Wednesday, 2017-08-30

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jkilpatrgot a working version of the deployment patch up, need someone to test it on devstack15:02
zhipenggreat !15:02
jkilpatrwell I could test it on devstack, but it could be quicker if someone else has one already stood up.15:02
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:02
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jkilpatrone comment for zhuli you capture rpc connection errors and log them in the common service code, but you don't change the exit code, this makes automated checks difficult :(15:02
jkilpatrI'm not really sure what to do to fix it, since there seems to be some graceful exit code there I didn't want to break15:03
zhipengzhuli around ?15:04
zhipengi will let him know if he's not here15:04
zhipeng#topic patch discussion15:04
zhuliyep, I'm here15:04
crushiljkilpatr, I can test it on devstack15:04
zhipengcrushil that'd be great15:05
zhipengzhuli did you get justin's question ?15:05
crushilI will add a devstack plugin too soon. Hopefully this week15:05
zhipengthx crushil, looking forward to it15:06
zhuliI will confirm the rpc exit code issue later15:06
zhipengthx zhuli15:08
zhulijkilpatr, I will test it on devstack too if I have time15:08
zhipengso any questions on zhuli's three new patches ?15:09
jkilpatrcommit messages!15:09
zhipengother than comit msg fixing as uaual15:10
zhipenghaha I was just saying15:10
jkilpatrlooks good to me otherwise, I think I commented on at least two, I'll have to go and look at the third.15:10
zhuliI think I need fulfill the commit messages before merged15:10
zhipengzhuli just git commit --amend everytime after git commit -a -m :P15:12
zhipengso we got one more new patch, from a colleague of mine15:12
zhipengthis is a new spec (targeting queen) for SPDK driver15:13
zhipengfor high perf NVMe SSDs as accelerators15:13
zhulizhipeng, thx15:13
zhipengzhuli no problem15:14
zhipengeveryone plz help review the spdk spec when you got time15:14
zhipengaltho this is not Pike priority15:14
jkilpatrso this involves cyborg reconfiguring other openstack services15:15
zhipengnot really I think15:15
jkilpatrdon't we need to do some config in cinder?15:15
jkilpatrcan we do that live?15:15
zhipengno we only do that for spdk15:15
jkilpatrok then I'm less concerned about the scope getting too big then.15:16
zhipengthe premise of this scenario is that Cinder will use a accelerated backend15:16
zhipengso spdk is in the config anyways15:16
jkilpatrjust don't want to obligate us to restart other services15:17
jkilpatrso the conductor is in charge of nova placement api interaction?15:18
jkilpatrwe should start looking into that.15:18
zhipengI was gonna discuss with you about that15:18
zhipengokey let's move on to the next topic15:19
zhipeng#topic Denver PTG TC presentation prep15:19
zhipengso I will do a project update presentation to TC on Sep 12th15:20
zhipengI did a internal check with our TC member, and get several really good suggestions15:20
zhipengfor us to better present the project to the TC15:20
jkilpatroh cool we're presenting to TC15:20
zhipengSo one thing would be an end to end workflow demo of Nova works with Cyborg15:21
zhipengcould be just bare minimum functionality15:21
zhipengbut a demo of such would be great15:21
jkilpatrwell we need some sort of driver and I'm not even sure if we can whitelist and load a pci device live, there's some docs for it.15:21
jkilpatrbut it looks dusty to me.15:21
zhipengjkilpatr we could do it without the driver, in my opinion15:22
zhipengwe could have the generic driver just response success everytime the request do get through there15:22
zhipengthe main point is on the Nova Cyborg interaction15:24
zhipengjkilpatr crushil zhuli I think what we could do is that15:24
zhipengJustin could help add the to the agent15:24
zhipengjaypipes mentioned to me that we could just copy that python file from nova compute15:24
zhipengwith necessary modification15:24
zhipengand then it could interact with Placement, which could interact with Nova15:25
zhipengzhuli could help with nova api hack, which could talk to cyborg api15:27
zhipengwell let's just do a best effort, see what we could have before PTG :)15:27
zhipengsounds good ?15:27
zhipengokey I will take that silence as a OK :P15:31
jkilpatrsorry dual meetings15:31
jkilpatrwhat does do?15:31
* jkilpatr finishes reading history15:32
zhipengjkilpatr no worries15:32
zhipenganother feedback I got is that we lack of unit/function tests15:32
zhipengzhuli has provided some on the api/db15:32
zhipengjkilpatr and crushil could you guys help on the conductor/agent and driver side as well ?15:32
zhuliyou mean the cyborg api to response something like detach/attach action from nova ?15:32
zhipengzhuli yes15:33
zhipengjkilpatr it reports the resource information to the placement api15:33
jkilpatrok I think that's doable, I need to debug some things though, zhuli  when someone sends an api request does it actually go out on rpc to the conductor? We need that to work for an instance request so that I can test this.15:33
zhipengokey, back to the unit/function testing issue15:34
zhulijkilpatr, yes the api will send rpc message to conductor15:35
jkilpatrwell we can run the deployment playbook and make some requests against it for functional tests. Unit testing wise there isn't much buisness logic anywhere but the API at the moment so test will have to come with functionality15:35
zhulizhipeng, do we need the tempest as well ?15:36
zhipengjkilpatr / crushil could you guys help on the respective modules, to add the test files ?15:36
jkilpatrsure, I'll do that as I work on stuff15:37
zhipengzhuli not at the moment15:37
zhipengjkilpatr that makes sense15:37
zhipengok the last issue is about the documentation, I could help with the releasenote, but we also need a brief user guide and dev guide15:37
zhipengin the doc folder15:37
zhipengI will take a stab at it and you guys could help review them15:38
zhipengso that was the three major feedback I got15:39
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jkilpatrsure we can doc stuff. not sure how much of this we can get done before ptg, but we can make an effort. it may also go very fast at ptg itself15:40
zhipengof course there were also suggestion on having a client for CLI interface15:40
zhipenghaving a specific hardware to showcase15:40
zhipengbut I doubt that was something we could do before PTG15:40
zhipengjkilpatr exactly15:41
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zhipengso the tests and docs are first priority for us15:42
zhipenge2e workflow is a best effort15:42
zhipengafter we could merge the tests and docs next week, I will submit the official application patch on governance15:42
zhipengto kick start the conversation15:42
zhipeng#action jkilpatr and crushil helps add unit/function tests15:43
zhipeng#action zhipeng will help with the docs/releasenotes15:44
zhipeng#info these should be wrapped up before the end of next week15:46
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