Wednesday, 2019-03-13

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dangtrinhnttojuvone, not sure if you are aware of telemetry project may be shutdown this new cycle01:00
dangtrinhntIf that's the case, no new release of aodh / ceilometer...01:04
dangtrinhnttojuvone, I got accepted for the TSP so I will be in Denver for both summit and PTG :D02:48
dangtrinhntNow come the the VISA application02:49
hyunsikyangHi all06:06
hyunsikyanggood news dangtrinhnt.06:06
dangtrinhntHi hyunsikyang. Thanks.06:06
hyunsikyangdoes it supports air ticket too?06:06
hyunsikyangBTW, could you change the assignee from you to me about this blueprint?06:09
dangtrinhntah, sure06:09
hyunsikyangI am trying to upload it today, even this is initiate verison06:09
dangtrinhntI'll let you be the owner of that bp too.06:10
dangtrinhntPlease also include this story in your specs and code:!/story/200522006:15
hyunsikyangok thanks.06:41
hyunsikyangI don't know why I can't access to the story board via internet explore06:42
hyunsikyangonly chrome can access it..06:42
dangtrinhntmaybe they dropped support for IE since the begining...06:43
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tojuvonedangtrinhnt, Thanks, great news for PTG. Bad for the notification events then with the aodh10:17
tojuvoneYes, Even Microsoft is saying to not to use IE10:19
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