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openstackgerritDhinesh Balasubramaniam proposed openstack/cinder master: Migration to py37 Remove the encode and decode calls to avoid conversion to and from bytes
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder master: Hedvig: Migration to py37
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder master: Update drivers documentation
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openstackgerritChris M proposed openstack/cinder master: Create Seagate driver from dothill driver
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openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/cinder master: Fixing 404's and broken links
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openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/cinder master: Fixing 404's and broken links
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openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/cinder stable/stein: Fixing 404's and broken links
openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Fixing 404's and broken links
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: Add migrations for default volume type
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gemini_117hi , i found to import cinder module take a long time, about 3 or 4 second, does anyone have the same problem?07:12
gemini_117i import cinder module in my command line.07:12
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gemini_117does it neen some initialisation for cinder import?07:14
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whoami-rajatgemini_117: No, fraction of a second, which release are you using?08:17
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gemini_117queens version08:31
gemini_117i'm doing some test with cinderlib´╝î and in the cinderlib source, it import cinder module code.08:33
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openstackgerritPawel Kaminski proposed openstack/cinder master: target/spdknvmf: Add max_queue_depth configuration parameter
openstackgerritPawel Kaminski proposed openstack/os-brick master: connectors/nvme: Wait until nvme device shows up in kernel
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claudiubHello. regarding the cinder py3 compliance ( I see that Cloudbase Cinder SMB3 CI is marked as "NO". We've switched to python3 since June. You can see the smb cinder-volume logs from a relatively recent run here:
claudiuband regarding the note: "Missing c-vol log file", that's because it's on the Windows node (see link above).10:01
claudiub^ smcginnis jungleboyj10:04
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claudiubalso, keep in mind that "Cloudbase Cinder SMB3 CI" contains 2 jobs: "cinder-iscsi" and "cinder-smb". :)10:10
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder master: docs: update new driver review page
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OlineHi everyone, I'm having problem with the synology iscsi driver in debian 10.013:57
OlineI got this error when trying to start cinder with this driver :13:58
OlineFailed to initialize driver.: TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "bytes") to str13:58
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Olineline 105 : md5_str = d_i + password + salt13:59
openstackgerritThiago Correa proposed openstack/cinder master: NetApp SolidFire: Fix replication
toskyOline: that looks like a python3 porting issue; according this etherpad: , the Synology CI (which I guess tests that driver) is not properly python3-compliant13:59
Olinethe problem seems to be that the "salt" variable is of type byte and not str13:59
Oline@tosky OK, I got to the same conclusion14:00
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/cinder stable/stein: Move DotHill release note to correct location
OlineHow could I workaround this ? (I tried lastest version from github, then tried to fix the errors, but I stopped after the 8th errors :s)14:02
OlineI'm runny rocky openstack version from debian packages14:03
smcginnisOline: Your best bet is probably to run the service under Python 2.7 until they are able to address their Python 3 issues.14:04
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OlineThe whole cinder service?14:05
Olineor just there driver? (if so, how can I make cinder just call this driver using python27?)14:05
smcginnisOline: The driver is in the service, so it would mean running at least the cinder-volume service with py2.14:06
eharneyit would be good to file a bug for this at
Oline@eharney Ok, I can try running cinder-volume with python214:11
OlineI'll fill a bug too, thanks for the link to the right place :)14:11
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Olinesmcginnis I just looked for the python2.7 driver version, but it is not shipped within Debian packages. I'm not sure that I'm going to take time to make cinder-volume work with python 2.7 :s Seem that python 2.7 is dropped at the end of the year by openstack.14:16
OlineMaybe I'll try a little more on fixing the python3 issues by myself14:17
OlineThanks for the help :)14:17
smcginnisOline: Still supported in Train, but the plan is to drop it in the U release.14:18
Oline@smcginnis That's what I read in the openstack doc about python3. Because I'm not fond of working for future drop software, I'll wait for synology to fix it if I can't myself14:19
toskyOline: if you stay on debian stable, python 2.7 is going to be supported for the lifetime of buster (10.0)14:20
toskythat's what stable distributions do14:21
toskymoreover, the fix for this may not be backported to rocky (and then you would need to wait for an updated package, which does not always happen, unless you backport the fix yourself)14:22
OlineI usualy backport fix by myself14:22
Olineoften I mix using the testing distribution and backporting/packaging myself what I need14:23
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jungleboyjeharney:  You around.14:48
eharneyjungleboyj: in a meeting for now, but what's up?14:48
jungleboyjsmcginnis: and I had asked walshh_  to add the status check for this review:
smcginnisI didn't. :)14:49
eharneyi don't think we can run driver code in the cinder-status command...14:49
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh, sorry, I thought you were in on that.14:49
smcginnisI actually have the same concerns as eharney14:50
smcginnisI'd rather not do that.14:50
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh, ok.14:50
eharneythere's probably another way that this check could be done if it's really needed, but probably requires some work14:50
smcginnisSee my comment on PS10 on that review.14:50
jungleboyjOk.  See that now.  Sorry.  I thought someone else had agreed with me.14:52
jungleboyjI will pull my request if you guys feel this is the wrong approach.14:52
eharneydo we have a doc on these checks in general?14:53
smcginnisProbably would be good to add something to
jungleboyjThat is what we currently have.14:54
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eharneyi'm not sure that what this patch was doing really fits with reasonable use cases for this anyway, but let me go read over it a bit14:55
smcginnisTHat doesn't seem the right place for that.14:55
jungleboyjOk.  We can move that.14:55
smcginnisThe tool is for administrators performing an upgrade, so I don't think they would think to look under the contributor documentation.14:56
jungleboyjWell, that is the documentation for contributors.14:57
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smcginnisOh, true.14:58
smcginnisUnder rolling upgrades seems a little bit odd to me, but probably not any better places to put it.14:59
jungleboyjRight.  When I wrote that I didn't see a better place.15:01
jungleboyjFor the User we could add documentation too though.  That is a good idea.15:01
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toskyeharney: hi, did you notice my comments on (which is technically part of cinder, even though it is used)15:25
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eharneytosky: looks pretty sensible to me15:31
toskyeharney: do you think it's worth adding jobs against the older branches, so that they are not suddenly broken?15:32
eharneytosky: it would be a good idea, not sure how hard it is to do15:34
toskyeharney: that's really easy, let me send an updated patch15:36
eharneytosky: main question is whether there are any differences in available features across older branches15:37
toskyeharney: from time to time devstack receives new features or cleanups which are not backported15:37
eharneytosky: i mean nfs driver features15:38
toskyeharney: oh, so that the values set by configure_tempest_nfs or configure_cinder_nfs need to change depending on the branch?15:39
eharneytosky: i'm not sure they need to now, but they may when we add multiattach support in some release15:39
eharneyor when we add encrypted volume support, etc15:40
eharneymaybe for now the branches are all the same15:40
toskyeharney: but then it's even more important to make sure that a change in devstack-plugin-nfs does not break when used against an older branch15:40
toskybefore breaking without notice because it works against cinder master15:40
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toskyaaand sent15:45
openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: Add contributor notes on cinder-status checks
eharneyjungleboyj: smcginnis: maybe this can help start a discussion to solidify some of the guidelines around cinder-status ^15:55
eharneyalso added an alternate suggestion for how to do the powermax check to that patch15:58
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claudiubHello. regarding the cinder py3 compliance ( I see that Cloudbase Cinder SMB3 CI is marked as "NO". We've switched to python3 since June. You can see the smb cinder-volume logs from a relatively recent run here:
claudiuband regarding the note: "Missing c-vol log file", that's because it's on the Windows node (see link above).16:02
jungleboyjclaudiub:  Sorry I didn't respond to the ping over night.16:04
claudiublet me know if there's anything else we have to care of :)16:05
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jungleboyjclaudiub: I am sorry not figuring out how your CI works.  You are indeed in compliance.16:10
claudiub\o/ thanks. :)16:10
jungleboyjI am updating the etherpad and will also let Thierry know as he was doing some other follow up.16:10
jungleboyjThank you for getting that done and for following up.16:10
claudiubnp :)16:11
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jungleboyjclaudiub:  Ok, everything is updated.16:16
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder master: Add "service token" documentation
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hedvig_01@smcginnis : I just check the run-hedvig CI comment. I'm trying to debug this as well. when I run " tox -e all-plugin -- volume"  All tests have passed. "- Failed: 0" . I've modified the CI setup to point to the latest patchset. the console output shows "git fetch refs/changes/99/675499/217:51
hedvig_01However I still see the same old 87 failures.17:51
smcginnishedvig_01: What does "I've modified the CI setup to point to the latest patchset" mean? CI should always pull the patch under test to run against.17:52
smcginnishedvig_01: Based on that last failure, doesn't look like it is using the code it should be -
hedvig_01    cd $BASE/new/cinder17:56
hedvig_01    UPSTREAM_REMOTE=
hedvig_01    git fetch $UPSTREAM_REMOTE $LATEST_PATCHSET && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD17:56
hedvig_01In the  pre_test_hook  fucntion, I've added17:56
hedvig_01sorry about the inconsistent paste.17:56
smcginnisThis should be removed now -
smcginnisNot sure if that is causing issues.17:58
smcginnisI don't think there's any need to use devstack-gate.17:59
hedvig_01Sorry, I'm a little confused. What should be removed?17:59
smcginnisCherry-picking a specific patch in a pre_test_hook.18:00
smcginnisAnd I don't think you need to do anything related to devstack-gate.18:00
smcginnisLooking at your local.conf, CINDER_BRANCH is commented out there.18:00
hedvig_01cp devstack-gate/ ./ ./safe-devstack-vm-gate-wrap.sh18:01
smcginnisI didn't think setting CINDER_REPO to gerrit would work.18:01
hedvig_01we have this which invokes the devstackgate part of it18:01
smcginnishedvig_01: What do you need devstack-gate for?18:01
smcginnisIIRC, devstack-gate is deprecated and going away soon.18:02
hedvig_01This was present during the stein's release. Is there a sample pretesthook function I can refer to?18:02
hedvig_01we also have this in the CI setup18:03 is the real repo location.18:03
smcginnisCINDER_BRANCH is commented out in that patch's local.conf, so that's probably why you are not getting the changes it's supposed to be testing.18:04
smcginnisAny probably means you've only ever been testing on master.18:04
smcginnismaster HEAD more precisely.18:04
hedvig_01correct. Hence my new changes are not being reflected18:04
hedvig_01I see a bunch of things in the executeShell of our CI setup18:05
hedvig_01We used this link as reference for the pre_test and the executeshell content18:06
hedvig_01Are we using the right reference?18:06
smcginnisAh, so that must be one approach for when the driver is "not merged yet".18:07
smcginnisThat wasn't the case for quite awhile now.18:07
hedvig_01okay. so I'll remove everything from pre_test function. I'll set CINDER_BRANCH=refs/changes/99/675499/218:09
hedvig_01This should suffice right?18:10
smcginnisMaybe what you meant, but just to make it clear - "you" don't change CINDER_BRANCH, but the CI does so it always is pulling down and stacking the patch that needs to be tested.18:11
hedvig_01oh okay. So how does the CI know which patch needs to be tested? There has to be some parameter to be set which will point to "refs/changes/99/675499/2" right?18:12
hedvig_01So do I need to set this parameter?18:14
smcginnisHowever your CI is set up - there are a bunch of different ways - it should know what ref triggered the job to run and set that in CINDER_BRANCH.18:14
hedvig_01I'll modify these params and do a quick test. Thank you so much for the responses.18:15
smcginnisNo problem, good luck getting it sorted out.18:15
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Unisphere version check
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - QoS Utils Move
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Train San REST Port Removal
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - SnapVX NoCopy Mode
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax driver - check cylinder count of source and target volumes
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Miscellaneous improvements to delete
openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Volume & Snapshot Metadata
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