Tuesday, 2019-04-16

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tojuvoneHi, updating forum and PTG etherpads03:50
tojuvoneWith last link, there is now proposed interface changes to harmonize with ETSI03:52
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, hyunsikyang, csatari, Monday 22th is Easter holiday. Can't have the meeting then, but how about Tuesday 23rd at the same time?03:57
tojuvoneWould be nice to have meeting before summit anyhow03:58
hyunsikyangYep:) Good03:58
hyunsikyangHappy Easter soon!03:59
tojuvonehyunsikyang, hi, thanks :) you too. We will have 4 days off here in Finland03:59
tojuvoneAnd is about to get warm finally :)04:00
hyunsikyangOh really? Actually, we don't have any day off. We just celeberate it at Sunday.04:10
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