Wednesday, 2021-07-28

opendevreviewJon Bernard proposed openstack/cinder master: RBD: use correct stripe unit in clone operation
opendevreview王昊 proposed openstack/cinder master: Support to query snapshot filter by updated_at/created_at
opendevreviewyangyang proposed openstack/cinder master: FIX BUG:
opendevreview王昊 proposed openstack/cinder master: Support multiple filters together for volume time comparison filter
opendevreviewAmar proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF]: Fix to Enable Replication to Storwize_V3700
opendevreviewsaikrishnagk proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF] Fixed update_rep_properties for empty values
GirishChilukuriHi Team08:26
GirishChilukurican we use "volume_name_template" in volume_type extra specs08:27
opendevreview江治林 proposed openstack/cinder master: when backend is not support consistency group, creating generic group is successful
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opendevreviewsaikrishnagk proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF]: Get RCCG State of a Group
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opendevreviewZohar Mamedov proposed openstack/os-brick master: NVMeOF Connection Agent
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rosmaitaEarly reminder: today's cinder meeting is on video + #openstack-meeting-alt at 1400 UTC13:55
rosmaitaconnection info:
rosmaitajungleboyj rosmaita smcginnis tosky whoami-rajat m5z e0ne geguileo eharney walshh_ jbernard lseki sfernand rajinir enriquetaso hemna  ^^13:55
whoami-rajatenriquetaso_, I've one question about your patch, it says in the commit message that there is possibility of data truncating but your code logic works only for destination volumes greater than source volumes, can you explain this scenario14:38
enriquetaso_#startmeeting cinder_bs14:39
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enriquetaso_#topic bug_1: extra_capabilities not added to pool stats14:40
enriquetaso_#link 14:40
enriquetaso_Summary: When a driver section is configured with the extra_capabilities entry and the driver is reporting pools in get_volume_stats, the extra_capabilities are not added to each pool entry. 14:41
simondodsleyPatch for this:
enriquetaso_#action (enriquetaso) in addition  would be nice to ask gorka.14:43
enriquetaso_#action (enriquetaso) the fix should have the closes-bug in the commit msg14:44
enriquetaso_#topic bug_2: retype available volume fails with non root file access14:44
eharneythis sounds related to the usual problems around use of the nas_secure options -- we should probably fix it14:45
enriquetaso_summary The reporter uses Netapp nfs and is configured that only one cinder user (by uid) can write to this share.14:45
enriquetaso_When running retype on a volume not in-use, it fails, because the asks to be executed as root. But root is not allowed to write to that nfs share.14:45
enriquetaso_eharney,  nas_secure option is nfs specific option?14:47
enriquetaso_#action (enriquetaso) add the nas_secure option to the launchpad bug. 14:48
eharneyit's nfs/remotefs specific, most users just won't hit it because they are running with a configuration where everything is done as root14:48
eharneythe nas_secure options to run as a non-root user have had endless problems because they aren't well tested and have never been very robust, presumably the reporter is using that configuration14:49
enriquetaso_#topic bug_3: misleading message about api version negotiation14:50
enriquetaso_Summary: In the scenario where cinderclient supports a maximum API version of 3.64, but the server supports 3.65, the client will say "downgrading to 3.64 based on server support". This is wrong because it is downgrading based on the client, not the server support.14:51
enriquetaso_#topic bug_4: when the backend does not support consistency groups, creating generic groups is successful and because of this Can't delete the consistency group, which this group backend does not support14:52
enriquetaso_#topic open discussion 14:54
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enriquetaso_whoami-rajat, sure: 15:05
enriquetaso_The first scenario is when destination and source volume are the same size.15:05
enriquetaso_This fix proposed that create_volume_from_snapshot() won't perform any resize.15:05
enriquetaso_In this way the data won't truncate.15:05
enriquetaso_The second case scenario is when we would like to increase the size of the destination volume. As far as I can tell this won't face the encryption header problem but we still need to calculate the difference size to provide the size that the user is expecting.15:05
enriquetaso_i.e.  RBD workflow would be something like this: source luks volume would be 1026M, we write some data and create a snap from it. We like to create a new luks volume from a snapshot so the create_volume_from_snapshot() method performs a RBD clone first and then a resize if needed.15:07
enriquetaso_If the desired size of the destination luks volume is 1G the create_volume_from_snapshot() won't perform any resize and will be 1026M as the parent. 15:07
enriquetaso_the second scenario isn't so obvious because won't face the encryption header problem but we still need to calculate the difference size to provide the size that the user is expecting.15:11
whoami-rajatenriquetaso_, ack, can you summarize the second scenario in a commit msg or add a note in the code, i think it's not obvious from current commit msg which only states the problem with same size volumes.15:14
enriquetaso_whoami-rajat, sounds good, let me update 15:27
whoami-rajatenriquetaso_, thanks, ping me once you update it15:27
amar___To Core Reviewers, Please have a look at this fix : and share your reviews/comments16:32
opendevreviewSofia Enriquez proposed openstack/cinder master: [rbd] Fix create encrypted volume from snapshot
enriquetaso_done whoami-rajat ^17:45
hemnais sqlalchemy still the cool kid?20:22
opendevreviewSofia Enriquez proposed openstack/cinder master: [rbd] Fix create encrypted volume from snapshot

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