Wednesday, 2018-01-10

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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:01
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:02
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zhipeng#info Howard15:02
zhipenganyone else ?15:04
jkilpatr#info Justin15:05
zhipengmorning !15:05
jkilpatrI say to the guy burning the midnight oil15:05
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zhipengnot there yet, but soon lol15:06
vipparthyGood Morning folks15:06
zhipengmorning !15:06
zhipenglet's wait for another 4 mins see if anyone else will join,especially zhuli15:07
zhipenghave tried to ping him but no success15:07
crushil#info Rushil15:07
zhuli#info zhuli15:07
zhulisorry for the late, I'm still at work in company15:08
zhipengzhuli let's try to survive this month lol15:09
zhipeng#topic Queens Release Prep Progress15:09
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zhipengso action items from last meeting15:09
zhipengfirst one is to land Li Liu and Zhuli's patch15:10
zhipenglet's discuss Li Liu's FPGA data modeling spec first15:10
zhipengany remaining questions still ?15:10
zhipengthere are all the links in the log of last meeting15:11
jkilpatrit looked pretty good to me, didn't post a review thought15:11
jkilpatrI'll go ahead and read over it again and do that.15:11
zhulizhipeng, sure, I will try my best to make enough cyborg time once I have done with the online emergency this days15:11
zhipengjkilpatr if you could do it today then you could just directly land it15:12
zhipengzhuli no problem :)15:13
zhipengokey next zhuli's patch15:13
zhipengzhuli have you been able to update the patch with the unit test ?15:13
zhipenglike crushil suggested last time15:13
zhipengzhuli ?15:17
zhuliI still work on it,  but didn't have much time to finish it, as I mentioned I will complete it soon after the online emergency, I think tomorrow night is enough15:17
zhipengokey then we slate it for Friday for landing15:18
zhipengokey next, shaohe's spec on Intel's FPGA device driver15:19
zhipengi see crushil's review have not been addressed yet15:20
zhipengi will ping shaohe to address it this later today15:20
zhipengthen we will still need to keep justin's spec open until the above mentioned three patches got landed15:21
jkilpatrthe other patches seem compatible, has anyone noticed any modifications that need to be made to my patch to account for the others?15:22
zhipengi think mostly will come from zhuli's patch, if there are any15:23
zhipengzhuli could you make an estimation ?15:23
zhipengare there any api extensions that needs to be reflected in Justin's spec ?15:24
zhulisorry, which spec do you mean?15:26
zhipengjustin's internal api15:26
zhuliI think this is enough at the moment, my follow up works will base on this and fine tune when needed15:30
zhipengthen I guess we could land Justin's spec right ?15:31
jkilpatr ¯\_(ツ)_/¯15:31
zhipengprogress !15:33
zhipengokey the most important ones, let's try to get it done by Friday this week, we can not delay any more15:33
zhipeng#topic AoB15:35
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zhulialso, although I have not finished the unittest, my patch is not the block to others,  we can go ahead base on the dependency mechanism of gerrit.15:37
zhipengcrushil do you concur ?15:38
crushilI haven't tried out zhuli's patch yet15:38
crushilI can if he says it is ready15:38
zhuliyou can try it now15:38
crushilSo the working of delete/update is similar to what you described for creation of accelerators in the email?15:39
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vipparthyZhipeng, Does Cyborg code freeze still same target time , Feb4th ?15:43
zhipengpreferrably end of the month15:44
zhipengFeb 5th is the hard stop for all official projects to participate Queens release15:44
vipparthyok, thank you15:45
zhipengzhuli, plz answer crushil's earlier question ?15:45
zhulicrushil, yes15:45
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zhipengany other items before I go stress out about the Queens release ? lol15:53
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zhipengokey that's a wrap16:00
zhipengthx guys16:00
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