Friday, 2019-05-31

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openstackgerritTomi Juvonen proposed x/fenix master: Add more configuration parameters to DevStack
hyunsikyanganyone is here?07:12
hyunsikyangor dangtrinhnt?07:13
tojuvoneHi, yes07:29
hyunsikyangI have a question for fenix integration..07:38
hyunsikyangIn my understanding, Fenix knows all of the VNf which is deplyed now... and all of the procedure is lead by fenix.07:40
tojuvoneyes, all the projects in nova space currently known07:40
tojuvoneand all VNFs that have subscribed to AODH07:41
hyunsikyangit means that all of the VNf should be registered to AODH.07:41
tojuvoneIf they want to support interaction07:41
hyunsikyangOf course.07:42
tojuvoneotherwise FEnix should have some default behavior07:42
hyunsikyangnow I am considering all of VNF which is made by tacker register maintanance or only maintanance option have.07:43
tojuvoneor the workflow used should have07:43
hyunsikyangyes. So I will keep current spec for this first integration.07:45
hyunsikyangAnd second one is AODH.07:45
hyunsikyangIn the tacker,07:45
tojuvoneI think it should be VNF specific if there can be VNF specific behavior in Tacker side07:46
tojuvoneotherwise for all the VNFs07:47
hyunsikyangWhen we defined AODH alarm and Policy in the VNFD, these thing managed by tacker.07:47
hyunsikyangWhen we defined AODH alarm and Policy in the VNFD, these thing managed by Heat*07:47
hyunsikyangnot tacker.07:47
hyunsikyangSo to register AODH.. we need a definition of policy like this
hyunsikyangBut in the fenix case, all of the action is managed by fenix.07:48
hyunsikyangSo I think we don't have any policy for Fenix in this time.07:49
hyunsikyangWhat do you think?:)07:50
tojuvoneFenix have admin rights always to perform migrations if VNF so chooses to do07:50
tojuvoneotherwise VNF always have right do re-instantiate07:50
tojuvoneso the policy is already in Fenix07:50
hyunsikyangI think so..07:51
tojuvoneIf one have agreed that Fenix can be used, one have also agreed that it may make migration in interaction with VNF07:52
tojuvonethat is normally not granted fro VNF07:52
tojuvonebut now granted in maintenance then07:52
hyunsikyangSo now I am thinking of interaction between Fenix and tacker...07:54
hyunsikyangMy last question is ... if admin knows every VNF info, can Fenix send maintenance message to particular several VNFs which is located at HOST1 at a one time?07:58
tojuvoneSo having the maintenance interaction enabled in tacker, will have the policy granted for all VNFs to migrate during maintenance07:58
tojuvoneseparate message for each07:59
tojuvoneeach of those is different project in Nova sapce08:00
tojuvoneand has it own control08:00
tojuvoneown VNF specific API endpoint in both ends for the interaction08:00
hyunsikyangbt, can fenix have any option for grouping of VNF?08:01
tojuvonecurrently no08:01
tojuvoneand it doesn't make sense08:01
hyunsikyangIn my thinking , when Host 1 needs upgrade, admin should send maintenance message to all vnf which are located at HOST1.08:02
hyunsikyangso I am thinking about grouping.08:03
tojuvoneAPI to subscribe is VNF specific, so no groupping makes sense08:03
tojuvonethey can be under different VNFM08:04
hyunsikyangAh got it.08:04
tojuvoneAnd at the end its their EM making decisions08:04
hyunsikyangAbout spac, we agreed that we use maintenance option optionally in the last tacker meeting. So we keep the maintanance option .08:07
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