Tuesday, 2018-11-27

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openstackgerritwangwei proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix the problem of the scheduler status  https://review.openstack.org/61644003:04
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mdihhello, is it possible to rename a volume/cinder availability zone?03:06
mdihis there a command for it?03:06
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openstackgerritzhufl proposed openstack/cinder master: api-ref: fix some issues in volumes interfaces  https://review.openstack.org/61677905:16
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openstackgerritYingxin Cheng proposed openstack/os-brick master: Support RSD scenario of nvme connector  https://review.openstack.org/62025007:57
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openstackgerritLucian Petrut proposed openstack/os-brick master: Windows SMBFS: fix using share subdirs  https://review.openstack.org/62025308:14
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openstackgerritLucian Petrut proposed openstack/os-brick master: Windows SMBFS: fix using share subdirs  https://review.openstack.org/62025308:19
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: Set right attach mode after migration  https://review.openstack.org/61627110:40
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openstackgerritwang yong proposed openstack/cinder master: Cinder volume driver for Inspur AS13000 series  https://review.openstack.org/56297711:32
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openstackgerritfutaotao proposed openstack/cinder master: Update FusionStorage Cinder Driver by using REST API  https://review.openstack.org/61995212:36
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openstackgerritSofia Enriquez proposed openstack/cinder master: Ceph driver should respect the `--incremental` option for backups  https://review.openstack.org/61250315:07
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax driver doc - removing support for VMAX2  https://review.openstack.org/62034715:59
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: VMAX driver - releasenote fix  https://review.openstack.org/61876516:09
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: VMAX Driver - Place volume in SG as part of unmanage volume  https://review.openstack.org/60328316:35
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: VMAX Driver - Place volume in SG as part of unmanage volume  https://review.openstack.org/60328317:32
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openstackgerritJay Bryant proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Stop using deprecated rpc_backend option  https://review.openstack.org/62038418:43
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ^^ Can you take a look at that.  That is what is requested to go into a 13.0.2 respin of Cinder.18:44
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chhagarwimacdonn: on the rpc_backend query you mentioned 13.0.1 is used for rocky release, I have a question do we use any tags for the stiens release.19:05
imacdonnchhagarw: stein is still under development, so there are no releases yet19:06
chhagarwwe need to upstream the code to stable master branch, do we use any tags for that, or tags are only used for release branches.19:07
jungleboyjchhagarw: I have verified that 13.0.1 does use the older messaging level.19:07
jungleboyjimacdonn:  Thanks for catching my mistake there.19:08
imacdonnjungleboyj: np19:08
jungleboyjchhagarw: So, you are seeing the newer oslo.messaging when running UT on stable/rocky ?19:09
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imacdonnchhagarw: there is no "stable master branch" .... there is "master", where new stuff goes, and stable branches, where things get backported, if deemed necessary19:09
chhagarwimacdonn: I think as you mentioned we were trying to run trying to cinder from Rocky with newer oslo.messaging, that's why its failing.19:17
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chhagarwthanks for the clarifications,19:18
imacdonnchhagarw: welcome19:19
jungleboyjchhagarw:  That isn't valid.19:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder master: PowerMax driver doc - removing support for VMAX2  https://review.openstack.org/62034719:22
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/rocky: VMAX driver - releasenote fix  https://review.openstack.org/61876519:22
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: Modernize LIO-Barbican zuul config  https://review.openstack.org/62039319:41
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: Use oslo.privsep for LIO  https://review.openstack.org/31249819:53
openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: Create an LIO python3 job  https://review.openstack.org/54917619:56
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hedvig_01Hi, Is it mandatory to run all 252 tests of tempest in CI setup? Can some tests be skipped?  I see some vendors running a few tests by using the regex option which takes a lot lesser time to execute20:54
jungleboyjhedvig_01: Some vendors disable some tests if they are not appropriate for their storage.  You, however, should run all tests that your storage is capable of doing.20:55
hedvig_01For a driver to qualify, it needs to implement all the functions like create/clone/delete vol and snapshot. Can a vendor specify things like snapshot and cloning not supported?20:57
jungleboyjIf there are drivers using regexes to disable such things then we should take a look at that.20:58
jungleboyjSuch tests.20:58
hedvig_01okay understood. Thank you for the information.20:59
jungleboyjDo you have an example20:59
hedvig_01example for regex?21:09
jungleboyjYeah, curious where you saw that.21:09
smcginnisjungleboyj: I just noticed yesterday Mellanox looks very questionable.21:10
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah?  Are they running agin?21:10
jungleboyjI am thinking  I need to do another round of CI investigation.  :-(21:12
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slaweqhello cinder team21:15
slaweqI just created bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1805506 for You :)21:15
openstackLaunchpad bug 1805506 in Cinder "Tempest tests failing with some errors related to cinder backups" [Undecided,New]21:15
slaweqplease take a look at it and triage it. We are having similar issues quite often in neutron-tempest jobs so maybe You can help with that :)21:16
slaweqthx in advance21:16
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jungleboyjslaweq:  Put it on the agenda to discuss in our meeting tomorrow.21:20
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slaweqjungleboyj: I see You added it already to agenda21:28
slaweqthx a lot21:28
jungleboyjWelcome.  Please join ot discuss if you can.21:28
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slaweqjungleboyj: I will try but it's a bit late for me so I'm not sure if I will be able21:28
jungleboyjOk.  Understood.21:29
slaweqbut I will tomorrow look for more examples of failures, and will put them in bug's comment21:29
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jungleboyjGreat.  Thank you.21:39
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imacdonnjungleboyj: I'm (still) guilty of blacklisting the tests that relate to cascading delete, as we discussed a few months back22:10
imacdonnI did fix all of the other ones that were being skipped for ZFSSA though :)22:10
smcginnisThanks imacdonn22:14
imacdonnhas anyone come up with a replacement for the tintri CI-watch thing? That was quite handy :/22:14
smcginnisStill down? I have another CI report on my dashboard, but granted it's not as pretty. http://cinderstats.ivehearditbothways.com/22:15
imacdonnseems to be, yeah22:15
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hedvig_01@jungleboyj : Giving some context: I was looking at all the vendor reports where hedvig code is run. Almost all of them have the regex filter in the tempest run command. Sometimes, test_volume_boot_pattern test case fails on our CI setup due to timeout. I saw that it's a part of the regex in other vendors. So I wanted to check if I could skip it. I did note down which vendors skipped tests using regex when hedvig ran on their CI22:19
hedvig_01. It's a long list ( I stopped at 15) hence I'll send a private message instead22:19
smcginnisOh wow, maybe this is why - https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/10/tintri-goes-from-ipo-to-bankruptcy-in-one-year.html22:19
hedvig_01yea. it got acquired by DDN storage recently22:22
jungleboyjimacdonn:  *ding ding ding*  Shame *ding ding ding*  Shame ... *ding ... ding*  Shame22:29
eharneynobody should be skipping the test_volume_boot_pattern test, it's a fairly important one22:30
jungleboyjHopefully you watch Game of Thrones.22:30
imacdonnI watched the first few seasons, then lost interest somewhere along the way22:30
hedvig_01@eharney: okay Thank you for confirming.22:31
imacdonnthese are the two tests that I (have to) blacklist, FWIW:22:31
eharneyif the cascade delete test fails, you probably have a bug in your driver that can be exposed by regular delete calls too22:31
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eharneysince quickly calling snapshot deletes + volume delete at the API is equivalent to cascade delete22:32
imacdonnit's been too long since I last looked at it, but I think the issue is that cinder makes some assumption about the way that the backend will handle the cascading delete, and not all backends actually work that way22:34
eharneyit would be interesting to know what that assumption is, because it shouldn't22:34
hedvig_01@jungleboyj: I just sent a private message with the list22:35
imacdonnyeah. we discussed it a few months ago, and seemed to come to a conclusion that the assumption wasn't necessarily valid, but there didn't seem to be a clear solution22:35
jungleboyjhedvig_01:  Yeah, I saw that.  Putting it in a paste would have been better.22:35
eharneyimacdonn: is there a bug against cinder for it?22:36
imacdonnI don't recall there being a bug22:36
imacdonns supoposed to be all organised and stuff .. he should know ;)22:36
hedvig_01oh. I recently started using this tool :) I've no idea "put in a paste" means yet.  I could send an email if it works better22:37
eharneythe cascade functionality only used assumptions that cinder already made about the volume driver calls, so, something is broken somewhere if it doesn't work on some drivers22:37
jungleboyjimacdonn:  :-p22:37
imacdonnI'll put it on my to-do list to revisit and refresh my understanding22:38
jungleboyjhedvig_01:  paste.openstack.org22:38
jungleboyjhedvig_01:  Or use irccloud.com22:38
jungleboyjIt creates pastes for your automatically.22:38
jungleboyjI need to run to an appointment.  smcginnis  Said my hair was too long yesterday so I need to go deal with that.22:39
imacdonnthere's a reason I don't do video conferencing ;)22:41
hedvig_01@jungleboyj: Interesting! http://paste.openstack.org/show/736283/22:41
hedvig_01Interesting for the paste.org link. Not regarding smcginnis comment ;)22:42
jungleboyjimacdonn:  :-)  I didn't get the camera turned off quickly enough.22:43
jungleboyjhedvig_01:  Thanks.22:43
jungleboyjAnd I was sick yesterday which didn't help.22:43
jungleboyjOK.  BBL.22:43
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