Monday, 2019-03-25

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tojuvoneMorning, I composed demo video cut shorter. Still without sound:
dangtrinhnt+1 nice tojuvone05:44
tojuvone#startmeeting Fenix06:00
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tojuvoneHi dangtrinhnt, anybody else around?06:01
tojuvoneWell let's start06:02
tojuvone#topic OpenStack upgrade status (ONS demo)06:02
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tojuvoneSo got this now working and composed a video of it06:03
tojuvoneSo the whole 1 controller + 4 compute upgrade takes an hour06:04
tojuvoneMigrations and DevsTack upgrade scripts takes time06:04
dangtrinhntLooks like CentOS :)06:04
tojuvoneUbuntu Bionic on hosts and CentOS on HA VMs if I recall06:05
tojuvoneUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS06:06
tojuvoneThat was foudn under /etc :D06:06
tojuvoneSo the short video is now ~18min06:06
tojuvoneAlso commented it has still some network downtime + surely API downtime during controller upgrade06:07
tojuvoneAnd yet there is no commenting on video as haven't went it through like it would be presented in ONS06:07
tojuvoneMeanwhile if any comment on the video if you look at it, let me know06:08
tojuvoneDemo uses "5" different boxes06:09
tojuvone1 on top left is "Doctor" = application managers and admin06:09
tojuvonetop right is Fenix logging06:09
tojuvonedown left is Horizon06:10
tojuvoneand down right will apper 2 boxes running "surf" browser showing http server content runnign behind floating IPs06:10
tojuvonemeaning the active VM on HA instances. This demonstrates the switchover when needed on those VMs06:11
tojuvoneand as multitenant, there is 2 of these windows06:11
tojuvoneOne tenant has 2x non_ha_app and 2x ha_app with active/stdby06:12
tojuvoneboth tenants will be scaled down by one non_ha_app VM to gain empty compute host06:13
tojuvoneok, that is some details. Any questions at this point?06:13
dangtrinhntNo. Thanks.06:13
tojuvoneok... maybe move on to next topic then06:14
tojuvone#topic status06:14
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tojuvoneok, so this should be what is done last 2 weeks and what will happen next06:15
tojuvoneI can start what I have been doing06:15
tojuvoneso surely the demo, that is obvious06:15
tojuvonebut then there was also those "ETSI  meetings" last week06:16
tojuvoneI will come to more details later, but to comment something already06:16
tojuvoneETSI FEAT003 is still ongoing and details of the maintenance have not been agreed06:17
dangtrinhntokie, guess that there could be some changes on the interfaces? Should I expect some public documents about that?06:18
tojuvoneSo this will still make some time and before that it is better not to proceed any related changes06:18
tojuvoneI have to ask when and how much that can be showed to public then06:19
tojuvonebut would think when finalized06:19
tojuvonejust some brief about it anyhow:06:19
tojuvonethere will be constraints of how VNF can be upgraded (servers / groups)06:20
tojuvoneFenix should be configured accordingly06:20
tojuvonemaybe some of thesse will land to affinity/anti-affinity groups too06:20
tojuvonebut that depends on how things will go06:21
tojuvoneWe have some already in different way as we have the VNFM interaction06:21
tojuvoneand for PTG there should be coming a discussion over this06:22
tojuvoneso that should be composed in a way that is does not use the official ETSI documents that cannot be shared..06:23
tojuvonebut still revealing needed details to work on changes to OpenSTack, like Nova (those server groups and live migration requirements)06:24
tojuvoneAny questions at this time?06:25
tojuvoneso coming 2 weeks I will have the ONS demo and I should find time to have some of those chagnes under review in Fenix06:25
dangtrinhntIs that mean we may have to change the current workflow including what hyungiskyang working on with tacker?06:26
tojuvonecsatari, will be driving the ETSI discussion06:26
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, a good question06:27
tojuvoneThere is still too options if our interaction cannot be used as it is06:28
tojuvonehave that and a one with ETSI definitions fulfilled06:28
tojuvoneIt might also be complicated if there needs to be EM in VNF06:29
tojuvonewhere VNFM is more or less a proxy for information coming from there06:30
tojuvoneConstraints for "maintenance" should be known by the VNF itself, nobody else06:31
tojuvoneotherwise if it doesn't have that, there could be only some default/configured way on what to do06:32
tojuvoneone is to think there is always extra capacity given to rolling maintenance06:33
tojuvoneso application can scale up the VMs involved, so service will not suffer when those VMs need to be removed06:33
tojuvoneas example06:34
tojuvoneok, dangtrinhnt, any other comment on this, or what is your status?06:35
dangtrinhntOk, I think it's a good strategy. No update from me.06:36
tojuvoneok, great :)06:36
tojuvoneso next topic then06:36
tojuvone#topic Summit and PTG06:36
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tojuvoneWell, we know the status of these, but in sake of minutes, I put it here06:37
dangtrinhntgot my flight ticket06:38
tojuvoneFenix rolling OpenStack upgrade demo will be in ONS America summit in LFN booth 3rd - 5th of April06:39
tojuvonedangtrinhnt,  great, we are so going now :)06:39
tojuvoneNext will be Open Infrastructure summit 29th April to May06:40
tojuvoneFenix forum session will be held there 30th May at 9AM06:40
tojuvoneRight after this will be PTG and Fenix session is scheduled on 4th May06:41
tojuvoneOtherwise there should be also session for ETSI FEAT03 during the PTG06:42
tojuvoneAnd Fenix surely might be mentioned in some other discussion, but haven't looked those06:42
tojuvoneoh, dangtrinhnt, the forum allowed to put only one person somehow, but surely would like to do it together :)06:43
dangtrinhntah, sure, no problem06:44
tojuvoneI mean the CFP process was so for that06:44
tojuvoneok, that was what is coming as events, not to go to more in details?06:45
dangtrinhntnope. Thanks for the updates.06:45
tojuvoneok then, we would heve the AoB (any other business) left06:46
tojuvone#topic AoB06:46
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tojuvoneMaybe something about Doctor06:47
tojuvoneThere is currently a huge problem in getting testing done there06:47
tojuvoneSo let's see if it is feasible to even continue there06:47
dangtrinhntwhat can we do to help?06:47
tojuvoneMeanwhile, I would then hurry to get Fenix testing working in OpenStack side06:48
tojuvoneWell, OPNFV is loosing people fast06:48
dangtrinhntI can see that06:48
tojuvoneAnd installers are not working06:48
tojuvoneso you cannot easily have environment to test. Or you should have a "huge" effort to set it06:49
dangtrinhntCould we do some roll-call for more contributors at the Summit / ONS06:49
tojuvonedo the work that should be done by installer06:49
tojuvoneThere is OPNFV meetup just befefore ONS06:50
tojuvoneSo I will surely rise my concern there06:50
tojuvoneBut stil las working currently to drive Fenix, it is double effort to keep Doctor just for that06:51
dangtrinhntwhat exactly testing environment that you need for Doctor? Could it be solve by providing some resources?06:51
tojuvoneProblem is more like the installers do not work06:52
tojuvoneso somebody should work on that06:52
tojuvonebut also, yes06:52
tojuvoneAs far as Apex worked, I was able to test fault management and maintenance in Nokia POD06:53
tojuvonethat was kind of enough06:53
tojuvonebut fault management only for sample implementation, not congress06:53
dangtrinhntDo you have the bug report?06:54
tojuvonethat is know to be broken currently06:54
tojuvoneI do not have a bug report to Apex open currently06:55
tojuvoneDWG had one that is fixed now, but do not know if that fixed her virtual pod or not06:55
tojuvonefor me it was not enough with beremetal pod06:55
tojuvoneso yes, maybe should rise one with logs from the baremetal pod as fexes seems not to be enough for that06:56
tojuvoneStill haven't heard anybody will be continuing the Apex after this release06:57
tojuvoneso, that is how deep things are06:57
dangtrinhntok, got it.06:57
tojuvonestill, would be nice to have aworking release for Doctor06:58
tojuvoneno way to test the Fenix support and have it in release06:58
tojuvoneone minute left06:59
tojuvoneAny last words?06:59
dangtrinhntNo. Thanks.06:59
tojuvoneok, thanks for joining :)07:00
dangtrinhntshould be endmeeting I guess :)07:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
tojuvoneoh yes, that works better07:01
dangtrinhntone more thing that you may already know, I will help maintain the Telemetry projects this coming cycle.07:04
dangtrinhntWill need to clean up the mess and get the project back to its hay day hopefully :)07:05
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, +107:32
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, great07:32
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, I need to fix Doctor meeting time again because the summer time changing the coming weekend09:57
tojuvoneso it needs to be 8AM or 9AM UTC (that would be next time 11AM or 12AM EET)09:58
tojuvoneAny preference?09:58
tojuvoneoh and 10AM work also10:10
hyunsikyangHi all. I couldn't attend this meeting. I have a question10:54
tojuvoneHi, I have just Doctor meeting starting10:56
hyunsikyangIs it better to wait to wait to fix the blueprints until we have discussion?10:57
hyunsikyangAh ok. I didn't see your message talk to later. I am sorry I couldn't attend a meeting today.11:08
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tojuvonehyunsikyang, Now here some time. And np. for the meeting16:14
dangtrinhnttojuvone, sure. For Doctor meeting, I think 10AM UTC should work.23:56

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