Monday, 2019-04-08

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dangtrinhnthyunsikyang, looks like tojuvone is on his way to the conference02:34
dangtrinhntnot sure if we can have the team meeting today02:34
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hyunsikyangOk :) Let me know02:59
dangtrinhnt+1, trying to contact Tomi nĘ”.03:00
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tojuvoneHi all, updated the meeting agenda for today:
dangtrinhnttojuvone, got it. Thanks.03:32
tojuvoneMeeting in 2min04:58
dangtrinhnt6AM UTC should be in 1h? or is it because of the daylight saving thing?04:59
tojuvoneso let's wait one hour still :)05:00
dangtrinhntno prob. tojuvone, I can start now. :)05:01
tojuvoneYes, we had the daylight saving change..05:01
tojuvoneOk, let's do it now as I am ready too05:01
tojuvone#startmeeting Fenix05:01
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tojuvone#topic status05:02
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tojuvoneGreetings from ONS..05:02
tojuvoneONS demo went very well05:03
tojuvoneThere was a lot of comments that we need Fenix and big companies to visit and see demo05:03
tojuvoneYes, people might be doing rolling upgrades, but nobody has our interaction with VNF05:03
dangtrinhnthyunsikyang hi, are you there?05:03
tojuvoneand is needed05:03
tojuvoneoh yes, hyunsikyang05:05
tojuvonehyunsikyang, Hi, are you able to be in meeting now? My basd we started 1hour early05:06
hyunsikyangI can05:06
tojuvonegreat :) So was having status fro ONS, will continue..05:06
tojuvoneStill have not composed more than this video05:07
tojuvoneSo this is with sound the upgrade demo05:07
dangtrinhnt+1 cool05:07
tojuvoneFrom the ONS presentation experience, I see there is need of doing a video that explains Fenix05:07
tojuvonePlanning to do that soon. Using some new slides and maybe including the live demo at the end.05:07
tojuvoneIt will be very important for those from ETSI and new people and to make the case for the whole industry05:08
tojuvoneThe VNF interaction and standard way of doing it05:08
tojuvoneAny question from the ONS, or shall I continue to further status?05:09
hyunsikyangI don't have for ONS05:09
dangtrinhntNo. Please go ahead.05:09
tojuvoneDemo related changes to Fenix are under review:
tojuvoneHowever that is purely the Fenix part. There is a lot of more related the actual DevSTack upgrade05:10
tojuvoneI would come to that in next topic05:10
dangtrinhntok, will try to review it today.05:11
tojuvoneSo, I would still have one status item from me..05:11
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, great :)05:11
tojuvoneWhile I have been discussing with ETSI, there is one thing I realized in ONS05:11
tojuvoneWith VNF there should be grouping of all different VMs and some constraints to this group05:11
tojuvoneLike how many VMs at least need to be alive always (this should be dynamically updated for current situation)05:12
tojuvoneSo, I realize we should not discuss to have this by any means a change to Nova05:12
tojuvoneOtherwise we loose the ability of Fenix to work on any cloud05:12
tojuvoneYes, this possible to have in Nova, but then proxied through Fenix, so VNF have only single access point05:12
tojuvoneThis basically is extending the Affinity / AntiAffinity groups05:13
tojuvoneAnd definition will be coming from ETSI specs05:13
tojuvoneSo this is my opinion to have in Fenix any comments?05:14
tojuvoneI will come later to this anyhow as there will be more of ETSI work later in the meeting05:15
tojuvoneso there is place to discuss later in PTG05:16
hyunsikyang Where is discuss channel?05:16
hyunsikyangwhat channel you use for this discussion?05:16
dangtrinhntNeed to think more about this. Btw, tojuvone, my visa application has been rejected.05:17
hyunsikyangI need a more detail information for this. I  understood briefly now. but I need more detail info.05:17
tojuvonehyunsikyang, I come back to that in last topic. Meanwhile I have had one meeting with ETSI people05:17
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, oh, that is too bad :( is that final or are can you still get it?05:18
hyunsikyangOh... sad to hear that05:18
dangtrinhntIt's final :( have to cancel everything.05:18
hyunsikyangwhat happen?05:18
dangtrinhntNot sure why, I have all the document, financial support, flight ticket, invitation letter etc. the woman at the embassy just told me that I'm not qualified.05:20
hyunsikyangI think that purpose of your visit is definitely clear..05:20
tojuvoneKnew there is a problem with Chinese to US, but not for others05:20
tojuvoneJangwonLee_, hi :)05:21
hyunsikyangHe is my coworker :)05:21
dangtrinhntmaybe because I'm a Vietnamese but living in Korea.05:21
tojuvoneIt is also now something looked with other open source communities to see where events could be kept05:21
tojuvoneso nobody would have problems of going05:21
dangtrinhntanyway, still can working from remote :)05:22
dangtrinhntok, let's get back to the topic.05:22
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, yes, we should seek to have a remote connection05:22
tojuvoneok, getting back..05:22
tojuvoneI actually completed my status and getting back to that ETSI.. stuff later in meeting05:23
dangtrinhntThat's great.05:24
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, Do you have any status to tell?05:24
hyunsikyangOk. I also intereted in ETSI discussion. watinig your update.05:24
dangtrinhntNothing except for tomorrow I will kick off the Telemetry team for the Train cycle. Hopefully will find some directions for Ceilometer, AODH. If you guys wanna have some input for Fenix-AODH relationship, put it here #link
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, great :)05:26
hyunsikyanggood :)05:26
tojuvoneSurely we have the needed alarm config, but still I do not know it needs changes to those projects05:27
hyunsikyangand tojubone05:27
hyunsikyangcan we make a blueprint for Fenix AODH?05:27
tojuvonebecasue it is about if use Fenix05:27
hyunsikyangIt is fisrt step for tacker integration?05:28
tojuvoneand there is also the possibility to get rid of the AODH as mandatory piece05:28
tojuvoneVNFM could also subscribe to Fenix directly and that might be better for generic thing on different clouds05:29
dangtrinhntIt makes sense05:29
tojuvoneand what is in Ceilometer / AODH now, already works for Fenix use case05:30
hyunsikyangyou mean that VNFM get the alarm form Fenix directly?05:30
tojuvoneAs long as Ceilometer/AODH makes release :)05:30
dangtrinhnttojuvone, I'll try :)05:30
tojuvonehyunsikyang, Yes, it might be future improvement05:30
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, +105:30
hyunsikyangSo, whatif, we use AODH for tacker integration, we try to start it first05:31
dangtrinhntI found that there are still lots of interest in Telemetry so I don't think it gonna be a problem.05:31
dangtrinhnthyunsikyang +105:31
tojuvoneYes, we go with this for now. There is nothing yet to replace the AODH for any means05:31
tojuvoneJust that I see it more generic to be without it at some point05:32
hyunsikyangYes of course.05:32
tojuvoneso great dangtrinhnt is working on these project :)05:32
hyunsikyangIt is better than specific...05:33
dangtrinhntok, so I have no more comment on this.05:33
tojuvoneok, thanks05:34
tojuvonehyunsikyang, any status to report?05:34
hyunsikyangI have.05:34
hyunsikyangFisrt item is AODH issue. but, we discussed it already..05:35
hyunsikyangSo we will make a plan for it first,05:35
hyunsikyangAnd the second one is blueprint.05:35
hyunsikyangI updated blue print, please check it again:)05:35
tojuvonehyunsikyang, I will look today :)05:36
tojuvoneok, so we can continue that in gerrit then05:37
tojuvonemoving on then I guess05:38
tojuvoneJangwonLee_, Do you have anything?05:38
JangwonLee_Nope. ok.05:39
tojuvoneif not I could say some on csatari behalf05:39
dangtrinhntsure, please.05:40
tojuvoneSo he has done some documentation for us and might continue some later05:40
tojuvoneAnd he is helping me with ETSI05:41
tojuvoneand still... coming to that in last topic05:41
tojuvoneso, would more to next topic to get  meeting in time..05:42
tojuvone#topic Testing05:42
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tojuvoneDemo had many changes we need that needs a way to "upstream"05:42
tojuvoneONS Demo had new action plugins to upgrade DevStack05:42
tojuvoneIt changes Queens and rocky DevSTack scripts05:42
tojuvoneIt needed changes to DevStack target, node specific configs and scripts05:43
tojuvoneIt also had huge changes to Doctor testing scripts, to be able to run multitenant and on Contoller05:43
tojuvoneI would like to share this, but I haven't figured out how. Maybe by building it to Fenix test?05:43
tojuvoneCurrent problem is also that do we really want to have OpenStack upgrade in our context?05:43
tojuvoneIt takes currently one hour and proper implementation with more than one controller even more05:43
tojuvoneI mean; Fenix can be utilized for any maintenance use case, but implementing those might be overkill?05:43
tojuvoneBut, OpenStack upgrade is still the thing for the community?05:44
tojuvoneShould we have this one case as example or use just dummy action plugins in testing?05:44
tojuvoneDummy plugins would test Fenix itself as sanity, OpenStack upgrade is something else?05:44
hyunsikyangDummy also not bed to show the fenix works. but if we find a simple action to show the fenix work efficiently.. it is good.05:45
tojuvoneYes, maybe "dummy" as normal gerrit job...05:45
hyunsikyangI will think about it and tell it here.05:46
tojuvonebut a way to show also the OpenStack upgrade05:46
tojuvoneor to have the openstack upgrade too, as non voting?05:46
dangtrinhntOther projects still working on a neat way to upgrade so Fenix is a great solution I guess.05:47
dangtrinhntnon-voting for now until we make it to work, I guess.05:47
tojuvoneyes, but still I think I shoudl have all that hacked DevStack thingy in Fenix repo if test with it05:47
dangtrinhntFor testing we can setup some special testing configuration for Fenix vs OpenStack05:47
tojuvoneyes, I think there shoudl be 2 environments we can run with gerrit patches then05:48
dangtrinhntzuul support that as fas as I know.05:48
tojuvonevoting one with dummy action plugins05:48
tojuvoneand non voting that upgrades OpenStack05:48
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, great. I also do not know yet anything about the zuul, so it will be learning curve to make that automation05:49
tojuvoneok, I think there is a plan then :)05:49
tojuvoneanythign else on this, or moving on?05:50
hyunsikyangI am done05:50
dangtrinhntplease, move on.05:50
tojuvone#topic Summit and PTG05:51
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tojuvoneOpen Infrastructure summit: Fenix - Rolling Maintenance and Upgrade forum session April 30th05:51
tojuvonePlanning page:
tojuvoneHave to work on this. Problem is mostly that have to tell about Fenix..05:51
tojuvonebut have time for project updates and discussion05:51
tojuvoneStraight forward otherwise05:51
hyunsikyangI will join this meeting:)05:52
tojuvoneMaybe it shall help as I am working on those slides to have a video to explain Fenix05:52
tojuvoneSo should be able to show it faster05:52
tojuvoneok, so PTG then.. and now comes the ETSI thing05:53
tojuvoneFenix PTG: May 4th05:53
tojuvonePTG planning page:
tojuvoneHave to work this also. Can prioritize some there, but it is hard to fore see do we have more developers or not05:54
tojuvoneHard to know what is possible in Train and how much and when get to ETSI specific changes05:54
tojuvoneThat is not the only Fenix PTG session05:54
tojuvoneThere should also be ETSI FEAT03 discussion with Fenix05:54
tojuvoneThis means there is 2 Fenix PTG sessions. Expecting 1h + 1h or so.05:55
tojuvonecsatari will help in organizeing the ETSI discussion05:55
tojuvoneand in that session it will be discussed of those "VM gouping" that I was telling about05:55
tojuvoneVM grouping05:55
tojuvoneTo Nova or Fenix or FEnix, but proxied to Nova05:56
tojuvoneAmong discussing all other details of FEAT03. Should Fenix be changed accordingly, or the specfications in ETSI05:57
tojuvoneThat will be a tons of fun :)05:58
dangtrinhntProxied to Nova means Nova still have to do the job? As fas as I understand, Nova has its own way of rolling upgrade.
dangtrinhntI'm more of changing Fenix than ETSI05:58
tojuvoneI have read that document05:59
tojuvoneAnd tried to follow it in Fenix action plugins05:59
tojuvoneUpgrade needs Controllers first and I do it06:00
tojuvonethen computes06:00
tojuvoneand following that document is how Nove needs to be done06:00
tojuvoneoh.. running out of time..06:00
tojuvone#topic AoB06:01
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tojuvoneMeeting time?06:01
tojuvoneNo meeting 6th May as just discussed in Denver06:01
tojuvoneUpdating the meeting info to indicate this:
tojuvoneHow about meeting time? 6 UTC or 7?06:02
tojuvoneoh 6 or 5?06:02
tojuvoneToday we had it 5, but do we keep the 606:02
tojuvone5 would be better for me?06:02
tojuvone5 keeps it in same place for me after daylight saving changed. But can keep the current 6 too06:03
hyunsikyangto me both is good06:04
tojuvoneok :) I will upfdate 5 to wiki :)06:05
tojuvoneAnything else or do we close?06:05
dangtrinhntI'm good. Thanks.06:05
tojuvoneclosing the meeting then, thanks for joining :)06:06
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openstackMinutes (text):
dangtrinhntok, tojuvone, good luck with the ONS. Please bring us good news! :)06:09
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tojuvonedangtrinhnt, Thanks :)06:11
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csatariOn the ETSI - Fenix synch on the PTG: I will ask the relevant persons from the host maintenance feature team (FEAT03) in ETSI NFV IFA if they can join or send someone to the PTG to work on the harmonisation between the two.11:59
csatariI hope to have a real two side harmonisation meaning that changing both sides...12:00
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tojuvonecsatari, great :)15:55

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