Monday, 2022-04-04

opendevreviewRajat Dhasmana proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: Add review best practices
opendevreviewDataCore Software proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix bugs spotted by tox
opendevreviewFrancesco Pantano proposed openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph master: Deploy with cephadm
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yuvalHey how do I join the PTG I need to download the eventbrite app?12:38
toskyyuval:  you just need to register to eventbrite (from the website, no need for app), but then all the information are availble on the even site:
toskythere are several rooms, several use a custom instance of jitsi meets (so they can be access through the browser), others use zoom12:44
rosmaitai think the lozenges in the schedule are links to the zoom rooms13:02
rosmaitathe password for every room is “openinfra”13:03
rosmaitayou can connect with your web browser and not download the zoom app13:03
rosmaitaiirc, the link to use your browser will be in really small type at the bottom of the page telling you to install zoom for best experience13:04
rosmaitayou can also find the list of everyone's etherpads from that ptg page,
rosmaitaif you're looking for something to attend the tc session at 1400 utc should be good ... will have a discussion of the new "tick-tock" release model for openstack13:05
hemnarosmaita thanks for the info13:11
hemnais there some info on the "tick-tock" release model?13:11
hemnanot sure how this is really any different than what we do today13:15
hemnastill has 2 releases a year13:15
hemnathey are just called tick and then tock?13:15
* hemna has confused13:15
rosmaitait's related to upgrades, we're going to allow upgrades from tick to tick without requiring you to install tock13:17
hemnahow is that any different?13:18
hemna we can upgrade from one 6 month release to another today13:18
hemnaI'm working on upgrading from train to wallaby13:19
opendevreviewEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: WIP: mypy: objects/
rosmaitahemna: the idea is that you'll be able to skip a release when upgrading, as long as you are starting from a "tick" release13:33
hemnaok I guess I'm missing something then13:33
hemnawe can do that today13:34
hemnaafaik.   train -> wallaby13:34
hemnawhat are we doing differently in our code/tooling ?13:34
hemnathis just seems to add confusion, since this is possible today already13:35
hemnalast upgrade I did was queens -> train13:35
toskyofficially possible?13:35
rosmaitahemna: those are good questions to ask at the session, exactly how is this different13:46
smcginnisTrain to Wallaby isn't supported today. You can do it by upgrading to each release along the way, but not directly.13:53
smcginnisThe change is to allow you to skip a release.13:53
opendevreviewEric Harney proposed openstack/cinder master: mypy: cinder/volume/
opendevreviewVictoria Martinez de la Cruz proposed openstack/devstack-plugin-ceph master: Deploy with cephadm
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opendevreviewGorka Eguileor proposed openstack/os-brick master: Fix encryption symlink issues
hemnasmcginnis I as able to directly upgrade queens to train directly.   from what I could tell it's the DB migration scripts that need to work.  wallaby -> xena looks like a pita due to the update to alembic18:56
opendevreviewWalt proposed openstack/cinder master: Fix and unify capacity calculations
smcginnishemna: Yeah, it's very risky. I think from the Cinder perspective we're mostly safe since we haven't changed too much over the last several releases. But others, especially nova, may fail miserably.20:01
smcginnisSo official policy is you need to go through each release, and teams have made decisions based on that.20:01
smcginnisThis new proposal is to change that policy so folks can at least go up 2 at a time instead of 1.20:01
smcginnisI don't like the "tik tok" name, but I guess no one wants to actually call them LTS. :D20:02
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/cinder master: mypy: ceph backup driver

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