Thursday, 2019-07-18

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openstackgerrithjy proposed openstack/cinder master: Add MacroSAN cinder driver
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openstackgerritChris M proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: Create Seagate driver from dothill driver
ruffian_sheepwhoami-rajat: Hi05:36
ruffian_sheepwhoami-rajat: I want to ask the question of docs failure. I am running in my environment, why does it fail after uploading? I have fixed this problem.05:38
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openstackgerritye proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Let error information more precisely.
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ruffian_sheepI think the original file on the main line is not completely updated, resulting in a missing support for the support-matrix.ini.08:10
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openstackgerritLiang Fang proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Leverage compression hardware accelerator
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openstackgerrithjy proposed openstack/cinder master: Add MacroSAN cinder driver
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Create Volume from SG Payload Change
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - QoS Utils Move
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Train San REST Port Deprecation
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - SnapVX NoCopy Mode
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax driver - check cylinder count of source and target volumes
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinderlib master: Fix: Snapshot creation with volume types
openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinderlib master: Fix: Snapshot creation with volume types
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hemnajungleboyj: morning12:48
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jungleboyjhemna: Morning.13:25
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hemnaso you were messing with tcmu-runner ?13:36
hemnaget it workin?13:36
hemnaalso, did you know the infortrend driver uses java ?13:36
jungleboyjhemna: I think so.  Now I am having issues getting my node talking to the ceph cluster.13:36
jungleboyjNo, I didn't know that.13:36
hemnayah, I was just looking at the re-add review13:37
hemnathey require specifying a .jar file for their client to talk to their array13:37
hemnaand their common classes makes calls to java to do work13:37
hemnahaven't seen a driver do that13:37
jungleboyjThat is a little weird, but guess it isn't really different than requiring an external library.13:39
hemnaI'm not sure how to feel about it13:39
hemnawe don't have a policy against it13:40
hemnatheir docs say to download the driver from their github13:41
eharneywhere is that done?13:41
hemnain the docs13:41
jungleboyjOk.  Now that isn't right.13:41
hemnaline 32013:41
hemnais where they set it up13:41
hemnathey do locking around every call to the jar13:42
hemnaline 5313:42
jungleboyjOh, those are the directions for downloading the Infortrend CLI.13:43
hemnathat zip file13:44
hemnaincludes the fc and iscsi drivers13:44
hemnapython code13:44
hemnaand the install script copies those drivers into cinder's install directory in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cinder13:46
hemnathat zip jar13:47
hemnait's all python13:47
hemnareplacing what is installed by cinder13:47
* jungleboyj quietly removes my vote13:48
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eharneyhemna: the jar file is under "assets" under v2.1.3 on the github page13:49
hemnatheir jar is in the assets for the 2.1.3 release13:49
hemnaI just don't like that they have instructions in cinder's docs that tell them to pull down the release from github13:49
hemnaand install it13:49
hemnaas a requirement13:49
hemnaI'd be ok if the jar was a separate location/instructions13:50
eharneyhow is that handled for other CLIs required by drivers?13:50
hemnavendors can do whatever they want outside of openstack/cinder13:50
jungleboyjhemna: ++13:50
hemnabut requiring them to do that ?13:50
jungleboyjeharney:  Good question.13:50
eharneythis is not exactly a unique case13:51
hemnaeharney: it's a mix.  most are pypi installable packages13:51
eharneysome are, some aren't13:51
hemnaI think there are a few that aren't13:51
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hemnabut they also aren't putting documentation in our docs that says they have to install the driver and client from an external source13:51
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deiterCould you. please review ?13:52
deiterthank you!13:52
deiterCould you please review ?13:52
eharneydoesn't it say to install the CLI?13:52
hemnadeiter: asking once is enough man13:52
hemna"Download the Infortrend storage CLI from the release page"13:53
hemnathat's the zip13:53
eharneythe CLI is the jar file, right?13:54
hemnanot sure why they are even going through the trouble of managing their driver external from cinder anymore13:54
hemnasince we allow bug fixes and stuff for past releases13:54
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hemnaclear as mud13:55
hemna(from an admin/user's perspective)13:55
hemnaalso, they call their driver file infortrend_fc_cli.py13:55
hemnajust seems weird and misleading13:56
eharneyi don't know why you're looking at the zip files, i don't think they're relevant for this?13:57
hemnathe driver in cinder is called ifortrend_iscsi_cli13:57
hemnaand that's also in the zip13:57
hemnathe doc is completely unclear what needs to be downloaded and installed13:57
eharneyit's unclear, but i'm pretty sure the intent is to install the jar file for the cli, not the driver zip files also hosted there13:58
hemnaI looked in the zip because I was looking for the .jar file13:58
hemnait's not obvious13:58
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hemnaat least their CI is up14:03
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openstackgerritSofia Enriquez proposed openstack/cinder master: Support Incremental Backup Completion In RBD
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Volume Rekey spec
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openstackgerritErlon R. Cruz proposed openstack/cinder master: NetApp SolidFire: Properly set replication_status
openstackgerritErlon R. Cruz proposed openstack/cinder master: NetApp SolidFire: Fix driver initialization
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinderlib master: Add Python 3 Train unit tests
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openstackgerritGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/cinder master: Replace "integrated-gate-py3" template with new "integrated-gate-storage"
openstackgerritAlex Deiter proposed openstack/cinder master: Update NexentaStor5 driver
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_erlon_jbernard: ping19:23
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jbernard_erlon_: heya20:16
jungleboyjOh no.  The RedHat website looks like an IBM website already.20:17
_erlon_jbernard: hey, was that you that was working with the ceph replication??20:25
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jbernard_erlon_: yes sir20:35
_erlon_hmm, how do you do the failback? Im thinking in a problem im my driver, and Im wodering how you soved it20:44
_erlon_when you failover, the failed over volumes will, 'unsync' from the source, and receive new data. If you failback, you loose all that data20:45
_erlon_jbernard: :^20:45
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openstackgerritErlon R. Cruz proposed openstack/cinder master: NetApp SolidFire: Fix driver initialization
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jbernard_erlon_: for rbd, we failover to the secondary and "force promote" the volumes on that target21:14
jbernard_erlon_: so the source becomes the slave21:14
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_erlon_jbernard: so, the target becames the primary forever, or until a new failover happens?21:26
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jungleboyjhemna:  Around?21:54
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/queens: Remove Sheepdog tests from zuul config
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jungleboyjhemna:  We should cross paths tomorrow.  I am having issues getting the gw process to start.  I will need to do more debug tomorrow but wondering if you had to do anything special to get the services to start?22:46
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jbernard_erlon_: exactly23:17
jbernard_erlon_: forever, only the human determines when to failover and failback23:17
jbernard_erlon_: failback is really just failing over to an old primary23:18
_erlon_jbernard: cool sounds a good idea23:19
jbernard_erlon_: i also wrote the failover cinder-manage logic, so if you try that I'm curious how it goes and what you think23:20
jbernard_erlon_: s/failover/failback23:21
_erlon_what does that do? the same thing but with cinder manage?23:21
jbernard_erlon_: you failover though the api23:21
jbernardbut to failback, it requires some db updates, and there is a cinder-manage command for that23:21
jbernard_erlon_: if it works correctly, you should return to the original state (db)23:22
_erlon_jbernard: why the updates? isnt possible to do it all via model update? storing the changes on provider_location?23:22
jbernard_erlon_: its been some time i honestly can't remember23:22
jbernard_erlon_: i think i picked up the spec from patrick23:22
jbernard_erlon_: and that's what seemed reasonable as an initial step23:23
jbernard_erlon_: but your thought might be great for the next pass23:23
_erlon_jbernard: mhm, what spec is that? I dont remember any spec from him23:23
_erlon_I read the ones from jgriffith and xyang23:23
jbernard_erlon_: it's there, should be in the repo23:23
jbernard_erlon_: ill dig it up when i can, gotta run for a bit23:23
_erlon_jbernard: ill check23:23
_erlon_jbernard: ok, if you can point me, I remember that I search everything related to replication in the specs and didnt find the one from prratic23:24
_erlon_jbernard: go for it, thanks!23:24
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jbernard_erlon_: here's the cinder commit: df81b59f9d1f70dcde002eb9252c55e46d77a5c023:57
_erlon_jbernard: ok, thanks very much. Ill read it23:57

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