Friday, 2021-07-02

opendevreviewTakashi Kajinami proposed openstack/cinder master: Migrate all quota parameters to [quota] section.
opendevreviewXuan Yandong proposed openstack/cinder-specs master: Support revert any snapshot to the volume
amar7ibmHi team, we are migrating to zuulV3. In this process while configuring nodepool-builder facing at creating a disc.07:58
amar7ibmat :- curl -v -L -o /home/ubuntu/.cache/image-create/source-repositories/.download.sOnbfa4t -w '%{http_code}' --connect-timeout 10 --retry 3 --retry-delay 30
amar7ibmERROR: Resolving ( failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.07:58
toskyamar7ibm: better ask in the #opendev or #openstack-infra channels (but people may not be around now); I guess you can resolve that address normally08:04
toskyand if you don't fine people around now, you can always send an email to the appropriate mailing list08:06
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amar7_tosky: thanks for the info. :-)08:07
opendevreviewkatari manoj kumar proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF]:Fix add volumes to GMCV group
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinderlib master: Update TOX setenv
opendevreviewkatari manoj kumar proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF]:Fix add volumes to GMCV group
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Mr_FreezeexHello, I realized not so long ago that the feature freeze for xena is coming "soon". Is there still a chance to include my blueprint ( as a xena target?14:49
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder-specs master: Update Xena specs
toskyMr_Freezeex: did you send the spec for review on cinder-specs?15:30
enriquetasoHi Mr_Freezeex, Xena spec deadline was last Friday 25 June15:31
Mr_FreezeexAh I didn't know a spec was needed for this15:31
toskyis it just a bugfix? I've read "blueprint" and I thought it's a feature (so blueprint)15:33
toskybut rosmaita would know for sure 15:33
Mr_FreezeexYes it's a feature for the rbd driver15:36
rosmaitaMr_Freezeex: you should be OK, driver features have a longer deadline15:37
Mr_FreezeexAh ok nice thanks :)15:37
rosmaitado me a favor, though, and on your blueprint edit the "Series goal" to xena15:38
rosmaitathanks.  just fyi, here is the deadline info:
lyarwood - any reason we don't list response payloads in the API docs?15:55
rosmaitalyarwood: i don't think we list payloads in the api-ref for any of the 202 responses (though that may not be a good answer to your question)16:14
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lyarwoodrosmaita: yeah np, we list these in the compute API ref so I was wondering why they aren't in here. 16:23
lyarwoodfor example
lyarwoodif I get time I might add them for some of the APIs Nova tends to interact with 16:24
rosmaitalyarwood: or just file bugs and we can follow up16:24
lyarwoodack that might be a better way to go :)16:25
rosmaitai think the reason is people think of a 202 as a 20416:25
rosmaitabut if there's a body returned, we should document it16:25
rosmaitai think we do return 204s for some things16:25
rosmaitadepends on who implemented the api16:25
lyarwoodI think n-api mostly returns 202 over 204 now with some UUID to track the progress of the operation16:26
lyarwoodbut yeah I get why people might skip documenting this stuff at the time16:26
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/python-cinderclient master: Remove skip_missing_interpreters
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opendevreviewBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/python-cinderclient stable/wallaby: DNM: remove skip_missing-interpreters in wallby
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder master: Driver assisted migration on retype when it's safe

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