Wednesday, 2019-02-20

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Li_LiuHi guys03:01
xinranwangHi, Lishu :)03:02
Li_LiuLet's wait for a bit03:02
Li_LiuHi Hi Xinran03:02
SundarHi Li03:02
Li_LiuHi Sundar03:02
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Li_Liu#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:03
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:03
Li_Liu#topic Roll Call03:03
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:04
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:04
Li_Liu#topic status updates03:04
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Yumeng_#info Yumeng03:04
Li_Liuwe have merged a quite a few patches recently03:04
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Li_Liuthanks guys for the efforts03:05
Coco_gaoWhat about yumeng's patch?03:05
Sundar#info Sundar03:05
Coco_gaoI saw Sundar's comments on that.03:05
Li_LiuCoco_gao, could you quickly help summarize the DB refactor work so far?03:06
Li_Liuwhat's still missing?03:08
Coco_gaoMigration Script, Model are done and merged.03:08
Coco_gaoAttachHandle ControlPathID, Arq and ExtArq Object are done and merged.03:08
Coco_gaoDevice and DeviceProfile Object are done but not merged right now.03:09
Coco_gaoStill, we need Deployable Object, which is not implemented.03:09
Li_LiuI am working on the Deployable03:10
Coco_gaoCan yumeng's patch merge now?03:10
Li_LiuI think Sundar still has some comments03:11
Coco_gaoSundar, What's your opinion?03:11
Yumeng_Sundar: I see your comments on  IMHO we already merged some device_profile related codes, and device_profile_id will be the ForeignKey in ExternalAcceleratorRequest. So I would suggest we merge device_profiles codes for now (since we already have), and we can refactor in the future03:11
Coco_gaoI agree with yumeng.03:12
Yumeng_If we leave out it now, there may be errors03:12
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Li_Liuhmm, I agree03:13
Li_LiuSundar, what do you think?03:14
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Li_Liuhe's disconnected ><03:15
wangzhh I agree, too.03:15
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Li_LiuSundar, did you see what we discussed?03:15
SundarLost connection to IRC alone, for some reason03:15
SundarYumeng_: The db layer has already been agreed upon03:16
SundarYumeng_, the question is now about the objects layer only03:16
SundarThe device profile code is going to go through changes based on feedback. So, what do we gain by merging it?03:17
SundarIf we just want to merge some code, and are ok with total refactor later, then no issue. But I guess I don't see the point.03:17
SundarWhat do you all think?03:17
Coco_gaoSo your opinion is to seperate that patch into two, we merge device object at first?03:17
SundarYes, Coco_gao03:18
SundarDo we want to merge device profiles, esp. without other supporting code like APIs?03:18
SundarJust my 2 cents :)03:19
Li_LiuI think there's no harm to merge the current one and modify it in a separated patch. It's more efficient than splitting03:21
Li_Liuand some outcome eventually03:21
SundarLi_liu, ok03:21
Li_LiuWhat do others think?03:22
Coco_gaoThat depends on yumeng.03:22
xinranwangyes I agree with Li. It's more efficient.03:23
Li_Liuyumeng_ to address Sundar's comment, you can mark a TODO in the current patch and submit a different one when you have time to fix it03:24
SundarIf we are going with the current one, we may as well leave it in for Stein03:24
SundarNo need for further updates03:25
Li_Liuok, move on to the next item03:26
Yumeng_great. Thxs all for your opinions.03:26
Li_LiuCoco_gao, how about the OVO?03:26
Li_Liudo you need help for them?03:26
Coco_gaoI am working on that, maybe I can submmit a new patch set at the end of this week.03:27
Li_Liuare you going to update
Li_Liuor submit a new one?03:28
wangzhhI can help to finish this part, too. Coco.03:28
Coco_gaoI prefer to update the old patch.03:28
Coco_gaoAnd try to address all the comments03:29
Li_Liuwangzhh, please help out Coco_gao. we don't wanna overload her too much ><!03:29
Coco_gaowangzhh, thank you.03:29
Li_Liuand you guys can work out the work distribution03:29
Li_Liuif you guys can sumbit the patch by the end Friday, I can start working on conductor over the weekend03:30
Li_Liubut totally up to you :P03:30
Coco_gaowe will try.03:31
Li_Liuas long as we can have some thing by Sunday03:31
Li_Liuthanks a lot :)03:31
xinranwangI can help too, please let me know if you need.03:32
Li_LiuSundar, after this, can we try to integrate with nova based on your nova patch?03:33
xinranwangLi_Liu:  Li, you mean you will take the make diff part on conductor, right ?03:33
Coco_gaoLi_Liu, we still need API about bind, unbind operations...03:34
SundarI don't want to put any Nova-related changes in Stein in a rushed way03:34
Li_Liuxinranwang, yup, I will take care of that port03:34
xinranwangLi_Liu:  ok, and i will take the DB update part tho03:34
Li_LiuCoco_gao, sure, I am trying to find out the missing piece]03:35
Li_Liuxinranwang, we can sync up for that offline03:35
xinranwangLi_Liu: ok03:35
Coco_gaoanything else to sync today?03:36
Li_Liuthere are about 2 weeks left.. let's try out best to push as much as possible03:36
Li_LiuI think that's it03:37
Li_Liu#topic AoB03:37
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Li_LiuIf there's no other issue, let's call the meeting for today03:37
Yumeng_see you guys.03:38
Li_Liuok, thanks a lot guys03:38
Coco_gaoBTW, happy birthday to you Li03:38
Li_Liuhave a good day/night03:38
Li_Liuhaha, thanks a lot Coco :P03:38
xinranwangwow, happy birthday03:38
Yumeng_wow~~  happy birthday03:38
Li_Liu1 year older now03:38
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