Monday, 2019-06-24

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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Add OS-SCH-HNT in extensions list
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openstackgerritrenminmin proposed openstack/cinder master: Correct new_type type in VolumeManager retype method
openstackgerritYury Kulazhenkov proposed openstack/cinder master: Add support for VxFlex OS 3.0 to VxFlex OS driver
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openstackgerritPablo Caruana proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: FC: Ignore some HBAs from map for single WWNN Current FC OS-Brick code only checks for single WWNN to exclude some HBAs from scanning when we don't receive an initiator_target_map from the backend. There are storage arrays,like XtremIO, that due to their
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: Add migrations for default volume type
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cinderclient master: Add missed 'Server ID' output in attachment-list
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cf__When launching an instance via Horizon with a image, I have the option to choose yes/no to this: "Delete Volume on Instance Delete".. Where can I then check this status on an already running instance with an volume attached? I dont want to risk to lose the volume, and I want to delete the instance running12:13
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jungleboyjcf__:  I am not sure a way of checking the status of an existing volume.  Though, there should be some way.  e0ne  might know as he works on Horizon as well.  The default for the option is 'No' if that helps.13:19
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jungleboyjhemna:  Morning.13:24
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e0necf__, jungleboyj: it's a nova's feature
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jungleboyjOh, wondered if that was handled on the Nova side.  That makes sense.13:32
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e0necf__, jungleboyj: you can see this param in the instance details: | os-extended-volumes:volumes_attached | [{"id": "e6ddd742-cce8-460d-9644-5eb2a89feaf5", "delete_on_termination": true}13:37
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jungleboyje0ne: Nice.13:37
hemnaany idea where the summit is after Shanghai ?13:43
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e0nehemna: North America. Thiery sad me that there will be one of the past locations without details13:45
hemnaah ok13:46
hemnaso I think I'm going to skip Shanghai13:46
hemnawish they had picked hong kong instead13:47
hemnaat least that's not a complete communist country13:47
hemnaeven though it is china now too I guess13:47
jungleboyjhemna:  :-(13:47
jungleboyjYeah, Thierry said it is North America.  I am hoping Vancouver again but guessing Atlanta or Boston.13:48
hemnaanywhere but Atlanta13:48
hemnaok where is the ceph CI job defined ?13:49
jungleboyjI am 100% with you there.  I hate Atlanta.  That is why I am guessing it will end up being there.13:49
hemnayah I'm guessing it'll be there again13:49
hemnaAustin would be good13:49
jungleboyjI had forgotten about Austin.  That would be good too.13:50
jungleboyjEspecially in the spring.13:50
e0nehemna and here is ceph plugin
hemnaI've not written a CI job13:51
hemnaso I'm starting from nothing13:51
eharney actually defines the jobs13:51
hemnaI think I basically need to take the existing ceph job, and add all the iscsi tooling13:52
hemnaI'm hoping there is a way to tests this locally ?13:52
hemnaso the ansible code for the cinderlib run is in cinder?13:53
hemnageguileo: you around?13:54
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nikeshmSince one random tempest test was failing in Kaminario iSCSI job, we observed the logs.13:57
nikeshmdid any one face such issue with multipath13:58
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nikeshmit was happening with tests involving image copy to volume13:59
geguileohemna: yup14:00
hemnageguileo: hey, so I need to update/tweak/hack on the ceph CI job14:01
hemnato get CI for the ceph-iscsi driver14:01
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hemnaI figured you had experience doing CI stuffs w/ cinderlib14:02
geguileoI fought it a little bit, yes14:02
hemnaso I'm guessing I need to patch  to add the ceph-iscsi requirements and setup the gateway, etc14:02
hemnajust not sure how to test it all14:02
geguileoyou'll need a new job14:03
geguileoand you'll need to create a devstack plugin for the Ceph iSCSI driver14:03
hemnais that just a matter of adding another playbook in cinder/playbooks ?14:03
geguileoor add it to the existing ceph devstack plugin, which actually makes more sense14:04
hemnaI've not done a ci job before14:04
hemnathat's what I was thinking14:04
hemnajust added the install portion for the required ceph-iscsi tooling into the existing plugin14:04
geguileothen you'll need to define a new zuul job in Cinder that will use it14:05
hemnaok, how do I do that?14:05
geguileoediting .zull.yaml file14:05
hemnaok so, copy/paste the cinderlib job defined at the bottom of that file14:06
hemnaand add a new playbook?14:06
geguileois the job for cinderlib or for cinder?14:06
hemnait's for cinder14:06
geguileothen copy the cinder-plugin-ceph-tempest one14:06
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geguileobut you'll need a different parent14:07
geguileobecause that parent sets up devstack with normal ceph14:07
eharneyi think you need to create a new job in devstack-plugin-ceph's .zuul.yaml and not cinder's14:08
eharneythen just load it from cinder's zuul config like the other ceph jobs14:08
geguileoeharney: yup, you need to define the parent there, but it's just a template14:08
geguileobut then you need to "use it" in cinder14:08
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP ceph-iscsci CI work
hemnalike that?14:10
geguileohemna: but I don't see that parent existing in the Ceph plugin14:11
hemnait doesn't14:11
hemnaI'm assuming I'd have to write that?14:11
geguileothen it will fail14:11
openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/python-cinderclient master: Fix: Quota update successfully executes with no params
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geguileoit will have to be something like that ^14:12
hemnaso how do I test this locally?14:12
hemnaor is that impossible14:12
eharneyand that will need to set some devstack_localrc settings that turn on the needed env settings to run some new deployment code in plugin.sh14:12
geguileoI don't know how to test this locally...14:12
geguileoI believe it should be possible...14:13
hemnaeharney: so like a vars: ENABLE_ISCSI_GW: true14:13
hemnait's a bit tricky, as the ceph-iscsi gw setup needs to know the IP address of the host trying to talk to it too (for the cinder driver to talk to the rbd-iscsi-api service)14:14
eharneyhemna: yeah, similar to the ENABLE_VOLUME_MULTIATTACH etc14:14
hemnaand I'm kinda ignoring the bigger issue of the kernel version......14:14
openstackgerritWalter A. Boring IV (hemna) proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP Add ceph iscsi volume driver
hemnaI'm guessing I can just test the devstack ceph plugin locally by enabling it in devstack/local.conf14:22
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geguileoyeah, that's what I did with the cinderlib one14:31
hemnaok I'll start hacking away14:34
hemnatrying to find the kernel version for the CI runs14:34
geguileobest of luck!!14:34
hemnaI think I need it to be 4.16 or >14:34
hemnaor the tcm_runner won't work :( which is required by the rbd-iscsi-gw14:34
eharneydo we have centos7 nodes available for CI?14:37
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smcginnisNot sure the value of conjecture when you can just go over to -infra and ask about the kernel version. :P14:52
hemnaLinux ubuntu-bionic-limestone-regionone-0008207610 4.15.0-52-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 4 22:49:08 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:57
* hemna has a sad14:57
eharneyhemna: it looks like centos7 should work...?15:02
eharneyjust setting the job to run on centos7 nodes looks like it would be sufficient15:09
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hemnaI suppose so15:30
hemnaI am going to try and get the plugin hacks done15:30
hemnato install all the reqs15:30
hemnaI think I can do that locally15:30
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jungleboyjwalshh_:  Lets talk here.16:33
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Are you around?16:34
jungleboyjwalshh_:  So, I am thinking that it is just a matter of importing the code you need from your driver to establish a session to talk to the backend.16:36
jungleboyjI was hoping Nova would have an example but it doesn't look like they do.16:36
jungleboyjI would like to get smcginnis input as he and I are the ones that started the upgrade checks.16:36
walshh_Sure, I will look into what it would take from my end.  Just need connection information ip, port, array username and password to connect16:39
jungleboyjwalshh_:  Which you should be able to get from cinder.conf .16:41
jungleboyjAll of that data is there.16:41
walshh_yes, should be doable, I just don't want to pollute with too much of powermax driver code16:43
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jungleboyjUnderstood.  Hopefully you can include a lot of it just under the test case you use, if you need to add some internal functions for PowerMax, so be it.  You will not be the only person who has to do this.16:45
walshh_sure, will try to keep it as neat as possible16:46
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jungleboyjThank you.16:52
logan-hemna: fwiw it looks like that ubuntu bionic 4.15.0-52 kernel has the modules ceph specifies they require on that link.
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hemnalogan-: hrmm17:08
hemnamaybe it got backported then17:08
openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: Remove support of tenant_id in UsedLimits
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spatelFolks, quick question, I am planning to use Cinder with ceph, in that case when i attach block storage to vms, does vm directly talk to ceph or data traffic flow via cinder server?21:01
smcginnisspatel: Traffic always goes directly between the compute host and the backing storage. Cinder just provides a management plane for configuring storage.21:02
spatelsmcginnis: thank you :) that was quick21:02
smcginnisspatel: No problem!21:02
openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: Rekey volume on clone
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hemnastarted on that21:39
hemnathe devstack ceph plugin21:39
hemnastill has lots missing21:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/stein: Fix assertion methods in a unit test
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openstackgerritRafael Weingärtner proposed openstack/cinder master: Cinder events fix for Volume type using volume type IDs instead of names
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