Thursday, 2021-09-30

rm_workhey, for a while now we've been patching in a concept of "read only admin", so we can allow some users to see everything owned by any user, but not actually create/delete/etc... it looks like permissions have been overhauled recently and our patches no longer apply cleanly. I figured before I do a bunch of work to fix that, I should ask if there's already a matching concept that I can just ... use 😛00:01
rm_workand if not, if anyone else thinks something like that would be useful to include by default00:02
rosmaitarm_work: this doc explains what we're doing ... it may not fit exactly with your custom scheme, but see what you think:
rosmaitarm_work: also, the xena release notes have a list of the changes made in xena:
opendevreviewHarsh Ailani proposed openstack/cinder master: [SVF] Add cleanrate in volume-type extra specs
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opendevreviewIvan Kolodyazhny proposed openstack/os-brick master: Return only one path in NVMe connector
opendevreviewVladislav Belogrudov proposed openstack/os-brick master: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
opendevreviewVladislav Belogrudov proposed openstack/os-brick master: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
raghavendrathi geguileo: are you online ?10:17
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opendevreviewSeena Fallah proposed openstack/cinder master: snapshot: allow revert to any point for rbd driver
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raghavendratHi reviewers ... below patch has got one +2.13:02
raghavendratIt would be great if someone can have a look. Thanks.13:02
raghavendrat [HPE 3PAR: Reuse existing session]13:02
rosmaitageguileo: eharney: could use your feedback on Add "known issues" to xena release note:
geguileosophieh20201: sorry, I misseed your ping from yesterday14:13
geguileosophieh20201: I'll have a look at the patch again14:13
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geguileorosmaita: done14:28
rosmaitageguileo: ty14:28
sophieh20201geguileo: Good morning!15:09
geguileosophieh20201: morning!  I replied in your patch to the locking vs retrying15:12
sophieh20201geguileo: got your comments and understood your concerns. Based on the logs, it seems that the database error is introduced by the database access of all the multiple threads, not the same thread for a target plus portal - I only have one lun in that testing. Do you think I can just lock the _connect_to_iscsi_portal for all the access, instread of target and portal 15:14
opendevreviewVladislav Belogrudov proposed openstack/os-brick master: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
opendevreviewBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/os-brick stable/xena: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
fabiooliveiraneeding review on this patch -- can I ping the ones who already reviewed old patch sets?16:20
fabiooliveiratosky, walshh_, simondodsley, jungleboyj, raghavendrat, enriquetaso, geguileo ^^ at some point you all reviewed the patch above, could you guys take a look :) thank you 18:05
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder stable/xena: Add "known issues" to xena release note
opendevreviewMerged openstack/os-brick master: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
rosmaitacinder-stable-maint cores: need approval of
rosmaitae0ne eharney geguileo jungleboyj smcginnis whoami-rajat ^^20:26
potsrosmaita: can and can go into stable/xena?  one is a doc fix and the other's a trivial one-liner20:52
rosmaitapots: i think we'll have to wait for the first point release20:53
potsrosmaita: ok :(20:54
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opendevreviewSeena Fallah proposed openstack/cinder-tempest-plugin master: volume: fix wrong snapshot_id for revert_to_snapshot_after_extended_negative
opendevreviewMerged openstack/os-brick stable/xena: Fix paths for NVMe devices (non-nguid)
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder master: NetApp Solidfire: Fix retype and name exception on migration
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder master: HPE 3PAR: Reuse existing session

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