Wednesday, 2019-05-22

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openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add the new generic driver
openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cyborg master: WIP: Add Huawei Ascend driver
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Li_LiuWe are still waiting for Sundar right?03:06
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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:09
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Sundar#topic Roll Call03:09
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Li_Liu#info liliu03:09
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:09
Sundar#info Sundar03:10
SundarHi Li_liu, wangzhh03:10
Li_LiuHi Sundar03:10
wangzhhHi Sundar, Uncle Li.03:10
SundarWait a min for other folks?03:11
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xinranwang#info xinranwang03:12
SundarHi Xin-ran03:12
xinranwangHI all03:13
SundarOk, let's get rolling03:13
SundarAny thing to add to it?03:13
Li_Liulooks good03:14
Sundar#topic Cyborg specs03:14
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Li_LiuI have reviewed most of them03:15
Li_Liuonly one left is Yikun's patch03:15
SundarCool. Any more comments on
Li_Liuat a glance, it looks good. will look into it03:15
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SundarCool. I suspect that and will be quasi-prerequisites to merging Nova spec03:16
Sundar#Nova spec03:17
Sundar#topic Nova spec03:17
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SundarI presume all of you have looked at it. The main issue now is that a quarum of Nova developers want to move the binding into nova compute, which gives less time for FPGA programming or other device prep03:18
SundarIt may work for Neutron, because port binding is not a time-consuming op.03:19
Li_Liuwhen FPGA is programming, nova is waiting for the external event03:19
Li_Liuis there a requirement on how long this process could take?03:19
SundarThere are no firm requirements. We want to minimize the Nova wait of course. The times vary widely depending on the device, bitstream size, etc. Somewhere between seconds and a few tens of seconds would be in the ballpark03:21
Li_LiuI think around 10s is totally acceptable03:21
SundarThe VM spawn is held up for that period of time. That will cut into bulk VM creation rate, which matters for some scenarios03:23
SundarAnyways, Li_Liu, when can we have the patches for Nova notification? I was hoping to use them to do some measurements.03:23
Li_LiuI am still working on it.03:23
Li_Liugive me some time03:24
Li_Liustill in China, my working hour is in pieces...03:24
xinranwangcan we use os profile to test how long program will take?03:24
xinranwangis it helpful?03:24
SundarI see. Understand. The problem is, the Nova spec is held up for that time.03:25
Sundarxinranwang: The question is not, how long programming will take. It is: how much of it can we overlap with other tasks? The older model overlapped more than the newer proposed model03:25
SundarAnyways, I'll try to hack up something meanwhile and get some data03:26
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SundarAnything else to discuss about Nova spec?03:27
Sundar#topic Pilot merge plan03:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Pilot merge plan (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:27
SundarIf I understood correctly, the consensus is to apply some comments and merge the pilot into master?03:28
Sundari.e. no need to re-submit it as smalle rpatches into master, right?03:28
SundarSilence means yes? :)03:30
SundarThanks, wangzhh.03:32
Sundar#agreed Merge pilot into master rather than re-submit it as patches.03:33
Sundar#topic Python 3 transition03:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Python 3 transition (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:33
Sundarikuo_o mentioned somebody else from NTT wll join03:33
ikuo_oyuki is my colleague yes03:34
Sundarikuo_o: You are here ;) Cool. Do you want to discuss the steps for Python 3 transition?03:35
SundarIt could be a multi-step process IMHO. You are all welcome to suggest changes or alternatives.03:36
SundarA. Submit some CI tests for Python 3 compliance. They may break at the start, so they may have to be disabled temporarily.03:37
ikuo_oyeah, but gm now moving and have only my small phone.03:37
SundarB. Make the changes to let Py3 pass, and submit those patches.03:37
SundarC. While B is going on, developers may have submitted more patches, which may cause breakage because tests were disabled. So, perhaps another patch to fix them?03:38
SundarD. Enable CI tests, so that every patch will be Py3-compliant after that03:38
SundarDoes that make sense?03:38
ikuo_oyuki_t, do you understand the steps?03:39
SundarWelcome yuki_t :)03:39
yuki_tyes, i understand.03:39
yuki_thi, sundar03:40
SundarGreat. Thanks. wangzhh, Li_Liu, xinranwang: any comments?03:40
wangzhhIt's great.03:41
Li_LiuI am good03:41
Li_LiuThanks a lit03:41
SundarThank you :)03:42
Sundar#topic AoB03:42
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:42
yuki_tMay I say the progress of python3 migration?03:42
SundarDo we have any topics for the Zoom call tomorrow?03:42
xinranwangI am good, thanks a lot03:42
SundarIf there are no topics, shall we cancel the call tomorrow?03:43
wangzhhDepends on others.03:45
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Sundar_Sorry, lost connectivity briefly03:46
Sundar_No other topics, right?03:46
Sundar_Thanks everybody. Have a great day!03:47
wangzhhBye, all03:47
Sundar_Hmm, I will re-login with my old nickname to end the meeting later03:48
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openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix the section of enabled_drivers
openstackgerritYikun Jiang proposed openstack/cyborg master: WIP: Add Huawei Ascend driver
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