Friday, 2021-10-29

brinzhang_hi songwenping__06:00
brinzhang_It seems xinranwang and chenke not around here, let's start meeting06:04
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brinzhang_#startmeeting cyborg06:04
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brinzhang_ #topic roll call06:04
brinzhang_#topic roll call06:05
brinzhang_#info brinzhang06:05
songwenping__#info songwenping06:05
brinzhang_#topic specs proposed in Yoga06:06
brinzhang_wenpingsong__: with the enable/disable device status spec, I left some comments, and you can check again06:07
brinzhang_do you have some questions about this topic?06:08
brinzhang_vmaccel: hi are you around?06:08
songwenping__i havenot look into your comment.06:09
brinzhang_dont worry, you can review it after meeting06:09
brinzhang_hi eric-xie06:10
songwenping__i have the question about the show api return value.06:10
brinzhang_wenpingsong__: you mean the attributes_list column?06:10
eric-xieHi all06:11
brinzhang_hi, welcome join in our meeting06:12
songwenping__yes, and num_accelerators etc.06:12
*** brinzhang_ is now known as brinzhang06:12
*** songwenping__ is now known as songwenping06:12
brinzhangah, num_accelerators also a new column will add with this feature06:13
brinzhangand she is not describe in *propose changes*06:14
brinzhangwenpingsong: "attributes_list" you can paste your local device show, then we trace it to06:15
songwenpingi think we shouldnot change the return value except is_maintaining related this feature.06:16
songwenpingeric-xie: you can attach the device show return value as my env is not available.06:17
songwenpingfor this spec: v06:17
brinzhangas discussed on PTG, we should record the num of the device used by instance, if you dont add it, how to check the device is available or in-use?06:19
songwenpingwe can add it in other feature06:20
eric-xiesongweiping: attach the return value here?06:22
songwenpingto the spec pls06:22
eric-xiehave added it.06:23
brinzhangsongwenping: no, we can talked under the spec, num_accelerators is useful for this feature, IMO, it should added in this spec, and it also describe in spec06:27
songwenpingok, but there are also some extra values such as rp_uuid and bitstream_id.06:30
brinzhanganother spec is xilin driver spec need to reiew:
brinzhangsongwenping: yeah, we should have a clear decision with disable/enable feature changes06:32
brinzhangpls add your doubt on the spec06:33
songwenpingok i donot know where she get the return value.06:33
brinzhangeric-xie: xilin driver spec need to fix the pep8 failed06:34
eric-xieI changed it and submitted it based on ptg's comments.06:35
eric-xieOK, i will fix it as soon.06:35
brinzhangack, added it in my list06:35
songwenpingthe content is LGTM06:35
brinzhanganother spec is pmem driver spec:
opendevreviewShuai Qian proposed openstack/cyborg master: support recreating mdevs after node reboots
songwenpingeric-xie: but i still have some nits for your spec, i will comment later.06:40
eric-xiesongwenping: got it.06:41
songwenpingthe pmem driver still have question about the data to report06:41
songwenpingas nova doesnot report the pmem as a rp06:41
songwenpingi have talked with xinran on wechat but has no response06:43
brinzhang#topic pending patches06:44
brinzhangcyborg project:
brinzhangsongwenping, eric-xie:  pls review06:45
songwenpingwe can let this patch go:
songwenping brinzhang: if there are nothing propose, we can end the meeting.06:56
brinzhangyeah, let's ending06:57
brinzhang#end meeting06:57
brinzhang#endmeeting cyborg06:58
brinzhang#startmeeting openstack-cyborg07:04
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opendevmeetMinutes (text):
opendevreviewEric Xie proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Add Xilinx FPGA driver specification
opendevreviewEric Xie proposed openstack/cyborg-specs master: Support to getting the device profile by the name
opendevreviewShuai Qian proposed openstack/cyborg master: support recreating mdevs after node reboots
opendevreviewMerged openstack/cyborg-specs master: Bump hacking min version to 3.0.1

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