Wednesday, 2018-01-24

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VipparthyGM and GE folks14:55
zhipengVipparthy good day :)14:59
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg15:00
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zhipeng#topic Roll Call15:00
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zhipeng#info Howard15:00
crushil#info Rushil15:01
Li_Liu#info Li Liu15:01
zhipenglet's wait for a few minutes for others to show up15:03
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zhipengguys if you are here for the meeting15:05
zhipengplease use #info to identify yourself15:06
helloway#info helloway15:06
Dutch#info Dutch15:06
Amol#info amol15:07
Vipparthy#info Vipparthy15:07
zhipengAmol which company are you from ?15:07
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AmolHi Zhipeng . I am from nvxltech15:09
zhipengah thx, same with Vipparthy right ?15:10
zhipengcool :)15:11
zhipengOk I see Intel folks flowing in, let's start the discussion15:12
zhipeng#topic Queens Release Final Push15:12
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zhipeng#info Generic Driver15:13
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shaohe_feng_hello all15:13
zhipengcrushil have you look at the comments from shaohe_feng_ and others ?15:14
crushilzhipeng, yup. I'm working on the patch rn. Will push a new patchset by this week15:15
zhipengI have to cut the release branch Monday next week, so the window is pretty tight :)15:15
zhipengI will need your workflow+1 during the weekend crushil :P15:16
crushilHmmm. Ok15:16
crushilI will be online on the weekend15:16
zhipengThis is the final frenzy kicks in15:16
zhipenggr8t thx :)15:16
zhipengokey moving on15:16
zhipeng#info Intel FPGA driver15:17
zhipengLi_Liu has shaohe_feng_ addressed your comments ?15:17
Li_LiuI havn't had the chance to look at the new patch yet15:18
Li_LiuDoing it now15:19
zhipengshaohe_feng_ other than the comments you received, code-wise is your patch ready ?15:19
DutchI can also add some input to help keep things vendor neutral15:19
zhipengDutch absolutely15:20
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: I have test it on our platform, it can works.15:20
shaohe_feng_zhipeng: but maybe we still need to introduce rootwraper15:21
zhipengokey then here are my suggestions:15:21
zhipengno rootwrapper for queens :)15:21
zhipengwe need to discuss that in Dublin15:21
zhipengSo here are my suggestions at the patch :15:21
shaohe_feng_the program need root for both intel and xilinx15:22
zhipengagain due to the tight release window, we will have to land this patch this weekend15:22
dolpherLi_Liu, Dutch: current implementation in fpga/intel is specific to intel FPGA, for Xilinx, we may need to create a directory of fpga/Xilinx15:22
Li_Liudolpher, I agree15:22
zhipengas I understand the comments are mostly on vendor neutral, as dolpher just mentioned15:22
dolpherwe need to make the interface generic in the end.15:23
zhipengso I would suggest to change the patch accordingly to reflect that this is an Intel FPGA driver15:23
Li_Liuonly issue I have is in cyborg/accelerator/drivers/fpga/util.py15:23
zhipengand let's try to harmonize it in the long run15:23
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: gerrit has been suffering from a full disk, some mails may have been lost in the last couple of hours. we will now restart gerrit to address ongoing slowness, too15:23
zhipengpoor gerrit15:23
shaohe_feng_gerrit need rest :)15:24
zhipenganyway, shaohe_feng_ you captured my suggestion ?15:25
zhipenggreat :)15:26
zhipengnext item15:26
zhipeng#info Justin leftovers: conductor interaction with Placement15:26
zhipengnot sure if zhuli is here15:26
zhipengbut as I have discussed with zhuli and Li_Liu offline previously, we will need to quick modify and copy-paste of nova-sched report.py15:27
zhipengand also an extension at the agent level to implement the discover function in full15:28
zhipengThis is also another big hole we need to fix in a short time15:28
zhipengshaohe_feng_ can your team help on the agent side ?15:28
zhipengwhat we need is an equal counterpart of "" in cyborg15:29
zhipengwhich I assume is the discover interface that is very basic at the moment15:29
zhipengokey thx :) zhuli and Li_Liu will coordinate on the conductor side15:30
zhipengmoving on15:30
zhipeng#info fix on devstack15:30 will  check resource periodically15:31
zhipengshaohe_feng_ we can simplify that for queens15:32
zhipengand write to db instead of a provider-tree like cache15:32
zhipengbut anyways, back to the topic15:32
zhipenganother good patch from Jinghan to make devstack working15:32
zhipengcrushil if you thinks it ok you could just land it :)15:33
crushilzhipeng, Ok. Will look at it later today15:34
zhipenggr8t thx :)15:35
zhipengokey folks that is all we need to do for Queens, I see Nova is still panicking on landing patches, so we are not alone :)15:35
zhipenglet's try to wrap it up before next Mon15:36
zhipengrelease is always driving people insane15:36
zhipeng#action crushil to update the generic driver patch, and work with Howard to land all the remaining patches15:37
crushilI thought the release data was feb 4th?15:38
zhipeng#action shaohe_feng_ to update the patch to reflect the patch is Intel FPGA driver15:38
zhipengcrushil that is like hard cutof, we have to run through the CIs and other stuff15:38
zhipengdocs ...15:38
zhipengso I left out a week of time for more panicking stuff lol15:39
crushilOk, so are we cutting RC1, RC2, etc.15:39
zhipengnot for this release15:39
crushilWe need to start doing that from Rocky15:39
zhipengbut for Rocky we are gonna use the MS1,MS2,...15:39
crushilOk, makes sense15:39
zhipengyes, so that things are not so in chaos15:39
zhipeng#action zhuli Li_Liu and shaohe_feng_ works on the Placement interaction patch (report and discovery)15:40
crushilI can help review all the patches15:41
zhipengcrushil counting on you man lol15:41
zhipengokey now moving away from the crazy real world problem15:41
zhipeng#topic Dublin Rocky PTG Planning15:42
*** openstack changes topic to "Dublin Rocky PTG Planning (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:42
crushilzhipeng, I won't be there most probably15:42
zhipengcrushil waaaaat !15:43
crushilzhipeng, Ya. We have MWC the same week15:43
zhipengah shit15:43
zhipengforget about MWC15:43
zhipengso Dutch Amol Vipparthy will you guys be present at Dublin ?15:44
Li_LiuIn case I can not work out the VISA.. do you guys have video conference in PTGs?15:44
zhipengLi_Liu I could set that up15:44
DutchI'll see if I can make it15:44
zhipengso in any case, please propose the topic you would like to discuss on the etherpad15:45
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zhipengother than the specific topics15:46
zhipengthe important general topic we will cover is the planning for Rocky15:47
zhipengand the items are 1. finishing up Nova interaction bits 2. Burn fucntionality 3. Quota support15:47
zhipengthese are the major general items I could think of for the next release15:47
zhipengany other suggestions ?15:47
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shaohe_feng_ cyborg support multi tenant´╝č15:50
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zhipengshaohe_feng_ that questions should be divides in two15:51
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zhipengfunctionality wise, cyborg should definitely support multi-tenancy, hence the quota feature planning15:51
zhipengbut client wise, I haven't see strong use case for a tenant consuming client necessary for cyborg now15:51
Li_LiuHoward, by "Burn Functionality", you mean program FPGA right?15:52
zhipengLi_Liu yes15:54
Li_Liuok, if we don't have a proposal yet. I can submit a spec later next week or so15:55
DutchWould that be for the role (partial reconfig.) or the shell (static) region?15:55
Li_LiuI think so Dutch15:55
zhipengLi_Liu no hurry :)15:55
zhipengDutch would also need your input for Rocky cycle :)15:56
zhipengto make the driver interface more vendor neutral15:56
DutchYeah, no problem. I can help.15:56
DutchWe could have the option to program both shell and role.15:57
DutchAny way something to think about15:57
zhipengand feel free to post the idea on the etherpad15:58
zhipengokey we had a full meeting today :)15:58
zhipeng#topic AoB15:58
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:58
shaohe_feng_ zhipeng leverage glance to store the image?15:59
VipparthyZhipeng, Sorry for lte respone, I can help on Rocky planning15:59
zhipengany other buisness before I cry to sleep ?15:59
zhipengVipparthy much appreciated ! :)15:59
zhipengshaohe_feng_ yes definitely part of the discussion15:59
zhipengglance should be the default choice15:59
Vipparthyplease update me with specifics so WE can take it from here16:00
Vipparthyyou can always reach me on my email16:00
zhipengwe will usually update it via the community dev mailinglist16:02
zhipengso also stay tuned on that :)16:02
zhipengokey if there are no other questions, meetings adjourn , thanks everyone :)16:03
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openstackMinutes (text):
Li_LiuHave a good night guys16:03
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hellowaysweet dream.16:04
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Guest91082Hi All, I have a question on Cyborg. I am new into this. I have installed cyborg in my system and i want to use curl command to add an accelerator using POST method. I have used curl -i -g -X POST http://localhost:6666/v1/accelerators -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "X-Auth-Token: b9764005b8c145bf972634fb16a826e8" -d followed by a test json file. But it is not working. My question is, how can i make cyborg up and16:25
zhipengGuest91082 Hi we are currently working on fix the devstack scripts16:30
zhipengcould you provide some info about you and your company ?16:30
Guest91082I am Rahul and i am working in Huawei. I get introduced in cyborg and openstack recently. So, i am having some issues with running the cyborg.16:32
Guest91082I need some assistance regarding this16:32
zhipenghaha we are working in the same company16:34
zhipengplease email me to with your company email and I will assist you :)16:34
Guest91082Thank you very much Zhipeng16:35
Guest91082I will mail you the details in your mail id16:35
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