Monday, 2020-01-27

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raghavendrathi, trying to create multiple volumes (of size 10GB) concurrently. is there a upper limit?05:59
raghavendratit would be great if anyone can point to documentation regarding this. Thanks.06:00
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whoami-rajatraghavendrat, hi, are you facing any error doing it?06:33
raghavendratwhoami-rajat: for Train, able to create around 100 volumes simultaneously. however on Pike, able to create around 20 volumes only06:34
raghavendratnot sure if its my setup issue or any limitation from openstack side06:35
whoami-rajatraghavendrat, which backend?06:35
whoami-rajatraghavendrat, also what is the error on pike?06:35
raghavendratvolumes end up in "error" state06:36
whoami-rajatraghavendrat, and what is the error on c-vol logs?06:40
raghavendratlet me get back on c-vol logs.06:40
raghavendratfrom openstack / cinder side, is there any limit ?06:41
whoami-rajatNone that i'm aware of06:43
whoami-rajatalso did you check quotas?06:43
whoami-rajatfor the tenant you're creating volumes in06:44
raghavendrathhmm. will check that. i got command: cinder absolute-limits06:44
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whoami-rajatopenstack quota show <project_id>06:47
whoami-rajator cinder quota-show PROJECT_ID06:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cinder stable/stein: Make volume soft delete more thorough
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openstackgerritRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder stable/rocky: Make volume soft delete more thorough
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fungilong shot, but can anybody tell me why `openstack volume list` against rackspace returns "public endpoint for volumev2 service in DFW region not found" for me with osc 3.19.0?19:22
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jungleboyjfungi:  Not specifically.19:58
jungleboyjIt sounds like either the endpoint isn't available or not properly defined for you.19:58
fungijungleboyj: thanks, we came to a similar conclusion, this solves it for us:
jungleboyjfungi:  Yikes, they are still back on V1?20:00
fungiwell, clarkb came to a similar conclusion. i just sat back in my usual puddle of drool and made inaudible 'hurr' sounds20:00
fungijungleboyj: it's like a time capsule, but without the requisite nostalgia20:00
jungleboyjrosmaita: smcginnis|FOSDEM e0ne  ^^^ This seems to answer the question as to whether anyone is still using the V1 API.  :-(20:01
jungleboyjYeah, so, I am guessing they are on an old OpenStack release, but it is still something we ahve to worry about.  Right?20:05
rosmaitai think they haven't updated the public cloud since i left, so maybe ocata20:06
rosmaitajungleboyj: how do you mean "worry"?20:07
jungleboyjWell ... So, we had the discussion about removing V1 API and there was the question if anyone would still be using it.20:07
jungleboyjIf anyone at RAX is programming against their APIs the would still be using it.20:08
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rosmaitajungleboyj: i think the v1 api is long gone ... we are talking about removing v220:09
jungleboyjrosmaita:  Oh, that is right.20:09
rosmaitayeah, so it's even worse than you thought!20:09
clarkbit really only matters on the client/sdk/consumer side20:10
rosmaitawe probably had a major client bump when we dropped v1 support from the client20:10
clarkbthe server can roll forward as long as you don't rip out support for old APIs where people are programming against old servers20:10
clarkbyou shouldn't be removing api support from the clients imo20:10
jungleboyjrosmaita:  Of course it is worse.  ;-)20:10
jungleboyjclarkb:  Ok, I feel like that is what we had discussion around.20:11
rosmaitaclarkb: that's what osc is for!20:11
clarkbrosmaita: osc is only a command line tool20:12
fungi"what, me worry?"20:13
fungiand yeah, knowing rax, ocata seems like a generous guess20:13
fungioptimistic even20:13
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder master: DNM: get ready for sqlalchemy 1.3.13
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openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/cinder stable/queens: Cap sphinx for py2 to match global reqs
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