Wednesday, 2019-08-07

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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Placement report
Li_LiuSundar: please revert my change and I will submit a new patch.02:34
Li_Liusorry about the trouble I caused :P02:36
Li_LiuCan we revert the Patch Sets?02:40
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Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:00
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Sundar#topic Roll call03:01
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SundarHi all03:01
yikunhi Sundar03:01
xinranwangHi all03:01
s_shogoHi all03:01
Yumeng#info  Yumeng03:02
Sundar#topic Agenda03:02
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:02
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:02
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:02
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:03
SundarHi all, quite a few things to discuss today. Do you have anything else to add?03:03
SundarHi Li_Liu, your contribution of notification code is quite welcome. However, please check with the other contributor before overwriting their code. The patch has hit a merge conflict03:04
Li_Liusorry. I will pay attention next time03:06
Li_Liushall I submit a patch to revert it?03:07
SundarAlso, as a contributor, it is good to be in communication with the team. Given the regulations in communication, that means mainly IRC meetings.03:07
SundarApparently, many people are finding this time slot to be a conflict. Please bring that up and ask for a time change. We can work something out.03:07
Li_LiuI will try to make more time for the team03:07
SundarThanks, Li_Liu03:07
Li_LiuSo I will submit a patchset to revert my change03:08
Li_Liushall I ?03:08
SundarYes, please03:09
SundarLi_Liu, my suggestion is: given the very short time left, and time constraints on contributors, does it make sense for one of us to adopt the notification functionality with attribution to you?03:09
SundarThough the Nova deadline is early Sep, we effectively need to finish in Aug to give time for other odds and ends03:09
Li_LiuI guess xinran will work on it, right?03:10
xinranwangI am working on cyborg side now.03:10
SundarI don't mean to step on your contribution. I am mostly concerned about the short time and making progress03:11
Li_Liutotally understand03:11
SundarLi_Liu: we'll work something out. Your contributions and reviews are always welcome.03:11
SundarThanks very much, Li_Liu.03:12
SundarFolks, should we do a doodle pool to find another time for this IRC meeting, as it is a conflict for many people?03:13
SundarOK, will create one. Looks like only one day works: Thu morning China time03:14
Li_LiuI reverted the change I did today. still have a conflict03:14
Li_Liumight need to resolve the conflict manully03:15
Sundar#topic bindep03:16
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yikunThanks´╝î sundar03:16
yikun^ here is the bindep reltead patch03:17
Sundaryikun has introduced the bindep patch: . It installs pciutils as a Cyborg dependency03:17
SundarAh yes, thanks yikun03:17
SundarMy question is: since it is really a dependency of the GPU driver, should we put that as a Cyborg dependency?03:18
yikunMy idea is that it's the special cmd which will be used by all generic pci device.03:18
yikunso we need it03:18
xinranwangwill this depends on OS?03:19
SundarThe operator may disable specific drivers, though.03:19
Sundarxinranwang: Yes, the specific package may vary across distros.03:20
yikunxinranwang: no, the general os (centos, ubuntu) has the same name03:20
yikunacutually, the zun was also introduced it03:21
yikunSo, I think it's a better way03:21
SundarThe package name may be common to Centos and Ubuntu. But do we know about others?03:21
xinranwangwhy don't we read sysfs instead. like fpga driver did03:22
yikunxinranwang: not sure sysfs can be supported completely by other device.03:23
wangzhhxinranwang, we can't find some pci device by sysfs.03:23
Sundarwangzhh: We have /sys/bus/pci . I think you are saying that doesn't have all the info you need?03:24
xinranwangas far as i know, the 'lspci' also read the sysfs.03:24
Yumengwangzhh: can we also find gpu device by sysfs ?03:24
wangzhhYep, Sundar, as far as i know, some info like manufacturer´╝î read form another directory by lspci03:26
SundarI think the risk is low for pciutils, because it is pretty common. But this puts us on a slippery slope to other packages that may not be common.03:26
SundarAs long as we examine each addition to bindep carefully, we should be ok, I think.03:27
wangzhhDifferent os have differetnt dir. It's better to use a lib. Key point is03:28
SundarI have no objections to adding pciutils. Anybody thinks differently?03:28
wangzhhIs pciutils populate?03:28
Sundarwangzhh: are you asking if it is usually installed or populated?03:29
SundarIs everybody ok with adding pciutils?03:30
xinranwangno objections03:31
wangzhhI'm worried about there are few people maintain and use it?  I'm not sure.03:31
yikunwangzhh: lspci is contained by pcituils package03:32
Sundarwangzhh: I think pciutils is a popular package, available in most common distros. exceptios may be some really tiny or embedded distros, but they will probably not be used in servers03:32
wangzhhOk, fine.03:33
Yumengno objections +103:33
Sundar#agreed Will adopt bindep approach with pciutils.03:34
Sundar#topic New drivers in Train03:34
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SundarGlad to see many drivers getting proposed as patches03:34
SundarIt may be a good idea to ask for a spec, stating he use cases, test plans and plans for CI, I think03:35
SundarOtherwise, it is not clear to the community what devices are involved and what testing needs to be done03:35
SundarThe device hardware may not be available to other contributors. So, it is important to set up CI, I think03:36
SundarWhat do you all think?03:36
Sundarwangzhh, yikun, Yumeng: ^03:38
Sundarfor GPUs, Ascend, HPTS03:38
yikunthe ci support is a good idea, but I prefer we can start to make 3rd party ci support in next release.03:39
Sundaryikun: Understand. But we should probably have some documentation on what is supported for each driver03:39
SundarFor example, we may have some limitations or caveats for one driver but not others03:40
yikunI guess a page looks like it ^03:41
SundarGood find :)03:41
wangzhhEmm, agree.03:41
SundarI think we should require a spec before we agree to maintain the driver. The spec should describe the device, use cases, test plans and documentation plans. What do you all think?03:42
SundarFor Train, though it is past Milestone 2, I think we can make an exception and accept specs even now.03:43
Sundarwangzhh, Yumeng, yikun, Li_Liu, xinranwang, s_shogo: ^03:45
Yumeng,Sundar, yikun,wangzhh:  agree that we need to have some docs like
YumengCan we focus on the driver code/(make the function work) first and do the ci plans spec/support docs later ?03:45
wangzhhI think this link is a good example.03:46
Yumengespecially after we tested with some results03:46
SundarApart from that doc, many projects require a spec before accepting  a major feature. When somebody contributes a driver, we all agree to maintain that code. So, we need a spec to understand what we agree to.03:46
SundarYumeng: CI plans can come later. But, without a spec, how do we know enough to maintain it?03:48
SundarAnybody disagree? or think we need exceptions for Train?03:50
Yumengemmm...  I think driver maintainance is strongly related to the device, vendors should maintain their own and provide support for users to use.What do you think?03:51
yikunAgree with yumen, the priority thing is make the driver work.03:54
yikun   and here is also a example to show the driver support in every release03:55
SundarYes, vendors would support their own drivers. When a driver is comitted to Cyborg repo, we agree to collectively maintain it. For example, for Python 3 migration, driver code can be changed by somebody other than the vendor, right?03:56
SundarAnyways, we can revisit this next meeting, because we are running out of time.03:57
Sundar#topic Storyboard03:57
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SundarThere are lots of topics still open. Please go through it and take up what you can.03:58
SundarSome important things that we need to track: Python 3 migration, fake driver patch (
Sundartesting to make sure that fake driver works with tempest CI (needed for Nova patch merging)03:59
SundarAnything else that we need to track in each meeting going forward?04:00
YumengSundar: I noticed lots of TODOs in dbapi such as
xinranwangplease review the placement report part as well, it's also in critical path.04:02
SundarYumeng: True, I was hoping to get to them after the patches merge. If some of you can take up some of those TODOs, that'll be great.04:02
Sundarxinranwang: Yes.04:03
SundarOK, we are past the time.04:03
Yumengdo you want to make them tested and work after V2 and nova-integ patches merged? or are there any other motivations?04:04
Yumengok, we can continue in wechat04:04
SundarYumeng: That's what I thought originally. But the basic db patch has already merged for Cyborg. So, we can start filing patches for db changes04:04
xinranwangI have removed these exception in placement report patch. it can wirte the db correctly04:05
Yumengxinranwang:ok great!04:05
SundarI'll create storyboard tasks for these TODOs04:05
SundarThanks, everybody. Have a good day or night, wherever you may be :)04:05
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openstackMinutes (text):
s_shogosorry , next week ( 8/10-19), we (NTT group) take a vacation on the whole. I'm afraid I will be absent from IRC chat and so on.04:06
s_shogoand a small topic, but this affects all about py3 patch.Current zuul.yaml in py3 patch treats py3-test as "non-voting".Are there any problem in changing it to "voting" ?04:06
Sundars_shogo: NP. We should review your patch But it says WIP. Will you update it further?04:07
Sundars_shogo: Py3 changes are still WIP. We should make it voting sometime later, may be in early Sep. What do you think?04:08
s_shogoI'm waiting for finishment of merge P1-P9 patches , so I treat it as WIP.After that , I'll test them in local env again,  and request review.04:08
Sundars_shogo: Got it, thanks.04:08
s_shogois ok treat as "voting" in Sep. I'll post that as patch in sep, again.04:09
s_shogook, thanks. I'll prepare a wechat account in next time.04:12
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SundarLi_Liu: In the IRC discussion today (, we had agreed that you would let somebody else take up the Nova notification functionality.05:49
SundarI asked Xinran. It is too late in the cycle to ask for another contributor from the community. So I'll do the part myself. Thanks for your understanding. Looking forward to further contributions from you whenever you have the time.05:52
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AJaegercyborg team, we moved api-ref documents, could you update a simple link, please?
YumengThanks Andreas! just +2 and W+106:49
AJaegerthanks, Yumeng !06:49
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Implement privsep boilerplate in cyborg.
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-cyborgclient master: Update api-ref location
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Bug-fix in FPGA driver test case.
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: fix cannot load 'stub' error for gpu discover
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