Wednesday, 2018-10-17

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spotzAnyone about who knows how to delete a volume that failed to delete during a magnum cluster delete?00:40
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openstackgerritYong Huang proposed openstack/os-brick stable/queens: The validation of iscsi session should be case insensitive
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openstackgerritzhufl proposed openstack/cinder master: api-ref: add missing fields in volume group types
whoami-rajatspotz:  what is the current status of the volume?03:06
jungleboyjspotz:  Sorry, I didn't see the question earlier.03:06
spotzwhoami-rajat: Apparently it's a known bug with LVM as the docker-volume-driver with magnum. I did try forcing the delete but it wasn't deleting03:07
jungleboyjspotz:  Have you tried doing a reset state on it and then deleting again?03:08
spotzjungleboyj: yeah and a force-delete03:11
whoami-rajatspotz: how about resetting the state in the db?03:12
jungleboyjWhat is in the compute log?03:12
spotzwhoami-rajat: didn't go in the DB03:12
jungleboyjspotz:  Sorry, volume log.03:12
jungleboyjI am fighting with non-cinder issues tonight.03:12
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat:  Doing the reset-state does the same thing.03:14
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat: It only touches the DB and not actually the management path.03:14
whoami-rajatspotz: jungleboyj : oh, i encountered the same issue but changing the state in db worked for me whereas reset state didn't. don't know the exact reason but maybe worth a try?03:16
jungleboyjwhoami-rajat: Huh, weird.  Should be the same thing but maybe it would work.03:16
whoami-rajatjungleboyj: yes weird.03:18
spotzI reinstalled, I'd spent all day on that lesson. I've gotten really good at reinstalling, setting up devstack and getting my cluster template remade03:19
jungleboyjI have been fighting with PXE boot issues in one lab and Neutron issues in another.  Don't like 14 hour work days.03:19
jungleboyjspotz:  Have any pointers on getting Neutron working?03:20
spotzI'm at 13 I think. I'll get recorded but won't get edited today03:20
spotzjungleboyj: what's going on?03:20
jungleboyjI have a packstack that I deployed.  It originally worked so the VMs could get external access on the 172.24.4.x subnet.  Then when I spun up and VM and deployed devstack it tried to use the same subnet and boom.03:21
jungleboyjSo, deleted the network and tried to change it to and now I can't get to the VM or out to the network.03:21
spotzjungleboyj: did you switch rom networkmanager to the network service? Same with disabling firewalld?03:22
jungleboyjI thought I did that before I started.03:23
jungleboyjFirewalld is disabled.03:24
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jungleboyjYeah, I have network enabled instead of network manager.03:26
jungleboyjspotz: Problem was after the first reboot after installing packstack the network went out the window and the metadata service stopped working too.,03:26
jungleboyjWonder if I need to switch to a different delpoyment method.03:27
spotzjungleboyj: had that earlier with devstack:( atleast while I was troubleshooting earlier devstack had added in extra bridges but yet they weren't in the actual network configuration:(03:28
jungleboyjspotz:  :-)  Work on CentOS I suppose?03:28
spotzjungleboyj: ubuntu, centos, opensuse and in the works gentoo03:28
jungleboyjspotz:  Nice.  I just really need a working OS cloud.03:29
spotzjungleboyj: Only thing is if you reboot you might have to re-run the galera role03:29
spotzeverything is documented though03:29
spotzI would be asleep if I didn't have a typo in my slide!!!!! the overlay driver worked if anyone comes in with the same issue03:30
jungleboyjWell, I may clear this install out tomorrow and try OSA.03:30
spotz is the bug, I pasted it in the wrong channel earlier03:30
openstackLaunchpad bug 1422831 in Magnum "Error on deleting volume on bay update" [High,New]03:30
jungleboyjspotz:  Also going to need to figure out how to give my instances IPs for outside the host.03:32
jungleboyjWondering how much fun that will be.03:32
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spotzfloating ips?:)03:33
jungleboyjI found the process earlier but given that just the tenant network wasn't working obviously that didn't work.03:34
spotzYour internal home block, just assign a pool from it03:34
jungleboyjspotz:  Yeah, you would think that is all there would be to it.03:34
jungleboyjIt is probably due to the MANY failed RHOSP deploys that I am debugging that I can't do anything else right.03:35
spotzWell and if the networking isn't right on those es no bueno03:37
jungleboyjYeah that is a separate lab.03:37
jungleboyjI am mostly fighting with a weird PXE boot issue there though I think.03:38
spotzjungleboyj: double check the right networks are configured. I had that before:(03:40
jungleboyjspotz:  I think we got all those fixed.03:41
spotzif pxe isn't working I'd check again:)03:42
jungleboyjspotz:  Go double check my MAC addresses I suppose.03:44
spotzjungleboyj: what version you using?03:45
spotznot the link I was looking for jungleboyj - but might help important part is the lab setup details as far as the networks03:51
spotzI thought ktenzer had a blog post with a graphic but couldn't find it. Anyways bedtime for me, riding lesson in the morning and it's past my bedtime03:52
jungleboyjspotz:  Thanks.  Sleep well.  Talk to you tomorrow.03:52
spotzjungleboyj: Just ping I'll try to help03:53
jungleboyjspotz:  Thank you.03:53
jungleboyjWell this is a problem.  Looks like PXE boot wasn't set up properly on some of the nodes.  The MACs were right though.  :-)03:53
jungleboyjThanks for pushing me to go back and look.03:55
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Move cinder-manage page to cli doc subtree
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sapd1_Hi everyone. I'm trying to configure cinder-volume with replication device03:57
sapd1_I have tested with two ceph cluster (two-way mirror) and it's successful to create mirror image (use rbd command line)03:58
sapd1_But When create with cinder I get this error:
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TuanDAHi everyone. I'm trying get list all volumes in storage node04:18
TuanDAHow can I get list volumes on storage node?04:21
whoami-rajatsapd1_: Hi, did you add the replication parameter in the volume_type extra specs ? cinder type-key <volume-type> set replication_enabled='<is> True'04:27
TuanDAI want to get list volumes in a storage node04:27
whoami-rajatTuanDA: Hi, this seems like the operation for controller node. why do you want to list them on storage node?04:30
TuanDAwhoami-rajat: I want migration all volumes to other storage node04:34
whoami-rajatTuanDA: which backend is configured on the current storage node? and do you want to migrate to the same type of backend or different ?04:36
sapd1_whoami-rajat:  Yes. I did.04:37
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TuanDAwhoami-rajat: firstly, I want to migrate same type and same LVM backend,04:41
TuanDANext, for type and backend different04:41
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Rename cinder.privsep.utils to cinder.privsep.path
whoami-rajatsapd1_: this seems to be the point where the error is occurring.04:49
whoami-rajatif you could debug the code from this point , i think you might get the cause of the error.04:49
whoami-rajatTuanDA: after you perform the migrate/retype operation, check for the os-vol-host-attr:host parameter in the cinder show <volume-id> command, this will point to your new storage node.04:56
sapd1_whoami-rajat:  I got error in this line:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/pike: RBD: Don't query Ceph on stats for exclusive pools
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TuanDAwhoami-rajat: thanks06:13
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Remove cinder-tox-compliance job
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/rocky: VMAX Rocky driver - correcting an incorrect backport
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openstackgerritMarc Methot proposed openstack/cinder master: Handling unexpected python error "NoneType object is not iterable"
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openstackgerritLisaLi proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Driver reinitialization after failure
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openstackgerritIvaylo Mitev proposed openstack/cinder master: Implement volume capacity stats for VMware
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openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: Support volume re-image
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erlonjungleboyj, hey have you see Tommy around?12:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: VMAX: set faked max_oversubscription_ratio
pooja_jadhavhi team, in this patch[1] in this functional tests, is it creating instance in real?? plz guide me for the same.13:08
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pooja_jadhavmriedem : Hello13:15
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pooja_jadhavin this functional tests, is it creating instance in real??13:17
pooja_jadhavbecause, I am using same code But not able to see the instance created in real while nova list.13:18
mriedemdid you mean to ask about this in the cinder or nova channel?13:19
mriedemit creates a server in the sqlite database using the fake virt driver13:19
pooja_jadhavmriedem: oops, I wanted to ask in the nova :(13:20
jungleboyjerlon:  No.  Sean had said that he was getting pulled off to another project and we may not see him back.  Was hoping he would at least let us know for sure.13:21
jungleboyjerlon: Will follow up with Sean again.13:22
erlonjungleboyj, hmm, I see, needed to talk to him about the revert to snapshot feature that he lead the implementation13:27
jungleboyj:-(  Ok.  Sean is on vacation the rest of this week but that is where I would start.13:27
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openstackgerritRuben de Smet proposed openstack/cinder master: Adds peer persistence feature to HPE 3PAR driver
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Mark Veritas HyperScale Driver Unsupported
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Adding regression test for update_group
openstackgerritMichael McAleer proposed openstack/cinder master: VMAX Driver - VMAX OS Upgrade Bug
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openstackgerritMichael McAleer proposed openstack/cinder master: VMAX Driver - VMAX OS Upgrade Bug
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: VMAX Queens - remove 90 endpoint not compatible with unisphere 8.4
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: VMAX Queens - 90 endpoint not compatible with unisphere 8.4
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LiangFang@Eric Harney, are you here?15:22
LiangFangI see you gave a comment for:, I want to give some performance data here15:24
LiangFangthis is about uploading volume to glace image15:25
LiangFangnow no image size is transfered to glance, so glance backend(e.g. ceph) need to resize image every time received new chunk of data15:26
LiangFangI did an experiment today, and this patch can save about 30% time of uploading.15:28
LiangFangI have written the detailed experiment environment in this review, please see there.15:29
eharneyLiangFang: i'll have to review the patch more, i mostly just got lost trying to understand the relationship between Ceph and 64KB chunks in the commit message, it seems a bit inaccurate15:33
LiangFangyes, thank you corrected me on this15:33
LiangFanglvm is 64K15:34
LiangFangceph 8MB by default, 1MB min15:34
LiangFangI did this experiment with default(8M)15:34
LiangFangNow glance team don't like the way to convey the image size via HTTP header15:35
LiangFangso I proposed solution 2: update the image size after create image, but before uploading image data15:37
LiangFangthen glance can get the image size when uploading about to start15:38
LiangFangand set ceph image with accurate size and don't need to resize anymore15:39
eharneyyes, it seems like a good idea, but i haven't looked much at the code yet15:40
LiangFangthis is the code of solution 2 in cinder size:
LiangFangand this is glance part:
LiangFangIt seems glance team prefer solution 215:42
eharneyLiangFang: does the cinder change depend on merging in glance?15:43
LiangFangotherwise "image size" is read-only15:44
eharneyLiangFang: ok, so the Cinder patch then needs "Depends-On: I3adfea4b061c65ce9d3fb66d70cb4b88e6a76311" in the commit message to ensure it doesn't merge before the glance patch merges, and they get gate-tested together15:45
LiangFangso the patch of glance is to allow "image size" writable when image status is "queued"15:45
smcginnis_vacaAnd we need to make sure it works with a version of glance that does not have that change.15:46
* smcginnis_vaca goes back to vacation15:46
eharneyalso that15:46
LiangFangyes, we need to ensure this15:49
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LiangFangFor now, update image size will raise an exception when glance treat this as read-only15:50
openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/cinder master: Base framework for cinder-status upgrade check
LiangFangso if we catch the exception of this, and just ignore it, then I think the behavior of subsequent code should be the same as now15:52
mriedemthe upgrade-checkers base framework patch ^ should be good to go15:52
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LiangFangSo, if we catch and then ignore the exception of updating image size, I think this patch can work with glance that does not have the change15:56
spotzjungleboyj: let me know how your PXE went last night15:56
LiangFangI will discuss more with glance team tomorrow, and go back to you guys15:56
jungleboyjspotz: Ugh.15:56
* jungleboyj still banging my head against the desk15:57
spotzjungleboyj: But you got your nets right and fixed the issues you found?15:57
jungleboyjspotz: Problem was that I hadn't specified a root hint it appears.15:57
jungleboyjSo it was trying to reboot after PXE into the wrong disk.15:57
spotzjungleboyj: ahh15:58
jungleboyjspotz:  Yeah.  I have started looking at OSA for my other system.15:59
spotzjungleboyj: keep in mind OSA doesn't PXE, it'll just deploy openstack15:59
jungleboyjRight.  This is an all in one system at home.16:00
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spotzjungleboyj: Oh it's perfect for that:)16:06
jungleboyjspotz:  Exactly.16:18
spotzjungleboyj: And if you need other roles besides the basics they're easy to add in16:19
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yikunjungleboyj, erlon_ Sorry to late to see the revert snapshot error (mentioned in meeting), and it sounds like a bug that we forgot to add the size check in api. and I'd like to contact with tommy about it tomorrow. and any more information I will sync it to cinder irc. :)17:07
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erlon__yikun, ow, great! thanks!17:08
erlon__yikun, do you know the reasons why its not possible to revert the volume to a smaller size?17:09
erlon__because that is possible in my backend, I just don't do it because we would be out of sync with the volume size in Cinder17:10
erlon__yikun, and for generic implementation, you would just copy a smaller volume into a bigger volume, which would leave some data at the end of the volume, but that seems harmless17:11
yikuni guess maybe some other backend not support revert a snapshot to a volume with smaller/bigger size? I'm not sure. : )17:12
yikunanyway, and I will contact with tommy tomorrow. :) and now it's time to sleep. :)17:14
yikunerlon__: have a good day~17:14
jungleboyjyikun:  Are you the backfill for Tommy?17:14
yikunHa, yep~17:16
yikunand trying hard to catch up.17:17
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yikunjungleboyj: :)17:17
jungleboyjyikun:  Ok, good to know.  Can you have Tommy contact me when he has a chance.17:17
jungleboyjyikun:  Let me know what I can do to help get you up to speed.17:18
yikunjungleboyj: sure, of course, I will told tommy tomorrow, I think he can contact you tomorrow17:19
yikunjungleboyj: thanks. :)17:20
jungleboyjyikun:  Sounds good.  Thank you.17:20
yikunjungleboyj: you are welcome, any other question you can ping me, but now I have to leave. (Look at my watch: 1:22AM, - -!) have a good day. :)17:23
jungleboyjOk.  Have a good night.17:23
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Fix for field type error
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: image_utils: Fix qemu-img --force-share version check
jungleboyjspotz:  Looking through the OSA documentation.19:51
spotzjungleboyj: Okie:) You want to get the quickstart, if you can't find it let me kow19:52
jungleboyjHa ha.  That was what I was going to ask.19:52
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jungleboyjspotz: I am here right now:
jungleboyjThere is the comment about setting up the Container Management network.  Don't totally get what it is asking there.  Any way to do things without containers?19:54
jungleboyjTrying to not add complexity.19:55
spotzjungleboyj: AIO:)19:55
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spotzjungleboyj: You would set up is_metal, but the containers aren't really a complexity as it builds them as part of the install19:56
spotzjungleboyj: It's not the speediest install but if you just follow that you'll do very little to get it to install. I usually put in an admin passwd and then go back and allow SSH for students19:58
jungleboyjThat looks more like what I was expecting.19:59
jungleboyjspotz:  Thanks.19:59
spotzjungleboyj: My Pleasure:)19:59
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jungleboyjSick of fighting with the solutions I tried.  I just want something that works.20:00
hedvig_01Hi, We are trying to certify for cinder block driver. test_bootable_volume_backup_and_restore test fails at create_backup api.20:01
hedvig_01Is it a valid test case for cinder driver ?20:01
spotzjungleboyj: That it does though not quickly. At PTG Jesse showed me a way to quickly re-use an image with OSA installed in it, takes maybe 15 minutes for a new instance to boot and be ready. Doesn't sound like your scenario though20:01
jungleboyjspotz:  No.  Not so concerned with speed as usability.20:04
jungleboyjhedvig_01:  I am not aware of that test case being broken elsewhere.20:04
openstackgerritMarc Methot proposed openstack/cinder master: Handling unexpected python error "NoneType object is not iterable"
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hedvig_01@jungleboyj : we are trying to qualify as a volume driver and not a backup driver. So is create_backup test from test_bootable_volume_backup_and_restore  expected to work for volume drivers?20:18
jungleboyjhedvig_01: Is it one of the tests run as part of the tempest volume tests?20:21
jungleboyjThen yes, it is one that should pass.20:21
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jungleboyjspotz:  I guess this isn't all bad.  I am finding places to improve your docs.21:33
spotzjungleboyj: Please let us know, I'll fix when I get the chance21:33
jungleboyjspotz:  Should add to the centos setup to do 'yum install ansible'21:34
jungleboyjHmmm, maybe that wasn't the problem.21:34
jungleboyjI didn't have it installed so that was part of the problem but now it isn't looking in the right place.21:35
jungleboyjWow.  This is going how everything else has gone for me this week.21:37
spotzjungleboyj: and which release?21:38
jungleboyjI am on CentOS7 using 17.1.2 for OSA/.21:39
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jungleboyjReload the box with ubuntu?  :-)21:40
spotzjungleboyj: I can tell you I built a xenial stable/queens a few weeks ago for my course:)21:41
jungleboyj:-)  Ok.  This box has been nothing but trouble thus far so maybe that is what I will do.  My other box is ubuntu and has worked much better.21:42
jungleboyjIf I need CentOS I can put it in a VM on the box.21:43
jungleboyjspotz:  I want Xenial, not Bionic?21:43
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spotzjungleboyj: xenial21:44
spotzI think Bionic will be stein21:44
jungleboyjOk.  Giving it a shot.21:45
spotzjungleboyj: I should be about some tonight, but cloudnull is often in channel late as well21:50
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openstackgerritiain MacDonnell proposed openstack/cinder master: cinder-manage online_data_migrations fixes
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openstackgerritiain MacDonnell proposed openstack/cinder master: cinder-manage online_data_migrations fixes
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