Friday, 2019-04-26

tojuvoneok, maybe cannot work on "download" because instability of OPNFV Apex test env. This just proofs testing should be the priority to not to depend on Apex and do testing within Fenix/OpenStack/DevStack.04:57
tojuvonedangtrinhnt, I have now external microphone/speaker with me in summit, so can have remote if you will join07:06
dangtrinhntthat's great07:06
tojuvoneNo confirmation yet, but forum session should be moving to Monday 2-2:40PM07:06
tojuvoneHope I get the confirmation today and schedule updated07:07
tojuvoneno, that is Denver local time07:07
dangtrinhntOkie, let me know. Thanks.07:07
tojuvoneWe use webex in Nokia for online sessions, so I would share through that07:08
tojuvoneAnyhow, those details also later07:08
tojuvonestill continue to work the "download support" today, so would have all important things at least for review07:10
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dangtrinhntthanks tojuvone.07:38
tojuvoneNice timing with all kind of issues with testing. Even cirros image needed updating10:33
tojuvoneno, that did not go over opendev :D10:34
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