Thursday, 2020-09-24

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openstackgerritWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Change device profile create response data
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Yumenghi all03:04
Yumenghi wenping and shogo03:04
swp20hi yumeng03:04
swp20hi shogo03:04
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chenke#info chenke03:05
Yumenghaha, roll call not yet start03:05
swp20hi chenke03:05
chenke@swp20 , -2 because I think this patch need to talk about.03:05
chenkehi wenping.03:05
Yumenghi swp20, will brinzhang come today?03:06
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xinranwang__Hi all03:06
swp20he may in other meeting.03:06
Yumengok. then let's start.03:07
swp20hi xinran03:07
Yumeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:07
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Yumeng#topic Roll call03:07
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Yumeng#info Yumeng03:07
swp20#info swp2003:07
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:08
xinranwang__#info xinranwang__03:08
YumengI have no agenda for today.03:09
Yumengfeel free to discuss any patchset if any03:09
chenkeOk. I have two patches. One is tempest, another is wenping's patch.   xinranwang__ @s_03:10
chenkePle all help to review.03:11
swp20thanks chenke, my patch is about create more than one device profile with one request.03:12
swp20it's a TODO things.03:12
swp20if needn't, we should remove the TODO tag.03:12
chenkeNot a good TODO things. although Sundar had wrote it .03:12
Yumengyes, agree.  if not necessary, we should remove.03:13
chenkeYe. I think there is no need to support the creation of multiple dp at the same time. Nova's flavor has never supported this feature.03:14
chenkeThe groups in our 1 dp support the definition of multiple resources at the same time.03:14
brinzhangAs we know, some users want to get this feature03:14
chenkeIf user want. to define dp. I think he should create one by one.03:15
xinranwang__IMO it causes the complexity in terms of cli.03:15
brinzhangyou mean he need to create server one by one03:15
chenkeThere are still differences between dp and arq. dp is initiated by the user. If the user wants to create more than one, the interface can initiate multiple creation requests.03:16
chenkeNo brinzhang03:17
chenkeI means flavor .03:17
brinzhangthe same03:17
chenkethe device profile in our cyborg is the same meaning as flavor.03:17
Yumengif we support multiple dps at once, does nova need to modify to support this?03:18
brinzhangif the user want to create a server, he need to create a flavor, there will be many flavors in, and cannot re-use03:18
swp20Yumeng, nova needn't to modify.03:19
chenkeBefore create server. flavor should ready to go. Right?03:19
chenkeI think the post one dp API in enough.03:21
chenkehi s_shogo yumeng  xinran. what do your think?03:22
swp20maybe it's useful in future if we have lots of devices to combine.03:22
brinzhangI think you should think about the uses requirement, and then make a decision03:23
brinzhangs/the uses/users/03:23
xinranwang__brinzhang:  what use cases do you encouter where need to create multiple dp in one request, can you explain it to us?03:25
s_shogoIMO, I agree with chenke(to keep one dp API), at now. Users can issue the multiple request in their client script and so on. To keep simple one dp is good from  transactions management 's point of view.03:25
Yumengswp20, brinzhang: IMHO, devices are expensive.  Was not very clear about the use case: lots of devices to combine.03:26
Yumengyes, the same question as xinran. can you explain it?03:26
brinzhangxinranwang__: we have two customers give us a requirement, they want to boot a server with support GPU and FPGA in a same server03:26
YumengIMO, one dp can handle this issue. 1 dp can define two resources, right?03:27
chenkeThat's ok now with one dp.03:27
chenkeopenstack accelerator device profile create fpvgpu '[{"resources:FPGA": "2", "trait:CUSTOM_FAKE_DEVICE": "required"},{"resources:PGPU": "1","trait:CUSTOM_XXX": "required"}]'03:29
brinzhangnot correct in above: they want. the case is : [{dp1: gpu}, {dp2: gpu+fpga}]03:29
chenkeAs shogo said, I think it is very easy if the web UI  sends two creation  device profile requests.03:30
swp20Yumeng:one server can hold four devices commonly, and if GPU can be virtualized, we can have lots of devices.03:31
Yumengagree shogo +103:32
brinzhangthis is a blueprint, and in Victoria we have freezed feature, we dont need to waste time to talk this03:32
chenkeIn any case, the API should maintain its independence and self-explanation. We do not recommend making it complicated.03:32
brinzhangswp20: please register a blueprint, and submit a spec, then talked this in PTG or in wallaby release03:32
brinzhangwe should not take this on today's meeting03:33
Yumengswp20: I undersrand. what I mean here is the hardware.03:33
Yumengalright. then let's move on.03:33
YumengI also have two patchsets.  device_profile validate are already to merge.
Yumengpls help to review.03:34
Yumengand this document for policy-popup
Yumengthis has a tiny pep8 error, I will fix soon.03:35
Yumengthe releasenote for policy-popup depends on the doc patch, so pls help to review
Yumengthat's all from my side.03:37
YumengDo you have any other patch to disscuss?03:38
Yumengok. cool.03:38
Yumengif nothing else, let's wrap up today's meeting. we will reach Victoria rc soon!03:40
YumengThank you all for coming. bye03:41
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openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: add document for cyborg new policy
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add releasenote for policy refresh base and device profile policies
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: add document for cyborg new policy
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add releasenote for policy refresh base and device profile policies
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