Friday, 2022-03-25

brinzhanghi songwenping07:43
brinzhanggood afternoon07:44
songwenpinghi brinzhang07:44
brinzhanglet's start our meeting07:45
brinzhang#startmeeting openstack-cyborg07:45
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brinzhang#topic role call07:45
brinzhang#info brinzhang07:45
songwenping#info songwenping07:46
brinzhang#topic publish yoga release07:46
brinzhangI reviewed all patches in Cyborg and related project, there are ready to publish07:47
brinzhangsongwenping: do you have any doubt about yoga release?07:47
songwenpingwhat's the site of the release note?07:49
brinzhanghere is the release note link07:50
brinzhangAnd I saw added the link for yoga07:51
brinzhangIMO, there is nothing need to follow with our releasenote07:52
brinzhang#topic PTG topic07:56
brinzhangsongwenping: I added some topic in our zed etherpad, please check and add which we want to do in zed release07:56
songwenpingnice job07:58
songwenpingi will complete some topics07:59
songwenpingi think vGPU is need to merged in Z release.08:00
brinzhangWe can try, and this also need to talk with nova team08:01
brinzhangat least, add this topic to nova ptg list08:02
songwenpingwill do this recently08:03
brinzhangyou can add the topic in nova ptg topic list today08:04
songwenpingvGPU function still have some bugs by nova management.08:04
brinzhangit's too later now08:04
brinzhangyes, these bugs need to be fixed step by step08:04
songwenpingi am afraid it's hard to merge in nova by cyborg manage.08:05
brinzhangyes, but we can try08:09
brinzhangit's meaningful08:09
brinzhang#topic pending patches08:09
brinzhangdo you have any patch need to review?08:10
brinzhanglet's wrap today meeting08:10
brinzhangsongwenping: thanks, bye08:11
brinzhang#endmeeting openstack-cyborg08:11
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