Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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openstackgerritSundar Nadathur proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Specification for Cyborg Nova Placement interaction.
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pvcmay i know how to test cyborg on openstack11:43
zhipengYou could use curl at the moment11:49
zhipengTo test the apis11:50
pvcso im having an instance with GPU11:52
pvcso i can use cyborg with that?11:52
pvcor it is on hypervisor side?11:52
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Sundarjayahn: Welcome14:03
jayahnhi, thanks :)14:03
jayahni was thinking this is weekly irc meeting time, but probably I am wrong :)14:04
SundarYes, it is. It sometimes takes a few minutes before everybody is here.14:04
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jayahngot it14:05
Li_LiuHi guys14:05
SundarHi Li14:05
Li_LiuI cancel the meeting this week as most of the folks in China are still fighting jet lag14:06
Li_Liubut in case you guys wanna talk about anything14:06
SundarI see. Can you please send cancellations out on openstack-dev in the future?14:06
Li_LiuI did, but it was a bit late. Sorry about that14:07
jayahni did overcome jet lag, fighting with my sleepness till night. :)14:08
jayahnI am from sk telecom, really new for cyborg. just want to say hello and see.14:08
Li_Liujayahn, where are you at?14:08
SundarNP, Li. I see the mail now.14:08
jayahnSeoul, Korea14:08
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Sundarjayahn: Are you interested in specific types of accelerators?14:09
jayahnI talked with Zhipeng at PTG.14:09
jayahnwell, my company has AI accelerator based on xilinx FPGA, we are interested in using that FPGA with cyborg.14:10
Li_LiuI see14:10
Sundarjayahn: Cool, good to know :)14:11
jayahnin addition, in general, I am very interested in Cyborg leveraging GPU & FPGA for both openstack and kubernetes in near future.14:11
Li_Liuare these accelerators used by vms or containers?14:11
jayahnnot vms for now.14:11
jayahnmainly containers.14:11
SundarContainers in bare metal? If so, how do you provision networking and storage for that?14:12
jayahnactually, that work is done by another team in my department. my team is working on openstack-helm project. I am here today just to see what is going on, and figure out how we (two teams from skt) can engage. sorry not to have answer for your question14:14
jayahnI can ask and get back thoughl14:14
Sundarjayahn: NP. Please feel free to ask questions. At the PTG last week, a few things changed (ha, to put it mildly). I am putting up new specs at:
SundarThe older specs are at:
SundarYour comments are welcome.14:17
jayahnSundar: thanks. I will certainly go through specs.14:18
Li_Liuconatiners + bm + acc. this is very interesting14:18
Li_Liuit would be great if we can make something happen on this14:18
jayahnmy long term plan is 1) evaluating cyborg, 2) put our wish to use cyborg to xilinx folks, 3) pilot testing, 4) develop helm chart for cyborg so that we can provision it with openstack-helm project, 5) engage in any kubernetes integration effort in the future14:20
jayahnbig plan for us :)14:20
Li_Liusound good. we are also working with Xilinx folks for their drivers14:21
Sundarcyborg+openstack-helm: So, you are looking to run Cyborg in a container, apart from running your workload in conatiners, right?14:21
SundarThere is some interest in Cyborg + Kolla. This could be complementary.14:23
jayahnbut just plan for now. :).. if kolla can make cyborg containers, we can surely use that for openstack-helm project.14:23
Li_Liuall of these plans you talked about are still coupled with openstack right?14:26
Li_Liui c14:28
Li_LiuI need to drop right now. talk to you guys next week14:28
jayahnsure, I also need to go. it is almost mid-night. :)14:29
jayahnit was great to see you guys.  see you around14:29
Li_Liuhave a good night14:30
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