Sunday, 2020-10-25

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elade Hi all. Is there a command line command for "live extend volume" aka "extend attached volume"? I can run the test tempest.api.volume.test_volumes_extend.VolumesExtendAttachedTest.test_extend_attached_volume via tempest but when I try "openstack volume set --size 4 volname" I get "Volume is in in-use state, it must be available before size can be17:48
eladeextended". thanks17:48
toskytry to use the cinder command for that, and you may need to set the microversion17:49
toskyI can't check it now, but it should be documented in cinder or in the python-cinderconf documentation17:49
toskyalso, was that tempest test executed against that specific backend?17:50
eladetosky: "python-cinderconf" you mean "openstack/python-cinderclient" ?17:51
eladeyes the test executed against the specific backend17:51
toskyyep, sorry17:51
elade lists "extend" but nothing else. :-(  I was not able to find any relevant documentation17:52
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eladeOK I found it!! The command would be  "cinder --os-volume-api-version=3.42  extend volumeName sizeInGb" . The requried microversion is specified here .  And if I understand this correctly this is not supported by18:36
eladeopenstackcli because cinder microversions cannot be specified there18:36
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toskyit's part of the issues with OSC, hopefully they will be addressed in the not far future19:05
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