Friday, 2021-04-23

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openstackgerritkiran pawar proposed openstack/cinder master: Parallelize the cinder backup process
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openstackgerritLuigi Toscano proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: DNM test ceph on CentOS 8
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openstackgerritEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder stable/wallaby: Fix sporadic cleanup unit test failure
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rosmaita5 minute warning: cinder PTG sessions about to start12:55
rosmaitajungleboyj rosmaita smcginnis tosky whoami-rajat m5z e0ne geguileo eharney walshh_ jbernard lseki sfernand rajinir enriquetaso hemna ^^12:55
jungleboyjrosmaita:  Just a reminder that I have the TC sessions today that conflict.13:02
rosmaitajungleboyj: ack13:02
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openstackgerritJohannes Kulik proposed openstack/cinder master: vmware tests: Support different moref backend representations
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JohnnyRainbowHi, just a question regarding retype root volume from unencrypted type to encrypted type, I didn't face any issues with non-root volumes, it works fine, however my scenario is:14:07
JohnnyRainbow1. Create an instance with unencrypted root volume(do not delete volume on termination), 2. Delete instance, 3. Retype root volume from my deleted instance to encrypted one, 4. Launch an instance from this encrypted volume.14:07
JohnnyRainbowunfortunately instance build fails with error message like here:
JohnnyRainbowAny idea what could be wrong, is it possible to transform?14:07
toskyplease note people are busy with the PTG sessions right now, but there are issues when retyping from non-encrypted to encrypted14:08
openstackgerritJohannes Kulik proposed openstack/cinder master: vmware: Use oslo.vmware's get_moref_value()
toskyfor example (but it may be a bit different)
openstackLaunchpad bug 1922586 in Cinder "Create encrypt volume from unencrypted image will corrupt the data in RBD. " [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to Sofia Enriquez (lsofia-enriquez)14:10
JohnnyRainbow@tosky: hmm...any references or hints how to fix it? I was trying to find something similar, only that LP found: but without solution...14:11
openstackLaunchpad bug 1721522 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "encrypted volumes: Cannot format device /dev/sdb which is still in use" [Undecided,Expired]14:11
toskyso which backend do you use?14:13
toskyI think there are no "proper" solutons right now, just workarounds (it was one of the topics being discussed this days at the PTG)14:14
toskyin some cases the issue is due to the increased size required by the encryption headers, so retyping into a slightly bigger volume may help14:15
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JohnnyRainbow@tosky: I'm using ISCSI, I was trying to use volume a bit bigger(original 30GB > new 32GB), but all the time fails...maybe I need to use much bigger?14:31
toskyuhm, 2 GB more should be definitely fine14:32
toskyI can't help much now, please file a bug14:32
toskywith all the details14:32
toskyand possibly logs14:32
toskyin debug mode with the full traceback from all services involved (the error above in the pastebin is a bit too small)14:33
toskyalso, which version is that? I guess it's way older than train14:33
JohnnyRainbowcinder is from rocky, barbican is ussuri14:34
toskyI wouldn't mix such different releases14:34
toskyalso barbican/ussuri is not supported on python 214:34
JohnnyRainbowworks perfectly, just this use-case is failing14:35
JohnnyRainbowencrypted volumes are fine, just retyping of root volumes are not working, terminated https loadbalancers are fine etc. OK, anyway, I will file a bug14:36
toskyalso, the likelihood of a fix for older releses is becoming more and more problematic; we may stop supporting rocky "soon", at least in cinder14:37
JohnnyRainbowno worries, plan to upgrade soon, if I will get an info that it is fixed already in newer releases, that is fine for me14:37
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openstackgerritHelen Walsh proposed openstack/cinder master: PowerMax Driver - Re-use existing initiator group/host.
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph master: Bump up Ceph to Pacific and Ganesha to v3.5
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openstackgerritLuigi Toscano proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: Implement basic protection testing jobs
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openstackgerritLuigi Toscano proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: Add basic volume protection tests
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openstackgerritVenkata krishna Thumu proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF] Manage GMCV volumes on separate pools
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on is being restarted to pick up some updates, and should be available again momentarily19:01
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