Thursday, 2020-12-31

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Yumenghi @s02:00
chenkeHi old friends.02:00
Yumenghi all02:00
brinzhang0hi all02:00
swp20hi all02:01
Yumengwelcome back chenke02:01
chenkehi all. hi yumeng, wenping, bailin.02:01
swp20hello chenke welcome02:02
chenkeseems xinran and shogo are not here.02:02
brinzhang0good morning chenke, Yumeng, swp2002:03
YumengI just pinged Xinran in wechat, seems she is offline02:03
Yumengwait for 5 mins?02:04
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Yumenghi xinranwang02:05
xinranwangHi Yumeng02:05
Yumenglong time we didn't have so many people. good to see you all agian02:06
Yumengtoday I have a news to announce.02:07
YumengIt's hard to say goodbye. I will move to a new company and Cyborg is no longer my work priority.02:08
swp20what a pity02:09
chenkeoh no, don't move away.02:09
brinzhang0We will lose a beautiful girl, and a workhorse ...02:09
chenkeWe do not want to hear this news.02:11
Yumenghaha you guys are interesting people02:11
brinzhang0Yumeng: you can come back occasionally02:11
brinzhang0and we must be miss you, I think02:11
Yumengbrinzhang0: sure I will02:12
xinranwangYes, hope you can come back when you got time.02:12
Yumengnot much time in work day ,but I can help to review or other contribution in my spare time.02:12
Yumengso in the future, chenke take over my work and continue contribute in cyborg02:15
Yumengas a representative of ZTE02:16
YumengAnd for the PTL position. I may have no time to contribute in PTL position in the future. So I'm going to step down from it and would like to see new people and new ideas into leadership positions.02:17
swp20congratulate chenke02:17
chenkeIn fact, it was yumneg who led me into the cyborg gate. I will continue, with her efforts and expectations, to contribute to cyborg with everyone. Thank you Yumeng for your joint efforts.02:18
YumengThanks chenke for the good word~!02:18
Yumengalso a big 'thanks' to all of you.02:19
YumengI will miss all of you!02:19
xinranwangYes, thansk Yumeng  for your great efforts for the community.02:19
chenkeTo use our old Chinese saying, no matter where you are, don't forget to come back and have a look.02:19
swp20thanks Yumeng, you are a great leader.02:20
Yumengchenke: sure ^^02:20
Yumengwow thanks swp20, thanks for your contributions02:21
swp20i will miss you soon02:21
YumengAll of you are great! I'm sure cyborg will have a better future.02:22
brinzhang0Agree, and I think yes02:22
YumengNova guys are discussing deprecate nova vGPU after we merge cyborg vGPU02:23
YumengThat will be good for cyborg02:24
xinranwangit is a good news for us02:24
brinzhang0it's a good news, for us, cyborg can do this better, and make nova lighter02:24
YumengYes, we should continue push on this topic02:24
Yumengand merge our vGPU feature asap02:24
Yumengswp20: I will ping you for more details before I resign02:25
brinzhang0After Christmas we will ping nova team again02:26
YumengJan 402:26
YumengThey will back to work02:26
Yumenglet's talk about PTL position02:27
brinzhang0xinranwang: how about you ? do you have enough time to do?02:28
xinranwangI am willing to take it over if you guys agree to it   ;)02:30
chenkecyborg manage vgpu will be a good news02:30
YumengI have one person in my mind. I also want to recommend xinranwang as the new PTL.02:31
swp20+1 xinran is more suitable02:32
Yumengxinranwang has contributed in cyborg for 2+ years, and worked on FPGA,placement, SRIOV etc02:33
Yumengshe has good experience on driver and nova-cyborg integration.02:33
chenkeall of us are great.  Agree Xinran +1.02:34
Yumengas well as API02:34
Yumenggreat! also +1 from my side.02:34
xinranwangAha, big thanks for all of you02:35
Yumengcongrats! xinranwang02:35
swp20congratulate xinranwang02:35
xinranwangmore than 2 years .... time flies !!!02:35
Yumenghaha yes.02:36
brinzhang0xinranwang:  contratulations02:36
chenkeToday is the last day for 2020.02:36
xinranwangthanks everybody for your supports.  Really appreciate it.02:37
xinranwangI will try my best to work hard, and hope we can make cyborg  better and better together.02:37
chenkeCongratulations xinran. Let us work together to make cyborg better in 2021.02:38
Yumengsure! fighting together!02:39
swp20yeah we are a team02:39
xinranwangchenke: lol, sure02:39
brinzhang0I dont want to say happy new year, I want to say it in Chinese year hha02:40
swp20happy 202102:41
brinzhang0Hoping in that day we can go back together, and have a good topic02:41
swp20new start02:41
brinzhang0yeah, hapy 202102:42
xinranwangHappy 202102:42
Yumenghaha  Happy 2021 and wish you all the best!02:43
xinranwangWe will miss you :(02:43
Yumengxinranwang: so sweet. I will miss all you guys too02:44
swp20Yumeng: best wish for your new work02:44
swp20and new company02:44
Yumengswp20: thantks02:44
Yumengnew challenges for me too.02:45
Yumengok. Do you have any patches to discuss on "the last day of 2020."02:45
Yumeng2020 ending patch. :)02:45
chenkeWork occupies most of our time. If we can live happily, it will be a wonderful thing. I wish yumeng be happy in his new job02:46
brinzhang0of course02:46
brinzhang0these patch is ready to go, pls review it
chenkeok. let me see see.02:46
Yumengchenke: very good life notion. :)02:47
brinzhang0above all from me02:47
Yumengbrinzhang0: sure will review them.02:48
swp20and ssd driver spec from me02:48
Yumengpls review vGPU conf:
brinzhang0In our life, except work there is still need work, I seem missed more free time since 2020.102:48
brinzhang0Yumeng: I saw this patch just now, what about the other implementation?02:49
xinranwangbrinzhang0:  will review your patch by today02:49
Yumengswp20: will check02:49
brinzhang0chenke, xinranwang, Yumeng: thanks02:49
Yumengbrinzhang0: I will submit them in the next following days02:50
Yumengbefore I resign:)02:50
brinzhang0Yuemng: yeah, after see the other patch, I will promote my vote to this base patch, it's lgtm now02:51
Yumengalso this contribution page
Yumengbrinzhang0:ok. will ping you once I submitted the other one02:51
chenkebrinzhang0 @sw02:51
chenkeswp20 will review today.02:52
Yumengbrinzhang0 xinranwang, about launchpad or storyboard02:52
brinzhang0 this patch I would like to change using launchpad instead of using storyboard02:52
YumengYes I saw your comments02:52
brinzhang0and I left my comment inline, others can review02:52
YumengDo we need to switch immediately? or we make a plan and switch from next release?02:53
brinzhang0If all agree to switch, I think we can start from this release02:55
brinzhang0after all, we should migrate the old bug or features02:55
xinranwangI have no objection to switch.  And I prefer to switch by releases, it is more organized.02:56
xinranwangDoes it need a big efforts to switch it?02:56
Yumengxinranwang: agree +102:56
brinzhang0xinranwang: not much, just some issue02:57
brinzhang0ok, we can do in next release02:57
Yumengmight not very big if we just move current ones.02:57
Yumenghow do you handle the old ones? just leave them on the storyboard and add a links to lauchpad?02:58
brinzhang0yes, the fixed issue, I dont think it's necessary to move02:58
Yumengok. make sense to me02:58
brinzhang0after we complted the migration, we should clarify it in the docs, and refer to storyboard by a super link03:00
YumengBu I do think we need to add a note or anouncement on launchpad to tell people, some features during which releases can only be found on storyboard03:00
brinzhang0Yumeng: of course, we can add some description in the launchpad index page03:00
Yumengwhat about this patch
Yumengabandon OR  merge in this release and update in the next release?03:02
brinzhang0one thing is: the bugs page may need to open by zhipeng03:03
brinzhang0I saw he registered the openstack-cyborg launchpad03:03
brinzhang0Yumeng: this patch we can update after completed migration, what do you think?03:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Change the dependency with the testenv:docs
brinzhang0and update the context with launchpad instruction03:04
brinzhang0chenke: thanks fast approve03:05
chenkebrinzhang0 you are welcome.03:06
Yumengbrinzhang0: oh, I will ping zhipeng to talk about lauchpad re-open03:11
brinzhang0Yumeng: thanks ^^03:11
YumengI'm fine with update after completed migration03:11
YumengSo you guys can update this patch later.^^03:11
brinzhang0yeah, I can03:12
brinzhang0I have nothing today, over meeting time03:12
Yumengok. nothing else from my side either.03:12
swp20nothing from myside03:13
YumengSo if nothing else, I will end today's meeting.03:13
Yumengoh. I didn't start meeting =_=!03:13
xinranwangnothing from my side03:13
Yumeng=_=!!! sorry03:14
Yumenghaha  thank you guys.03:14
Yumengsee you next week.03:14
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