Wednesday, 2021-09-01

opendevreviewMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Add assertion information for batch delete device profile testcase
xinranwanghi all11:59
*** brinzhang_ is now known as brinzhang12:00
chenkehi all12:00
xinranwanghi brinzhang 12:01
xinranwanghi chenke 12:01
xinranwangis songwenping around?12:01
songwenpinghi all12:01
songwenpingyes, i am here12:01
xinranwanglet's start the meeting12:02
xinranwang#startmeeting openstack-cyborg12:02
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xinranwang#topic FF this week12:02
xinranwangsep 3 is feature freeze, we need land all important patch before that12:03
xinranwangdo you have any patch need to be landed before that?12:04
xinranwangplease paste it here, let's do it as high priority12:04
chenkeno for me. thanks12:05
brinzhang  this microversion history page, IMO, it's important12:06
xinranwangcool, please review it 12:07
xinranwanghi qiujunting 12:07
qiujuntinghi xinranwang12:07
songwenpingbrinzhang: passed12:08
brinzhangcool, thanks12:08
brinzhanghi qiujunting ^^12:08
brinzhanggood afternoon12:08
chenkehi qiujunting12:08
qiujuntinghi brinzhang12:09
brinzhangxinranwang: how about this patch
songwenpingi have two patches that conflict with master12:09
qiujuntinghi chenke12:09
songwenpingi'll rebase soon.12:09
brinzhangI try to test in my local env, but the environment cannot run fine12:10
xinranwangeric is right, it is devstack who add the 'accelerator' in the url12:10
songwenpingno eric is wron12:11
xinranwangbut i think we should use accelerator in url by default, I mean, without devstack's setting 12:11
songwenpingi've tested on my env12:11
songwenpingeric has wrong setting on his deployment env12:13
xinranwanghow did you test, with devstack or kolla?12:13
songwenpingnone of them, openstack on k8s12:14
xinranwangwhat deployment tools you use?12:15
songwenpingi use kolla-ansible12:16
songwenpinghe's endpoint url is wrong12:16
xinranwangi have use kolla ansible too, and url is without "accelerator"12:17
songwenpingwe donnot need accelerator12:18
songwenpingwith kolla-ansible12:18
songwenpingjust use port 6666 instead12:19
xinranwangbut if we deploy by devstack, the url is with "accelerator", this is because devtack add it 12:19
songwenpingwith devstack we need 'accelerator'12:20
brinzhangxinranwang: you mean, "accelerator" added by devstack?12:20
songwenpingdevstack has no port12:20
xinranwangbrinzhang: yes12:20
songwenpingeither we use 'accelerator' or 'port' is ok.12:20
songwenpingkolla-ansible is running cyborg with 'cyborg-api' process.12:21
xinranwangshall we keep the url same either with kolla or devstack?12:22
songwenpingdevstack use wsgi12:22
songwenpingno need12:22
songwenpingother components like nova and cinder is same with cyborg12:22
brinzhang# openstack --debug accelerator device list12:23
brinzhangRESP BODY: {"devices": [{"rp_uuid": "03631f82-20a9-3f67-a29d-dc1abe4041bf", "vendor": "0xABCD", "uuid": "da024ddb-e940-4006-80e1-5bf1de8862fa", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}], "in_use": false, "attribute_type": "FPGA", "created_at": "2021-08-25T06:58:58+00:00", "hostname": "control01", "updated_at": null, "name": "miss model info", "product_id": 12:23
brinzhangnull, "vendor_value": null, "vendor_board_info": "fake_vendor_info", "model": "miss model info", "type": "FPGA", "id": 1, "address": "", "std_board_info": "{\"class\": \"Fake class\", \"device_id\": \"0xabcd\"}"}]}12:23
brinzhangGET call to accelerator for used request id req-c1305a47-9003-4bdc-aee8-aa4c63a088e612:23
brinzhangthis is returned in kolla env12:23
songwenpingthe links of devices returned is wrong12:25
xinranwangok, got it 12:26
xinranwangso we can keep it as it is 12:26
xinranwangsongwenping could you please help to reply to eric 12:26
songwenpingok i'll talk with him tommorrow12:27
xinranwangthanks songwenping 12:27
xinranwangany other patches?12:27
songwenpingno from me12:28
brinzhangplease check whether it is right, if it's right, the response body will have a wrong value12:28
brinzhangit's also a bug12:28
brinzhangthis patch, IMO, it's ready to go, we dont need the *tls-proxy* tag12:29
xinranwangit is go12:29
chenketls means what?12:29
chenkeload balance?12:30
brinzhangchenke: please refer 12:30
xinranwangI think it is for service's communication via tls12:30
chenkeok. I will see it. thanks12:31
brinzhangnothing for me12:32
chenkeyes xinran. it's like ssl12:32
chenketls like ssl.  I agree merge it. 12:32
xinranwang#topic PTG12:34
xinranwangwe have not too much topic for PTG, please continue add topic ther 12:34
opendevreviewWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix the arq post api doc
xinranwang#AoB 12:35
xinranwang#topic AoB 12:35
xinranwanganything else you want bring up ?12:35
brinzhangI will add some topic to the etherpad while I am free12:36
opendevreviewWenping Song proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix the wrong link
songwenpingnoting form myside12:36
xinranwanghow efficient songwenping is !12:36
chenkeno for me12:36
brinzhangnothing from me12:36
songwenpingxinranwang: just rebase master, fast work.12:37
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cyborg-tempest-plugin master: Enable tls-proxy support in test jobs
xinranwangok, let's wrap up the meeting 12:38
xinranwangthanks guys12:39
opendevmeetMeeting ended Wed Sep  1 12:39:07 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)12:39
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
xinranwanghave a good night12:39
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add description comment for device profile create
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add the microversion history docs

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