good purge.21:03
mriedemsmcginnis: any thoughts on my read-only flag on volume create question from this morning21:03
mriedemor maybe no one creates readonly volumes21:03
smcginnisIIRC, it was broken for awhile. So probably no one cares.21:05
smcginnisBut I had IRC issues this morning - I don't think I saw your question.21:05
mriedemif we could create a volume with readonly=False then we could avoid the create and update dance21:06
smcginnisYou mean readonly=True?21:07
mriedemsorry yeah21:08
smcginnisLooks like the openstackclient code for create does the create first, then tries to set the readonly flag.21:08
mriedemyeah, but doesn't wait for the volume to be available,21:08
smcginnisIs it not waiting long enough and it's still in "creating"?21:08
mriedemi'll push a change for that at some point21:08
mriedemunrelated, i think i've also found that encryption types get orphaned in the cinder db21:08
smcginnisI think there was some talk of that and not being able to authoritatively decide if they can be deleted. Not sure.21:09
smcginnisBut as far as readonly, seems like we should allow that on "creating" states too.21:09
mriedemcinder encryption-type-list doesn't show it, but it's in the db in the encryption table21:09
smcginnisWe can change that probably. I don't think we would need to mv that since it could be considered a bug fix that was already assumed to work (obviously by the openstackclient code).21:10
smcginnismriedem: Is it 'deleted=true'?21:10
mriedemthat's a request schema change, surely a microversion21:10
mriedemno it's deleted=021:10
mriedemoh i guess you mean allow setting readonly on creating status21:11
mriedemthat's still a behavior change21:11
mriedemanyway, i'll fix osc for how the api works today21:11
mriedemand open a bug for this other thing21:11
smcginnisWould it really be a schema change?21:11
mriedemi meant to change POST /volumes to take a readonly param21:12
smcginnisNot adding the flag to the create call itself, but not to error out when it's attempted to be set while it's in creating.21:12
mriedemyeah that's not a schema change, it's a behavior change21:12
mriedemjust forget i asked :)21:12
smcginnisOh, it's a contrib API. So we can do whatever the heck we want to it. :P21:17
openstackLaunchpad bug 1797640 in Cinder "encryption records are not deleted" [Undecided,Triaged]21:18
mriedemnot sure what the severity would be on ^21:18
mriedemor impact, maybe just crufty db over time21:18
mriedembetter title would be "encryption records are not deleted when related volume type is deleted"21:18
smcginnisIt's hard to tell how many people are using that.21:19
smcginnisOr how often they create and delete them.21:19
mriedemi think what you can do with encrypted volumes is pretty limited in nova at least21:19
mriedemonly the libvirt driver supports it, and live migration didn't support those types of volumes until i think queens and even then a few restrictions (luks and very new qemu)21:20
mriedemlyarwood would know more than me21:20
smcginnisI seem to remember hearing of a few other restrictions still present lately too.21:20
mriedemoh i'm sure, we don't really test it,21:20
smcginnisYeah, I usually defer all encryption things to eharney. :)21:20
mriedemtempest has 1 scenario test where it just creates an encrypted volume, attaches/detaches, that's it21:21
smcginnisNo read/write of data?21:22
mriedemdon't think so21:22
smcginnisDoesn't sound like it's actually testing anything specific to encryption then.21:22
mriedemit just tests all the plumbing between nova and cinder21:23
mriedembut nothing within the guest21:23
mriedembarbican might have some more exotic tempest tests, idk21:23
mriedemlooks like that's better,21:24
mriedemit writes a timestamp to the volume and reads off it21:24
smcginnisSeems like the minimum that should be done.21:24
smcginnisUmm, gerrit bot. Sleeping on the job?21:38
smcginnismriedem: ^21:39
smcginnisAnd with that, I'm outta here.21:40
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DHEI am preparing to deploy Ceph as the Cinder backend. I have it working in a lab but have one concern. How does Cinder load an image out of glance onto an RBD device? (Glance images stored traditionally inside glance itself and not inside cinder/ceph in any way)23:26
DHEas in, does cinder map the rbd as /dev/rbd0 and apply it?23:27

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