Wednesday, 2019-01-09

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Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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Li_Liu#topic Roll Call03:02
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wangzhhHi all.03:02
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:02
Li_Liuhi wangzhh03:02
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:02
Yumeng_#info Yumeng_03:02
Li_LiuLet's wait for others for a bit03:03
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:03
xinranwanghi all!03:03
Yumeng_hi xinranwang03:03
Li_LiuHi Xinran03:03
Li_Liuwangzhh, do you know if coco is coming?03:04
wangzhhLet me ping her.03:04
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jiapei#info jiapei03:05
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Coco_gaoHi all03:06
Li_Liuok, let's get started03:06
Li_Liu#topic coco's patches on DB scheme03:07
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:07
Coco_gaoI will update tonight.03:07
Coco_gaoAdd some unit test03:08
Li_Liumaybe ask sundar to give some comments?03:08
Li_Liubut I know sundar is on vacation travelling.03:08
Li_LiuI will ping him on wechat to see if he has time03:09
Coco_gaoYeah, also,  we should first update the unit test.03:09
Coco_gaoIf not, the code can't pass.03:09
Li_Liudo you wanna do the unit test in this patch or a new patch?03:10
Coco_gaoAt least, I should delete the old unit test in this patch.03:10
Li_Liuok, I am fine with ether way03:10
Coco_gaook. I will see if time is enough for the new unit test.03:11
Coco_gaoWhat about other people's object ?03:11
Coco_gaoovo object03:11
Li_LiuI have the confirmed with release team. the ms2 is on Jan 1003:12
Li_Liubut it's ok to push it back a bit03:12
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Coco_gaoHi, shaohe03:12
shaohe_feng_#info shaohe03:12
shaohe_feng_Morning Coco_gao03:13
Yumeng_coco, I will update the db change in cyborg/db/sqlalchemy/, so you can ignore any changes in cyborg/db/sqlalchemy/ I will do that03:13
wangzhhmorning shaohe03:13
shaohe_feng_wangzhh: morning.03:13
xinranwanghi shaohe_feng_03:13
shaohe_feng_xinranwang: hi.03:14
shaohe_feng_what's the process of DB refactor03:14
Coco_gaothanks yumeng. Does api change contains the object part?03:14
Li_Liuhi shaohe03:14
wangzhh  Could u help to merge this patch.03:14
Li_LiuCoco_gao: the ovo code is some what depends on the db patch i believe03:15
shaohe_feng_Li_Liu: how is your vocation?03:15
Coco_gaoyes, I will merge the db part first.03:15
Li_Liushaohe_feng_: busy with the kid.... no fun :(03:16
Yumeng_I suppose yes, at least accelerator object03:16
Coco_gaobut everyone can start their jobs first according to Sundar's patch.03:16
Yumeng_coco:I suppose yes, at least accelerator object03:16
Coco_gaoAfter my patch, they are merge their own.03:17
Coco_gaothey can03:17
Li_LiuCoco_gao: I remember you will be working on deployable and attribute after this one right?03:17
Coco_gaoBecause it won't be done in a short time, so we'd better start working first, than think about the merge thing.03:18
Coco_gaoLi_liu, yes03:18
Coco_gaothat's my job.03:18
Li_Liuwangzhh, do you wanna help with planing the rest of ovo work? you don't need to do them all.03:18
Li_Liuyou can appoint some pieces to me and xinran03:18
wangzhhOK,  let me assign them on storyboard.03:20
Coco_gaoHi, changzhi03:20
Li_Liuplease send a email to the rest of the team once you done it wangzhh03:21
xinranwangyes, please let me know when you need help. :)03:21
Li_Liuok, let's move on03:21
wangzhhGot it.03:21
Li_Liusince sundar is not here today, I will have a separated discussion with him afterwards03:21
Li_Liuabout his POC work03:22
Li_Liudo you guys have any suggestion/comments on the PoC patches from Sundar, please help review them03:22
Li_Liu#topic AoB03:24
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Li_LiuHi Sundar03:25
SundarHi Li03:25
Li_LiuHappy New year03:25
Li_LiuI have just wrapped up with other topics03:25
SundarHappy New Year to you too!03:25
SundarSorry, I am late. My flight arrived just now.03:25
Li_Liudo you wanna quickly give a update on your side?03:26
Li_Liuit's ok03:26
SundarThe Cyborg and CYborg client code are both in their feature branches.03:26
shaohe_feng_Sundar: Happy New Year.  You are on a travel.03:26
SundarInstead of using drivers/agent etc. to discover devices, I just populate the db directly.03:27
SundarSimilarly, the Placement is populated directly too. That is done in the initial_setup script.03:27
SundarShaohe_feng: Happy New Year.03:27
Li_LiuSundar, how are you gonna submit the feature patch for nova?03:28
SundarYou can use curl or the cyclient script to access the APIs, to get device profiles, create/delete ARQs and bind/ubind them.03:28
SundarI have Nova patches that use Cyborg client to use these APIs. SO, it gets the device profile groups etc.03:29
Li_LiuIs the nova patches in your feature branch already?03:29
SundarThe Nova scheduler does not support nRPS well yet -- so the results of Placement query will not include the FPGA.03:29
SundarI work around that by just getting the selected compute node and grabbing the nested RP within that.03:30
SundarThe libvirt driver patch then gets the ARQs, grab the attach handle within, and compose the VM xml. We can see the PCI device in the XML.03:31
SundarThat's the broad outline. I'll stop for any questions now.03:31
Li_Liujust to get a clarification tho, the feature branch's DB design does not need to align with the DB spec you merged late last year right?03:32
SundarLi_Liu: The Nova patches will be submitted directly to Nova master.03:32
SundarLi_Liu: yes. I replied to your comment. The pilot does not aim to be complete -- if I write everything, Coco and others don;t have much left :)03:33
Li_LiuSundar, i see03:33
Li_LiuI will keep review them then03:33
SundarYes, please do review the rest. Outside the db code, if there are any gaps not marked with TODO or FIXME, please LMK.03:34
Li_Liusure thing03:35
Li_Liufolks, please help review Sundar's patches if you have the chance.03:35
Li_LiuThanks a lot for the work Sundar and Coco_gao :)03:36
Li_LiuAny other things you guys wanna talk about?03:37
SundarWelcome :)03:37
Li_Liuok, let's call it03:38
Li_Liuhave a good night/day where ever you are in the world.03:38
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