Wednesday, 2018-05-16

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openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/python-cyborgclient master: base framework for cyborg client.
openstackgerritShaoHe Feng proposed openstack/cyborg master: change service type to "accelerator"
shaohe_fenghi all, I have change service type to accelerator09:31
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NokMikeRis there a test cli available to use cyborg via the "openstack" command?10:18
zhipengh[m]NokMikeR: wait for shaohe_feng 's upcoming patch :)10:29
NokMikeRdo you have anything that shows the curl for authenticating and sending a command to cyborg? looking at the unit testing code theres some hard coded fields - I mean should I really look at the code, reverse engineer that to figure out how to use it?12:55
zhipengh[m]NokMikeR_: let me try to find the example we had12:56
NokMikeRthank you12:56
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shaohe_fengNokMikeR, TOKEN=`openstack token issue -f value -c id`13:54
shaohe_fengcurl -i -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $TOKEN" http://localhost:6666/accelerators13:54
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zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:00
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zhipeng#topic roll call14:00
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:01
zhipeng#info Howard14:01
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Sundar#info Sundar14:01
shaohe_feng#info shaohe_feng14:01
zhipenglet's wait for another 4 mins for other people show up :)14:02
Helloway#info Helloway14:02
sum12info sum1214:02
sum12#info sum1214:02
edleafe#info Ed Leafe14:04
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xinran__Hi all14:06
zhipenghi xinran__ :)14:07
xinran__#info xinran__14:07
zhipenglet's get started14:07
zhipeng#topic summit prep14:07
*** openstack changes topic to "summit prep (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:07
zhipengfirst of all, I want to confirm Sundar's core nomination14:07
zhipengwe don't have any objections, right ?14:07
zhipengokey than congrats Sundar :)14:08
SundarThanks, zhipeng!14:09
sum12\o/ congratulations14:09
SundarThanks, everybody :)14:10
zhipengokey about summit14:10
zhipengSundar when will you arrive at Vancouver ?14:11
SundarSunday afternoon14:11
Li_Liusame here14:11
SundarDo we want to review the list of questions I have made for the forum?14:12
zhipengSundar I don't think we need to review that14:12
zhipengjust discuss it at the forum would be great :)14:12
zhipengSundar Li_Liu there will be a upstream institute activity14:13
zhipengand i was told cyborg was among the request by many new comers14:13
zhipengso if you guys have time you can go to the meeting venue and do a brief training i guess :P14:13
Li_Liuok, I can show up there once I settle down things14:14
Li_Liutraining on what?14:14
Li_LiuCyborg Intro?14:14
SundarSounds good14:14
zhipengsome devstack intro maybe14:14
zhipengildiko is the contact person14:15
SundarDo you have the full name of the contact, by any chance?14:15
SundarAh, got it:  Ildiko Vancsa14:16
zhipengyep :)14:16
zhipengshe's our upstream institute ambassador :)14:16
Li_LiuSundar, ping me on wechat once you get there14:16
Li_Liuwe can go together14:16
zhipengsounds like a plan :)14:17
SundarSure, Li_Liu14:17
zhipengokey plz also get in touch with our Lenovo and other colleagues14:18
zhipengand have a team photo :)14:18
Li_Liufor sure14:18
zhipenggr8t :)14:18
zhipeng#topic sub team report14:18
*** openstack changes topic to "sub team report (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:18
zhipengshaohe_feng i saw you guys had a great driver subteam meeting14:19
zhipengcould you give a brief summary on that ?14:19
shaohe_fengzhipeng, I setup a wiki about it.14:20
shaohe_fengWeekly Cyborg sub-team meeting14:21
shaohe_fengwe get agreement that the meeting will be biweekly14:22
zhipeng#link #link
shaohe_fengalso discuss the current status of drivers support14:22
zhipengildikov just mentioned the upstream institue earlier :)14:23
Sundarildikov: Thanks for joining. Just FYI that the upstream institute is meeting on Sat/Sun, but I will be there only on Sunday.14:23
ildikovplease ping me if you can come to the training on Sunday, I can give a short summary on it14:23
shaohe_fengHelloway introduce her SPDK driver14:23
Sundarildikov: Sure, thanks14:23
shaohe_fengrodrigo introduce intel OPAE API.14:23
SundarI can come in the afternoon14:23
ildikovSundar: it's ok14:24
shaohe_fengAlso some improvement on accelerator driver.14:24
ildikovSundar: it's more about answering students' questions on Cyborg as we have a few indicated that they are interested in the project14:24
zhipengshaohe_feng anywhere i can find the minutes ?14:25
ildikovzhipeng: thanks for the mention! :)14:25
zhipengildikov don't mention it (no pun intended :P)14:25
ildikovzhipeng: my bad :)14:26
zhipengshaphe_feng i think I can dig out the minutes :)14:27
zhipengthanks for hosting the meeting, it has a great start14:27
shaohe_fengzhipeng, it upload the log automaticly14:27
zhipengdid xilinx people join ?14:27
shaohe_fenglet me find it.14:27
shaohe_fengzhipeng, xilinx people not joined14:27
shaohe_fengLi_Liu, will connect with them14:28
zhipengokey thx14:28
zhipengLi_Liu any update on the doc team side ?14:28
shaohe_fenghopeful next time, they can join.14:28
Li_Liuno response..14:28
Li_Liuis Dutch still the contact?14:28
shaohe_fengit is here.14:29
zhipengthx man :)14:29
zhipengLi_Liu no he left Xilinx14:29
zhipengChuck Song is the contact14:29
Li_Liuhmm. ok14:30
SundarFYI, I am readying a patch for driver-agent API update. It would be good to know who is working on what area14:32
zhipengLi_Liu any update on the doc side ?14:32
zhipengSUndar i think lenovo team could help on that14:33
Li_Liuzhipeng, not yet, I will start org it after the summit14:33
zhipeng#topic critical rocky spec review14:34
*** openstack changes topic to "critical rocky spec review (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"14:34
zhipeng#info python-cyborgclient update14:38
zhipengand #link
shaohe_fengzhipeng, as we discussed14:38
zhipengthis took large chunk of time last meeting14:38
shaohe_fengI have change the command to:14:38
zhipengso plz review it and if ok let's land it now14:39
shaohe_fengopenstack accelerator list14:39
shaohe_feng^ Sundar14:39
shaohe_fengand change the service type to accelerator14:40
Sundarshaohe: Sure. I did +1 just now14:40
Li_LiuI will give a +214:41
shaohe_fengwe can add more command base on this patch14:42
shaohe_fengthen users can easy to use cyborg14:42
zhipengyes :)14:42
zhipengthis is a big help14:43
Li_Liubeen waiting for this.14:43
Li_Liuthis is great14:43
Sundarshaohe: looks good. There are still some references to deprecation. I'll try to understand that and post comments.14:43
SundarMay be we can remove the deprecated stuff later too14:43
shaohe_fengyes. let it work first.14:44
shaohe_fengthen others can works on it.14:44
shaohe_fengit is a base patch for other commands.14:44
shaohe_fengI notice NokMikeR need cyborg client.14:44
zhipengokey :)14:45
zhipeng#info quota specs14:45
zhipengxinran__ do you have any further updates ?14:46
xinran__I have update the spec14:48
xinran__And also submitted the patch14:49
xinran__Now I think quota usage can14:49
xinran__When users create or delete one accelerator quota usage will also be updated14:49
zhipengsounds great14:50
xinran__Need more review now14:51
SundarOK, will review it soon.14:53
xinran__Sundar:  thanks14:53
shaohe_fengthanks xinran__ , will review it.14:54
zhipeng#info fpga programming spec14:54
SundarWe need to understand what it means to reserve an accelerator in Cyborg without informing Nova14:54
zhipengLi_Liu you think this is in good shape ?14:54
Li_LiuI think so14:55
Li_LiuSundar, do you have further comments?14:55
Li_LiuI addressed your comments in my last patch14:55
SundarYea, what does it mean for the driver to reserve an accelerator?14:55
SundarI will post comments on the patch14:56
zhipengSundar prepare for future usage ?14:56
Li_Liuare you talking about the programming spec?14:57
Sundarzhipeng: I will post comments after thinking some more14:58
SundarLi_Liu: I think we are talking of Xinran's quota spec14:58
xinran__Sundar:  you mean quota reserve or ...14:58
zhipengSundar regarding the fpga programming spec ?14:59
Sundarxinran: yes, in your patch: self._driver.reserve(...)14:59
Sundarzhipeng: I will review all the specs and post comments :)15:00
zhipengokey :)15:00
shaohe_fengI think admin can set the reserve.  if reserve, cyborg should not report to placement?15:01
edleafeshaohe_feng: you can report total=1 and reserved=115:01
edleafeat least with the bug fix that's currently being worked on15:02
shaohe_fengedleafe, got it. thanks.15:02
shaohe_fengedleafe, which bug?15:02
xinran__Sundar:  we need to reserve quota usage first, check delta+current usage < 0 or not, but quota usage will not be updated at this time. and after create accelerator successfully, we need call commit to update quota usage.15:03
edleafeshaohe_feng: it's still being debated whether this is a bug fix or a behavior change :)15:03
xinran__Did I get your point?15:04
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shaohe_fengedleafe, thanks.15:05
Sundarxinran: As edleafe said, the better way is to increment the reserved count in Placement. Not all drivers may support the concept of reservation.15:06
zhipeng#info cyborg-nova interaction15:09
zhipengSundar have you address ed's comment on the spec ?15:10
xinran__Sundar:  okay let’s discuss after meeting15:10
Sundarzhipeng, I will do it today.15:10
Li_Liuhave to drop. see you guys in the summit :)15:10
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zhipengokey :)15:10
SundarI think there is value in having one RC for FPGAs, one for GPUS, etc. I need to articulate it in the response. :)15:11
shaohe_fengSundar, Do you have changed to multi resource class?15:11
zhipengso let's try to review as many as possible by the end of the week15:11
Sundarshaohe: yes, the spec has been updated to have one RC for each device type (GPU, FPGA, etc.)15:11
shaohe_fenggood. Thanks.15:13
zhipeng#topic AoB15:13
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:13
zhipengany other business :)15:14
zhipengokey let's conclude the meeting now, thx everyone for showing up :)15:15
zhipengsafe travels15:15
*** openstack changes topic to "spec review day (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"15:16
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openstackMinutes (text):
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ildikovSundar: as for the training on Sunday, we will be in Vancouver Convention Centre West - Level Two - Room 215-21615:47
ildikovSundar: the training is scheduled to run until 6pm, but we usually finish earlier than that15:48
ildikovSundar: if there's a good way to contact you I can send you an update on whether the registered students who're interested in Cyborg could attend that training or not15:48
ildikovSundar: it's really more about answering questions, help them where to find code, docs and info about the project15:49
ildikovSundar: no presentation or anything like that15:49
ildikovSundar: appreciate if you can pop by Sunday afternoon :)15:49
Sundarildikov: Sure. I can be reached at My flight is due to reach at 2:40pm, so I think I can get there by 4 pm, if not earlier. Please send me an email.16:00
ildikovSundar: sure, i will keep you updated on how we're progressing with the day16:01
ildikovSundar: thanks and safe travels!16:01
Sundarildikov: Thanks :)16:02
Sundarxinran: Sure, let us talk. The quota spec seemed to talk of updating Cyborg db with per-project quotas. I didn't see references to reservations in the driver -- please LMK if I missed it. I am responding on the spec16:10
Sundarxinran: Also, please disregard my remark on using placement reservation -- we want per-project quota but placement does not track per-project usage.16:11
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