Monday, 2018-02-26

openstackgerritmelissaml proposed openstack/cyborg master: add a link to the docs in the readme
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg13:58
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zhipeng#topic Queens Cycle Review13:58
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zhipeng#topic quota support in rocky14:14
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kosamaraHi! Is there a livestream or recording of the PTG sessions?15:51
zhipengyes we are using ZOOM :)16:02
zhipengcheckout the zoom link on the etherpad for each topic16:03
zhipengi will upload the ZOOM recordings afterwards16:03
kosamaraok, thanks :)16:05
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efriedHey folks, sorry for the basic question, but what's the scope of what "kinds of things" cyborg is supposed to be able to attach to an instance?  "FPGAs"?  "Accelerators"?  "PCI devices"?  "Devices"?16:27
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zhipengefried accelerator functionality16:47
zhipengkosamara which company are you working for ?16:47
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